The Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass Review 2020 – Is the Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass Worth it?

For many people, a trip to Las Vegas is all about Pools, Partying and Gambling. To be honest those 3 make for a pretty good trip really. There is, however, actually a lot to do in Vegas besides. One thing you are bound to do a lot of when in Vegas is spend money. And once you start planning in attractions, shows and other things to do, it can all start Spiralling out of control. So one idea is an Attraction Pass. For a set fee, you can pay upfront for any attractions you wish to visit and save sometimes up to 70% that is a big chunk of money to spend on Drinks and Chips!

The Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass Review takes a look at the new kid on the block of Las Vegas Passes. This offering from the Sightseeing Pass team takes a slightly different approach to the other Pass options. But is the Las Vegas sightseeing Pass Worth it? Or is it an expensive waste of time?

The Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass Review

“How could it not be worth it if the cost of the attractions is less than the normal entry?” Well, actually Attraction passes, on the whole, get a bit of a rough ride from some online sources. So we delve deep into this pass to see how it will affect both your wallet and your trip!

  • Product: Las Vegas Sightseeing Premium Pass
     Is the Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass Worth it?
  • Price Day Premium: $199- $499
  • Price Child Day Premium: $199 – $499 (Child 3-12yrs)
  • Price Flex Premium: $169- $339
  • Price Child Flex Premium: $169 – $339 (Child 3-12yrs)
  • Where to Buy:
  • Number Of Attractions: choose from 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 attractions from 31+ Top Attractions or 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 days of Unlimited on the Day Pass
  • Time Limit: 30 Days
  • Rating: 4.3/5

Attractions Available – 31+

  • Grand Canyon South Rim Tour by Sweet Tours – $165
  • 12-15 minute flight above Vegas by Vegas Nights – $124
  • Drifting Ride Along in a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat – 2 laps – $99
  • Hoover Dam & Lake Mead Lunch Cruise – $118
  • Magic Mike – $ 139
  • Criss Angel MINDFREAK – $ 86
  • Mat Franco – Magic Reinvented Nightly – $83
  • Legends in Concert – Main Floor Tickets – $89
  • Nite Tours Party Bus Express – $59
  • The Mob Museum – Crime Lab and Use of Force Experience – $42
  • Nite Tours Pool Pass – $39
  • Gray Line Las Vegas – Night Strip Tour with Champagne Toast – $69
  • Sweetours Hoover Dam Bus Tour – $71
  • Marvel Avengers Station – $39
  • Cowabunga Bay Water Park – $40
  • and Many more…
In A Nutshell
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Attractions


The New Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass is an interesting take on the Las Vegas Attraction pass. The Premium Pass has some real killer attractions but has a hefty price point to boot. The Standard Flex Pass is more keenly priced but falls short on the available attractions and is still more expensive (Just) than the Las Vegas Explorer Pass for most options depending on the current “Sale”. If Sightseeing pass adds more attractions in the future this could be a killer Pass!

What is the Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass?

First off, there are really two products here, the Premium Day Pass and the Flex Premium Pass. So let’s take a look at them separately

What is the Las Vegas Sightseeing Day Premium Pass?

With the Day Premium Pass, you Choose how many days you want the pass for then you can visit as many of the attractions from the list available as you like for the number of days the Pass is Valid.

The Day Pass Is more expensive than the Flex but it’s very easy to get incredible value from it as there is no limit to the number of Attractions you can Visit

The Pass works on Consecutive Calendar Days, Meaning that if you activate the pass later on in the day on your first day you only get the remainder of that day as your first day. For Example, if you activate a 3-Day Pass on a Friday you get the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If that first activation was at say 3pm on the Friday you would only get that part of the day. Not a 24-hour Chunk. Passes alway run out at midnight on their last day.

You also can’t skip a day, if you don’t use it you lose it. We much prefer the pass models that use NON-consecutive days, but No Las Vegas Pass offers this.


  • 1-Day Pass – Adult $199 ($199 Per Day) Child $199
  • 2-Day Pass – Adult $274 ($137 Per Day) Child $274
  • 3-Day Pass – Adult $349 ($116 Per Day) Child $349
  • 4-Day Pass – Adult $424 ($106 Per Day) Child $424
  • 5-Day Pass – Adult $499 ($99 Per Day) Child $499

As You can see the Price drops quite a bit when the number of days goes up. This means you can do less per day and still get good value. The one Day Pass is really quite expensive and not really great value.

With the Top attractions each costing from $80-$165 each you can see it doesn’t take many attractions to smash the per day value on the 3/4/5-Day Passes.

Also, worthy of note is there is no discount for Kids! This is pretty disappointing but Vegas isn’t that kid friendly and some attractions may not be suitable for kids anyway!

What is the Las Vegas Sightseeing Flex Premium Pass?

With the Flex Pass, You choose the number of attractions you wish to visit from the List of attractions. You then have 30 Days, from the first attraction to visit the attractions you purchased. You don’t need to pick the attraction beforehand just the number so you can easily change your mind at any time before visiting which offers great flexibility.

Although you can only Visit each attraction once per Card!


  • 2 Attraction Pass – Adult $169 ($84.50 Per Attraction) Child $169
  • 3 Attraction Pass – Adult $209 ($70 Per Attraction) Child $209
  • 4 Attraction Pass – Adult $249 ($62 Per Attraction) Child $249
  • 5 Attraction Pass – Adult $289 ($58 Per Attraction) Child $289
  • 6 Attraction Pass – Adult $319 ($53 Per Attraction) Child $319
  • 7 Attraction Pass – Adult $339 ($48 Per Attraction) Child $339

Like the Day Pass, you can see the Price per attraction drops dramatically the more Attractions you purchase. With the 7 Attractions Pass at only $48 per attractions it’s not hard to get good value.

Take a look at the attraction list and think with a 7 Flex Pass everyone of those is $48! Of course you might notice some are less than $48 anyway so it’s not that great a deal. We do agree and think if these are the attractions you want to visit you may be better off with the Day pass as with the Day Pass the more you do the more you save. With the Flex pass You only save if the Attraction price is ABOVE the Per Attraction price.

The Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass in Practice

Vegas pass in practice

The Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass is a Digital Pass. The Web Page and Marketing conjure up images of an actual card that you need to swipe to access the attractions. This is the Digital Age however and such things are largely confined to the rubbish bin. Instead, the Pass will be instantly Emailed to you and you can then use it directly from your phone. The pass is a QR code that is simply Scanned at the attraction to grant you access.

If you are Old School you can go to the Sightseeing Pass Kiosk in Las Vegas and swap out your Digital Pass for a REAL pass that is then scanned at the attractions.

Some attractions allow pre-booking, and some it is essential. Really if pre-booking is available we strongly advise it or you may be in for a long wait or miss out completely. We point out any of the attractions that you need or should pre-book is we discuss them below. Look for the Calendar Symbol on the Attractions Page.

While this does detract a little from the flexibility it does provide piece of mind that you won’t miss out. In fact we would prefer if a few more of the shows would have this option.



When Visiting any New city it is not always inherently obvious what attractions are available. There is inevitably a whole host of different things to do but finding out exactly what is the most desirable to you can be hard. Purchasing a Pass can open your eye’s to a whole host of things you were completely unaware of. Some of which could end up being your favorite part of the trip. We endlessly hear from people who found something they loved they just didn’t know was available. And have ourselves found the same on most occasions we have used a Pass!


Having a Pass is also a great way to begin planning your itinerary for your trip. Knowing exactly what attractions you are going to visit helps build out the skeleton of the trip that you can then flesh out with other ideas and things to do, eat, drink or see! It really can be one of the best ways to begin planning your trip. Simply take a look around the area of any planned attractions and see what else might appeal!


While Planning is important to any trip and especially to ensure you get the best out any pass, it is also important to be flexible. Things change, weather may have an impact or you may just not be in the mood. Maybe you planned something early but stayed up until 3 shooting Craps and drinking, and just don’t fancy what you had penciled in. No problem, for a lot of the attractions on the pass you just show up whenever you want and in you go, giving you the flexibility, to tinker with your itinerary to suit anything your trip may throw at you.

Some attractions do require booking and obviously, these require a little more rigidity in your plan, but that would be the case regardless.


Vegas is expensive. Everywhere you go and everything you do it seems someone is trying to get a little bit more cash out of you. While it’s easy to have a great time on a budget there is always the pressure to spend a little more. That Wheel of Fortune Slot machine just begging you to slip that $20 in! At least with a Pass, you have the attraction side all sown up beforehand. No Nasty surprises when you open your credit card bill and No blowing all your cash on blackjack and have nothing left to do but sit by the pool!


We have to be honest you can save money a number of ways when in Vegas and the Las Vegas Sightseeing pass can offer some staggering savings, but it’s probably you could have saved some of this without one. But doing so would require a lot of time-consuming research, hunting out the best deals and Groupons. Striking while the iron is hot and then printing out and carrying around a host of E-mails, Coupons, and tickets. Alternatively, You could just buy the pass, save more, and get on with planning your trip and researching gambling techniques!


There are some inherent disadvantages of buying the Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass. These are problems inherent in most Passes and some specific to this pass. As we said Some online travel Forums, “Experts” and message boards are dead against Passes. While we think they generally overstate the negatives and miss the fact you can save up to 70% on gate prices, they do have some valid points, not everything about a Pass is positive.

One problem is what we call Chasing the Pass. This is the feeling that as you have to cram as much in as possible to get value from the Pass. This is less of an issue on the Sightseeing pass as by choosing the number of attractions you are less pressured to cram stuff in than on the All inclusive passes where the more you do the more you save.

The other side of this is planning too much. As the Price per attractions drops the more attractions you buy it’s tempting to buy more and cram a lot into your trip but this can be a mistake! there are only so many hours in the day and getting to and from attractions takes time and you are definitely going to want to do to other things while in town such as eating, drinking, gambling etc. It is best to plan in a Maximum of 2-3 attractions a day, and one evening attraction, if possible. Some attractions will easily take up a full half day and some, such as the Grand Canyon Tour will eat an entire day. Plan accordingly and don’t try to cram too much in. The general rule is if you are worried it much be too much it probably is.

We have also said before in Vegas there are always ways to save money and few people pay FULL entry for anything, so the pass is probably not as great value as it first appears, but it can still be great value and as we said much easier than collating many different offers. Finally, the Las Vegas Sightseeing pass is actually quite limited in the variety of attractions. We will explore this later but there are far less practical options than on the rival passes such as the Go Las Vegas Card or the Las Vegas Explorer Pass.

Do We need a Pass At All?

Not really, It all depends on the type of trip you want. If it’s all about partying Gambling and drinking then there is not much sense on buying a pass. However, even if you only plan to visit a couple of attractions using a pass can be a good way to save money.

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What Attractions are included?

The most important part of any pass is the attractions. These should really appeal. You should look at the list and see several things that make you go, Wow I really want to do that. Even if you have never heard about it before if it has instant appeal then the pass could be a great way to go. If the list of attractions is of little interest to you it probably isn’t a good investment.

With that in mind, we will take an in-depth look at our favorite attractions on the Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass.

Premium Attractions

Unlike the Las Vegas Go Card, which also has a good list of fantastic Premium attractions, You are not limited to choosing one! With the Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass, you are able to choose ANY or indeed ALL of the Premium Attractions! this makes the pass very good value and the only real limit on the premium attractions is having time to fit them in!

Grand Canyon South Rim Tour by Sweetours – $165 – Pre Book

Grand Canyon South rim

The Grand Canyon is a very popular excursion from Las Vegas. While visiting one of the modern wonders of the world why not head out and see one of the natural wonders of the world? The only problem, while looking on a map the Canyon seems pretty close. In reality its one hell of a trip. Most people take the easy option and visit the Hualapai “west” rim section of the Canyon. This is the tourist area and is to many a disappointment. To reach the South Rim and the “real” canyon it is a 270+ Miles journey through the desert.

It is so worth it though! The size and color of the canyon at the distant South Rim is beyond description Even Photo’s fail to do this justice. over a MILE deep and 18 Miles wide and carved from red and orange sandstone, it’s a jaw-dropping view. If anyone has told you they went to the Grand Canyon and it was ok. They went to the West Rim.

The Sweetours trip is a FULL day and it’s a long full day at that. Expect an early start and a nighttime return where all you will be seeking is a bed, and maybe a stiff drink or two. This is a great chance to really see one of the natural wonders of the world.

12-15 minute flight above Vegas by Vegas Nights – $124 – Pre Book

Vegas Air Night

Seriously there is nothing more staggering than the sight of Las Vegas from the Air! It is even better when viewed at night and this Tour offered by Vegas Nights is a truly once in a lifetime experience. Soar above Bright lights and dizzying color of one of the most spectacular Cities in the world. It is a short flight, but one that you will remember forever. and really Vegas is pretty small so the tour covers the whole strip. Not to be missed!

Drifting Ride Along in a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat – 2 laps – $99 – Pre Book

Drift Hellcat

This is a very expensive ride in a very fast and very powerful Musclecar, that is being driven by a complete hooligan! Two laps of an approx 2km track are not going to take very long at 120+mph and as such, this is very much a short but intense thrill ride.

The 700+hp hellcat is one hell of a beast and not many of us get to experience power such as this and in the hands of a professional driver, it is a ride of a lifetime. However, it’s a lot of money, I would certainly think long and hard if $99 was worth it, if it wasn’t included on the pass. It is a great opportunity to head over to the Las Vegas Speedway, and get your thrill on. You are bound to see a whole heap of fast cars on your visit and it is a really fun excursion for the petrol heads among you!

Hoover Dam & Lake Mead Lunch Cruise -$111 – Pre Book

Lake mead Cruise

Quite a change of pace now! Hoover dam is a big tourist attraction for visitors to Las Vegas. The enormous dam holds back the vast blue waters of Lake Mead. The tour includes a tour of the hydroelectric generators along with a relaxing lunch cruise on Lake Mead. This is a relaxing day out which boasts some staggering scenery along with some incredible manmade feats of engineering. It is another longish day at around 7 hours, and will not leave a lot of time/energy for much apart from a dinner a few drinks and some gambling.

Mat Franco – Magic Reinvented Nightly $83 – Pre Book

Mat Franco

Rated as one of the best Magic shows in Las Vegas the Mat Franco – Magic Reinvented Show really is a top evening out! His performance is personal and charismatic and it’s right up there with the Vegas greats. His show is also still really new so good to have something so hot and fresh on the Pass, they are clearly not dusting off old attractions to make you think you are getting a deal!

Legends in Concert – Main Floor Tickets $90 – Pre Book

Legends in concert

Ok, after pointing out how fresh the Mat Franco show is we now turn to one of the Oldest running shows in Vegas (running since 1983). While it may not be fresh it must be doing something right to still be going after so long. The attraction is pretty simple it’s a host of Tribute acts performing the best and most famous hits from a variety of famous artists. The Production Value and Quality of the Performers mean you really could be fooled into thinking that you were seeing the real thing. Even when the performer in question has passed on! Such as Elvis, Johnny Cash or the recent Aretha Franklin!

It is a really great show and the variety means there is often something for everyone. The roster changes regularly so check out their website to see who will be performing when you are there.

Magic Mike Las Vegas – $139 – Pre Book

Magic Mike is one of the Hottest tickets in town and has recently started appearing on Passes So it’s great to see it here. While the $139 is optimistic as that is the TOP ticket price and you will probably not get the best seats even the cheapest seats are $79 so it’s still good value.

Criss Angel – MINDFREAK – Balcony – $84

A completely Mind blowing Magician brings his phenomenal show to Las Vegas and is now included only on the Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass.

Evening Segway Tour – 90Mins – $89

Honestly this is not really our bag. If we wanted a tour of Las Vegas we would take to our heels. The Tours are well organised and a lot of people love them. After all Segways are a lot of fun and Vegas is a great place to explore. It would probably be last on our list however.

Standard Attractions

Nite Tours Party Bus Express – $59 – Pre Book

Vegas is all about partying, and with the party bus tour, you get some of the best the city has to offer. This tour starts off in a Las Vegas Ultralounge (usually with 2 for 1 drinks) and then you hop on the Party bus (free drinks on board) for fast entry to sample two of Vegas’s hottest nightclubs (And we mean the hottest expect –  Hakkasan, The LIGHT, Omnia, Drai’s, TAO, Surrender, Hyde, The BANK, 1Oak…etc ).  The fact you will be sharing the bus with other people gives you the chance to make some new friends.

The Mob Museum – Crime Lab and Use of Force Experience – $42

the Mob Museum

We love the Mob Museum. Vegas Being Vegas a fine art Museum would not go down too well so instead we get a Museum dedicated to organized crime. Excellent. It really is one not to be missed. The pass includes either standard entry or the full crime Lab and Use Of Forces experience on top. Most Vegas Pass’s only include the Standard entry!

Nite Tours Pool Pass – $39 – Pre Book

With the pool pass, you get entry to some of the hottest pool parties on the strip. Pick your Pool Party from some of the best, Drai’s Beach Club, Daylight, Venus, Ditch, Foxtail, and more. You get admission to the party and can then access the pool for the next 3 days as well.

Gray Line Las Vegas – Night Strip Tour with Champagne Toast – $69 – Pre Book

Enjoy a full sightseeing tour of the entire Las Vegas Strip. Starting with champagne at the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign and ending at the Freemont Street Light show it is a great way to see Vegas!

Sweetours Hoover Dam Bus Tour – $71 – Pre Book

Hoover dam

Very much the same as the premium attraction only without the Lake Mead Cruise. We think this a very welcome addition to the Flex Pass.

Marvel Avengers Station – $39

A fairly new attraction featuring props and costumes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Cowabunga Bay Water Park – $40

A pretty average waterpark, that is probably best suited to kids, there are limited tubes and queues can get long but it’s a nice way to stay cool. As we said you do start to run out of good things to do on this pass!


One interesting option on the Sightseeing Pass is the food offers. These are a terrible idea on the Flex Pass as they are always below the Price per attraction but on the Day Pass, they can save you a bit on your food bills.

  • Cafe Hollywood – $15 off
  • Planet Hollywood – $15 off
  • Tequila Taqueria – $ 15 off
  • Bucca Di Beppo – Paradise – $ 15 off

Is the Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass Worth it? – Costed Examples

With the very high prices of the Attractions that are included on the Sightseeing Pass, it is very easy to see how easy it is to save a whole bunch of cash with the pass. The Premium Attractions range from $89-$165 each. And the Cost per day or per attraction makes it very easy to double or even triple that amount.

The best way to look at this is wit ha few examples. The below itinerary for the Day Pass is very light. You could easily fit a lot more in that we suggest. But by showing a very light itinerary we show how most people would save a heap by purchasing the pass and only using it 2-3 times a day!

Examples –

3 – Day Premium Pass – 

Day 1

  • Exotics Racing – Drifting Ride-Along – Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat – $99
  • Vegas Nights Flight Above Vegas $ 124

Day 2

  • Grand Canyon South Rim Tour by Sweetours – $165

Day 3

  • The Mob Museum – Crime Lab and Use of Force Experience – $42
  • Avengers Station – $42
  • Criss Angel MINDFREAK – Balcony- $83
  • Gate Price – $555
  • Pass Price – $349
  • Saving – $206 – 37%

As you can see we have only included a few attractions per day and still saved $206, while there is no room to do anything after the south rim tour, you could easily cram mor in day 1 and 3. Or spend more time by the pool and in the casino!

This is the 3-Day Pass as well with the 4/5-day the cost per day is even lower so you could save even more.

Flex Premium 4 attraction pass ($62 Per Attraction) – 

With the Flex Premium it only really makes sense to pick attraction where the cost per attraction is lower than the attractions. If not, it would work out cheaper not using the pass for that attraction and just paying separately. So just purchase the number of attractions matched the number of attractions above the per Attraction value.

  • Premium – Sweetours Hoover Dam and Lake Mead Lunch Cruise – $111
  • Premium – Vegas Nights Flight Above Vegas $ 124
  • Premium – Exotics Racing – Drifting Ride-Along – Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat – $99
  • Premium – Mat Franco – Magic Reinvented Nightly $83
  • Gate Price – $417
  • Pass Price – $249
  • Saving – $168 – 40%

Flex Premium 5 attraction pass ($58 Per Attraction) – 

  • Premium – Vegas Nights Flight Above Vegas $ 124
  • Premium – Exotics Racing – Drifting Ride-Along – Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat – $99
  • Premium – Mat Franco – Magic Reinvented Nightly $83
  • Premium – Legends in Concert – Main Floor Tickets $90
  • Premium – Grand Canyon South Rim Tour by Sweetours – $165
  • Gate Price – $561
  • Pass Price – $289
  • Saving – $272 – 47%

Flex Premium 7 attraction pass ($48 Per Attraction)- 

  • Premium – Sweetours Hoover Dam and Lake Mead Lunch Cruise – $111
  • Premium – Vegas Nights Flight Above Vegas $ 124
  • Premium – Exotics Racing – Drifting Ride-Along – Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat – $99
  • Premium – Mat Franco – Magic Reinvented Nightly $83
  • Premium – Legends in Concert – Main Floor Tickets $90
  • Premium – Grand Canyon South Rim Tour by Sweetours – $165
  • Premium – Magic Mike Las Vegas – $79 (Cheapest Seats)
  • Gate Price – $751
  • Pass Price – $339
  • Saving – $412 – 54%

You can see from these Examples the Savings can be very significant. But it does not answer the whole question. There is more to Value than just monetary Savings. The key part of the question is are the attractions worth the cost to visit. Are you going to visit them anyway? If so then it makes a whole heap of sense to get a pass and save potentially hundreds of dollars. You will be sure to find another way to spend those $ in Vegas!

Which Pass Should we get, Day Premium or Flex Premium?

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Everyone has a different idea on how they want to take a trip. The Day Pass offers the BEST value but at the expense of having to pack a lot into a short period. There is SO much to do in Vegas, Drinking, Gambling, Exploring Casino’s Shopping, People Watching Easting etc… That it can be a bit of a chore trying to cram too much in. If you want an all action do it all trip the Day Pass is best.

If you want to mix up sitting by the pool with flying in a Helicopter or Hammering the Black Jack Table with Being amazed by Criss Angel then the Flex Pass offers this as you can visit your intended attractions at your leisure.

Whichever way you want to do it there is a pass to suit and what is more, there are a load of other pass options in Las Vegas that may have a Price and Attraction roster MORE suited to you?

Alternative Passes

There are several other Passes available in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Explorer Pass is similar to the Standard Flex pass, however, we think it has better more varied attractions and works out a little cheaper in most cases!

The Las Vegas Go Card is an All-Inclusive pass, meaning you can do as many attractions from the list as you like in the number of days you purchase. This pass also has Premium attractions* similar to the Flex Premium but you only get to choose one from the list, it is a bit cheaper though and has a better choice of standard attractions!

*Premium Attractions only on 3, 4 and 5 Day Passes.

The Las Vegas Power Pass has recently been Re-Branded as the Las Vegas Pass and is a real meaty Premium Offering. Packed with top of the line shows and attractions, it’s got a BIG price Tag but it covers most things and is a big rival for the Las Vegas Sightseeing Day Pass.


Vegas Pool

Overall we like the Las Vegas sightseeing pass The Pricing has settled down and it’s now a really competitive price point for a pass loaded with so many Premium Options.

The Day Pass is great for those Once in lifetime DO IT ALL trips, and the Flex pass really offers a great way to spread things out and enjoy so much of what the City has to offer.

If the Attractions are suited to you we think you will have a very good trip if using either the Las Vegas Sightseeing Day Premium or the Flex Premium Pass.

Have Your Say?

Let us know in the comments below if you have tried either the Las Vegas Sightseeing Flex or Flex Premium Pass? What did you think? Was it value for money for you? Did you enjoy the attractions? or did you find it was all too much to pack in? Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about the Pass, the Attractions or how it all works.

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