Magic Mike Las Vegas for Couples – Can A Man Go And See Magic Mike Live – Las Vegas?

Honestly, I never wanted to write this review. There are plenty of great reviews of the Magic Mike Live – Las Vegas show out there and most are from people who either went with trepidation and loved it or simply knew they would love it all along. Most of them are written by a certain group of people…Women.

I am not a woman. I definitely didn’t want to go see Magic Mike Live. While I didn’t really know what to expect from the show, a male strip show is definitely not my scene. However, a certain person close to me definitely wanted to go see it. This raised the obvious question of can a Man Go and See Magic Mike Live-Las Vegas? So with this in mind, I swallowed my pride, booked the tickets, and got ready to write the unthinkable review; Magic Mike Las Vegas for Couples.


We wrote this review when Magic Mike Live was operating out of the Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. In 2019 the Hotel Closed its doors for a Re-Brand, leaving Magic Mike Live without a home.

Thankfully, with a new home, Magic Mike Live Las Vegas returns. Now at its new home the Sahara Hotel and Casino. We are so happy to see shows return to Vegas and it’s great to see Magic Mike back, just in time for the 3rd movie of the franchise; all about putting this show together!

Here is what you can expect, and with a uniquely male perspective on the show. If you are reading this review it’s quite likely that a trip to see the show might be something your other half wants to do… Keep reading, We think you will be pleasantly surprised (your Partner even more so!)

What is Magic Mike Live?

Magic Mike Las Vegas for Couples

Simply put, the show is a live dance show based (very loosely) on the hugely successful film franchise. The Film franchise follows the escapades of a mildly successful group of male strippers as they head into the later stages of their careers and obscurity. Unlike most men, I have actually seen both Magic Mike films and to be honest, I am actually a big fan of the first film. It shows the reality of what may appear a very desirable lifestyle but is actually quite dark. The Second Film and the Live show bears NO resemblance to the narrative of the first film and are much more fun and light-hearted!

The best analogy for the show would be the end scene of the second film, at the conference, where the guys put on one last show that is quite spectacular. But even then, we are not quite there. This is essentially a completely new concept that uses the Magic Mike Brand to sell itself. This is not exactly a bad thing as the majority of the audience just wants to see men dance in very few clothes.

There were certainly very few negative complaints afterward from the hordes about its lack of adherence to the values of the film!

Ticket Prices

The Show runs from Wednesday-Sunday and Ticket Prices Vary from a reasonable $49 to a scary $159 for a front-row seat! There is also a Surge charge for Fri/Saturday nights. There are 5 levels of seating:

  • Front Row – $159
  • Premium – $145
  • Preferred – $115
  • Reserved – $85
  • Select Balcony – $49

Book Direct here – Ticketmaster

  • Magic Mike Live tickets are sold via Ticketmaster, therefore are subject to price surge charges as per Tickertmasters new policy

The Theatre is pretty small so there really are no bad seats. The only issue is that the Stage pillars can obscure views of certain parts of the show, but the impact is minimal. The show is performed in a 360° manner so whichever side of the stage you are you will get parts of the show addressed to you and part to the other there is no “best side” the show really moves around a lot to include the whole theatre.

In a way, Balcony seats are better than floor seats as you get an excellent elevated view that takes in the whole show. However, the Performance is very interactive with performers taking to the floor to interact with the crowd and you will lose this on the balcony. That, however, may be a good thing if you are not keen on the interaction!

The best seats, the front row, also have a downside, in that there are some water effects used and this is a definite splash zone, something to consider but the upside of being RIGHT next to the action trumps this by a long way IF you can afford them!

Our seats in 206-Row2-seats 1-2 (The Preferred Purple seats on the top left-hand corner of the stage) were phenomenal! We were a stone’s throw from the stage and sat right next to people who had paid a lot more than us and 2 seats behind the $159 front-row seats! And as there were two of us in a row of three the other seat remained empty. We really recommend these if available!


It is worth mentioning there are a few nasty “booking fees” applied if you book online and our total came to a whopping $254.75, However, we could have got cheaper seats but the view we had was almost unbeatable!

Magic Mike Live is included in both the Las Vegas Pass and the Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass – Read our Comparison Review here.


Beers were $9 which isn’t too terrible considering we were at a show in Vegas, the excellent cocktails were $14-16 which isn’t cheap but a Triple Size is available for only $15 more which seemed reasonable and should last the show. Unfortunately, I was driving, which severely limited the amount I could drink, which was a shame as a lump of booze would surely have helped!

Can a Man Go and See Magic Mike Live-Las Vegas?

Yes. There are no gender restrictions at all and everyone is welcome. However the question is not as simple as that, there are still the Whys and the Should’s to consider!

Why would a Man Go and See Magic Mike Live Las Vegas?

First up, this is not a review for Gay Men. You will be perfectly welcome to go see the show, be that alone (probably a bit weird), with your partner, or with friends (Men or Women). And we are perfectly sure you will love it. Feel free to read along and laugh at my insecurities, but other than a Giggle you may not get that much out of this article!

But for most Straight guys, heading to an all-male strip show is not high up on our “To-Do” Lists. And that is putting it mildly. When I mentioned it to my Friends I received some odd looks. Questioning glances and a fair bit of bemusement. To the point, I stopped mentioning it.

So why the hell am I going? Simply put, Me and my wife, Katie are in Vegas as a couple and she really wants to go and doesn’t want to go alone. Let me be honest, we are doing A LOT in Vegas that I want to do and spending a LOT of money on these things, so when I ask what she really want’s to do and all she says is Magic Mike, how can I stand in her way?

There may be other reasons, but I can’t think of any. Being nagged into it by your Wife or Girlfriend is about the only rational reason I can come up with. And we all do crazy things for the important women in our lives.

Should a Man Go and See Magic Mike Live Las Vegas?

Magic Mike Show Drummer

Now, this is a tougher question. After all, tickets average at around $100 each. If you are really going to hate it, that is a big outlay.

Some of my friends really couldn’t get their heads around it. It seems to them nothing could make them sit through a show filled with half (and often more than half!), naked men. It all depends on what kind of person you are. I have no desire to watch men dance, but I have no issue with it either. I am comfortable and relaxed with who I am and I am not overly prude or sensitive. As such my only issue was; if I was basically throwing $100 away on something that would bore me rigid or whether I could find something in the “art” and production values that would entertain me to make up for it?

There is also the big fear of how I would be received, by the cast who are very interactive with the crowd and the crowd itself. I would certainly be very out of place, awkward and to be frank, quite terrified!

Other people will not be so easily comforted. The very concept may make them deeply uncomfortable and unwilling under any circumstance to play along. If this is you, there is little point in exposing yourself to such misery. But if like me, you are just a little unsure of what you will get out of the experience, and how you may be received by the cast and other guests, read on…it is certainly enlightening.

What is it actually like then?

Magic Mike Show

In the end, it is a show, With exceptionally high production values and very talented performers. Yes, they are all male (nearly), and yes they are often wearing very little. There is no nudity, which is possibly where my comfort zone might end, but at times they are wearing about as little as they could without being naked! But it’s no worse than being at the pool, to be honest. Some of the Tighty Whity’s on display there, leave little to the imagination!

Did I Enjoy The Show?

Hmmm, Enjoy is probably strong. Would I ever have gone to see it without Kate, no, of course not. Was I glad I enabled Kate to tick something off her “must-do list”? Absolutely.

I got a lot of gratification in doing something entirely for her and seeing the enjoyment she got from it. That, TBH would be enough. It was worth the entry just for that.

To be honest, I would have preferred we were in town with some of her girlfriends and they could have gone without me and I spent the Ticket cost on something else, but that is not the case, and we have done plenty of things in the past (and the immediate future) just for me so it is fair enough. In this context, I was perfectly happy going along.

It was also far less embarrassing than I envisaged. I was, to a point, part of the show. You will not be alone, there were at least 4 other men in there with significant others. And this is woven into the show as the narrator offers several jokes about the subject. While 99% of the audience is a howling screaming woman, you are not as rare as you think.

But aside from the fact I didn’t hate it and was happy to support Kate, were there any redeeming features? Not many. The Dancing is certainly impressive and the cast talented, and the different acts are quite varied but really it’s all a bit samey. There are a few laughs from the Narrator, and the music is modern, and largely lifted from the soundtrack of the films, but the story is pretty weak IMO. For the Target audience, this is no issue and had it been a female strip show it’s unlikely I would be complaining about the narrative! But for me, it would have taken a bit more to make it enjoyable.

There were a few Stand-out scenes that I could say I enjoyed, such as the Water scene with the “random” audience member and the High-Rope act which were both very impressive, and my awesome Major League Esque catch of a Unicorn to secure a memento! But these were rarer moments of what was otherwise a showing of the goods. Again, perfect for the Target audience.

Magic Mike Show Water

So the bottom line is, it’s very bearable, I was a little bored at times but never uncomfortable, or offended. You are not singled out as a freak or weirdo, it’s very clear you are there for your partner and with the message of the show being Female Empowerment this kind of support is very appreciated! After 70-75 minutes I was done and ready to get out of there, but only due to lack of interest, not discomfort.

So if your Significant other really want’s to go and the cost is not crippling for you to do so, do not feel you can’t as there are no real barriers to the show other than what is in your mind! Use it as a bargaining chip, There must be something YOU want to do that she does not. My Lamborgini Rental was parked up in the Valet so I can certainly not complain too much!

Hard Rock Lambo

Did Kate Enjoy The Show?

I asked her immediately afterward and all I got was “OMFG That was AMAZING!”

So, in short, yes, but I pushed her for a more nuanced response later on.

“Of course, the general feeling is still “OMFG That was AMAZING” but the show surpassed even my highest expectations. The worry for a Male strip show is the cheese factor and it is very easy to stray from classy to sleazy. The fact they tackle this head-on by the comic intro where cheese and sleaze is the order of the day before breaking it down into something completely different ensures right from the off the show is on another level.

There is a strong theme of female empowerment throughout the show and while Channing’s involvement was clear it seems unlikely this element was delivered by him so on point. There was clearly a large female involvement in the Show, possibly from Jenna Dewan as they were still a couple back then, The Choreography was pure Channing though. Of Course, it would have been great if Mike had been Channing, this was never the idea of the show, but you can dream”

“The Main point of the show is, of course, the eye candy and this did not disappoint but the performers are far more than just well-chiseled guys and are all incredible dancers executing their art with expert precision”

So yeah, Kate liked it, as I would imagine most girls of similar interests would. Simply put: if you liked the film you are going to love the show.

So bottom line, if your other half begs you to go along with her to see the show, don’t be a schmuck, do the decent thing and go along, you might even enjoy it…a bit.

So go on and Book Direct here – Ticketmaster

Have Your Say

Have you been to Magic Mike as a couple? How did it go for you? Was it awkward or perfectly ok like our experience? Let us know in the comments below! If you are planning on going as a couple, or more likely she is trying to talk you into it, let us know if there is anything you are unsure of, that we might be able to help out with. Just fire away in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “Magic Mike Las Vegas for Couples – Can A Man Go And See Magic Mike Live – Las Vegas?”

  1. Why would I want to see my wife ,girlfriend list over other men that I can’t possibly look like unless I quit my job and worked out everyday female strippers come in all shapes and sizes most women can put a thong on and make money stripping not the same for men you have to have a perfect and hairless body ( women like that?) and if she is lusting over these men what is she doing with me? Iam not insecure , this is a real question I guess not many women would admit that that settled for you

    • I think you might be missing the point of the show a little bit?

      It is not “that” kind of strip show, but a real dance performance, with extremely talented perfromers. It’s entertainment, not stripping.

      Personally, while I cannot live up to these performers physically, I know I bring a lot of other things to the table, and my relationship is not so shallow to only be based around looks! I also cannot live up to many Hollywood actors that my wife enjoys watching, but I do not ban her from the Cinema, and vice versa with some of Hollywood’s female talent!

      I was really tempted not to engage on this matter but you really have got the wrong idea about the show…I enjoyed it and trust me, I have no “lust” at all for the hairless men. I can imagine I would get very little enjoyment from a real seedy strip show, but the Magic Mike Show is anything but!

  2. Thanks Steve. That was helpful. last time we were in Vegas I took my hubby to a female show, so he agreed to go see Magic Mike for the same reasons you went. i was glad to read him your article. we now know what to expect.

    • Great to hear, we hope you have an amazing time and your husband tolerates it as much as I did!

      Travel, and life in general, is all about give and take, and its great to hear others doing things just to make their partners happy. It really does lead to a better life!

      Have a great time in Vegas!

      And say hi to Mike from us lol


  3. Thanks for writing this. My wife and I are going to Vegas in a week and she really wants to see this. If we were with other couples or friends, I would have no problem letting her go without me. But, since it is just the two of us, I don’t want her to go alone. This makes me feel a little better. Trust me, I’m not telling anyone and she has gotten better and keeping it our secret. I don’t need the “ribbing” from friends.

    • Oh yeah, I hear you, my friends certainly gave me a hard time, so I just showed them my Lambo vids lol

      I totally agree it would be much easier to be here with friends but its not the end of the world going as a couple, you might even enjoy it a bit!

      Just make sure she lets you do something she might not enjoy normally, swings and roundabouts, give and take and all that

      Have a great time



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