Caesars Palace Pools Review, Las Vegas – All You Need To Know About The Garden of the Gods

The Garden of the Gods is Caesars Palace’s name for its iconic pool deck. One of the most Selfied locations in Las Vegas the Pool Deck is the number one place to be seen on the Strip. The Pool Deck is decked out in Palacial Splendour as you relax like the Roman Emperor the hotel is inviting you to be. But when you cut through the fluff and see the Charade, what is the pool deck really like?

We take a close look at the Garden of the Gods and let you know what it’s really like to visit this roman Spa Bath themed Pool deck, what it’s like to use the pool deck when staying at the hotel, What to eat and drink at the pool along with options for upgrading your visit with Day Beds, Reserved Seating and Cabanas. Our Caesars Palace Pool Review will show you the Real Garden of the Gods and what to expect on your visit to the Garden of the Gods.

Caesars Palace Pools Review

Garden of the Gods, Las Vegas

  • Location – Caesars Palace, Las Vegas
  • Pools – 7 Pools
  • Bars and Restaurants – Snack bar, Swim-up Bar, and several Cocktail Bars
  • Theme – Palacial Roman Spa Baths
  • Drink Prices – Cocktails – $17-16oz/$29-32oz – Beers $10 – Mix and Match 5 for $42


Caesars Palace Pool Layout

Different Pools and Areas

With 7 Pool areas, there is quite a bit to unpack, but on the whole, the pool deck is pretty straightforward. There are two main pools to which everyone has access, the two smaller quiet pools that only have reserved seating, the Venus pool which is adult only and must be reserved, and the VIP Bacchus pool. Let’s take a closer look:

Temple Pool

This is the area’s main pool area, and one of Caesars Palace’s most Iconic Las Vegas landmarks. As you step out onto the spacious pool deck the towering temple, with gushing fountains, and a statue of Neptune, surrounded by the shimmering blue water is a real feast for the eyes. It is immediately clear why this is one of the must-see locations in the City.

The Circular pool is surrounded by the majority of the pool’s Free Chairs. There is also a selection of Day Beds and some reserved seating and Cabanas. While the area looks Stunning Visually the pool is quite shallow and really warm most of the time, it is also, always, very very busy and once you see past the Facade it’s actually just a large expanse of concrete.

Neptune Pool

Neptune Pool Caesars Palace

The Neptune Pool is the second large general use pool. Raised slightly above the Temple Pool, the Neptune pool is deeper and slightly better suited to swimming, as opposed to, basically paddling in the Temple pool.

The Neptune Pool is mainly surrounded by Day Beds and reserved loungers. This makes it a little less crowded but the pool is still open to all, you just have to pay if you want to sit beside it, there are some free beds but these are set back from the pool-side.

While we said the pool is quieter, we mean this in sheer numbers, the pool is still actually quite rowdy. This is a fun place to spend the day with a lot of traffic and people coming and going, it’s a great place to have a reserved bed or day bed and be part of the scene rather than the one peering in! This is as close to the full Vegas pool experience as you are likely to find.

Note – Currently the Neptune pool is roped off exclusively for Cabana and Day-Bed users to help keep social distancing around the pool!

Venus Pool and Lounge

The Garden of the Gods is all about being seen. It is a crowded, busy party vibe where everybody is all in everybody else’s business. However, this might sound like hell for some! The Venus Pool and Lounge is a private escape where you can peel away from the crowd for a little more alone time.

This is a private pool area only for paying guests, until recently it was a topless pool but that has changed. There is also usually a party atmosphere with pretty loud music so if you are looking for quiet time, this is not the place to be, it is however pretty private and you can get away from the baying mob!

Service here is much better than the other pool areas and the numbers are limited and there is a dedicated team. The pool itself is small and shallow, but a nice bench runs around the pool which means lounging in the water sipping your cocktail is the perfect tonic to the desert heat.

Night Swims – Thursday to Sunday the Venus Pool opens for Night Swims. From 7 pm until Late you can lounge around under the Stars (well if you can see any through the light pollution) in a fun and lively atmosphere. This is a real unique experience and well worth checking out.

Fortuna Pool

Fortuna Pool Caesars Palace

The Fortuna pool is not really a pool as such, but it features a fun and interesting concept…Swim-Up BlackJack! Here you can swim (or wade as the water is only waist high) right up to a live Blackjack table and indulge in a little poolside gambling!

Table Minimums are usually pretty high, except at least $25 at weekends, and pretty poor rules. This is lighthearted gambling not intended for the serious gambler. However, one plus point is all decks are manually shuffled due to the outdoor poolside location. But really this is just a fun spot to try out something not available in many places.

The Tables are located under the Fortuna fountains and out of the sun so it can be a touch cooler. To be honest we find the lack of clothing, both sides of the table, to be a little distracting for serious play! But it is all good fun.

Bacchus Pool

Caesars Palace Bacchus Pool

The Bacchus Pool is Caesars Exclusive pool deck for its VIP’s High-Rollers and Celebrity Guests. Access is restricted for everyone apart from the ultra-exclusive invite list…and anyone who pays for a cabana or day bed!

And how much will a Cabana or Daybed cost in the ultra-exclusive celebrity retreat? Well, pretty much the same as anywhere else at the Garden of the Gods. The chances of seeing celebs or anyone remotely out of the ordinary is pretty low, you may spot some low rate Instagram Influencer or some such bit really there is nothing out of the ordinary here. The real Celebs all have a Villa and their own private pool!

Still, the Bacchus deck is a nice location, it has wonderful views out over the main pool areas, as it is raised up above the masses. Access is via a large ornate staircase and you really can pretend you are above the plebs!

The pool is tiny but you will have it almost to yourselves and incredibly attentive service on hand!

Apollo and Jupiter Pools

Jupiter Pool Caesars Palace

The Apollo and Jupiter Pools are both quite similar. They are open to all but only have limited seating options around them and are both hidden off to the sides at the top end of the deck making them almost private.

Both offer cooler and quieter spots where you can relax away from all the madness. They are quite shaded for most of the day but offer some wonderful late afternoon sun. If you want to experience the full Caesars Palace party atmosphere but also want a quiet spot to slink away too these two pools are both great options to book a daybed or cabana around!

The Jupiter Pool is geared up as a Family pool and there are games and things for the kids to do, great for families, avoidable for those who came to Vegas to avoid Kids.

What is the Caesars Palace Pool really like to Visit?

So the above is the Factual information but now let’s got onto our opinion of visiting the Deck. While the initial WOW factor of the garden of the Gods is powerful, and there are ample opportunities for the perfect selfie and Instagram post to turn folks back home green with envy, overall we don’t really like the pool!

For a start, the deck is filled with people only there to be seen and take those selfies. The deck itself is a tourist attraction and as such not really conducive to the kind of relaxing and unwinding we require from a pool. It’s incredibly busy with a huge flow of people meaning you can’t really leave anything on your lounger and expect it to still be there on your return.

What’s more the Party Atmosphere the Deck Promotes is not really there either. It’s a flow of people really just showing off, there is not a whole lot going on but people taking pictures.

There is also the issue of the Themeing. At first glance it’s spectacular and you are instantly transported to a pristine Roman Spa Bath. Towering Collums, sparkling Fountains, and exquisite statues. However, after a while, you kind of realize what you have got is a large expanse f pretty bland concrete. It lacks greenery and instead is really just a large concrete suntrap filled with selfie-takers.

This extends to the pools themselves. While we don’t expect deep Olympic-sized swimming pools where we can swim lengths, the Caesars pools are little more than oversized paddling pools. These quickly get very warm in the hot desert sun and provide little relief when the temps start getting high.

We go from sitting on the Sun loungers get hot and sweaty, going for a cooling dip, only to find the hot water does very little to quench the heat. You then head back to the lounger equally as hot, but now also wet. After a while, you are a hot wet sweaty mess…Glamourous!

The Deck really is a Must-See in Las Vegas and we loved visiting it the first few times, but when staying at the resort the Pool Deck is one of the most disappointing parts of staying at Caesars. When the Garden of the Gods is your only pool area it really doesn’t provide the relaxing retreat we need when visiting the Madness of Las Vegas.

This is why we always do Split Trips and make sure our other Hotel has a better pool deck!

Reserve Seating, Cabanas, and Day Beds

Caesars Palace Day Bed

Visiting the Garden Of the Gods can be a stressful experience. This is an incredibly busy pool deck and getting a good seat normally means being here right on opening and stealing out your spot very early, and who wants to be messing around with that. There is also the issue of if you leave your bed for too long and they may be given to other pool-goers, and you risk leaving your belongings when you head to the pool to cool off.

It’s a big faff really. One simple solution is to pay your way out of the problem. There are a number of paid seating options that all give you your own private reserved spot for the day that you can come and go as you please.

There are a lot of options so let’s take a look. The Prices we list are approximate ranges and assume you book ahead (much cheaper). Prices operate on a live market so will fluctuate based on occupancy, but weekends are holidays are always significantly more expensive. You will be expected to pay a 20% service charge on top as well!

Reserved Seating – Lounge Chairs

The Cheapest option and with the least additional services. The Reserved Seating option just gives you a slightly upgraded Sun Lounger, better positions, and more attentive service, These are at present limited to the Neptune Pool and Venus Pool and Lounge:

Check the Prices on your Dates and Book Direct Here

  • Neptune Deluxe Chair – $75-150
  • Venus Lounge Chair – $20-50


Daybeds and Scoop beds seem more expensive but can actually offer far better value than the reserved seating Lounge Chairs. This is because the price is per bed. If there are two of you then you need 2 lounge chairs whereas you could both comfortably fit on a daybed!

The Capacity of Day-Beds is stated as 4 persons, this is ambitious. These are basically a double bed outside so as you can imagine squeezing 4 people onto one is pretty intimate. These are best suited to couples, families, or very close groups of friends

You also get towel service, bottled water, and sometimes a fruit plate.

Scoop-Beds – These are smaller, round beds that are pretty limited. They are cheaper and still fine for two, or even a family with small children.

Check the Prices on your Dates and Book Direct Here

  • Temple Day Beds – $125 – 300
  • Neptune Day Beds – $100-250
  • Appllo Day Beds – $100 – 250
  • Venus Day Beds – $100-300
  • Bacchus Day Beds – $125 – 300


Caesars Palace Cabana

Cabanas are the ultimate in luxury and personal space. These small enclosed huts offer an escape from both the desert heat and the crowded pool deck. Inside there is a Sofa area, TV, safe, cooling fan, fridge, bottled water, and complimentary fruit plate. Along with the Towel Service and Dedicated host to take complete care of you.

These really are a wonderful experience, and make you feel like a proper VIP. The Occupancy is stated at 8 People, but again we really argue that is FAR too high. These are best suited to 4 people max, but obviously, families with kids can stretch that. The biggest limiter is the fact you are only given 2 Sun loungers. Meaning people will need to alternate sitting out in the sun, an issue for 4 people impossible for 8 people!

Prices make these quite good value though if 4 people are sharing and on quiet days even affordable for couples looking for the utmost in luxury. On Busy Weekends in the Summer prices can get quite ridiculous, however! Most of the pools at Caesars have good Cabana Options. The Pricing and Options are also quite simple, unlike some Las Vegas Pools.

Check the Prices on your Dates and Book Direct Here

  • Temple Cabana – $200 – 1500+
  • Neptune Cabana – $250 – 2000+
  • Appllo Cabana – $150 – 1000+
  • Jupiter Cabana – $150 – 1000+
  • Venus Cabana – $250-100+
  • Venus Deluxe Cabana (12 People) – $500-2500+
  • Bacchus Cabana – $150 – 1500

Note – The Ultra Exclusive Bacchus VIP Area is actually a lot cheaper than the Main Temple and Nepture Pool Cabanas. This tells you all you need to know about the exclusivity of the Bacchus Deck!

Bars and Restaurants

There is really just a single bar and restaurant at the Garden of the Gods and we can’t decide if the Name is pure Genius or terribly corny? All of the food and drinks, including the DedicatedHost Service is through the “Snackus Maximus” Bar and Restaurant.

Snackus Maximus

The Pool Snack bar actually has a slightly better menu than most Pool Offerings. While all the basics such as Nachos, Tacos, Sandwiches, and Chicken Tenders are all present there are few more interesting options too such as Sushi, Flatbreads, and California Croissant. It’s still pretty basic Snack food though and nothing to get excited about…

Note – the Cafe / Restaurant is currently closed but you can still order food and drinks via your server.

Drink Prices

How Much are Drinks at Caesars Palace Pool?

Caesars doesn’t list their drinks prices, so they can change and update them at will and carry out daylight robbery in the guise of Surge Pricing, However, on average, the Bellow Prices are pretty accurate and around what you can expect to pay. And it’s not Cheap!

Beers tend to come in at around $10 each which is expensive even by Las Vegas pool Standards, but the $42 mix and Match feel more reasonable and come in an Icefilled Bucket to last the day. This includes any packaged wines or the Hard Selzers, making each drink $8.40 each which is still high but all Vegas pool dinks are eyewatering.

Cocktails prices are again pretty steep. These come in either Large 16oz Branded cups at $17 Each or in Jumbo 32 oz at “only” $29. There are two styles Specialty to Frozen. Specialties are served on the Rocks and are your typical Daquiri, Mojito type drinks whereas the Frozen are large Slushy type drinks. All are pre-mixed and pretty sweet and filled with artificial flavors. They are usually not too strong either as they need to keep people hydrated as well as getting them drunk!

Overall it’s a captive market and prices can be what they want and people will pay. This is just part of Vegas and something to get used to! If you want cheap drinks by the pool then you need to keep drinks in your room or Pre-load!

Pool Side Spa

QUA SPA offers poolside treatments to help you relax and unwind from the Stresses of the City. However as we stated before, this is really not a place to unwind and we can’t imagine anything worse than getting a massage in front of a horde of pool-goers. We are not really Spa Fans though and the option is there for those that want it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Caesars Palace_Garden of the Gods Temple Pool

Can only Caesars Palace Guests use the pool?

Yes and No, Currently only Guests of the hotel may use the Pool Deck. However, if you plump for a Reserved Seating Option, Day Bed, or Cabana you are welcome into the Garden of the Gods Regardless of where you are Staying.

In the past, there has been a regular entry fee so guests of any hotel can enter the Garden. After all, this is such an iconic venue it’s worth paying to see, but due to strict capacity numbers at present this has been removed and the only way for non-guests is to book a reserved seating option.

Can you bring in outside food and drink?

You are usually allowed to bring snacks and single unopened drinks into the pool area as long as they are non-alcoholic. Bags will be checked and entrance is not allowed if you have any alcohol on you. They claim it is for safety but in reality, it’s more of a way to force you to buy overpriced drinks at the pool. This is standard practice across ALL Las Vegas pools.

One exception is Take-Away Items from outlets inside Caesars Palace. So you could grab a Giant Frozen Cocktail at the Numb Bar and take that into the pool, or you will be fine with your morning Starbucks. But drinks brought in from outside are a big No-No.

What are the Queues like post-Covid?

Capacity limits mean the pool area can fill up quite early. Entry is then via a Queue which will take a long time to move as people stay at the pool for hours. Especially at weekends and busy times, the pool will fill up until more capacity is added. The only Guarantee is booking reserved seating, which is definitely worth it at present


Overall the Garden of the Gods is not our favorite pool. The combination of the shallow, warm water, the fairly ugly look of the pool once you see past the Facade, and the busy, kind of false “look at me!” vibe of the pool, just makes it an unappealing place to spend your downtime.

The Current Capacity restrictions really make visiting the pool hard work, but hopefully, this will wind down. Reserving seats is one way around this but the extra cost is something a lot of people want to avoid.

However, the location really is one of Vegas’s must-see locations, and the first time you visit the garden it really can blow you away. Everyone should experience the deck once in their life but as a guest to the hotel, it’s not the best pool deck to have on hand. As we mentioned before we recommend staying in another hotel as part of a split Visit and choosing the other hotel based on its pool deck.

Have Your Say

What are your thoughts on the Garden of the Gods pool Deck at Caesars Palace? Did it live up to the hype for you or did the glamour fade as you began to see past the curtains? Did you rent a Cabana or Day bed? What are your thoughts on them? How did you find the Food and Drinks menu? How did you find the current Covid restrictions? Let us know in the comments below and if you have any questions fire away.

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