What Is The Best Steakhouse In New York City – Our Top 10 New York Steakhouses

New York City and Great Steaks go hand in hand, there is even a cut named after the City, the New York Strip. In a city that never sleeps, where dinner and a Show is a City Pastime, and when indulgence and opulence normally have far more influence than a high tab, then grabbing a Succulent Prime Steak, is pretty much the go-to Dinner option. Either the diners are splurging out on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to New York, or they are well-to-do locals who care very little for the high costs. Meaning NYC Steakhouses are not only some of the finest joints in town but offer some of the finest dining in the whole country.

There is no shortage of New York Steakhouses, almost one on every corner, and even the lower end of the market can still offer a fine piece of meat cooked perfectly. But in New York, the best of anything will rise to the top, and the weaker options will not survive as New Yorkers Demand the Best. So What is the Best Steakhouse in New York City?

Well, the top steakhouses have survived the demanding standards of New Yorkers, sometimes for over 100years and they have perfected the craft of seared meat to an absolute art.

What Is The Best Steakhouse In New York City

Serving up giant chunks of cow, seared black on the outside but moist and ruby red inside, The offerings are mouth-watering and utterly delicious. After eating at a great New York Steakhouse nowhere else ever feels quite as good again.

So if you are looking for that perfect splurge meal, A ripsnorting meal before a show to really make your night on Broadway special, Or maybe celebrate a landmark occasion with a trip to the big apple and Meal you will never forget, then our top10 New York Steakhouses will offer up simply the best Steak money can buy and do so in a distinctly New York manner that just can not be replicated elsewhere in the world.

USDA Prime

In New York Steakhouses USDA Prime is basically the minimum standard. In more parts of the country serving Prime cuts sets you out as a high-end restaurant, while many get by just serving choice. In New York, if it’s not Prime on the menu then the restaurant best have something else up its sleeve as it’s not going to survive as a Steakhouse.

Top 10 New York Steakhouses

Instead, the best Restaurants here set themselves apart by in-house Dry-Aging specially selected USDA Prime Cuts. They don’t just accept any od Prime cut, already the top 2% of Steaks, but instead individually inspect joints and cuts to ensure they are the best of the best.

They then Dry Age them in-store, often on display, until the meat has reduced in water weight and developed a flavor like nothing else on earth. You can always get Dry Aged in most good restaurants but it comes at a heavy price, in New York, it’s pretty much par for the course.

So for our list, assume everything is USDA Prime, and we will point out any dry-aging used and what makes each location special.


Listing Prices in a guide like this can be challenging, everyone sees price differently and prices ranges are a poor guide really, sure you can get a full meal at most of these for $30 but what’s the point in splashing out if all you do is order the cheapest menu option. This is not budget dining!

So to give you a good idea, we have picked our choice cut at each restaurant and given the price of that. This is the Porterhouse for two, it’s either priced per person or for two and offers a huge slab of meat (40+oz) with both Sirloin (New York Strip) and Filet on the same cut. It’s a great choice, and usually one of the most expensive, and a really good gauge on how expensive a restaurant is so you can compare easily.

You will find most are pretty similar though, expect $100-$140 for a porterhouse for 2. We also list the cost of sides, these are usually family style and one side is more than enough with a porterhouse to sink most couples!

We think this approach works better than listing random price ranges or vague $$$ guides. To be honest, if we offered a $-$$$$$ rating, all these would come in a $$$$$, NYC Steakhouses are not cheap!

Look out for Lunch menus though where you can bag a 3-course meal for only $30-40 per person, we try and point out our favorites along the way! Ok enough babble… Steak!

Top 10 New York Steakhouses

The first three on our list are all indelible New York Icons and picking a winner is insanely difficult. No one walks away from these Steakhouses with empty stomachs and disappointed souls. This is EXACTLY how New York Steak is meant to be.

1 – Gallaghers Steakhouse

Gallagher's Steakhouse nyc
  • LocationTimes Square
  • Price Range – $65 pp Porterhouse ( $130 for 2 ) – Sides $10-15

Gallaghers is legendary and has been providing New York Diners with slabs of charred meat for over 90 years. All the Steaks are Dry-Aged in Gallaghers Meat Locker which opens out onto 52nd street. No Meal is complete here without a Meat Locker Selfie.

The Steaks are Charrgrilled over Hickory Charcoal which imparts the most wonderful rich smokey taste to the meat. The Quality of the meat along with the perfection in the cooking means Gallagher’s is hard to beat.

This is a proper old-school New York Steakhouse and the perfect place to sample what New York Steak is all about. The New York Strip is a classic and the Bone-in is a real treat. The Fillet Migon is perfect for those who like a leaner cut and is served thick so it’s black on the outside but still mooing in the middle. We tend to go for the porterhouse, which offers the best of both.

Portions are large and sides are meant for sharing meaning leaving room for dessert is challenging. The $29 lunch menu is great for getting a taste of Gallagher’s without the sting in the wallet.

2 – Keens Steakhouse

Keens Steakhouse
  • LocationMidtown
  • Price Range – $130.00 Porterhouse for 2 – Sides $14-16

Keens is another New York Icon and has been operating even longer than Gallagher’s, since 1885! The Steakhouse has undergone several updates since then but it still retains its character. This old-time Chophouse feels right out of pre-prohibition manhattan when men were men and horses pulled the carts!

The Interior is filled with historic memorabilia including its 50,000 clay pipes, a nod to its old incarnations as a pipe house. Each Pipe belonged to an individual patron, who left the pipe at the restaurant. There are pipes on display that have belonged to some very notable clientele of the past. Babe Ruth, Theodore Roosevelt, Douglas Macarthur, Will Rogers, and even Albert Einstein.

Society has come a long way since the 1900s but there is not much more you can do to a piece of beef other than sear it to perfection and Keen’s been doing that for decades, and still is. Again their beef is dry-aged on premises but not quite as showy as Gallagher’s, but every bit as wonderful.

The Mutton Chop is Keen’s signature dish and is utterly wonderful. Really meaty and satisfying. We always get menu envy when we don’t order steak.

These two Steakhouses have nothing to choose between them and both come with a non from the Michelin Guide along with copious awards and stellar reviews. We can’t decide between them, so flip a coin or better still go to both!

3 – Royal 35 Steakhouse

Royal 35 steakhouse
  • LocationMurray Hill
  • Price Range – $140.00 Porterhouse for 2 – Sides $13-18

Royal 35 could not be further away from the Keens and Gallaghers in terms of history and iconic status. This modern eatery is only a few years old and opened in 2017. But since then it’s been cleaning up.

Really despite being completely different from the historic old gaffs, Royal 35 is a bit of a copycat. But that’s not a bad thing, those old-timers have it just right, at least in terms of seared meat and Royal 35 just didn’t try too hard to emulate.

35-day dry-aged hunks of cow seared to perfection. Served with family-sized sides and a fantastic ambiance. Service is top-notch and while the decor is more modern it’s still got that old-school steak house feel.

There really is not much to separate our top 3 and whichever you choose, you can be sure you will be delighted.

4 – Benjamin Steakhouse Prime

Benjamin Steakhouse
  • LocationNr Bryant Park
  • Price Range – $130 Porterhouse for 2 – Sides $9-21

We will get to Peter Luger shortly, an absolute titan on NYC Steakhouse, but Benjamin Steakhouse is run by ex-employees (Benjamin Prelvukaj and Benjamin Sinanaj) of the venerable icon and they brought all they earned to Benjamin Steakhouse.

This location is a bit confusing, there is the Benjamin Steakhouse on 41st Street and then the Benjamin Prime over on 41st. Both offer stunning dry-aged prime steaks but the Prime is more focussed on Seafood as well as steak, but to be honest, it’s the better restaurant overall.

The Benjamin is a few dollars cheaper and overall one of the cheapest on our list, the porterhouse is only $115 for two. But we prefer to pay the little be extra and head to the prime.

Both joints are celebrity hotspots and both offer simply mind-blowing steaks. We love the 3-course power lunch at the prime for $39 which includes a New York Strip as an entree.

Overall these are both stunning eateries but just miss the mark compared to our top 3, mainly as Benjamin just doesn’t have the history, but the incredible work ethic of the two benjamins make this a really hard Steakhouse to ignore!

5 – Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse

Del Frisco's
  • LocationTimes Square
  • Price Range – $71 pp Porterhouse – Sides $15-18

Del Frisco’s feels like a legendary classic New York Steak house but the reality is this restaurant is actually a Dallas-born Steakhouse. The Chain now operates all over the States with outlets in most major Cities but the New York Establishment feels very right. The coming together of two great traditions. If there is one place in the world to rival New York for great Steak it’s the Lonestar state, in fact, most Taxan’s would adamantly stake their claim to the top spot!

Del Frisco’s was a tough shout for this list as it’s bordering on falling into the chain category, but the New York Location is still so good you wouldn’t know it.

The Downside for us is the Steaks are not dry-aged as standard and the aged PRime USDA that make up the regular Steak options is not quite as prime and wonderful as our top contenders. You can get Dry-Aged here, and it’s a whopping 45-day but that is an added cost.

We love Del Frisco’s for the varied menus, and the Seafood tower is one of the best in the City. The decor and ambiance are excellent too with a high vaulted ceiling and an open lobby area that overlooks the Rockefeller center it’s hard not to feel very “New Yorky”.

Del Frisco’s could be the best Steak house in most Cities but in New York, the Competition is very fierce.

6 – Club A Steakhouse

Club A Steakhouse
  • LocationUpper Eastside
  • Price Range – $125 Porterhouse for 2 – Sides $12-13

Club A Steakhouse is the quintessential tail of the American dream. An Albanian immigrant made good in the big city. For 30 Years Bruno SELIMAJ ran his namesake ristorante and then in 2007 decided he was done, but retirement was not on the cards so he transformed his restaurant into Club A Steakhouse.

This is a smaller and very intimate restaurant lavished with red leather and deep mahogany the dining space is breathtaking. As are, the in-house Dry-Aged Prime Cuts. Club A manages to feel modern and classic at the same time and the service is incredibly friendly with a family atmosphere and well worth trekking out of midtown for.

7 – Peter Luger Steakhouse

Peter Luger Steakhouse
  • LocationBrooklyn
  • Price Range – $103 Porterhouse for 2 – Sides $7-13
  • Michilin Star

Peter Luger’s Steakhouse is nothing short of a New York Institution. This Brooklyn eatery has been turning out perfect steaks since 1887. This is the only traditional Steakhouse in New York to earn a Michelin Star and is well worth hunting out if you are exploring Brooklyn.

In House Dry-Aged then grilled to a blackened perfection these are steaks as they have been done for decades. The Restaurant is more of a no-frill Brooklyn style experience, quite different from the fine dining take the Manhatten Houses offer. The menu is simple and a take it or leave it affair. It’s all porterhouse and simply offered by the number of diners.

We think this rustic experience gets lost on some who want to compare it to fancier eateries but we love it and so do the Michelin Inspectors! This also takes the prize as the cheapest Porterhouse on the list!

8 – COTE Korean Steakhouse

  • LocationFlatiron
  • Price Range – $54 Ribeye for 2 – Sides $16-29
  • Michilin Star

COTE is anything but a regular New York Steakhouse and that’s why we just had to include it. That and it’s Michelin Star. The one thing that unites all the steakhouses o the list is they are all very similar to each over. It’s a tried and true formula.

COTE Blows that out the water, but not in a way that detracts from the main even the Beef. We still have USDA Prime Dry Aged Cuts but they are handled very differently. The most exciting difference is the in-table grills. Here you can cook your own pieces of meat to charred perfection right on the grill.

It’s great fun, but the servers are happy to do the cooking for you if you are unsure. The Restaurant is stunning and offers a stark contrast to the old-school leather and wood dining rooms traditional to New York Steak Houses.

9 – Mortons The Steakhouse

Mortons Steakhouse
  • LocationMidtown
  • Price Range – $71pp Porterhouse – Sides $11.50-13.50

We are now steeping into the region of Chain Steakhouses, these are still excellent choices and offer diners a more recognizable experience. Mortons is a very plush and upmarket restaurant and offers stunning steaks that have propelled it to be one of the most successful Steakhouse chains in the country.

Launched by the legendary Morton Family the Steakhouse was where their food empire started and to this day offers some of the best steak imaginable. We do love Mortons but in New York, it’s a bit of a vanilla experience compared to the titans above.

10 – Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

Porterhouse Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
  • LocationTimes Square
  • Price Range – $91 Porterhouse for 2 – Sides $9.50-19

If Mortons is now a large chain restaurant then Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse is now a household name. There are hundreds of these across the states and while success has powered quality a little they are still really great Steakhouses.

The Steaks come Sizzling on scorching hot skilled and taste nearly as good as any hunk of beef in the country. We are suckers for this fantastic chain restaurant and when we just want a good steak dinner, that’s not quite as catastrophic to our bank balances it’s still a good option. It doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not and offers great food and slightly lower prices than all the other Steakhouses on our list.

Nusr-Et Steakhouse New York

  • LocationTimes Square
  • Price Range – $35-$1500 (not a typo!)

We added Nusr-Et mainly due to the hype, not because we rate it or would actually choose to dine here. If we ignore the staggering prices charged and the fact Gold plating steak is a preposterous idea, the actual food is only so so.

If you are not aware of Nusr-Et then it is the restaurant of TikTok/Instagram influencer Salt-Bae, aka Nusret Gökçe. He rose to fame for rolling salt off his arm onto hunks of meat and for basically being ridiculously good-looking.

His Restaurant chains are known for being ridiculously overpriced, filled with internet influencers and celebrities, and serving Gold Plated Steaks. You are going to fall into one of two camps. One group thinks it’s a complete scam and the others are captivated and fall for the hype. We think you can tell from our review here what we think.

For us, there are so many incredible Steakhouses in New York and there is no reason to pay such a ridiculous amount for a steak. Gold leaf not only does nothing, but it’s also actually detrimental! Gold is completely inert so whenever it touches your tongue you are missing out on flavor!

Honestly, unless you really are desperate for like on TikTok and Instagram or just have far too much money and want to give it to Salt Bae, who won’t be there, then go somewhere else! But Salt Bae is doing a roaring trade with Celebs and Influencers so good on the guy for making something of himself!

And while the Steaks and the show leave us cold, the desserts are actually really epic. Not worth eating a $1500 steak to get to but epic nonetheless.

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What is your favorite Steakhouse in New York? Have you tried one off our list? What did you make of it? Do you rate a place, not on our list that you think should be? Maybe you have had a bad experience somewhere? Whatever you have to say just fire away in the comments

And we would love to hear from you if you have waste…tried out, Nurs Et and the gold plated Steaks!

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