The Hangover Part 3 Filming Locations – Where was the Hangover Part 3 Filmed?

The Hangover is one of our favorite Comedy films of recent times and really was responsible for starting the Travel adventures that have seen us travel across the united states seemingly endlessly, which was the inspiration for the Blog. It is only right we created the Hangover Filming Locations post to help you hunt out all of the Iconic locations from the First Film.

However the Third film has been universally less loved than the first, we actually really like the film (while we can happily ignore the second installment ever existed) and it has some really iconic locations in it. We often asked ourselves when watching, Where was that filmed? what tower is that? and how can we get that View of Vegas? So in steps, The Hangover Part 3 Filming locations post to answer EVERY question you have around where the Hangover Part 3 was filmed.

The Hangover Part 3 Filming Locations

When we started researching this post we were looking mainly at the Las Vegas locations, however, this quickly escalated into pretty much all of the Hangover 3 Scenes. So we think we have a really comprehensive guide to every location from the film, apart from Bangkok.

Be warned if you STILL haven’t seen the film there will be some spoilers. We have also highlighted a few of The Film-Maker’s tricks and continuity errors. These sorts of revelations can take the shine off the film. If these come across a bit “Killjoy” then be assured we don’t watch the Films with this in mind, but as we research the location it inevitably comes up. Take it all with a pinch of salt, enjoy the Movies and have fun finding out where the scenes were really shot!

If you are looking for the location from the original Hangivet Film we have the Original Article here, with ALL of the locations from the First Hangover Movie.


Where was the Giraffe Scene Filmed?
Giraffe Decapitation Hangover 3

One of the best scenes of the movie and sets the tone of things going forward, if that tone were not already set in the two prequels. Alan Barrels down the Freeway with his newly acquired Giraffe in tow.

Often Geography is the Achilles heel of Hollywood, but here the continuity is actually really good. Although there are several problems. The Freeway is the Corona Del Mar (73) in Newport/Irvine, Orange County, California. We have highlighted three notable shots and all three run in sequence as Alan Drive down the Highway. These are realizable from the road signage, check them out with the Google Maps Links below.

Campus Dr and Irvine Drive 3/4 Mile – Map

Overpass – Redhouse on the Right – Map

Low Bridge – University Drive – 3/4 mile – McArthur Boulevard 1 1/2 Mile – Map

So this means you really can drive the route, blasting out “MMMBop” as you retrace the last steps of Alan’s Giraffe! The reason the shot made more sense than usual is the fact the Freeway had to be closed due to the rather complex stuntwork needed to create the aftermath of the decapitation.

Naturally, for Hollywood, there are issues though, not least the direction of travel. Of course, we don’t know where Alan purchased his Giraffe, but the scene is in the South of L.A. heading in a South-East direction while the Family home is in Pasadena in the North of Los Angeles, so he is literally going the wrong way. Then there is the Bridge…

Low Clearance – 12 ft 6 in

This is not a Geography Gaff but a spatial one. First of all, there is nothing remarkable about the bridge that loses the Giraffes head, the trailer would have had to pass under several very similar overpasses to get to this one. The sign is also missing from any Google shots so we assume this is an editorial addition to make the bridge seem lower than it is.

Now 12ft 6 in, is definitely enough to knock the head off a Giraffe, an average giraffe is 14-18.7 feet tall, plus the animal was stood on a raised platform, so even stooped down a little as Giraffes naturally stand the 12ft6in overpass is going to cause issues!

However, the bigger issues would be the fact regular Semi-Trailers are around 13.4-6 Ft tall themselves so a 12 ft 6 in overpass on a major freeway is going to cause, well… issues!!! The Large Trailer carrying Pipes is certainly never going to make the 12ft Height restriction, nor were the probably 500 Big Rigs already passing by this location that day, and every day for the last 30 or so years since the bridge was built…Freeway Clearances are a minimum of 14ft+! Still enough to kill a Giraffe, but the big guy would have been nailed several times before this spot!

Finally, and this is a little picky, when the next scene rolls it starts with a Newspaper headline, “Freeway Mess-acre – Headless Girafe shutdown 405”, as we said above the scene was shot in the State Route 73, not I-405, although it is quite close by.

Hollywood, eh.

Alan’s Family Home

Where is the Alans House?


The House is a reprisal of the Alan Family home from the First Movie. Situated in the pleasant Pasadini Suburbs at 415 S Grand Avenue, Pasadena. This is a residential Home on a Residential Street so if you make the pilgrimage be polite and respectful.

Fig and Olive – Melrose Place – Closed


The restaurant was a real restaurant on Melrose Place, West Hollywood. The Upscale Italian has now closed, but will probably re-open under a different guise and the tell-tail trees will likely remain, you probably have to be pretty Die-Hard to dine here just because it was in The Hangover Part 3


Unfortunately, we are still working on this one…

Crash Scene

Where was the Crash Scene Filmed?


Crash Scene hangover 3

The Wolf Pack are Run off the road at Junction 165 of the Barstow Bakersfield Hwy 58 just outside of Mojave. This is a pretty odd way to get to Arizona, but hey.

It also ties in nicely with the following scene being just a few miles away.

Marshal Interogation Scene

After being run off the road the captures load them in a van and drive them to a remote location. This is the Alta Wind Energy Center, Mojave California just a few miles away from Junction 165. We don’t think you can actually find the exact spot as this is all private property but the farm stretches off up into the hills where the scene took place.

While you would have to be absolutely Crazy about the Film to head right out into the middle of nowhere for these two random locations, the truth is these are right along the Way for one of our favorite USA Road Trips, Driving from L.A to Las Vegas Via Death Valley.

Gas Station

Where was the Gas Station Scene Filmed?


Gas station hangover Part 3

Following this, they then head to a Gas Station to make plans. This is located several hundred miles away on Blue Diamond Road, Las Vegas.

Thanks to the Set Crew, who covered the real identity of the Fuel Company (Chevron) with a cheeky sticker saying “Blue Diamond”. Otherwise, we would have to check about a thousand Gas Stations in the Mojave Desert!

You can easily visit the Gas Station if you are visiting Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas as it is just up the road.

Tijauana – Noglaes Arizona

Was the Hangover 3 shot in Tijuana?


La Cinderella Nongales

The film now moves on to Tijuana. The crew for some reason decided not to film in the Real TJ and instead headed to the small border town of Nogales, Arizona. The town has a Mexican border town flavor but is still far too American to pass for TJ so the film crew went to great effort to Tirajana-fy the town adding lights and facias to the shops and businesses. While adding a heap of Spicy Mexican extras and props.

The main scene with Alan talking to Chow is shot o North Morley Avenue outside the La Cinderella store. You can see from Google Maps that the Wall with the Murial painted on it was a fake wall added by the crew. but the La Cinderalla store is real.

While it is a quaint little border town, it’s a long way from anywhere really touristy to make this a worthwhile venture for snagging movie sites. You could of course head to Zona Norte in the real TJ to get the actual vibe the director was looking for, but it is certainly not family-friendly and the safety of the city certainly raises questions.

Marshalls House – Rocky Oaks Estate – Malibu

Where is Marshalls House in the Hangover 3?


Rocky Oaks Malibu

From TJ it’s just a short hop over to Chows/Marshalls Mexican Villa…In Malibu. You gotta love Hollywood.

The Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate has also featured on a number of TV shows such as the bachelorette and Keeping up with the Kardashians. it is a wonderful venue and they are promising to start running wine tastings from the Villa, which would be worth checking out without the film tie-ins.

You can even get married at the Villa, costs are reported to run to $15-50,000 which is not really that horrific considering the simply jaw-dropping location!

Top Tip – You can see the Villa from above by heading up Kanan Rd!


Finally to the Booming Soundtrack of Mother by Danzig, the Wolf Pack Arrives back in Las Vegas. The Vegas portion of the film naturally starts with a montage of the City lit up in its nighttime finest. The best way to experience this is via a Las Vegas Helicopter tour as most of the shots are ariel. But there are a couple of interesting locations at the beginning of the montage that you could check out.

Las Vegas Lava Butte


Heading towards Las Vegas along East Lake Mead Boulevard you pass the Las Vegas Lava Butte. A long-dormant Volcano that just up out of the desert in a really striking fashion. You can hike up to the summit but it’s a pretty arduous trek.

Skyline Road

Where is the Skyline View Road, Hangover3 Filmed?



As the road climbs up over the Frenchman Mountains one of the best views of the Las Vegas Skyline roars into view. This is the shot the Cameras get of the boys Limo heading into Vegas and it’s the view most people expect when they arrive in Sin City.

Unfortunately, it’s a pretty useless route into the City and very few people arrive this way. The Wolf pack was apparently arriving from Tijuana so there is absolutely no way they would come in this way…but hey What a View!

If you are looking for one of the Best Views of the Las Vegas Skyline then this is the perfect place to get that install-perfect shot! As ever with Hollywood the shot used in the movie uses a little camera trickery (Lens Compression) to make the Vegas skyline seem closer than it really is but it’s still a fantastic View as you head out of the mountain pass and down towards the City.


Where is the Cash for Gold Pawnshop filmed?


Pawn Shop Las Vegas

The Gang tracks down the Mini Van at a Pawnshop in the seedy parts of Downtown Las Vegas. Outside a Pawnshop offering Cash for Gold. This is where Alan meets his future wife, Cassy, and as such is a pretty important location.

The shop is currently a place called Main Street Peddlers Antique Store located at the junction of Imperial and Main Street. It’s probably not a million miles away from the kind of store depicted in the Movie. It’s defiantly worth checking out for your Hangover Movie Fix.

Many people think the store used was the more famous Pawn Stars store. However this is not the case and for whatever reason, the crew pitched up in this pretty unremarkable corner of north Las Vegas. A lot of set dressing went on to make the place feel even more tacky and low-rent than it really is.

Jade’s House


2003 Delphine ln

Next up is the iconic scene where the Wolf Pack tracks town Stu’s ex-wife Jade and the Baby Carlos (Tyler) in order to find out Chow’s location from Jade’s contacts.

The house is supposedly set in the Las Vegas Suburbs but in reality, the Geography goes screwy again and we head back to California, more precisely Calabasas.

The House is 2003 Delphine Ln in the Calabasas hills. Thanks to a reader we were also made aware that this house is also featured in the Ray Donavon TV Show.

Unfortunately, this house is situated in a private gated community so there is very little point in hinting this out!

Caesars Palace

The Wolf Pack then heads back to Caesar’s Palace. There are some iconic shots outside the Foyer and in the Lobby that every hangover fan HAS to check out.

Chow is held up in the Penthouse of one of the Towers, we think it’s supposed to be the Octavius Tower but something really screwy goes on with the footage and the tower they point to seems to be a duplicate of the Augustus Tower rather than the slightly different Octavius. It’s a bit illogical and we think there was some Hollywood Post Editing tomfoolery going on to make it seem he is in the tallest tower when they are both approx the same height. (interestingly when they are up on the tower it’s definitely the Augustus Tower, so why they duplicated the shot is a bit confusing)

Regardless there are extra Caesars Palace Signs added, along with none existent balconies to help with the Narrative. When the shooting finally takes place up on the roof, unsurprisingly this is now pure Hollywood magic and the scenes are shot on a sound stage in WB Studios and Green Screened onto the rook of the Palace…sorry to ruin the Magic

The Parachute scene where Chow soars over the Bellagio Fountains and past the Eiffel Tower is a bit more real, with Highwire Stuntmen and actual Base Jumpers used to get the shots of Chow parachuting over the Vegas Landmarks!

The Chase Scene starts off ok, Chow bears right and over the fountains, with Stu in Pursuit. He then bears right again, and crosses the Strip to the Paris Hotel and Casino (although how he has acquired so much altitude while falling is a bit of a mystery), He then flys around the back of the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Stu rightly takes a left off the boulevard at E.Harmon Way and then we are in Downtown Las Vegas…Hollywood Magic.

Capture Scene


Chow lands on the Car outside the California Hotel and Casino and careers off down North Main Street to the Plaza Hotel at the end of the Freemont Street Experience (in front of the now defunct Las Vegas Club, which was torn down in place of the Circa) and deposits him, on the floor, outside Oscars Steakhouse.

Final Scene

Where was the Final Showdown Scene from Hangover 3 Filmed?


For the Final Showdown scene, the Wolf Pack heads out into the Desert to meet Marshall. This spot is never identified but it was a must-find spot as it offers simply amazing views out over the City.

Fortunately, it is a pretty built-up area and not the remote desert location it appears to be, and many people reported remembering the film crews working up here for a few days. So we can reveal the location of the final Showdown Scene of the Hangover Part 3 is the Carpark for the Mesa Trailhead.

The trails are used for Mountian Biking and are pretty close to civilization. There is a lot of construction going on and some access issues have been reported but this is the area you need to head to to get that gorgeous view over the city. Again though, be warned Hollywood has used Lens Compression to make the City appear just that bit closer than it really is.

After this, The Wolf Pack heads back to the Pawnshop and then L.A., and really there are no more interesting Locations to Report.

Have Your Say

Are Missing a spot? Do you think we have something wrong? Or do you have something to add about the Geography of the film? Let us know in the comments and if you have visited any of the sites please fire away as we would love to hear about your experience.

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