When is the Las Vegas Pool Season? Las Vegas Pool Opening Dates?

This is a frequently asked question in Las Vegas Travel boards, forums, and discussion groups. And it’s one that is frequently misunderstood. Basically, there is no real Las Vegas Pool Season. There is certainly nothing defined in stone or any particular date when the pools open up or close down. However, this myth perpetuates to this day.

We explore why the pool season myth is recognized, why it persists, why it is wrong, and what people really mean by “Pool Season” and we find out if Las Vegas Pools are open Year-Round or seasonal as people suggest. Hopefully, we can fill in the blanks and help you fully understand exactly how the Las Vegas pool season works and what to expect from your hotel pool. So when is the Las Vegas Pool Season?

So when is the Las Vegas Pool Season?

When is the Las Vegas Pool Season?

The Main Confusion comes from the Las Vegas Pool Party Season. This is combined with the fact that pools are less popular during the winter months and the weather is less favorable to pool time. However the Pools are mostly open year-round, there is no pool season as such.

The Pool Party season is defined by more specific dates and this seems to be where people are mostly confused. We look at the Dates for the current year and what the Best Parties are below, however in general they Start to kick off around the beginning of March and start to wind down around the end of October. However, while we LOVE pool Parties and knowing the Season is very important most people asking about the Pool season are not looking for the parties but just somewhere to relax, cool off, and enjoy a few Pool Drinks.

However, the reason the pool parties operate around those dates is this is typically when the weather is most conducive to good pool conditions. From the end of October through to March, the weather is cooler, cloudier, and more prone to rain. None of this is good for sitting by a pool. However, at just about any time of the year, the weather can pick up and temps soar above 70°F (21°C) with clear blue skies and glorious sunshine…Perfect pool weather!

Are Las Vegas Pool Open Year Round?

 Las Vegas Pool Opening Dates?

On the whole Yes. The simple fact is the Hotels are there to serve you, moreover, they are there to extract money out of you. People sitting by a pool will be buying drinks. People Buying drinks will be making them money! Yes, this is a pretty cynical way of looking at it but it is the truth.

We started this section by saying “on the whole” though, rather than just yes. This is because there are some Caveats. Winter is definitely the low season for pools. Few people want to sit by the pools and Fewer days are really suitable at all for it.

If the weather is a bit crappy, expect the pools shut, which is fine by us as who wants to sit by a pool in the ’50s (10’s) in the rain. The staff are better deployed elsewhere to cater to the customers who have abandoned their pool days. In December, January, and February these days are more common, but on the whole, the most common weather over the winter months is cool but still clear and sunny days. Not great pool weather but for a few drinks and some downtime it’s perfectly pleasant.

You can definitely expect the pools to be open most days through the winter, and even facilities such as Cabana’s and Day beds will be operating, and with some really good deals available. But do not expect a FULL summer experience. Some pools and some Experiences are shut down over the winter. Things like Lazy Rivers and Wave Pool, or certain pool sections will be closed down due to the reduced demand.

Hotels will often use this time to refresh and renew their pool areas. Maintenance and repairs may easily cause certain pools and areas to shut down and we have seen whole pool decks closed to facilitate a full redesign (Normally an option a sister hotel is offered in this instance).

So while the pools are definitely open, you shouldn’t expect a full experience, there will be limited options and fewer pools but when the winter sun Shines you can rest assured there will be a wonderful pool to plant your bum and take in the rays!

Swimming in Vegas Pools in the winter?

Now onto the question of swimming! Are the pools and the weather warm enough to actually Swim? Can you sit by the pool in your Swimwear and actually use the pools as intended? Well, this is a very subjective question.

For most, the answer is no. I am a very poor person to ask about this as I regularly swim in very cold water in much cooler climates than in Las Vegas. So I would have no issue jumping in anytime any weather, but I am an idiot!

Really the water temp is not the issue. While the pools may feel a bit nippy as you enter once in and acclimatized you will be absolutely fine. The problem is when you get back out. on all but the warmest winter days, the temp outside of the pool will just be too cool to sit around wet. You will quickly get cold and if there is any kind of breeze it will get very chilly very quickly.

If the sun is out you may dry off quickly enough in the warming rays and keep yourself warm, but for many, once you are wet it’s just not warm enough to stay warm. Most days in the winter will provide weather perfectly suitable for Sunbathing, on the proviso you remain dry. This is fine really as the temps are not so warm you are forced to cool off in the pool.

Really it is a case of seeing how you go, Enjoy the sun, and maybe dip a toe and see how you feel. If you really want a swim but are worried about the cold after, save it for when you are nearly done. That way you can head inside and get warm.

Now you know the Pools are open, find out What the Best Pools in Las Vegas are!

Pool Parties

RockStar Pool Party

If you don’t know what Pool Parties are then maybe they are not for you. However, should you perchance be a Big Party Goer and have somehow missed out on Vegas’s legendary Day Club scene then Pool Parties are basically a Nightclub…By a pool…during the day!

Expect everything good about a nightclub only outside in the blazing desert sun, with fewer clothes! Also, expect everything BAD about nightclubs too! Expensive drinks, crowded dance floors (pool floors?), Extortionate Cover Charges, and Drunk idiots. Really they pretty much are exactly what they say on the tin. Night Clubs by the pool. In Vegas expect Big Name DJs, the odd Celeb, and eyewatering Drink Prices!

Best Las Vegas Pool Parties

Wet Republic – MGM Grand

Vegas’s original Mega Pool Party Wet Republic really started it all and is still one of the best. Top DJ’s play to huge crowds in MGM’s incredible 54000 sqft Aquatic Club. When the Republic is really going off it’s quite a spectacle!

Daylight Beach Club – Mandalay Bay

There are many reasons to head to Mandalay Bay, and the Daylight Beach Club is definitely one of them. Another Mega-Club, this time “only” 50,000 sqft. Daylight is one of the most popular clubs in the City.

Liquid – Aria

The liquid is a much smaller and more intimate Pool Party. Marketed towards a more luxurious and decadent experience than the Mega-Clubs, this little corner of luxury is a great way to party the day away.

Tao Beach – Venetian

Another Smaller and more intimate Pool-Party, the Tao Beach is one of the original Day Clubs in Vegas. The Smaller Size of the venue holds nothing back and when Tao is rocking it is an awesome Party!

Encore Beach Club – Wynn/Encore

Steve Wynn has a habit of taking a really good idea and just making it better. This is exactly what the Encore Bach club has done. One of the finest beach clubs on the strip. The Encore attracts the biggest names and the most fashionable crowds. THE Place to be seen.

Want to know more about the Best Pool Parties in Las Vegas? Read our Pool Party Guide here

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