What is the Weather like in Las Vegas in October? – Las Vegas Weather in October

What is the Weather like in Las Vegas in October? October is the first rest bite from the intense summer heat. Temperatures finally fall away and cooler nights and chiller days embrace the City. But do not expect this to be like Fall in other parts of the country. There are no falling leaves, crisp frosts, and nourishing autumnal rains. This is still the desert.

Many head to Vegas as a last chance to see the Sun before the long winter draws in around their hometown, and a last Hurrah for the summer. But is October too late? Have the temps dropped too much and have you missed the Last of the desert heat? We find out in our look at the Weather in Las Vegas in October.

What is the Weather like in Las Vegas in October

What is the Weather like in Las Vegas in October?

As Fall passes through Las Vegas very little changes apart from the temperature. The desert has little foliage to change and the weather patterns remain stable and dry throughout the month. Extreme weather events dry up and the longer nights allow the hot desert air to escape more meaning you will wake to fresher temps as the sun spends the day trying to recover them. With less time it never really manages it.

Still, with 11 hours of sun, the temperatures are anything but cold. But it is a far cry from the highs of the last few months. The Summer is finally over and the cooler nights are here. The Variation is quite stark in October with some days still getting up towards 100°F (37°C) during heatwaves while plummeting to a nightly low of 35-38°F (2-3°C) That is quite a range for a single month. However, these variations are unlikely to happen during a single day. Instead, we see a tailing off of the temps as the month draws on.

By the end of the month, temps are quite low and not what you would describe as pool weather. However, this is not guaranteed and heatwaves any time of the month can send temps soaring again (even though November this holds true). However, for more guaranteed warmth you need to be looking at the beginning of the month when the Summers Residual heat still lingers on

The Climate is still very dry and rain is unlikely. Most years are completely dry while others see only 5 Days as a Maximum averaging out at 2 days. Rain is lighter than the summer downpours and begins to again be dominated by National weather systems rather than the Overflow from the Spring Mountains. Snow will start to fall on the mountaintops and add a very pretty backdrop to the Valley, but none of this precipitation will make it as far as the strip.

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What is it Like Visiting Las Vegas in October?

The Variance of temperatures in October means you will need a little more preparation in your packing. Anything other than shorts and T-shirts or light dresses are wasted in the summer months but come October nighttime temps can be a little brisk! You are still going to need summer clothes for the day but in the evening you may wish to layer up slightly.

When the wind blows and the Desert night has dropped the temps down to 35-40°F it can feel savagely cold. If all you have is a T-shirt and Shorts you are going to be pretty miserable.

Depending on the type of trip you plan to have changes which side of the month you need to choose. If you are looking for late-season sun then plan on hitting early October. While it can be plenty warm enough to sit by a pool on Halloween, this is far from Guaranteed. Weeks one and two are normally scorchers and bone dry, but the second two weeks get a lot cooler and unsettled. You are likely to have some pool days but not all. There is so much to see and do in Vegas besides sitting by a pool that many care very little about the slightly subdued temps. But if you are hunting out that last Sun, the start of the month is definitely your best bet.

For trips later in the month plan a varied itinerary. Remember it’s always a perfect 70°F (21°C) inside the Hotels and casinos so there is always something to do if the weather is not quite perfect!

Will it Rain in Las Vegas in October?

Rain is still very ccarce in October, The desert climate is very dry and humidity is still super low during October. However, as the temperatures fall away Relative Humidity does increase. This vastly increases the chance of cloud cover but is still low enough that Rain is highly unlikely. The Valley sits in the Rain Shadow of the mountains and most moisture that blows in from the coast is deposited in the mountains before reaching Las Vegas. Most of the Rain actually falls earlier in the month as Overspill from the Mountain uplift.

This means the Rain is heavy when it does fall, but normally short-lived. However, as the month moves on the chances of larger national storm fronts moving through do increase. This can make for a Full day of rain which is far less appealing than an hour-long downpour.

The chances are low, however, and most years only see 1 or 2 rainy days during October, if any. On only a few occasions in the last 20 years has 4 or 5 Rainy days occurred in October. Expect warm, sunny, mostly dry weather for the majority of the month.

What are Crowds like in October?

crowds in las vegas

October heralds another mini Peak Season. Similar to May, the Visitor numbers and occupancy surge in October. The month has the 3rd highest Visitor numbers of the year (after July and May)

This is in part due to Halloween and the Events that take place during the month on top of the fairly high number of Convention participants. But it is mainly due to the post-summer rush and people booking a short break away to grab the last of the sun before winter sets in.

Overall Vegas is pretty busy for the whole month of October. Being fall and off-season many people are a bit taken aback by this. Everyone expects the Summer season to be busy, but the mini peaks of May and October take people by surprise. This is mainly because Vegas is not a family destination and visitors are often freer to travel when suits them best not bound by school holidays. Plus Vegas is outrageously hot during the summer and these slightly cooler months are just the perfect balance between the cooler winter weather and the meltingly hot summer.

Hotel Prices in October

The high visitor numbers can often mean prices are pretty high. most people take trips in October to avoid the Peak Months that carry higher prices due to popularity. But in Vegas, the Roles are reversed and it is these shoulder season months that carry the premium.

A bargain can still be had if a Hotel has low occupancy but you need to be flexible and stay at hotels that are under-occupied and offer good deals!

October Example Rates

If you are finding prices really high on your proposed dates chances are a conference is in town (see below). Consider shifting dates and you may find prices plummet!

Will the Pools be open in October?

Mirage Pool

Pools remain open throughout October, and really for the entire year. The idea that pools close in Vegas is a bit of a myth. The Pools Season is more geared around the Pool party season.

Whatever the time of the year most hotels on the strip open up a Pool if you want to use it and the weather is reasonable. The “season” as it is called is when the Pool Parties operate. These tend to operate until the end of October (after opening up in March).

During October the weather is perfect pool weather and the pool services are usually business as usual. Yes, the parties tail off by the end but if all you want is to sit poolside with a cocktail or bucket of beers then you will find early October about perfect for this, far better than the sweltering peak summer months!

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What is there to do in Las Vegas in October?

Lambo at Red Rock
We rented a Lambo and headed to Red Rock Canyon!

With the arrival of the cooler weather pretty much everything is on the Cards during October. The ultra-high Temps that make Hiking and exploring the wilderness dangerous (heat stroke) are gone and you can happily head out on hikes into the Valley of Fire and Red Rock Canyon.

The Early part of the month is more than hot enough for relaxing by the pool or indulging in the Last of Las Vegas’s Pool Parties of the year. Exploring the Strip and visiting outdoor attractions will again be far more pleasant when the temps are not hitting 100°F (37°C).

Indoor attractions, Gambling, Shows, Museums, etc are all perfect activities year-round as the Hotels keep their indoor areas a perfect 70°F (21°C) year-round.

Put simply the weather during October lends itself PERFECTLY to a Vegas trip. The dry, warm clear skies provide the perfect opportunity to indulge in whatever you fancy doing in the City.

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Events in Las Vegas in October

Las Vegas Pride ( Early October) Las Vegas Pride is not actually a particularly big event. Pride weekends around the world can be really big spectacles but in Vegas, it is fairly small, at least in terms of Las Vegas events where Conventions pull in 100,000+ visitors. Prides 25,000 attendees are fairly negligible to Las Vegas and the event can be lost in the crowd.

Halloween – (October 31) Halloween is far from the biggest event of the year in Las Vegas. Halloween is a big family holiday and most people stay at home to celebrate the spooky events of all hallows eve. However, there is a large portion of society that celebrates Halloween as a big party event. College kids see Halloween as a giant party and Vegas is the perfect party destination. So if hordes of partying college students are not your thing maybe avoid Halloween. However, on the whole, Halloween is pretty fun in Las Vegas!

Conventions in Las Vegas in October

There are several smaller conventions in Las Vegas throughout October but nothing that really has a huge effect on Visitor numbers. There are no Monster 80,000 plus events just a series of smaller events that will more affect the individual hotels they are based in and around. It is not a quiet month but there are just no real standouts to avoid

The full up-to-date list is here: October Conventions (Las Vegas Convention Calendar)

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Have you visited Las Vegas in October? What sort of temperatures did you find? Did you visit early or later in the month? Did you catch a rain shower? How did you find the pools in October? Anything you have to add we would love to hear, or if you have any questions feel free to jump into the comments and have your say!

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