What is the Weather like in Las Vegas in July? – Las Vegas Weather in July

What is the Weather like in Las Vegas in July? July starts off very much like June; very hot and very dry. However, as the month progresses humidity creeps up and this means one thing Rain. So on the face of it, the month is searingly hot and also wet and rainy which does not sound like a great recipe for a vacation! However, this description is not really accurate and for 99% of the time, Vegas is nothing but sunshine and scorching Temps! If you like it hot, real hot, then July in Vegas is Perfect!

We take a look at what the weather is really like in July and how that will affect your trip to Vegas, We take a look at conference dates and events that may impact your trip along with all the best things to do during the month. If you are thinking of hitting Vegas in July this is the perfect guide.

What is the Weather like in Las Vegas in July

What is the Weather like in Las Vegas in July?

One word HOT. Really hot. In June, Heatwaves end the needle soaring, in July the needle stays there pretty much all month. With average temps of 94°F (34°C) and daily highs hitting 106°F (°41C) the desert is seriously baking! On top of these extreme weather events regularly see the temps climbing up to brain-scrambling highs of 110-117°F (43-47°C) That is seriously hot! And even at night, the desert serves up 84°F (28°C) nighttime temps.

These relentless high temps make life in the valley tough work, but visiting is far easier. All hotels and Casinos are a regulated 70°F (21°C) and there are endless indoor areas where you can avoid the heat.

While humidity creeps up during the month, it is still very low and a Dry heat prevails. This is far more manageable than a steamy humid heat (temps could never get this high in that sort of climate) but it is still unimaginably hot. In July Days are long and relentlessly hot with the nights fairing only slightly better. There really is very little else to say about the weather, it’s just Hot Hot Hot!

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What is it Like Visiting Las Vegas in July?

The relentless scorching heat affects you probably less than you think. With so many indoor areas climate controlled to a perfect 70°F (21°C), you can always get away from the scorching desert outside. Nighttime is when most people struggle in hot climates as nights drag on with restless sleep caused by unfamiliar temperatures and noisy AC units or fans. Again this is never an issue in Vegas as the rooms are always a pleasant temp and AC units never interfere with your sleep.

When temps are high people head for the pools to cool off. However, when things are this stifling Pools offer scant comfort. The pools of Vegas can reach bathwater temperatures and their cooling effect is minimal, leaving you to return to your sunlounger, hot AND wet, rather than just hot. Despite the dry heat the water never seems to evaporate leaving you a hot sweaty mess of pool water, sweat, and sunblock. In July the pools are best enjoyed early morning or late afternoon as outside of these times even a pool is not enough to keep you cool!

Really this applies to any outdoor activity, the heat of midday is just too much. We plan indoor activities for the hottest part of the day and do our Strip exploring early morning or in the evening. We know so many people will read this and think “pah they just can’t take the heat” but until you really have experienced heat like this it’s hard to understand!

How to Keep cool in Las Vegas!

Will it Rain in Las Vegas in June?

The Valley is in the Rainshadow of the Spring mountain range and for the most part, this keeps the summer rains away. Moist air moves up from the coast and is lifted by the mountain range where it falls in abundance but very little reaches the valley. This is why it’s a desert.

As July passes by the chance of one of these rainstorms increases and July is technically one of Las Vegas’s wettest months! However, this is nothing to worry about as this rain falls very rarely. Instead when it does rain it POORS! Huge storm clouds can dump massive amounts of after onto the strip in no time at all and then move on in minutes. Out in the desert, this is a real risk as flash flooding occurs regularly, but on the strip, this is nothing more than an inconvenience making dashes between the casinos a matter of timing!

Rain is definitely sporadic, there is every chance you will not see a drop but if you do catch a shower you will know about it! Some years the rain misses July completely, and sometimes the whole summer is dry, but a few downpours can be expected to fall. The odds are it won’t spoil your trip, however.

The only thing weather-wise to worry you about in July is the phenomenal heat!

Hotel Prices in July

July is peak season and while Vegas is not affected too much by the School summer holidays people are just programmed to take their vacations in the Summer. This means prices are higher than most of the year. Vegas is still cheap for what you get but prices are higher than for other times of the year.

As we will see below Conference traffic is pretty low so most of the hotels are filled with tourists. This makes this a very busy month and one not particularly conducive to cheap prices.

July Example Rates

If you are finding prices really high on your proposed dates chances are a conference is in town (see below). Consider shifting dates (or hotel) and you may find prices plummet!

What are Crowds like in July?

July is one of the busiest months and the numbers are largely tourists. This is peak season now and the second busiest month of the year. Conference traffic is low so expect tourist attractions, shows, and anything you are likely wanting to do to be very crowded.

The lack of conferences means this traffic is steady throughout the month with a few peaks and troughs. As always weekend will be the busiest with hotel capacity reaching over 97%!!!

The 4th of July weekend is manic. Unlike many Holidays, the 4th of July is not particularly “family” orientated. It’s more of a party/celebration kind of deal and this fits PERFECTLY with Vegas’s MO. So expect things to be wild, Rowdy, and fun!

What is there to do in Las Vegas in July?

 Las Vegas Weather in July

When the sun shines all activities are on the table, but we find Outdoor fare to be particulate challenging during the height of the Midday fire! Hiking in temps of over 110°F (43°C) is Lunacy. Heat Stroke and Heat exhaustion are real dangers and people die out in the desert heat! Avoid hiking in remote areas such as the Valley of Fire or Red Rock Canyon. Even long hikes up and down the Strip are challenging, in fact even waiting for a Bus or Uber is hard work.

During the hot part of the day, we prefer to shelter inside. Shopping the many malls, and indoor Gondola rides. One of Las Vegas’s many Museums or just hit the Casino floors. All great ways to get the hell out of the sun!

If you are going to be hitting the pools, the best bet is to ditch the sunlounger. While you are submerged the worst of the heat is lost and you can float around and enjoy frosty drinks while staying reasonably cool! Beware sunburn on your face and head, however. As the cooling waters lure you into a false sense of security!

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Events in Las Vegas in July

4th July – One of the Big three American holidays 4th of July is big in Las Vegas. The Party spirit of the day really translates perfectly to Vegas’s party Vibe. This makes the 4th the busiest weekend in the City, even bigger than New Year, and expect things to be pretty pumping!

While many suggest avoiding Vegas this weekend, we disagree! If you are looking for quiet and solitude then why the hell come to Vegas? The City is pretty awesome during big Events like this and if you are looking to Celebrate vegas definitely has you covered. Yes, things are mad busy, and yes prices will be higher for everything, but you will have a Crazy good time!

Of course, if you are just looking for a regular visit to Las Vegas, not a Party weekend, then another weekend might be better…ANY other weekend!

Conventions in Las Vegas in July

Traditionally July is pretty devoid of Big Conventions Dates. There are still many smaller events taking place but they have little effect on prices and availability. July is one of the best months for avoiding Conference crowds!

The World Center Market– (July 24-28, 2022) One of two large furniture and Decor Shows. Not the biggest Conventions (50,000) on the calendar but enough to bump traffic in surrounding hotels.

Conventions (Las Vegas Convention Calendar)

Avoiding Las Vegas Conventions!

Should We Visit Las Vegas in July?

July is popular but we are not really sure for what reason. No one really wants to bake in 110+ °F heat, No one really wants to overpay for hotels and fight crowds of people at one of the busiest times of the year. Yet outside of some of the peak conference months, July is one of the busiest periods.

We tend to avoid it, it’s just too hot and too busy. Sure you can avoid the very worst of the heat but at some point, you will find yourself baking as you walk the strip. We think it’s popular simply as it’s Vacation Seasons and people just choose to go away at that time but for us, the things we like to do the most, are just too affected by the immense heat of July.

If you are planning on spending most of your time indoors, enjoying the casinos, clubs shows, etc… then July is tolerable as the worst of the heat is avoidable. But getting out and about, even just sitting by the pool. July is a pretty poor choice!

Have Your Say:

Have you visited Las Vegas in July? How did you find the Heat? Was it too much or did you spend most of your time indoors? Let us know in the comments below. Did you catch a summer downpour or was it wall-to-wall sunshine? If you have any questions at all regarding July in Las Vegas Feel free to ask away in the comments below as well!

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