What is the Weather like in Las Vegas in March? – Las Vegas Weather in March

What is the Weather like in Las Vegas in March? Spring starts early in the Mojave desert and temps really start climbing up from March onwards. The rain dies off and Vegas begins to feel a lot more Vegassy! Long warm sunny days are the norm with pool parties starting up and Vegas opening up fully.

This abundance of sun and warmth makes for a welcome break for many still in the grips of an Icy North American winter. The chance to get away and fill up on some vitamin D by a Vegas pool and recover from the long winter blues. However, the temperatures are yet to soar to their sweltering summer highs making March a great time to get out and explore. Really it is a pretty perfect month weather-wise, which makes for an incredibly busy month as Vegas has its’ spring Peak!

Find out everything you need to know about planning a Vegas break during March below, what events to look out for, the pool situation when the big conferences hit town, and what to expect with hotel prices, along with more detailed weather info. If you were thinking of a sunny spring getaway, vegas might just be the perfect location!

What is the Weather Like in Las Vegas in March?

Mirage Las Vegas

Spring is starting to bloom in March. The temps are creeping up, the days are getting longer and the rain is less frequent. While the highs of the Summer are still a long way off the cool, rainy days of winter are a thing of the past. March really has the best balance of weather, hot but not too hot, clear sunning days, and minimal rain.

The Clear desert skies and long nights mean evening temperatures can tumble. Morning frosts are not unheard of albeit rare, while temps below 40°F (5°) are common and these make for very brisk early morning strolls down the strip. Extra layers will still be needed in the evening and morning, but once the sun is up things warm up quickly!

Average Max Temps top out at 71°F (21°C) but most years see some days with temps up in the ’80s (27°C+) which is sufficiently warm for most people without being oppressive. The Dry air also makes the warmer temps more manageable than a humid location. It also makes the nights colder.

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What is it Like Visiting Las Vegas in March?

The warming up of the desert is a month or two ahead of the rest of the country and the strip makes a welcome getaway for people escaping the long cold North American winters. This means you will not be alone, and march is one of Vegas’s busiest months!

The cold nights mean layers of clothing will be needed, sweaters and cardigans, even light jackets will be needed, and if the winds blow the strip really can still feel like a barren wasteland, This is, after all, a desert and cold nights are part of a deserts hostilities.

Of course with so much of Vegas’s nightlife being indoors, there is little concern about an evening chill ruining anything. As far as we are concerned There is simply nothing about the weather in March that should put you off coming.

What are Crowds like in March?

Oddly enough, March has become a mini Peak Season for Las Vegas with visitor numbers reaching near maximum levels. 2019 saw 3,697,100 visitors, the busiest month that year, yet conference numbers were low. This is a huge volume of tourist traffic and vegas can get pretty wild.

Spring Break, March Madness, St Patrick’s day, ConExpo, the early spring, and Holiday withdrawal all conspire to make Las Vegas seriously appealing in March, and as such the crowds flock here. In fact, the only off-putting thing about Vegas in March is the crowds, April has all the advantages of March but is just a touch quieter!

Hotel Prices in March

Considering the peak numbers Hotels are not always super pricy. Vegas encourages this spring mini-peak and as such has some pretty good deals. During peak Vacation months Vegas can rely on the numbers so ups room rates but in spring prices are dropped to ensure people head to Vegas rather than some other winter sun hotspot.

Of course once occu[Nancy starts to hit maximum expect those prices to climb up and up. So grab a bargain early using free cancellation and make sure you don’t pay more than you need to!

March Example Rates

Will it Rain in Las Vegas in March?

March is a very dry month. The most rain falls in the early part of the month, a hangover from winter, and the chance of rain falls as the month progresses. The daytime temps are not enough to elicit locally formed rain as the air is so dry and the only rain is larger national systems passing through, this means rain is prolonged and you can lose full days.

But rainy days are rare and 14 years out of the last 20 saw 2 or fewer rainy days in March, with 7 of those being completely dry months! Consecutive rainy days are like rocking horse do-do, and the chance of a washout is almost unheard of. Rain is highly unlikely to spoil your trip in March, even if you do lose the odd day.

Will the Pools be open in March?

Bellagio Pool in March
Bellagio Pool Taken in March


There is no real pool season in Vegas, it is a myth, however, by March pretty much every pool is fully open and the Big Pool Parties start up in earnest. By Spring Break the Vegas Summer season is in full swing.

The exception to this is if pools are having a Refurb. In this case, they may still be closed by early march but will open up as the month goes on. It is very rare for any hotel not to have a pool open by the end of the month!

Best Pools in Las Vegas

What is there to do in Las Vegas in March?

Really March is one of the most complete months for things to do. The temps are warm but not stiflingly hot, so outdoor activities are perfect. You can still head out and enjoy the desert without the risk of heatstroke. However, you can still enjoy the desert sun by the pool or relaxing in a bar without risking hyperthermia too.

It is kind of the perfect balance. In fact, being spring, getting out of town is particularly special. The winter rains have moistened the parched ground and now the spring sun brings the wildflowers out in bursts. Year-round the Mojave desert is a barren and hostile landscape but for a month or two during spring, it becomes quite beautiful.

Evenings are quite chilly but not so much as to prohibit anything, you just need a jacket, so rooftop bars start being desirable again. Pool Bars start filling up during the day and Vegas really just shales off its winter blues and starts to get on with summer!

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Events in Las Vegas in March

Spring Break – (Late March Early April) Vegas is not as badly affected by spring break as other more traditional Spring Break Destinations, but it’s still pretty wild. We would definitely avoid spring Break dates unless, of course, that is exactly why you are coming, in which case fill your boots!

St Patricks Day – (March 17th) St Patrick’s day is big in Las Vegas. It’s not as big as some other cities such as Boston and New York, which both have massive Irish descendent Populations, but it’s still a big event.

On the whole, this is one to hit. Yes, Prices will be higher and crowds larger but really it’s a super fun event and one to really get into.

Conventions in Las Vegas in March

March can be a bad month for Conventions when the ConExpo is in town, but other than that March is free of any BIG Conventions. However, there are many smaller events going on throughout the month but nothing to get really worried about. In fact, overall Conventions attendance numbers are some f the lowest of the year.

ConExpo/ConAGG – (March 14-18, 2023) The Construction Expo is HUGE and is usually in March but the next event is 2023 so nothing to worry about in 2022 or 2024/25, this is 130,000 people who will not be in Vegas during March, good news for tourists!

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Avoiding Las Vegas Conventions!

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