What is the Weather like in Las Vegas in February? – Las Vegas Weather in February

What is the Weather like in Las Vegas in February? February is Las Vegas’s quietest month as far as tourism goes, but this is in large made up by the BIG conventions that hit the town during the month. This is intentional as weather-wise February is one of the worst months for visiting Las Vegas so tourists stay away. But this means if you can miss the conventions and seasonal events you can have vegas all to yourself (well almost) but this is at the cost of Vegas’s worse weather of the year…but Vegas’ bad weather is not the same as bad weather in other parts of the country/world, so let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from the weather in Las Vegas during February.

We also take a look at the convention situation, seasonal events crowds, and what there is to do during February.

What is the Weather like in Las Vegas in February?
It’s always perfect weather indoors!

What is the Weather like in Las Vegas in February

February is the wettest month of the year. Rain can be prolonged, sustained, and at times heavy. While temperatures are up from the month of December and January it’s not by much and again while days are longer it’s not noticeably so.

All this leads to a pretty bleak picture. But over 3 million people still hit the strip during this time so all is not lost.

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What is it Like Visiting Las Vegas in February?

While the weather can really put a dampener on things it is not as bad as it first seems. The heavy and prolonged rains are hit or miss. Some Februarys are almost completely dry with clear sunny days for the whole month! Others are unfortunately pretty soggy with up to 10 days of rain and some pretty heavy downpours.

When the sun does shine Vegas is very pleasant compared to other parts of the country that are still in the deep freeze, and you can get a nice winter getaway. Midday temps can climb as high as 70°F (21°C) which under the desert sun is very pleasant indeed.

However, the risk of rain and even snow means this is not to be relied upon, if the wind picks up and the temps are at the lower end then the strip can feel frigid. Especially at night when the clear skies allow temps to fall right down, even to well below freezing! A good selection of layers is essential as the temperature swings are quite dramatic between midday and nighttime!

There is still lots to do in the City and all indoor attractions, casino bars restaurants shows, etc.. will all be perfectly climate controlled at a perfect 70°F(21°C) as they are year-round so the weather really shouldn’t put you off unless you are looking for that poolside break, in which case head to the Caribbean, Florida or Hawaii!

Hotel Prices in February

February Example Rates

February is one of the quietest months and as such hotel rates plummet. With a big caveat. Conferences. There are some big ones in town at the beginning of the month and really unless you can avoid the dates it might be best to just avoid late Jan Early Feb entirely.

Valentine’s day (14th Feb) is another pinch point and prices can spike made worse by being coupled with Chinese New year. But if you miss the conferences and the price-gouged days, then the low visitor numbers mean some real steals are to be found. The hotels run their biggest promotions to try and lure you in with some great deals to be had. Your chances of bagging a $20 upgrade go up vastly too!

If you are finding prices really high on your proposed dates chances are a convention is in town (see below). Consider shifting dates and you may find prices plummet!

What are Crowds like in February?

February is the quietest month of the year, however, good years still see over 3 million people visit the city, there really just isn’t a true quiet month. The dwindling tourist numbers are vastly boosted by the flood of convention-goers though so the tourist areas during the day can feel very quiet but in the evenings the convention-goers can flood out into the casinos, bars, and restaurants. Buffets near a large convention can be particularly overrun at kicking-out time!

Again careful planning is essential and if you dodge any big events Vegas gets about as close to quiet as it is going to in February.

Will it Rain in Las Vegas in February?

It really is impossible to say. As we mentioned above the amount of rain received during February is random. Some years it’s a soggy month, others dry as a bone. The rain during February does not come from local systems, instead, it rains when large weather systems push inland and this is not very predictable. If a large system moves in you are liable to get rain, if not it will be clear and dry.

When rain does come it’s prolonged and can be very heavy. Flooding does occur, and a few days of outdoor activities can be lost. The Strip is a pretty miserable place when the rain comes. Solace can be found in the climate-controlled casino walls, however, where no clue as to what is happening outside is perceptible.

The fact is you may arrive to find a warm sunny and pleasant Vegas during Feb, but there are no guarantees, plan accordingly and if great weather is really important, pick a different month or destination. If you are happy exploring the City’s vast interiors a lot of fun awaits in Vegas in Feb, year-round in fact!

Feb is the last chance for snow as well. This rare occurrence gets rarer still as the months move on.

Will the Pools be open in February?

Pools never close in Vegas, this is a perpetual myth. While some hotels close off certain pools and limit facilities there is usually somewhere to lounge outside and dip a toe in the water. However, they do sometimes take this time to close the pools down for refurbishments and during these times the decks may be closed. They will usually start to open up at least partially by the end of Feb, or early March.

The question is, do you want to? On warm days the clear skies lead to a good few hours very conducive to pleasant sunbathing. If you are heading in from some of America’s more frigid winters soaking up that vitamin D will be heaven. Getting into the water is another matter. The temps should be fine but getting out will soon leave you trembling.

Wind will also limit any sunbathing activities as when the cool desert winds blow pool decks are a hostile and barren landscape.

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What is there to do in Las Vegas in February?

Really apart from the Pools and Pool Parties, there is not much that is off the menu during February. In fact, a lot of outdoor activities are enhanced by not being exposed to the scorching summer sun and tarmac melting temperatures.

We particularly like getting out of Vegas and exploring Red Rock Canyon and the Valley of Fire, all without risking heatstroke. Of course, if the day is overcast and drizzly or just bucketing it down this is far less fun.

The Cool temps and rain have zero effect on any indoor activities so shows, clubs, bars restaurants, casinos, etc are all firmly on the menu. The reason Vegas attracts over 3 million travelers even in February is due to the huge number of things to do, most are completely weather independent.

Really poor and stormy weather will cull some outdoor activities such as ziplining and some rooftop bars and observation decks. On the whole, though Vegas is still pumping and an off-season trip misses out on very little of the peak season buzz.

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Events in Las Vegas in February

Chinese New Year – Chinese New Year can land in February and sees a lot of visitors heading to Las Vegas. Without trying to stereotype, the Chinese do love a bit of gambling and head to Las Vegas in their droves to see in the New Year.

Valentine’s Day – (Feb 14th) Valentine’s day also swells the visitor numbers as couples dash to Vegas for a romantic getaway. Expect Paris and the Venitioan to be Expensive and fancy restaurants to be booked up well in advance!

The fact these two events could collide on the 2nd weekend of Feb makes this a great week to avoid!

Pennzoil NASCAR 400 – Nascar rocks into town at the end of Feb which is becoming a big deal in Las Vegas. Expect prices to rise as Motoracing fans pile into the City. While it’s a good weekend to avoid, it’s also a GREAT one to be in town if you are a petrol head!

Rock and Roll Las Vegas Marathon – (Feb 25 – 26, 2023) The Las Vegas Rock and Roll Marathon is definitely a weekend to avoid if the race is of little interest to you. The Race not only brings large numbers into the City but also elicits many road closures including large parts of the strip and packs the sidewalks with spectators. It is a really fun spectacle and if you want to watch it then you may have a great time. But expect the Strip to be PACKED and road traffic to be in utter chaos! We wholly endorse great events like this but there is no doubt they do have a big impact on the City.

Conventions in Las Vegas in February

February, especially early in the month sees a continuation of the peak Convention season. Big events run back to back ensuring Vegas remains busy even through the low season. While the biggest events are outside of February the concurrent run if big (60-80,000) events means February gets some serious conference traffic!

Magic Marketplace – (2022 14-17th February) up to 80,000 people turn out for this giant Fashion convention. A side note is many of the fashion world’s big names make an appearance so the Nightclubs are packed and the chance of Celeb spotting dramatically increases.

World of Concrete – (Jan 18-21, 2022)

international builders’ show – (Feb 8-10, 2022)

Other Conventions (Las Vegas Convention Calendar)

Avoiding Las Vegas Conventions!

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