What to Eat at the Mirage Las Vegas – Best Restaurants at the Mirage

Dining at the Mirage is not the Hotels strongest suit, however, there is a large range of choices available inside the Casino Complex. The Buffet ranks quite well compared to the competition, not outstanding but fairly low cost. Heritage Steak is a world-class Steakhouse from Tom Colicchio. Otoro is a high-end Japanese restaurant, and there is a range of other world cuisines on offer at varying prices.

So whether you are staying at the Mirage and looking for dinner close to home, or are looking for somewhere to dine before watching LOVE: Cirque Du Soleil for that dinner and a show experience we show you What to eat at the Mirage and reveal all the best restaurants, cafes, and bars in this wonderful tropical-themed Hotel.

What to Eat at the Mirage Las Vegas - Best Restaurants at the Mirage
Heritage Steak – Mirage

We have broken the dining down into categories so you can find exactly what you are looking for, no reading all about the best fine dining if all you want is a light lunch!

Best Fine Dining at the Mirage

1 – Tom Colicchio’s Heritage Steak #233

  • Steakhouse
  • $$$$ Expensive

Heritage Steak is one of our favorite Steak Houses in the City. Along With Tom’s Sister Restaurant, Craftsteak, they have taken the fine dining scene by storm. Expect the best steaks cooked to perfection over a woodfire, adding a wonderful rich woodsmoked taste to the meat.

The Restaurant is set next to the lush tropical atrium and is partially open to the wonderful tropical sights and sounds of the Atrium Garden, making this a wonderful place to dine. The Woodfire Grill wafts gentle aromas of woodsmoke and charring meats into the dining area making the mouth eater from the moment you walk in.

Prices are pretty eye-watering with an 18oz Bone-in Ribeye costing $64. A 16 oz Dry-aged bone-in New York Strip $65 and our go-to 36oz Dry-aged porterhouse at a Whopping $130, but that is more than enough to share. These prices do not include sides so factor in another $13 per side.

There is no denying these are high prices even considering the quality, and you can do better in Las Vegas. It is still a very special place to eat where you are guaranteed to leave in utter awe of how good a piece of beef really can taste!

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2 – OTORO – #397

  • Japanese
  • $$$$ Expensive

Otoro is a Japanese restaurant serving both Robata grilled food and fresh Sushi and Sashimi. Named after the best cut of Bluefin Tuna the prized belly, or Otoro, the restaurant serves its own unique styles of Sushi.

This is high-end Sushi but it’s not ultra high-end and not priced as such (although not cheap). The Sashimi is excellent and the Otoro is amazing, as you would expect, however, some people don’t quite understand this Japanese delicacy and see it as overpriced and of poor quality. It’s not ruby glass-like as people expect from Bluefin, it’s the fatty belly meat and a real treat.

The Robata Grill adds a fun element to the Restaurant as id great for those who are not fans of raw fish. We find most people who chose the grilled options actually rate the restaurant higher than those who come for Sushi (there is, after all, alot of competition for Sushi and custmers very decerning!) The Robota Grilled foods are still small portions so you can mix and match with Sushi choices for a varied Japanese. The seting and decor are wonderful and we have alway recieved great service here.

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3 – STACK #242 – Closed (Covid-19)

  • Steakhouse
  • $$$ Expensive

We are a little unsure where STACK really fits in the line-up since Heritage Steak Opened. Does the Mirage need two Steakhouses, especially in a City that has SO many great Steakhouses? Does STACK really offer anything so different from Heritage, or another Vegas Steakhouse? We don’t really think so. While we would certainly welcome a cheaper option than Heritage, but STACK does not really offer that. Sure it’s a bit cheaper than the ultra price Heritage but not so much it counts as anything other than fine dining.

The atmosphere is more casual so you can have a more relaxed evening and the decor is really nice. The food is really good, but it’s Prime Steak, so it’s hard to do badly. Really we struggle say a bad word about STACK, but still, for the money, it’s going to be a treat meal, and for us, we would pay the extra and get something Extraordinary at Tom’s.

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Fine Dining Nearby

  • Nobu – Caesars Palace
  • Eifel Tower – Paris
  • Restaurant Guy Savoy – Caesars Palace

Best Casual Dining at the Mirage

1 – Cravings Buffet – Closed (Covid-19)

  • Buffet
  • $$ Expensive

The Mirage Buffet is one of Las VEgas’s better buffets without being really a standout. For us, it was always just solid as opposed to breathtaking. There is a huge choice and most of it pretty good quality for buffet food. The loss of the free alcohol was a disappointment but it still offers great value. Great place to grab a huge breakfast so you don’t really need to eat again until dinner!

Like all Buffets, the Mirage is closed for the foreseeable future due to Covid.

2 – The Still

  • Sports Bar – American
  • $$ Expensive

The still is a Hipster Craft Brewery type eatery and that is fine with us. This feels more like a UK pub, so we are right at home. This Sports bar serves the typical small plates, wings, sliders, tacos, etc, great for watching the game and keeping fueled while doing so. There is a huge beer selection so you don’t have to drink weak watery beer but can jump right on the craft beer bandwagon.

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3 – Pantry

  • Breakfast – American
  • $$ Expensive

Definitely a Breakfast choice for us. They do, do lunch items but the breakfast menu is their strong suit. Luckily they do breakfast all day so you don’t have to at here in the morning, Pancakes and French Toast work ANYTIME. It is a little pricey for breakfast but it’s great quality and we have always had great food and service.

They also provide the room service for the Mirage so you don’t even have to leave the room for breakfast!

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4 – Costa – Closed (Covid-19)

  • Italian
  • $$$ Expensive

A lot of the Food in Vegas is a little samey and sometimes you just fancy something a little different from the deep-fried food, burgers, steaks, etc. A little taste of Italy can really be just the ticket. Costa (previously Osteria Costa) is a solid if not mind-blowing authentic Italian restaurant. Great pasta, wonderful Pizza, and a warm friendly atmosphere make this a welcome change of pace and one that really exceeds expectations.


5 – Diablo’s Cantina

  • Mexican
  • $$ Expensive

A firey and modern Mexican restaurant that has just opened in the Mirage. The sister restaurant in the Luxor has been around a few years and the original location outside the Montecarlo (Now Park MGM) was a Vegas legend.

The food is really quite good. It is typical Mexican Street food, Taco’s Fajitas, and Burritos but in a modern style. The themeing is excellent with stunning Latin street art and murals adorn the walls making this a fun a fiery place to eat. The restaurant wins the award for worst timing ever opening literally weeks before the first Covid lockdown!


6 – Snacks

  • American
  • $$ Expensive

Taking the old Carnegie Deli location Snacks is a casual American diner-style experience. First opened in the Bellagio and now moved to the Mirage the Location is quite small and will work well as take away food to eat by the pool if you don’t fancy eating in the relatively small space this location offers. Expect standard American diner fare such as burgers, Sandwiches, Salads, and Breakfast fare.

7 – California Pizza Kitchen – Closed (Covid-19)

  • Italian – California Twist
  • $$ Expensive

If you don’t know what California Pizza Kitchen is then you must have been living under a rock. This booming chain franchise offers fresh Cali Style Pizza which always goes down a treat. We love CPK but it never feels right in Vegas (or Polynesia?) and as it’s such a huge chain we won’t go into detail, but it’s there if you want it, however, we prefer the Italian Style Pizza in Costa!

Best Budget Dining at the Mirage

MGM Controls all dining at the Mirage and there are very few outside caterers and even those are restricted in certain ways. As such, there really are no restaurants we put into the Budget category! Fear not though, the entire city is on your doorstep and there are plenty of budget options outside the Mirage.

Whitecastle – Casino Royale – Across the Street

Fun fact, the word “hamburger” refers to the dish’s origin in Hamburg Germany! Whitecastle is one of the first Hamburger chains in America and is largely credited with the popularisation of the American institution, While McDonald’s refined the fast-food process it was Whitecastle that really started it all.

The Vegas outlet is a bit f an institution and a must-visit. Right across the road from the Mirage at the Casino Royale. There are several dining options in this old-school casino, most of which are pretty cheap, including $3 beers all day every day at the casino bar!

Hash House A Go-Go – Linq – 5 Mins

Giant Portions and great prices are a real Las Vegas favorite.

Bird Bar – Flamingo – 5 mins

Ok, there is no food here but the drinks are pretty cheap. The star of the show here is their legendary Happy Hour. 50c beers,

Mcdonalds – Across the Street

Sometimes only a maccy Ds’d will do!

Cheesecake Factory – Forum Shops – 5 min

Not the most budget option on the list but the amount of food you get for the price makes Cheesecake Factory a great value option. We often just split a few smaller plates and go away stuffed, naturally with takeout cheesecake to devour later.

Best Pool Food at the Mirage

Mirage Pool

Sunbathing is hungry work, here is what is best to eat while soaking up the Las Vegas Sun.

1 – Paradise Grill

The Paradise Grill offers sit-down dining but also dining at your lounge chair. The Menu is not overly exciting, it’s your basic Vegas Cuisine, Burgers, Tacos’ and of course Chicken Tenders. It’s all OK, but pretty overpriced, as you expect at a Las Vegas pool. If the very thought of moving from your lounge chair is unbearable, let alone actually putting real clothes on then the grill is your only option, but a bucket of beer, chicken tenders, and 32oz Cocktail can be just the ticket to get you through the hard sunbathing hours!


2 – Takeaway

Any food or drinks bought Within the Mirage that is takeaway can be brought to and eaten by the pool. Outside food and drink are forbidden and the rule actively enforced, but if you bought it in the Mirage it is fine. So enjoy Tacos poolside, pancakes in the morning sun, or a giant slice of cheesecake before an afternoon snooze.

3 – Bare Lounge – Closed (Covid-19)

If you are heading to bare there is only one option for food and drink and that is the in-house bar. Prices are sky high for both foos and drinks and quality of the food so so. But these are club prices so pretty much par fr the course.


Full Review of the Mirage Pool

Best Snacks/Cafe Style at the Mirage

If you are not looking for a full meal but just a coffee or quick snack there are limited options available but you should find what you desire without leaving the premises.

Blitz Frozen Yogurt

Right beside the pool deck and these are so tempting when the temperature outside it soaring. Taste great when you overindulged the night before, very soothing on slightly inflamed tummies!

Roasted Bean – Closed (Covid-19)

Mirage’s in-house Coffee Shop, and a great place to grab a quick breakfast and a coffee, supplied by Starbucks! Located in the shopping center near the pool.


It’s a Starbucks, what more do you need to know, other than it’s here! On your right, as you come in the south entrance.

Carnegie’s Deli – Closed (Permanently)

We are still sad to see this eatery go. It offered Huge meat-filled sandwiches and was our go-to for pool food. Alas, it is no more. Shame

Best Bars at the Mirage

If all you are looking for is drinks then there are some great bars in the Mirage to Quench your thirst. and get the night started. Remember if you are gambling just lookout for a cocktail waitress who will bring you drinks for free (plus tip of course!) More here, on free drinks.

Bar Rhumba

A really fun tropical-themed bar with amazing cocktails and a great view of the strip Fountains and Volcano. Classed as a cigar bar, there is minimal smoking going on a most just enjoy the great cocktails, and lively Latin vibes. Feels right at home in the Mirage.

Pool Bar

A pool bar is essential and the Mirage pool bar is a large central walk-up bar. Prices are pretty high but fairly standard for Vegas pool Bars. Large Frozen cocktails in 32oz cups ($24) or buckets of beer (5for$40) are fantastic on those lone hot days by the pool.

Center Bar

Really this is just a bar. It’s perfect fine but it’s just a place to get your drinks in the casino.

Lobby Bar

A small bar is situated near the lobby. A great place to catch the last drink before you check out or while waiting to check in. Apart from this, it is actually a really nice chilled bar with views of the Desk Aquarium and the jungle Atrium.

The Still

Primarily a Restaurant the Still doubles as a sports bar and is a great place to catch the game with a pitcher of beer or two. It’s not classy, but it’s not meant to be! A place to bring your mates, not a date!

Have Your Say

What are your favorite places to eat at the Mirage? Have you splurged on Heritage Steak, did you gorge till you burst at the Buffet? Have you tried the pool or room service or one of the other restaurants listed? Whatever your go-to at the Mirage is let us know below. Maybe you have had a terrible experience at a restaurant? Again let us know below. If you have any questions or recommendations just leave us a comment.

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