The Mirage Las Vegas Attractions And Things To Do

The Mirage has a large and ever-changing lineup of attractions, shows, and things to see and do, right on site. So if you are staying at the Mirage then you will not have to go far to see some of Las Vegas’s best things to do, Attractions, and Sights.

While of course we never suggest you only stick to your own hotel attractions, getting out and seeing Vegas is the whole point of visiting the City, but it’s good to know that there are some things to do right on your doorstep. Here we take a look at all the Mirage Las Vegas Attractions and things to do, so you know exactly what you have on your doorstep when staying at the Hotel.

Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat

The Mirage Las Vegas Attractions And Things To Do
  • Price: $25.00 Adults – $19.00 Child (4-12 Year (3 & under free))
  • Access – Open to All

We adore Siegfrieds and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. This little Oasis sits right in the heart of Las Vegas, However you would never know it from the lush Jungle Enclosure that houses the Retired Show animals from the Duos old show. Two large pools house the Hotels pod of Dolphins and the Big cat enclosure lies in the lush jungle Garden Habitat.

The Attraction is a wonderful escape from the madness of Las Vegas and lets you relax and unwind in the company of these amazing big cats, now enjoying a well-earned retirement and the majestic dolphins.

With the Recent deaths of Both Siegfried and Roy, the Habitat is now a fitting tribute to the lives of two great entertainers who loved their animals dearly.

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Mirage Volcano

Mirage Volcano
  • When – Nightly – 7, 8, 9, and 10 PM
  • Duration – Approx 4 Minutes
  • Price – FREE
  • Access – Open to All

The Mirage Volcano is a Fountain Show that Takes place at the front of the Mirage Hotel along Las Vegas Boulevard. Lasting Approximately 4 minutes and featuring impressive Light Fire Smoke and Water effects, the Eruptions light up the Strip and really let the crowd feel the heat. No really the heat given off by the large fire effects is easily felt down at the stip level.

It is a fantastic display and well worth checking out whether to are staying at the Mirage or not. The Updated visuals and soundtrack make this easily the second-best free show in vegas. While it cannot compete with the Bellagio Fountains, it’s a different experience and all the more refreshing for it.

Everything you need to know about the Volcano is right here

Mirage Pool Deck

Mirage Pool
  • Access – Guests Only
  • Details – Tropical Oasis styled Pool

If we were asked 3 reasons to recommend the Mirage, the Secret Garden and the Volcano Show would rank two and three. But the Number one thing the Mirage has ging for it is the wonderful pool deck. Ranked as the Best pool in Las Vegas (albeit by ourselves) the Mirage Pool is a wonderful tropical oasis right in the heart of the City.

Natural rock formations, host calming waterfalls that plunge into blue lagoons while tropical birds flutter around the Palm trees and lushly planted shrubberies. It really is Idyllic and the perfect place to unwind after a day pounding the Strip or a night pounding the Shots!

We take a deep dive into the pool deck here.

Mirage Las Vegas Shows

Vegas Shows have all been on Hiatus since the Covid-19 Pandemic struck and we all miss them terribly. We simply cannot wait for them to open back up! Still, no firm opening dates but shows, in general, are creeping back into Las Vegas!

LOVE – Cirque Du Soleil (Closed)

LOVE Cirque Du Soleil
  • Details – Beatles Themed Circus Show
  • Access – Everyone
  • Price – $79.99 – 159.65

Love from Cirque Du Soleil is an all-action Beatles Extravaganza. Various Beatle tracks are reimagined in the kind of way ONLY Cirque Du Soilel could manage. Giant Set, Colorful Elaborate Casts, and stunning Circus Feats are all set to a re-imagined Beatles Sound Track.

LOVE Cirque Du Soleil is an interesting concept that does not always unite opinion. Essentially this is a celebration of all things Beatles and naturally fans of the Fab Four are going to love the Show. However, we do worry if there is enough here to please non-Beatles fans?

The Circus acts that have famed Cirque are all present but there are not the stand-out acts other Cirque Shows offer, The Selling point here is the Beatles Sundrack so if that is of little interest to you then maybe the other Shows might be of more interest. KA, is utterly breathtaking, Mystere has truly breathtaking acts, and O offers a truly unique, aquatic opera experience. Unless you are big Beatles fans, we don’t really suggest LOVE as your first Cirque show, but Cirque fans will find a lot to like even if you are not big Beatles Fans.

Other Shows at the Mirage Las Vegas

Shin-Lim – Limitless

an Awe-inspiring Magic show from this Americas Got Talent winner. His show features mainly Card-based Magic but in an artistic manner and incorporates his talents as a pianist too. To call this Card Magic is a big disservice, to be honest. It is mind-blowing Close-up magic that uses cards. This show will leave you completely befuddled as to how any of what he performs is possible and more than anything we just hear people accepting these are not tricks and are simply Magic!

Aces Of Comedy

The Aces of Comedy shows at the Mirage are legendary and genuinely feature some of the biggest names in Comedy. Tim Allen, Jay Leno, and Kevin James. These 1.5 hours shows will leave you exhausted from the laughs and in the best possible mood to hit the strip!

Boyz II Men

Hopefully, 2021 will see the Boyz return to their Mirage residency to continue supplying their signature R&B Soul to their adoring fans

Mirage SPA

Mirage Spa
  • Price – $30 Day Pass
  • Access – Everyone

If the Madness of Vegas just gets all too much for you you can always head to the Spa. The Mirage Spa is one of the better hotel Spa’s and offers some decent treatments on top of the hot tub, steam room, and sauna.

Complimentary access to the Spa is included with some Room Rates (Check first) but other than that $30 gets you access for the day and then you pay for treatments on top. There is also a Salon available to tend to any beauty needs you have. In case you have a big night out that you just have to look perfect for!

Very Limited amenities available during Covid-19!

Bare – Pool Party (Closed)

mirage nightlife bare pool

The Bare Pool Lounge is a Private Day-Club pool area. The Pool deck operates like a Nightclub only during the day with DJs playing live music and entry limited to paying customers. Drinks are expensive and most sun-beds are reserved. While that does not sound great the idea is to create an exclusive feel to the lounge. Only the privileged few can attend and the deck is a place to be seen.

The Lounge also has a European Policy on swimwear, meaning topless bathing is allowed so don’t be surprised to see a lot of skin on show. As such Photograph is a no-no. The 2021 Schedule is yet to be announced and it is still unclear if the lounge will open at all after sitting out 2020.

Mirage Buffet – Cravings Buffet (Closed)

  • Price – $19.99 – $34.99 ($12.99 Bottomless Booze)

We know this is a restaurant but Las Vegas Buffets are pretty much an attraction all by themselves the whole concept of giant all-you-can-eat Buffets with endless food choices from all over the world is something that really has to be experienced.

The Mirage buffet ranks as one of the better buffets without being right at the top of the pile. The Choice is huge and quality great but there are no real standout options and some of the high-end items are a little missing. It is also one of the cheaper Buffets so the lack of King Crabs Legs and Fillet Steak is understandable.

Other Restaurants at the Mirage


If you are staying at the Mirage there is obviously no reason to limit yourself to attractions there. Here are a couple of things to see and do in the immediate vicinity.

Marvel Avengers Station

Over in Treasure Island is the Marvel Avengers Station. Great for Kids and Marvel Fans the Short attraction takes you through the Marvel Cinematic Universe with interactive Displays including Marvel Costumes, Full-Scale Models, and Movie Props.

Forum Shops

The Cavernous Forum Shops is one of the largest Malls in Las Vegas and has an impressive array of outlets. The theme is based around a Roman City and has replicas of real and imaginary Italian Landmarks such as the Tevi Fountains the Fountain of the Gods and the Atlantis Fountain.

With just about every brand imaginable present this is one of the most profitable Shopping Malls in America. Hours can be spent exploring the giant, highly themed hallways, lined with shops and restraints. Not least as it’s pretty hard to find your way out!

The Venetian

The Venitian sits just across the Boulevard from the Mirage and is an attraction in its own right. Check out the Grand Canal Shoppes, themed around Venice’s Cancels, St Marks Square, Gondola Rides, and a huge array of restaurants and places to eat.

The Linq Promenade

The Linq is a great place to hang out. A fun and Vibrant offshoot of the Strip featuring Bars and Casual Dining it’s a must-visit part of the Strip. Attractions include the High Roller Observation Wheel and the FlyLinq Zipline.

Retired Shows and Attractions

The Terry Fator Show – Puppet show, now at the New York New York

Siegfried & Roy at the Mirage Resort and Casino – The Legendary StageShow Featuring White Lions and Tigers. When the Show ended the Animals Retired to the Secret Garden.

1Oak Night Club – Hugely Popular Nightclub that closed down permanently in 2020 (Pre-Covid)

Have Your Say

What did you do during your Stay at the Mirage? Did you just Gamble and hit the pool or did you take in a show? Visit the Secret Garden or enjoy a treatment at the Spa. Whatever you got up to on your trip we would love to hear about it below. Or if you have any questions just fire away.

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