What is the Weather like in Las Vegas in September? – Las Vegas Weather in September

What is the Weather like in Las Vegas in September? In most parts of the world, September heralds the start of Autumn, leaves turn brown, temperatures drop and the summer finally starts wrapping up. Not so in Vegas. September is pretty much a pure extension of Summer, although finally, the temperatures drop to more manageable levels than the highs of July and August.

With slightly cooler temps but still wall-to-wall sunshine, very little rain, and slightly lower crowd numbers than the Summer peak, on the face of it September looks like the perfect month to hit the strip…but is it? We take a look at what to really expect from the weather, how it will impact your trip along with any other aspects of the month that may affect your trip to Las Vegas.

What is the Weather like in Las Vegas in September?

What is the Weather like in Las Vegas in September?

Finally, the long hot summer is winding down. However, the Mojave takes a long time to cool down after the blistering heat of the Summer and September still provides scorching temperatures. Daytime Max temps never fall below 85°F (29°C) even on the coolest days and can still break the needle at over 110°F (43°C) when heatwaves roll through the Valley. These extreme weather events are less common during Sept and you can expect more regular temps into the 90’s most days.

How to Stay Cool in Las Vegas

Humidity lessens throughout the month too and you can expect less frequent and less heavy rain. It’s not quite as dry as the late spring but there is rarely any noticeable rain during September. Evenings too start to bring some rest bite as temps finally begin falling off overnight after the summer of sweltering nights starts to relent.

Overall the September weather is pretty much perfect most of the time. It is still very hot but it is not quite the brain-frazzling searing desert scorchers of the peak summer season.

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What is it Like Visiting Las Vegas in September?

From a weather point of View, September is one of the best months of the year. It is sunny and hot throughout the day, Rain is rare and minimal and the evenings offer some light relief from the midday sun. There really is nothing not to like about September’s weather. It still can get REALLY hot but you are not coming to Vegas for Ski Weather, and the Temps are far more manageable than in the Summer.

If you imagine relaxing by the pool, cocktail in hand then September is just about the perfect month for this. It’s hot, and sunny with no rain! Even the Midday sun is less unbearable than earlier in the year, the days are beginning to shorten and the sun is just not quite as high in the sky, it’s still strong and you will need precautions, the best bet is to avoid the hottest part of the day and enjoy the pools morning or late afternoon, the god new is in September it’s plenty warm enough to enjoy the pool throughout the day!

Will it Rain in Las Vegas in September?

Summer Rainfall, caused by humidity and overspill from the Spring mountain uplift begins to ane in Autumn. As September move on the chance of rain lessens from low to really low. Some years only one or two rainy days occur in September, some years are completely rain-free and even the worst rain years only see five or six days of rain.

A rainy day is also unlikely to be a washout. Rain in September is likely to be a small localized system that brings heavy but fleeting downpours to the strip. The cloud builds the heavens open and the rain moves on revealing the sunshine behind all in a matter of hours. The risk of rain really is negligible and you can expect days of blistering sunshine and wall-to-wall blue skies!

Hotel Prices in September

There is a lot going on in September as we will see in the next few sections. Conventions, Events, Holidays, and such. The month would likely be quite quiet with kids heading back to school and the summer vacation season winding down so Vegas makes sure things stay busy with lots going on in September! This means Prices are highly variable in September. Some dates are about as cheap as they get at certain hotels others are heavily gouged as availability is used up.

September Example Rates

If you are finding prices really high on your proposed dates chances are a conference r event is happening either all over town or maybe just a specific hotel (see below). Consider shifting dates/hotels and you may find prices plummet!

What are Crowds like in September?

Again with so much happening in September, the crowds fluctuate. Some days, particularly midweek sees quite low crowd numbers, other days the strip will be packed. It is quite amazing how fast Vegas can fill up or empty!

Overall the visitor number is quite low in September, under 3.5 Million but these numbers come in peaks and troughs rather than a steady flow. Some days it’s packed and others quiet. Avoiding Public Holidays, Events and Conventions is key to finding quieter times in Las Vegas during September

Will the Pools be open in September?

Mandalay Bay Beach
Wave Pool

Pools are definitely still open in September. The pool’s schedule winds sown over winter but with the fantastic sunny weather still dominating there is no change to the pools during September or October.

Best Pools in Las Vegas

What is there to do in Las Vegas in September?

Outside of the large events that take place in Las Vegas, there are still all the regular sights and attractions. September is a great month as the ultra-high Temps have now dropped and it’s is safe to venture out of the Airconditioning during the day once more.

While strenuous hiking in the wilderness areas is still a bad idea at the height of the day or during heat waves, without serious precautions. Early morning hikes into the Valley of Fire or Red Rock Canyon are once again manageable with Sunblock and plenty of water!

Your day can once again be planned around what you want to do and not avoiding the fierce heat of the Summer Sun, Mornings are still great for outdoor activities followed by Indoor attractions during the hottest part of the day with an afternoon by the pool to relax before hitting the town!

Really the slight reduction in temps along with the clear dry weather Means Vegas is Open for Business in September with nothing off the table!

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Events in Las Vegas in September?

Labor Day Weekend – (September 4th, 2023) The long Weekend sees many people head off for a break away from home and Vegas is the perfect spot for that long weekend. As such prices and availability soar as people flood in for a weekend break. Avoid if poss, but pretty much everywhere in the US will be busy for the same reason so if you are looking for a Long weekend away yourself then you might need to just suck it up!

Mexican Independence Day – (September 16th) The Mexican independence day is a really fun time to be in Vegas, Even if you are not Mexican or of Hispanic Descent, it’s still party time in Sin City. Whether to avoid this period including the corresponding weekend (16th-19th Sept) depends on your mindset. Vegas will be expensive, crowded, and busy. But the crowds are there for a reason and it’s definitely a fun party weekend! So if that’s what you are looking for suck up the higher prices and large crowds, but if you are seeking some off-season quiet time try another period!

Life is Beautiful Festival (September 16th -18th) – Takes over Downtown for the Weekend. 72,000 people attend this Music and Art Festival and the impact on the Strip and Hotel Availability is quite profound.

Las Vegas Bike Fest – (2022 TBD) over 30,000 Bikers descend on Vegas for the annual Bike Fest event. While this seems a lot, 30,000 is not a huge amount for Vegas, and occupancy rates can easily handle it. Expect a lot of noise and commotion as the Gang Cruise the strip! It’s all light-hearted fun though Biker gangs are no longer a real thing for the most part in America.

Conventions in Las Vegas in September

September is not a HUGE convention month but there are several biggish events going on. The month is more about large numbers of smaller Conventions (30-50,000) which will have more of an impact on individual Hotel prices and crowds rather than city-wide crowding.

Check the Las Vegas Convention Calendar if you are finding Prices high on your intended dates to see if a conference may be nearby and affecting rates if it is not a Holiday/Event Weekend!

September Conventions (Las Vegas Convention Calendar)

Avoiding Las Vegas Conventions!

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Have you visited Las Vegas in September? What was your trip like? A hot and sunny party fest or a packed and crowded Strip with scorching temps? or were you really unlucky and caught a rare September Downpour? Let us know your experiences in the comments below, and if you have any questions just fire away.

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