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What is the Weather like in Las Vegas in November? Fall is very short in Las Vegas and by November the autumn weather is all but gone and Vegas is in full-blown winter. However, a Vegas winter is not a real winter and a lot of fun can still be found in Las Vegas in November. The weather is still warm and dry most of the time. Nights are much cooler and the long hot days are replaced by pleasant and warm sunshine.

The City does shut down a little bit during November as it enters the winter season but Vegas really is a year-round destination and in this article, we look at everything Vegas offers during the winter season. We look at the Convention situation and how this may affect your trip, What the pool situation is, What the Crowd levels are like, Hotel Prices and what there is to do in November, and of course a detailed look at what the weather is like in Las Vegas in November

What is the Weather like in Las Vegas in November

What is the Weather like in Las Vegas in November?

November is still a pretty good month weather-wise. The shorter days and long nights mean the clear desert skies can drop the temps right down overnight but the Sun is still strong and they bounce back during the day.

Nighttime temps can fall as low as Freezing but temps that cool is still a rarity in November, but the average Minimum of 45°F (7°C) is still pretty nippy. Peak daytime temps are a toasty, 80-86°F (26-30°C) but again these highs are rare and confined to Heatwaves. For the most part, the days are mid 70’s (29’s) which is plenty warm enough, especially when visiting from the Northern States where the winter really starts to bite during November. A last chance to get away and take in some Sun.

Humidity rises during the month, mainly as a result of the lower temps and cloudy days are more common but still, most days have some sunny spells and long clear spells are equally common. For the most part, expect Clear sunny skies and mild weather. Rain is very scarce and November is one of the driest months of the year and easily the driest of the winter.

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What is it Like Visiting Las Vegas in November?

At times you will look around, enjoying the wonderful clear skies pleasant temps, and warming sun, and think? This is supposed to be winter? At times in November Vegas can feel anything but winter. But as we said this is a Mojave Desert winter, it’s a far cry from the deep snow and freezing temps of a Northern American Winter.

However, the nights can be really cold. Temperatures can and do get right down to Freezing and while these are rare, temps right down to °40F (4°C) at night are far more common and anyone who has only packed Shorts, Tees, and light Summer clothing is in for a shock! Especially if a dessert breeze picks up!

While you can easily avoid these temp extremes by hiding indoors, which will be kept at a perfect 70°F (21°C) Year-round, It is still really important to pack a light jacket, cardigan, or long trousers/jeans to keep off the cold. Essentially the main issue with Vegas in November is these large temperature swings, you can be laid out by the pool during the day and reduced to a shivering icicle by late evening! So pack accordingly with plenty of layers and options!

One thing to note is many people Visit Las Vegas from Southern California, and at times the weather in Vegas can be less favorable. Autumn in the Golden State can be very pleasant and the Cool nights out in the desert can actually be pretty chilly in comparison! But anyone from a more northern latitude will Find Vegas a pleasant break from the impending winter!

Will it Rain in Las Vegas in November?

November works out as one of the driest months of the winter. The Heavy rainstorms that overspill from the Mountain during the Summer have largely stopped, however the large weather systems that bring prolonged rain during the winter are yet to materialize. This makes November a very dry month.

Only twice in the last 20 years has rain fallen on 4 days during November! With most years only producing 1 or 2 days (8/20) at most when precipitation falls and many years (7/20) the month is completely dry! In all likelihood, the worst you are going to get is a few overcast but dry days!

What are Crowds like in November?

Overall the Crowds are pretty low. November has the 4th lowest visitor numbers of the year but this is skewed a little due to the large numbers of convention-goers. It is a busy month for Conventions and when in town can make for a very busy time. However, if you can skip these dates you can find a pretty quiet City.

There is less going on in Las Vegas during the month but this does not mean there is little to do. It’s a Year-Round City, and most attractions are still open. Even with low visitor numbers, the City pulls in over 3.5 million visitors, so it’s never quiet only quieter.

Hotel Prices in November

The large conventions that hit the town in November can have a big impact on hotel prices. However outside of the Convention dates (see below) some really good deals can be found. Due to the fairly low non-convention numbers, midweek deals can be really low and there are still some of the best Weekend prices of the year.

November Example Rates

If you are finding prices really high on your proposed dates chances are a convention is in town (see below). Consider shifting dates and you may find prices plummet!

Will the Pools be open in November?

Pool season is normally over by November. This however is a bit of a myth in Las Vegas. Pool season really only refers to the Pool Party Season, and while this has mostly wrapped up by the end of October this does not mean pools close.

Most hotels will have pool decks open in some capacity, especially if the weather warrants it. Some days in November the temperature is more than enough for some poolside sunbathing and drinks. The bottom line in Vegas is if the customer wants it the Hotel will almost certainly be too happy to provide (and charge for) it. People sitting by pools buy drinks, so of course, the Hotel will open its pools!

Do not quite expect the full experience, there may only be one pool open and maybe just one bar and a few servers walking around. but the opportunity to soak up the sun on appropriate days will definitely be there.

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What is there to do in Las Vegas in November?

the Mob Museum
The Mob Museum

Really Vegas is a year-round entertainment venue and not much is off the table in November. As we said pool parties wrapped up at the end of October, and some days the pools, in general, will be too cold to be enjoyed. But that is about the extent of the limitations.

On the contrary, the cooler temps open up many more possibilities than the summer as the hottest days of Las Vegas’s summer prohibit much going on outdoors. The Valley has many outdoor locations that can be hiked and explored and these are far more pleasant in November’s temps than in the hotbox of summer.

Also, Big name DJs start to head to Vegas in greater numbers as the big summer destinations start wrapping up for the year. This means the Club scene comes alive and is more than enough to replace the Pool Parties.

On cold days there is a myriad of indoor entertainment options. Check out Las Vegas’s quirky Museums, indulge in the all-you-can-eat Buffet scene, Explore the Shopping Malls and casinos, or just try your hand at Las Vegas’s most famous pastime, Gambling. Basically, whatever November throws at you there is a ton of things to do in Sin City

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Events in Las Vegas in November

Veterans Day (November 11th) It is a shame but Veterans day is not a BIG deal in Las Vegas. It is still a national holiday so banks are closed and many people have the day off. But there is not much going on. There will be memorials at Military Cemeteries and large churches and there is a small parade but on the whole, in Las Vegas, blink and you will miss it!

Thanksgiving (Last Thursday of Nov) Thanksgiving is primarily a Family event and this means Vegas is actually very quiet on the Thanksgiving weekend. People travel or stay home with family and just enjoy the day, even more so than Christmas. A lot of locations will actually close for the big day, with crowds starting to return for the long weekend.

Conventions in Las Vegas in November

November has one of Las Vegas’s biggest Conventions of the year SEMA, on top of this several Medium-Small Conventions hit the town making November a busy month for Conventions. Definitely Avoid the SEMA show if you can at all avoid it!

SEMA(Nov 1-4, 2022) the SEMA Convention/AAIW (the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week) is definitely one to miss, it’s the second-largest Convention after CES. However, in 2020, the Cancelled event was held online/Digitally but is slated to be back for 2022! This is colossal and will massively affect everything going on in Las Vegas. Unless you are big into cars and are here for the show… Avoid this week!

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