Go Las Vegas Build Your Own Pass Review – Is Go Las Vegas the Build Your Own Pass worth it?

The Go Las Vegas Pass is one of our favorite Passes for Las Vegas. It comes in three types the All-inclusive, The Explorer, and the Build Your Own. For the most part, we favor the All-Inclusive or the Explorer, for the main reason they can offer a little more value than the Build Your Own. However n the Face of it the Build Your Own is a really good idea! We get a lot of inquiries about it so have to take a more in-depth look at the Pass to See if the Go Las Vegas Build Your Own Pass is Worth it?

Our Go Las Vegas Build Your Own Pass Review takes a look at how the Pass works, what attractions are available, and if you would be better off with one of the other Passes. We really can see why the Build Your own seems so appealing, but the reality is the other passes can be used in very much the same way but with great discounts. We show some real-world examples below. However there are definitely times when Build Your Own works best, and for some people know exactly what you want, and choosing just what you want is important.

Go Las Vegas Build Your Own Pass Review
Las Vegas from Above at night from Maverick Helicopters – Included on the Pass

We take a Deep dive into the Pass to really get to the bottom of which Pass will suit you Best!

Attractions Included – 45+ Top Attractions

There are a whole host of attractions available and you can simply pick and choose the attractions you want.

  • Full-Day Grand Canyon and Route 66 Tour – Open – $145
  • Las Vegas Helicopter Tour – Night Flight – Open – $124
  • Richard Petty Driving Experience – Driving – Open – $299
  • Richard Petty Driving Experience – Ride-Along – Open – $149.99
  • NEW – Zion and Bryce Canyon Tour! – Open $185
  • NEW – SkyJUMP at The Strat! – Open – $129
  • High Roller Observation Wheel – Daytime Ticket – Open – $26
  • The Mob Museum – Open – $29.95
  • Skypod at the Strat + 3 Rides – Open – $39
  • FlyLinq Zipline Open – $30
  • Madame Tussauds – Open – $29.95
  • Big Bus Tour – Open -$49.95
  • Real Bodies Exhibit – Open – $35
  • Sharkreef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay Open – $20
  • Senior Frogs 1-hour Open BarOpen -$28
  • Seigfried and Roys Secret GardenOpen – $25
  • Eiffel Tower Experience at Paris Las Vegas Open – $22
  • and Many more…
Go Las Vegas Build Your Own Pass Review
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Attractions

What is the Las Vegas Build Your Own Pass?

The Go Las Vegas Build Your Own Pass is an attraction Pass where you pre-decide which attractions you wish to visit and add them to the Pass, you then receive a simple 20-25% off the price of all the attractions.

This is quite different from most Passes where you decide which attractions you visit on the fly. You simply turn up scan the Pass and you are in. On the whole, we have always preferred the less structured approach of the other passes, Our plans often change at a moment’s notice, but many love the simplicity of the Build Your Own and the knowledge of exactly what you are saving upfront.

What are the other Las Vegas Passes?

There are a number of Las Vegas Attraction Passes on the Market. All offering a different way of saving money on Las Vegas Attractions. We look at every Pass here in Our Comparison Guide.

The Go Las Vegas All-Inclusive Pass is from the Same People as the Build Your Own so many of the same attractions are available on both Passes. This is an All-inclusive Pass meaning you can visit as many of the attractions as you like during the Purchased number of Days! However, you are limited to a single Premium Attraction whereas the “Build Your Own” does not have Premium attractions so you can select several attractions that would be Premium on the All-Inclusive.

The Las Vegas Explorer Pass is the other option from the Go Pass. Here You select the number of attractions but not which ones. This is the Cheapest Pass but does not have any of the Premium options but can save a lot of cash if you are just visiting the smaller and cheaper Las Vegas Attractions

How Much Do You Save

madame tussauds las vegas alan
Madame Tussauds – Included on the Pass

With the Go Las Vegas Build Your Own Pass the savings are Simple. With the Explorer and the All-inclusive, the savings are hugely variable depending on how many attractions you visit and the value of those attractions. With the BYO you get a flat 20-25% depending on how many attractions you add.

The Site states 2-3 attractions offer 20% and 4 or more is 25%. We find the calculation a little more fluid than this. In-fact we see no rhyme or reason to what discount is added. Two or more offers 20% and as you keep adding sometimes it increases the % sometimes not. It is also not limited to 25% and we have seen up to 29%! We have reached out for clarity on this but at present, the best option is to just build your own Pass and see how much they are offering!

It is worth saying with the alternate passes some people don’t always get full value out of them. They imagine they can far in far more than they really can and end up not using the pass to its full potential. As you are planning specific attractions with the Build Your own people usually attend every attraction they have booked.

How Long is the Pass Valid for? Can I get a Refund?

The Current Pandemic has created a huge amount of uncertainty in the Tourism industry and people are concerned their planned trip will not go ahead due to restrictions. This has made Go City a bit more flexible and lenient with their Refund policies. They were pretty good, to begin with, but the Pandemic has made them even more flexible.

To Start with the Pass is valid for 2 years from purchase. This gives you peace of mind that whenever you finally get to make your trip the pass will still be good to go. And as prices regularly go up, this can mean you get a great deal!

However, the situation is so severe that many people are not just postponing their trips but canceling altogether. Fortunately, Go City is now offering a 90day cancellation period. So if you just want your money back with 90days of purchase that is no problem.

There is a $30 processing fee if you cancel after 14 days which is a bit of a bummer, however with things so fluid we recommend waiting until at most 14 days before your trip t purchases as really things are just changing SO fast at the minute. That way you will get a FULL refund should your plans get changed!

How does it Work?

Las Vegas Pass Mobile

The Las Vegas GO pass is a digital pass. There is no physical card or booklet just a Digital QR code that is emailed to you or scanned directly from your phone. This is incredibly convenient and works so well in practice. We have used the Go City Passes all over the States and have never had a single issue scanning our passes and getting into the attractions.

The Go City App is the easiest way to use the Pass. You can simply pull up the QR code and scan it right from your phone, or if you prefer a more physical product simply print out the QR Code and scan that.

The Pass is activated on the first attraction you visit and then you have 60 days to visit the remaining attractions you purchased. While for most trips this is overkill, who stays in a City for 60days? it does give you as much time as you need to get in everything you bought.

Technically once the pass is activated you are not able to get a refund. However, if an attraction you visited is unavailable at the time you tried to visit, the Team over at Go City usually facilitates partial refunds on unused attractions. The Terms and Conditions DO NOT stipulate this so you are at the mercy of their good graces but if the place was closed or unavailable it is hardly your fault!

Is the Pass Right for Me?

Secret Garden Lion
Secret Garden – Included on the Pass

We are really big fans of the Go City Passes. We find they offer a rare elixir of allowing you to Do More and Pay Less. While this sounds like a cheap Tagline, and it pretty much is, we really do get to see and do WAY more on our visits to different Cities when using a Pass compared to without.

However, the BYO pass is only really useful in a unique set of circumstances. In most circumstances, you can get a much better deal choosing the other Passes. Simply put, you can Often use the Explorer Pass or the All-Inclusive to get EXACTLY the same attractions at a cheaper price! It’s all a case of working out how much everything costs. We take an in-depth look at this below.

There are also a few attractions on the BYO pass that are simply not covered by the other Passes so if these are important to you then the BYO is excellent. It is also a good option if you are looking at only visiting Cheaper attractions. The Explorer works out at a Price per Attraction, and if you visit the Cheaper ones the Pass can actually cost MORE than the Gate Prices. Not with the BYO as that offers a Solid 20% off whatever you want to do! Again we show some examples below.

How We Test!

We test the passes by actually using them. We hit the City and try out the passes as they are intended to be used. We have used Go Cities products all over Las Vegas and many other cities in the States. We haven’t visited EVERY attraction on the list, but have managed a large proportion of them on our visits. To be 100% honest we haven’t used the Las Vegas Build your own Pass, as we use the All-inclusive and Explorer passes most of the time as they offer us the best value (we pack a LOT in) but the principle is exactly the same it’s just a question of analyzing the Value.


Attraction Passes live and die by their attractions. If the stuff on the Pass is no good then the Pass is no good. Fortunately, the Go City Passes offer some of Vegas’s top Must-Do Attractions!

We look in-depth at the different attractions in our Las Vegas Go Pass – All-Inclusive Review. And you can find the Full Roster of current attractions here. This is very important as things in Vegas are VERY fluid ATM and attractions are constantly opening and closing due to Covid Restriction so always check what you want to visit is open.

Here is a quick overview of some of the more interesting Options on the BYO

Las Vegas Strip Helicopter Tour Night

Included on the Pass

Always a favorite of any Las Vegas Visitor and the most popular option on the Pass. A flight down the strip at night is truly unforgettable! This may only be a 15min experience but the lights and views from Vegas in the air at night will live forever! We really do love this tour. Provided by Maverick Helicopters who have been flying over Vegas for decades!

Read more here

Richard Petty Driving Experience

On the Las Vegas Go Pass All-Inclusive there is the option for a Passenger ride in a Genuine NASCAR around Las Vegas Speedway! However on the Build Your Own, there is also the Option to DRIVE one!

For NASCAR fans this is an awesome experience, even if it is only a 5 min Taste, driving a Stock NASCAR round the Las Vegas Speedway is a serious thrill! The only problem we see is we often find this experience heavily discounted elsewhere, often more than the 20% you can get here. Make sure you shop around before selecting this on your Build Your Own Pass!

Skyjump at the Strat

Skyjump at the Strat
Included on the Pass

The Skyjump is New to the Las Vegas Go Pass. And it’s a GREAT addition! Also available on the All-inclusive we are thrilled to see this added to the Passes. The Skyjump is a serious thrill ride! Stepping off the 108th floor, 855 feet above the, very hard, concrete below. The Controlled Decent sees you plummet at over 40mph through mid-air to the ground below!

It’s a real thrill and not for the faint-hearted. But 100% safe and something you won’t forget in a hurry.

Food Options

Some of the Discounted Food options are worth a look if you are planning on dining in any of them. It’s a straight 20-25% off your food bill. A lot of these are on the Explorer Pass but often not worth the use of an attraction. But with the Build your own it’s a straight 20-25% off. So $25 spent at say Planet Hollywood will only cost you $20 or less.

We particularly love the Open Bar at Senior Frogs! Unlimited drinks for an hour is fun! The choice is huge and decent quality drinks, but far from top shelf! Try to avoid Frozen drinks! They take way too long to drink and you can’t get another until you finish the first! We usually manage 4 drinks in the hour and they alloy the last one to be a takeaway, so order just before the hour is up.

Sky Pod + 3 Rides

This is only available on the Buil your own and is a great option. We love the Strat and just visiting the Observation Deck is worth it but these thrill rides are pretty insane. They are all pretty basic, but positioned on the 109th floor makes them pretty extreme!

These Rides are usually $15 each so all three plus entry to the Skypod (observation deck) for $39 (-20-25%) is a bargain!

Plus all these to chose from!

Is the Go Las Vegas Pass Good Value?

the Mob Museum
Mob Museum – Included on the Pass

This really is a double-edged question. In Isolation yes it is good value. You are saving a clean 20%-25% off all attractions you choose. However, we need to see if the BYO Pass worked out as good value compared to the Other Passes!

The best way to do this is to show you some costed examples so you can see exactly how it works out.

Remember the BYO pass only works out good value IF you know exactly what you are going to do. But while the other passes offer the flexibility you don’t have to use them that way. If you know you only want to visit X, Y and Z the BYO seems the obvious choice but if these attractions are covered by either the explorer or the All-inclusive, and the purchase cost of these is cheaper, you can still get the EXACT same experience.

The obvious difference is the All-Incluseneeds to be used in a set number of consecutive days, so you can’t take breaks in between pass Days so everything needs to be done in a short period of time. With the BYO you get 60 Days to use the Pass after the first visit so there is no time pressure, but the Explorer works exactly the same way, But with that, you don’t get access to Premium level attractions!

The Easiest way to explain this is a few Examples!

Sample Comparisons?

AttractionsCostBYO PassAI PassExplorer
Helicopter Tour$124YesYesX
Mob Museum$30YesYesYes
Fly Linq$30YesYesYes
Winner – BYO Pass!

Here we have a CLEAR winner. The Nighttime Helicopter Flight is not available on the Explorer So that is out and the All-Inclusive Pass costs MORE than just buying separately, so the biggest saving is the BYO pass.

The issue here is the AI pass offers SO much more potential than is being used here, it would be a total waste. You would need the 3day to get the Premium attractions, and you could do the 3 listed here in only one day meaning two full wasted days! If this is your itinerary forget the AI, the BYO is the perfect choice. However, let’s look at a more ambitious Itinerary!

AttractionsCostBYO PassAI PassExplorer
Helicopter Tour$124YesYesX
Mob Museum$30YesYesYes
Fly Linq$30YesYesYes
SkyPod VIP Admission$30YesYesYes
High Roller$26YesYesYes
Shark Reef$20YesYesYes
Secret Garden$25YesYesYes
Eiffel Tower$27YesYesYes
Marvel Avengers Station$45YesYesYes
Winner – All-Inclusive Pass!

As you can see when we do more, the All-Inclusive comes into its own. But only just! This result Suprised us as we are used to seeing much more value from the Al Inclusive Pass! The reason for this is the fact many more expensive attractions such as shows, Pool Parties, and Nightclub Tours have been removed due to Covid Restrictions. Really the BYO Pass has come into its own during the Covid Crisis! When we were last in Vegas our Go Las Vegas Pass Saved us $273 (per person!) something the BYO pass could never do. Check that trip out on our Live Blog! So until the Pandemic Subsides and some of these more expensive attractions return to the pass the BYO Offers Great Value!

Again the Explorer Pass falls short as you cannot do the Premium Attractions with the Explorer! So let’s look at an example the explorer can compete on!

AttractionsCostBYO PassAI PassExplorer
Mob Museum$30YesYesYes
Fly Linq$30YesYesYes
High Roller$26YesYesYes
Shark Reef$20YesYesYes
Secret Garden$25YesYesYes
Eiffel Tower$27YesYesYes
Marvel Avengers Station$45YesYesYes
Winner – Explorer Pass!

The Explorer Pass takes the win in this lineup. You may notice the AI Pass is coming in Cheapest here! However, there is a catch. We selected the 2-Day All-Inclusive as this is the best option without Premium Attractions. BUT 2 days is a short time to pack in all those attractions. With everything else there is to see and Do in Vegas to have 2 days JAM-packed with things to do seems a bit much. It is do-able, but a push. With the Explorer, you have 60Days to visit all the attractions.

That is well worth $11 extra. The 7 attraction Explorer comes in Way under the BYO price too. Again in the Past when more expensive attractions were available on the Explorer it was easy to save WAY more than with the BYO, but with the limited Pandemic line up, it’s close.

AttractionsCostBYO PassAI PassExplorer
Mob Museum$30YesYesYes
Fly Linq$30YesYesYes
High Roller$26YesYesYes
Shark Reef$20YesYesYes
Secret Garden$25YesYesYes
Eiffel Tower$27YesYesYes
NYNY Roller Coaster$15YesYesYes
Winner – BYO Pass!

By Choosing cheaper attractions the Pendulum now swings BACK to the BYO Pass. The Explorer Pass is best Broken down to the Price PER attraction. With the 7 Attraction Pass that is around $21. However, the BYO pass is a fixed 20% Saving so cheaper attractions do not negatively affect it. This means you can easily save more with the BYO pass if you are planning on visiting Cheaper Attractions.

AttractionsCostBYO PassAI PassExplorer
Helicopter Tour$124YesYesX
Zion Tour$185YesYesX
Sky Jump$130YesYesX
Winner – BYO Pass!

The Final Comparison shows a simple calculation. With the Explorer, Premium Attractions are not covered. With the AI Pass, you only get one. So if you want to do more than on Premium Attraction the BYO Pass is the only option. However, it may be worth looking at booking separately as you can typically secure good discounts doing this. We love the Go Pass as it saves all this scratching about trying to get the best discounts individually. But if you are only looking at 2-3 Attractions it might be worth the effort, when looking for more attractions than that the Pass is just So much simpler!


Linq High Roller Observation Wheel
HighRoller Observation Wheel – Included on the Pass

The Takeaway from all this is it is not always very clear which pass offers the best value. You really do have to do the Maths! Fortunately, by doing a test purchase on the Go City Website you can quickly and easily see if the Attractions you want to Visit cost less on a Build Your Own Pass than they do on the other Pass Options!

However this is not the only thing to consider, the other options offer quite a few benefits that may suit you better even if they cost a little more.

One Final Point! – Promo Codes

We pretty much all the time have Promo Codes or Discount Codes that work to bring the price of the Explorer and All-Inclusive Pass down even more. These Codes do not typically work on the Build your own but they do make the other passes far batter value. These are typically 10-15% off codes

View our Current Las Vegas Go Pass Promo Codes here

In two of the three comparisons above when the BYO Pass was the winner, taking 10% off either the All-Inclusive or the Explorer would have worked out cheaper. We don’t include the codes in our calculations as they are variable, changeable and people miss them. So we use the base figures for clarity. But ALWAYS check before making your final decision. It really can turn a Pass from good value to fantastic value!


To further Complicate Matters, we now have a Promo Code Specifically for the BYO Pass! Most Codes do not work with the Build Your Own, but this YUCG Exclusive is designed to do just that! It’s only 5% but that’s on top of the 20-25% already on offer, making it 25-30% off!

This goes a long way to narrowing the Gap the 10-15% Codes give on the Other Passes. Again, just do the maths before deciding which to Purchase!

Click Here – and then Use the Code: YUSACG5

When to Choose a Different Pass?

If you hate itineraries

The Build your own Pass works best when you know exactly what you want to do and have a detailed itinerary of your trip. You will know where you will be and what you will be doing at any given point of the day. For some, this is pretty much hell! They like their trips to be spontaneous and let the moods take them where they will.

While we always suggest a degree of planning on any trip, there is no need for a super rigid schedule. The All-Inclusive and Explorer pass allows far more flexibility and if you change your mind on an attraction you can simply do something else and still get good value.

If you miss an attraction on the Build Your Own you have pretty much blown the savings… miss two and it’s costing you money!

If you don’t know exactly what you want to do

The Biggest plus for us about the Passes is the ability to do things you really just wouldn’t without a Pass. 20% off might not be enough to lure you in to visit an attraction but having it all included means you really get out and try things you just wouldn’t have otherwise.

The Build Your own Pass is great for those that REALLY know what they want to do. But for many, a Vacation is about exploring and trying new things the All-Inclusive Pass really helps you just jump in feet first and try everything. There have been countless occasions where we have done things purely because it was on a Pass, and absolutely loved it.

In Vegas, we have seen shows, visited Bars, and visited viewing decks that we just wouldn’t have paid the entry fee for separately, but with the AI-Pass it just feels like it free so Why not. It’s like getting the keys to the City!

The Build your own really is just a cost saving exercise!

If you want to save the maximum amount

Savings on the Build your own Pass are limited to 20-25% no matter how much you visit. The saving is the same or at least capped. With the Explorer pass there is the ability to save much more and with the AI pass it is almost uncapped. We have saved Hundreds of Dollars with All-inclusive passes, Post-Covid the line-up is a little restricted but overall the scope to save BIG is still there.

When the BYO Pass is the BEST Option!

Bellagio Las Vegas from Eiffel Tower
View from the Eiffel Tower – Included on the Pass

Fixed Itineraries

If you know exactly what you want to see and do then the Build Your Own Pass is a really good option. As we have said you can often get the exact same attractions on the other passes and sometimes cheaper. But if flexibility is not an issue for you and the Build Your own works out cheaper it’s a great choice.

Multiple Premium Attractions

The AI Pass offers the Choice of just one Premium attraction. If you are wanting more than that then your only choice is the Build Your Own.

Additional Premium Attractions

However, say the AI pass is the perfect option and is working out as saving more than the BYO but as well as the Helicopter Trip, you also want to do the Sky Jump? Well Buy the AI pass and then use the BYO as a top-up pass. Add the Sky Jump and maybe just one cheap attraction and save 20% on the Jump!

Top-up Attractions

Again if you are getting an Explorer pass and the 7 attractions are not enough you can use the BYO as a Top-up to get even more attractions.


Whichever Pass you choose they all offer really good value. The key is doing the Maths and working out exactly which pass offers the Best Value for your circumstance! With the current line up the BYO often works out even cheaper than the AI or explorer, however, you are limited to the 20-25% that the BYO offers, whereas with the Explorer and All-Inclusive the potential to save way more is there. Just do a dummy order and see which works out cheapest!

And Check for any Promo Codes!

Have Your Say?

Let us know if you have used a Go Las Vegas Build Your Own Pass? Ho did the pass work out for you? Did you feel you got good value? Did you enjoy the attractions or did you run into any issues with the Pass? Which attractions did you choose and do you ting you could have got better value with one of the other Passes?

Whatever your experience just let us know about it below. Or if you have any questions again fire away in the comments!

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