Day 8 – Leaving Day

March 4th, 2022

This was our last morning in Vegas and we would be leaving this evening giving one last full day in the City. However, this trip had been 3 years in the making and we were not about to head home. The flight booked out of Vegas was headed anywhere but home as we started the next phase of this 3 phase trip. However, as much as we were looking forward to the next stop, We still had 16 hours to kill in VEGAS!

Eiffel Tower View Paris Las Vegas

The Online Check-out offered us a nice midday checkout time so we spent the morning nice and relaxed as we had some paperwork to fill in for the next leg of the trip and generally wanted to make sure we were relaxed and ready to go. By 12 pm we were all packed up, and ready to move on.

We headed down to the Bellhop and checked our cases in, ready to pick up later on the way to the airport. 13 hours to go.

The Mirage

We wandered up the strip just taking in the last of Vegas as we headed to our first stop. We had the last of our MyVegas free play to use in the Mirage, along with BOGOF Drinks and Sandwiches, so as ever first stop was the MGMRewards desk to redeem. We wanted to visit the Mirage for what might be the last time as the New owners, Hard Rock, will begin their rebranding soon.

We then did a little gambling, it was early in the day, and felt a little weird to be gambling. We know mand pond away at the slots day and night but for us, it’s definitely an evening activity. Luck was again pretty absent and we could not find a friendly machine. In the end, we just about won back the Freeplay, so a nice $50 return but nothing too amazing.

This meant in total we had won $350ish from a $250 Free play allotment. We lost around $30 of our own money while bagging free drinks, so overall came away with some pretty decent returns. Along with the most important thing, having some fun while playing!

We then headed to the SNACKS restaurant in the Mirage where we got our 2 for 1 sandwich. We opted for the Turkey club and Rueben. Both were huge and we had real trouble finishing them. Snacks used to be the Carnegie Deli and was one of our favorite spots, but the new place is pretty decent if not quite the same NYC Style sandwiches they are pretty stuffed and reasonably priced for Vegas.

The next stop was the Center Bar for some 2 for 1 cocktails. The bar is pretty classic so we opted for a Moscow Mule and a Cosmo and just relaxed in the bar killing some more time. 10 hours to go.

We really will miss the Mirage. It’s incredibly Iconic and a real oasis n the madness of Vegas and while the Hard Rock has big plans we are not sure they will live up to the Mirage’s tropical paradise. We will see.

Shopping and the Wynn

The next stop was the Fashion show mall. We need a few bits for the next leg of the adventure and Kate wanted to check out Rhianna’s Savage X Fenty as we can’t get that in the UK. We also checked out the ABC Store for some drinks, and Tommy Bahama’s as a little prelude to what is next on the trip, a little clue for you there. Tommies had some nice Disney Branded Aloha Shirts and we were pretty tempted considering our future Itineraries, but the $150 price take put us off!

Next up we just strolled access the street to take a look around the Wynn. There was no real purpose here we were just wandering around killing time. We dropped a few $ into the slot machines mainly just to kill some time, but didn’t get lucky. 8 hours to go.

One Ocean Bar Grill

We then walked back down towards Paris and headed into the Miricle Mile shops to grab some 3 for $10 drinks at the Ocean One Bar and Grill. This is our top pick for Cheap Drinks in Vegas. We also grabbed some food too as it is one of the better budget options on the Strip. Calamaris and some Epic Nachos filled a hole and would be our last meal in the City. We literally can’t remember what drinks we had but as ever they were great and really strong. Absolutely a Bargain spot you really should check out.

It was now around 7 pm, with 6 hours to go and we headed back to Paris. We had one little treat left and then we would be grabbing an Uber and heading to our “overnight accommodation”

Eiffel Tower

Our last attraction on the Explorer Pass would be the Eiffel Tower Experience which felt pretty apt considering we had stayed at The Paris Hotel.

The attraction gets a bit of a stick online, be we largely do not agree with it. The view from the observation deck is one of the best and the City and offers amazing views of the Fountains, the strip, and some of the most impressive hotels in VEgas. It’s a short ride to the top and after a couple of fountain shows you are done, but it’s well worth doing.

And on the Pass even more so.

Heading out

And that was is, our Vegas extravaganza was over. We ordered up an Uber, and again we got a massive Pickup truck and headed out of town.

We are going to end our live Blog here, but if you want to know what’s next carry on Day 1 of our Live blog for the Next Phase of the trip. There is a lot more fun and adventure coming up as we head to one of our favorite places in the world. We reveal our accommodation plans for tonight and how the process of getting to our next stop went.

But first a little summing up

Go Explorer Pass – Overall Savings

  • Madame Tussauds – $37
  • Rock Star Club tours – $99.00
  • The High Roller – $35
  • The Mob Museum – $30
  • Eiffel Tower Experience – $30

Total – $231 – 5 Attractions

5 Attraction Pass – $119 ( $113 with our Promo Code)

Total Savings $112 ( $118 with our Promo Code)

That is around half price for the 5 attractions we visited. It really shows what great value these Passes are and are definitely worth a look if you are thinking of visiting the City. We went with a very light usage as we planned so much that was not covered by the pass but you can get even better value with the All-inclusive pass or with even more attractions covered.

We go in deep on the passes in the following articles:

One of the goals of this trip was to make sure these passes are still good value in a Post Covid world and we can safely say they are working as well as ever.

We also have a Promo Code for these Passes to save you even more.

Walking Total – 14,918 Steps – 7.5 Miles

The last day saw quite a bit of walking, mainly on our final strip loop. However, a lot of it was gentle strolling as we wasted time, rather than the aggressive stomps we deploy when we have somewhere to be!

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