Best Helicopter Tours in Las Vegas – Are Las Vegas Helicopter tours worth it?

Best Helicopter Tours in Las Vegas

Anyone who spends anytime outside in Las Vegas will notice one thing very quickly and that is the huge amount of helicopter traffic. Some of that is High Rollers and Celebs flying in, some are News and Traffic helicopters taking an aerial view of the city, but most, a huge majority are tourist sightseeing flights, … Read more

Live Blog – Day 6 – Kapalua Coastal Trail – Snorkelling – Hotdogs

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October 30th, 2022 At the beginning of the blog, we stated that we didn’t have that much planned for this trip and were planning a lot of much-needed downtime. Today is probably the epitome of that as really we didn’t do anything! Kapalua Coastal Trail The morning started and the blustery showers had started back … Read more

Live Blog – Day 5 – Exploring North of Napili – Sunset Dinner Cruise – Trilogy

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October 29th, 2022 Today we had plans for the evening but not much was decided for the morning and early afternoon. The day started off really clear without the morning rain we had been experiencing so we decided to head north up the Honoapiilani highway. After a light breakfast of some cereal and fruit, we … Read more