Best Helicopter Tours in Las Vegas – Are Las Vegas Helicopter tours worth it?

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Anyone who spends anytime outside in Las Vegas will notice one thing very quickly and that is the huge amount of helicopter traffic. Some of that is High Rollers and Celebs flying in, some are News and Traffic helicopters taking an aerial view of the city, but most, a huge majority are tourist sightseeing flights, … Read more

Flying Through The Grand Canyon – Hiring a Light Aircraft in Las Vegas – PPL Pilot

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A year or so ago I made a late attempt at a new career, that of a commercial pilot. This venture ended up leading to a dead-end, due in part to the huge financial outlay needed and also to the fact I just didn’t believe I was good enough. However part of this experience led … Read more

Day 12 – San Diego – La Jolla Scuba Diving – San Diego Wine Tasting – Big Beers!

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So Today was to be a relaxed day following our pretty epic whirlwind road trip. Relaxed for me means a morning spent diving the Cold Water Kelp forests of La Jolla Obviously! Although for once Kate did actually get a genuinely relaxed morning, just pottering around the hotel organizing a few things, and so on. … Read more