What is the Weather like in Las Vegas in August? – Las Vegas Weather in August

August is peak vacation season and up and down the country people are flocking away in hordes, Vegas, however, has a little dip in visitor numbers however. One possible reason for this could be the weather. A less-than-ideal weather month could drive people away! So What is the Weather like in Las Vegas in August? Well, as per all Summer months in Vegas it’s hot, Really HOT!

However this is not the reason people stay away, July is FAR hotter and one of the busier months so it can’t be the heat. Rain is scarce in August with just a few days of rain every year. So overall the weather cannot be the reason for this lull. We take a more in-depth look at the Weather in August to show you how it may impact your trip, along with other reasons why you may or may not consider a trip to Vegas in August, Which big Events you should avoid, When the big conventions happen and what the Hotel Prices and crowds are like during the month!

This way you can decide if August is the right month for your Vegas Trip.

What is the Weather like in Las Vegas in August

What is the Weather like in Las Vegas in August?

Really there isn’t much to say about August weather in Las Vegas. It is stinkingly hot, incredibly dry, and only rains very infrequently. The temps do fall away from their mind-melting July highs but only partially and the Month still scores the second hottest month most years. Heatwaves still happen and then Temperatures easily rival July and Junes.

Really it is just a continuation of the desert’s long hot summer, 13 hours of beautiful sunshine every day, hot evenings, and scorching days. Humidity hit’s its highest during the summer but it is still really low, so the dry heat is slightly more bearable than say a steamy Miami summer. With Highs right up to 117°F (43°C), the City can be unbearable. This is the rainiest month of the summer but the rain is really sporadic. It can be heavy when it comes but short and only ever showers passing through. They will do next to nothing to suppress the heat, however.

The bottom line, is it’s always hot, often unbearably so, with very little rain.

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What is it Like Visiting Las Vegas in August?

The heat is the overarching factor that will affect your trip. While the ultra-high temps of July have passed the needle still surpasses 110°F (43°C) during occasional heatwaves and most days, tips towards 100°F (37°C), and the nights still offer very little relief.

However, In Vegas, you always have the option of hiding! Aircon is prevalent in just about every indoor Space and heading into Casinos, Hotels, Shopping centers, Restaurants, and Bars provides acute relief from the burning outdoors. Vegas is set to a perfect 70°F (21°C) year-round so when the frying pan is too hot head inside.

While there is plenty to see and do inside, most people want to explore the outdoor areas too. Be warned during the midday heat this is seriously uncomfortable. Even simple tasks like waiting for a bus, sitting by a pool, or eating lunch are pretty much unbearable when the thermometer really gets going! We strongly advise outdoor exploration to be confined to mornings, late afternoons, and evenings when the heat is just about manageable.

How to Stay Cool in Las Vegas


Honestly, unless you have experienced a Vegas Summer, it is hard to fathom how hot it really can get. But limit your outdoor fun to the cooler hours and you will be fine. Most people find very hot climates a real struggle at night. Tossing and turning through the night in the unbearable heat. This is not an issue in Vegas as all hotel rooms are perfectly climate controlled! Vegas’s heat only affects you when you are outside!

The only other Weather that might affect a Vegas trip is Rain, so let’s take a look at that.

Will it Rain in Las Vegas in April?

Rain is very sparse in August. The Humidity is a touch higher than the rest of summer but it is still low and this limits cloud generation. The large systems that bring rain over the winter tend not to pass through in the summer and the only rain Vegas gets is the overspill from the Mountain uplift.

Vegas sits in the rain shadow of the Spring Mountains and this shields the Valley from the moist air of the Pacific coast. Most moisture is thrust up by the range and falls on the high ground. However, when a lot of moisture hits the mountains some of it spills over and falls in the valley. In August, this rain tends to be very heavy when it does fall.

Large black rain-filled clouds spill out from the mountain range and dump down on the strip. These storms are usually very brief, but put down a lot of rain in a short time. They are also sporadic and rare. Some years no rain falls during August at all others see only one or two days where rain dampens the strip. In rare years the count can be as high as 5 or 6 but these are the outliers. On the whole, expect an almost completely dry trip!

If you do catch a shower it’s best to shelter. They can be very heavy, But rest assured they are short-lived and will pass over as quickly as they arrived. Large organized and persistent rain systems are very rare during August!

Hotel Prices in August

Due to the slight dip in tourism that happens during August, Hotel Prices are actually quite low. Most people would expect a surge and high prices in mid-summer but the opposite is true in Vegas. Occupancy rates are usually fairly low even at weekends and bargains can be had!

August Example Rates

If you are finding prices really high on your proposed dates chances are a conference is in town (see below). Consider shifting dates and you may find prices plummet!

What are Crowds like in August?

With fewer people visiting Sin City during August than its preceding months, August crowds are fairly manageable. However the August dip is don’t as severe as we have made out, there are still vast numbers of visitors, over 3.5 Million, so do not expect the Strip to be quiet. It’s just not as packed as you might expect during Peak Summer Season!

Why do fewer people Visit during August?

It is a bit of a mystery really. Sure, the lack of any big public holidays, huge conventions, or big events means there is NO extra draw in Vegas. But Vegas is a big draw all by itself. With fantastic, if a bit hot, weather, lower crowds, and peak vacation season, August really seems the perfect time to hit the strip.

We think the reason is mainly due to the type of vacationers that are active during the month. After all, This is peak Vacation season mainly due to the Summer school holidays and Vegas is not really a family-focused vacation. Sure many families head to Vegas and have a great time and we do not actively discourage it…but it’s not Disneyland!

This means many families head to the more traditional family destinations during August and the strip is left to those not “blessed” (at the minute) with children.

As we said Vegas is still busy in August, do not expect a deserted strip, but it might be a touch quieter than you expect. It really can be a great time to visit!

What is there to do in Las Vegas in August?

Lamborghini Red Rock

While August is starting to cool off, it is still a long way from being anything other than utterly scorching. This means anything outdoors is hard work. Heading out into the Desert for hiking or anything strenuous is seriously affected by the heat. Hiking in the Midday sun can easily lead to Heat Stroke, Dehydration, and Sunburn. These risks are potentially life-threatening during the hottest weather and should really be avoided. The Valle of fire and Red Rock Canyon should only be considered early morning and late evening and make sure you are not out and exposed during those hottest hours!

Flash Flooding is also a risk so obey any warning signs and safety measures and be ready to get out of the way if you are in a Flash Flood Area.

Apart from that, the settled, clear weather means everything else is in the cards. Anything outdoors is hard the heat really can be sapping, so if you are doing anything outside just plan it for Morning or evening.

During the hottest part of the day, there is still a huge amount to do indoors. Museums and Exhibitions are great fun in Las Vegas, or maybe just hit the Casino floor or start your drinking early. There are loads to do indoors while making the most of the wonderful Las Vegas Air conditioning!

Check out our full guide on what to do In Las Vegas

Events in Las Vegas in August

August is a very quiet month for events. There are no Public holidays, no big festivals, and no huge sporting events. Thus in part is the reason for Vegas’s slightly subdued Visitor numbers!

Big Blues Bender (25-28th August 2022) Usually in September but this popped up in August in 2022.

Conventions in Las Vegas in August

August sees a surge of Convention Traffic however most of this is to smaller events that do not hugely impact the Strip. On the whole, the month does not suffer too badly from Convention Congestion, however, the strip itself is still very busy.

MAGIC Marketplace Fall – (August 8th – 11th 2022) A large 75,000 attendee Fashion Show. This is definitely a weekend to avoid and bucks the trend of August being quiet. Especially the Northern Strip Hotels as the Convention is held at the Las Vegas Convention Center Behind the Wynn Hotel

Other Conventions (Las Vegas Convention Calendar)

Avoiding Las Vegas Conventions!

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