Mandalay Bay Beach Review Las Vegas – Our look at Mandalay Bay’s Beach-themed Pool Deck!

The Mandalay Bay is situated at the far southern end of the strip. This location, while technically still on the strip, is actually better classed as “off-strip”. This is due to the large distances needed to actually get to any other Las Vegas locations. This means for an enjoyable stay at the Mandalay Bay all amenities must be available on site. And the good news is Mandalay bay’s pool is one of the best in Vegas.

In our Mandalay Bay Beach Review, we take an in-depth look at what to expect at the Hotel’s pool complex. We look at the different pools on offer, the various Cabana and Day bed options, What restaurants are available, and how much Drinks cost. The Pool Competition in Las Vegas is fierce and to be ranked in the top 5 means the pool needs to be very special indeed, and Mandalay Bay Beach pool is just that!

Mandalay Bay Beach Review Las Vegas

The Mandalay Bay Beach, Las Vegas

  • Location – Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas
  • Pools – 3 Pools in including Jumbo Wave Pool! A Lazy River and three private Beach Clubs.
  • Bars and Restaurants – 3 Bars, Poolside Bar and Grill
  • Theme – Beach
  • Drink Prices – Cocktails – $15-12oz/$24-32oz – Beers $9.50/Bucket of 5 $40

The Mandalay Bay Beach is the Main Pool area for the Mandalay Bay and the Delano* Hotels. This colossal Pool deck, easily the biggest in Las Vegas. Consisting of a Giant main pool, featuring real waves, two side lagoons each of which are larger than most Rival pools on the strip, and a sizable Lazy River Pool to top it off. There are also two private beach Clubs one of which is adult-only and a full-on day club.

However Size is not everything, it is what you do with it…apparently! And the Mandalay Beach does most things pretty well. When compared with other Las Vegas pools there is very little not to like. It is seriously fun, if that is what you are after, relaxing if you move away from the actions area, has good food and drink options and is overall just a really great place to spend a day. It is hard to think of ways to improve the experience. Let dive into a little more detail.

*It is worth noting here that while Delano Guests get access to all areas of the Mandalay Bay Beach ONLY Delano Guests get access to the Delano Beach club…see more below.

Mandalay Bay Beach Pool Map

Here is a Map of the Pool Layout, we recommend opening this in a new tab so you can refer back to it easier, just click the image to do this!

Mandalay Bay Beach Pool Layout
<Click to Open in New Tab>

Different Pools and Areas

As we said the main pool area is vast. It is broken up into several sections, most of which are open to everyone, others require booing a Daybed, Cabana, or Lounge Chair, more on that below.

Main Pool / Wave Pool

Mandalay Bay Beach Las Vegas

The main pool area is the Wave Pool. Lapped by a sandy beach the deck feels like a tropical sandy beach. Your toes dipping into the soft sand while the clear blue waves lap the shore. If you think that sounds too idyllic to be true then you are right. The sand is of more of the builder’s type, rather than soft crushed coral sand, and we always wonder how many toes have been in it the months before ours, the free beds are pretty packed in tight* and while there is ALOT of beds it does not take long to reach capacity.

But don’t allow that to sound too negative, the Mandalay beach Pool is still a hotel pool and when viewed as such the theming is excellent and playing in the waves is a lot of fun. The Wave machine runs all day and puts out a pretty decent roller every 30 seconds or so.

To the left of the Wave pool, is a side pool that is shallower and more friendly to anyone not wanting to negotiate the surf. Some may call this the kid’s pool but we are not sure that is suitable due to the proximity to the loud Pool Stage Area? Still, it is shallow and calm, which would suit younger or less confident bathers.

The Lifeguards are pretty aggressive in telling you where you can and cannot be during the waves, mainly as the pool floor is pretty hard and if you are caught in the break you could get pretty intimate with it, resulting in all sorts of things the Resort really want to avoid!

East and West Lagoons

At the top end of the deck hides two large lagoon pools. These are much quieter and calmer than the Wave Pool, away from the loud music. These are more like conventional Hotel Pools, perfect for a cooling dip. Many of the Pools Cabanas are situated here and it a calm and relaxing spot to spend the day, you can always head over to the fun spots from time to time for a play in the waves!

Lazy River

Mandalay Bay Lazy River Las Vegas

The Lazy River is one of our favorite parts of the Pool Deck. The 500 ft river of water snakes around a quiet planted part of the pool deck, meandering under bridges and through waterfalls as you float along in the sun. You can buy Tubes at the gift shop ($20) to float around or just allow yourself to be carried by the water.

The River is not as large as say MGM Grands, but it’s a lot quieter and more relaxed.

Moorea Beach Club

The Moorea Beach Club is a private Adult Only Day Club Area. This means two things one, you have to pay to get in! And two, there may be a lot of skin on show as tops are optional! Be sure you are ok with that before paying for a seat. To gain entry to the Club you need to pay for Reserved Seating, either a lounge chair, Day Bed, Cabana or Pavillion or Sun Villa! These range from $50 to over $1000, depending on what you book and how busy things are. More on these Below.

Moorea Beach Club Las Vegas

This gets you a reserved spot in the private raised pool deck with a personal host, to bring you drinks and food, and free bottled water. Some of the Cabanas come with additional items such as soft drinks, but these are pretty much the same as the other Cabana, lounge chairs, and Day beds dotted around the main pool areas.

The main selling point of the Morea Club is privacy. You have an extra space that is only for paying guests and you can get away from the riff-raff down below. If you are really looking for a relaxing day, soaking in the sun, with your own personal host bringing you drinks whenever you like the Morea Beach Club is perfect. Yes, you are paying for the privilege but it is one of those Vegas experiences you just have to indulge in.

Just to confirm, you have full access to all the main pool areas above too, such as the wave pool, Lazy River, etc.. you just have your own private personal space to retire back to and be waited on, and work on your tan.

Prices are really not a lot different to the main pool area if you are booking a Cabana, Day bed, or Lounge chair, so seriously consider the Moorea, as you only get extra, you do not lose anything…assuming you are ok with a little European style bathing?

Delano Beach Club

The Delano Beach Club is a special perk for those staying at the Delano only. Like the Morea Beach club residents at the Delano are welcome to use the main pool areas of the Mandalay Bay Beach but also have access to their own private little oasis. The pool is fairly small and takes on a more luxurious boutique-style rather than the beach vibe at the main pool.

There are free lounge chairs long with Day beds and Cabanas at a cost. You get your own bar and a slightly different food menu. We love the idea of underwater chess but in reality, it is used very infrequently and is more decoration than anything.

Really if you are staying at the Delano there is no reason not to try out the Beach Club, but we do not see it as a reason to chose the Delano over the Mandalay Bay, there are other considerations there, but it is certainly a nice perk, but most of our time is still spent at the main Beach areas of the Mandalay Bay pool.

Daylight Beach Club

We’re basically only going to touch on the daylight beach club as this is a pool of its own right. The daylight beach club is Mandalay Bay’s party pool, this is where the hotel’s pool parties are held. This makes it less of a standard pool and more of an attraction in its own right.

If you’re looking for a pool party the daylight beach club is one of the best in Las Vegas and we highly recommend it. We’re just not going to go into too much detail here.

Reserve Seating, Cabanas and Day Beds

Mandalay Bay Beach Cabanas Las Vegas
Day Beds in the foreground, Then Free Loungers, Beach Cabanas distance. Beach Bungalows to the Left!

While there are extensive free Lounge Chairs positioned around the pool, there is a strong free-for-all mentality going on. At busy times the scramble for good beds is pretty savage. For those wanting to avoid this palaver, and have somewhere safe to store their personal belongings there are reserved seating options. These give you premium locations, upgraded seats, or even your own little space such as a Cabana or Gazebo.

This gets REALLY complicated. There are a whole host of Paid seating options around the various pools. Let us try and break it down a little.

Not interested in a reserved seating? This is a big section, click here to skip on by!

Book a Cabana HereDirect Link

Reserved Seating Lounge Chairs

Mandalay Bay

  • $50-150 Per Person

Situated down by the water’s edge these larger, padded chairs come with a private host and a guaranteed spot all day, no fighting for a bed and prime position.

Moorea Beach Club

  • $75-150 Per Person

The Cheapest option to get into the Moorea Club. These are situated right by the pool’s edge, but then everything is in this pretty small and intimate Club area.

Delano Beach Club

No reserved seating here

Day Beds

We tend to prefer Day Beds to Booking Lounge chairs. Remember Day Beds are comfier and are priced per bed so even if there are only two of you it is often nearly as cheap to grab a whole bed and have much more comfort for your money. They claim to fit four people but be prepared to be very close to each other. They are King Bed sized so sharing with 4 people would be intimate, of course, a family of four would be fine on the Delano, or Mandalay Bay Beds (Moorea 21+)

Mandalay Bay Beach

  • 4 Guests
  • $150-500

There are two options for day beds at the main pool, either Beach pods or Lazy River Day Beds. The pods are a little smaller and situated right by the wave pool, the Lazy River Daybeds are right next to the Lazy River and seem really fun, however, remember you will have a constant stream of people floating by all day.

Moorea Beach Club

  • 4 Guests
  • $150-500

The Day beds in the Moorea Club are one of our favorite options, only slightly more expensive than buying two lounge chairs and a whole lot more comfortable. Having the extra retreat of the Moorea Club is a real bonus and the hosts are super attentive. A Day bed here is a VERY relaxing way to spend the day.

We prefer the Reserved Beds to the Regular day beds as you get a better position and more space from your fellow Guests.

Delano Beach Club

  • 4 Guests
  • $150-500

For Delano Guests this is the cheapest option for reserved seating, the Regular lounge chairs are non-reservable but there is usually a lot of space and availability, after all, you are getting your own private pool deck. However, if you want to guarantee your space for the day the Da beds are great. Right by the pool and with your own personal host tending to your every need.


The Cabanas are the most luxurious way to visit the pool, here you have your own covered space, private sunbeds in a reserved area, Tv, Couch, Fridge, Safe, Towel Service, and of course your own Personal Host. Normally you get a selection of soft drinks included not just the water included with Day Beads and Lounge Chairs.

If you are looking to spend the entire day by the pool a Cabana is a great way to go about this. It gives you your own personal space, and whether you are looking for full sun all day or a place to retreat to in the shade the Cabanas cover all bases.

They can be decent value as well, if there is a group of you, however again we question the numbers. A 6 person Cabana really only accommodates 4. The Prices are a little over 4 times what you would pay for a Lounge Chair so you get a heck of a lot for your cash when compared to booking Loung Chairs. They are an expensive option for couples though but as a real splurge can still be worth it!

Oh, and they through in Free inner tubes for the Lazy River with Cabana Bookings!

Mandalay Bay

  • 6-12 Guests
  • $250-1000

The Cheapest option at the main pool are the Beach and Pool Gazebos. All you really lose over the Cababas is a little space and the couch but otherwise, they are basically the same. The Pool gazeboes are situated between the East and West Lagoons with the Beach Gazebos on the beach in front of the Lazy River and Wave pool. These are great options for families.

There are Full Cabanas by both the East lagoon and the West Lagoon. The West lagoons are larger and can accommodate up to 10 people, but again we would limit it at 6, 8 at a real push! And you still only get 3 sun loungers so that can be an issue if you are all sun worshippers! They also lose the sun pretty early too as they sit In the shadow of the buildings.

The East Lagoon Cabanas are the standard 6 person units, these can also be found at the Lazy River. Again these are really popular as they are right in the middle of the action situated on the Lazy River Island, but the downside is you have a lot of traffic passing by all day!

Finally, you get the Huge Beach Cabanas. There are only 3 of these and they sell out quite quickly, there is seating for 12 but you would be very cramped with that many insides, we say 8 tops, and you get 4 sun loungers only! These are an expensive option but pretty special. The alternative is the Beach Bungalows. These have an actual structure but are really just the same as the Beach Cabanas. The big issue with these is their proximity to the toilets! If you book one arrive early as Bungalow 6 and 7 are right next to the bathrooms!

Moorea Beach Club

  • 6 Guests
  • $250-900

The Moorea Beach Club Cabanas are situated in a small grassy area just back from the pool giving excellent privacy. We really like these Cabana’s but with only 6 available they do sell out. There are other options for upgraded Cabanas in the beach club but we included these in the VIP Section Below!

Delano Beach Club

  • 6 Guests
  • $250-700

Things are nice a simple here, there are 16 regular cabanas situated around the pool. Rated for 6 guests, but as we have said previously 4 is a better fit unless it’s a family with kids. They are clean comfortable and a really relaxing way to spend the day.

Book a Cabana HereDirect Link


Want to Step it up? There are several seriously cushy options situated in the Moorea Beach Club and Mandalay Bay Beach

Beach Party Cabana – Mandalay Beach

  • 25 Guests
  • $800-$1200

If you are rolling with a BIG entourage then you can book up the Beach Party Cabana! This is a pretty incredible value, rated for up to 25 guests, but again we would not like to see the Cabana at full capacity. You get 10 Sunloungers and lots of space so if you are a really big group this is defiantly worth it. The Resort usually makes their money back through the ridiculous amounts people order through their host, when 12-15 people are all parting it racks up quite the Food and Beverage Tab!

Sun Villa – Moorea Club

  • 10 Guests
  • $300-$800

The Pavillions are located on an entirely separate floor, overlooking the main pool offering the utmost privacy. These Villas offer some real privacy and their elevated location allows you t really lord it over the riff-raff!

Pavilion – Moorea Club

  • 10 Guests
  • $300-$800

Set by their own private (well shared between the 4 pavilions), in an elevated location overlooking the Club, these are a great VIP choice with loads of privacy and not too horrific pries.

Grand Sun Villa – Moorea Club

  • 12 Guests
  • $800-$1500

The grand Sun Villa is the premier option in the whole pool area. This has celebrity levels of privacy and luxury. The only downside (apart from the price) to this incredible space is you are actually quite away from any actual pool!

Book a Cabana HereDirect Link

So, What is the best Cabana or Day bed to Book at the Mandalay Bay?

We told you it got complicated, that’s a lot of options! Overall, there is not that much in it, just decide which location suits you best and base it mainly on the price. Some of the more ostentatious VIP options can actually come in at the same price as the more basic cabanas.

As a couple, we like the fairly competitive pricing yet comfort you get from the Day Beds, while families and larger groups will still find great value from the Cabanas.

It can seem a strange concept to pay such large amounts for what should essentially be a Free part of your trip. But the advantages of having your own space by the pool make your pool days that bit more special and convenient. There is nothing stopping you from having an amazing day by the Mandalay Bay Pool just by utilizing the Free Sunbeds though. The best parts of the pool, the wave pool, Lazy River, and awesome atmosphere are free to all!

We tend to book in at least one full Cannbana Day to really enjoy the pool, but visit using the free beds most other days, just to catch an hour or two down-time in the sun!

Bars and Restaurants

Mandalay Bay Beach Bar And Grill Las Vegas

Dining is pretty limited by the pool. There is only one restaurant and a Taco Hut, along with the Bikini Beach Bar serving just drinks.

The Menu is limited to basic snack foods, Burgers, Taquitos, Fries, and the poolside favorite Chicken Tenders. It’s really overpriced and only ok at best. The best part is the fact you can eat right from your lounger so there is no need to move all day! Really this is the standard Pool Fare in Las Vegas.

Full Menu

The Taco Bar is open only sporadically and is ok for a quick bite if you are hungry. On the whole, we tend to get dressed and head inside to one of the much better dining options inside the Mandalay Bay, The Sea breeze cafe is excellent and the border gill does good Mexican Food overlooking the pool!

Drinks Prices

Mandalay Bay Beach Las Vegas

Drinks are uniform across all pool areas and bars. So it doesn’t matter which bar you hit. Service will be fastest at the Bikini Bar, but if you can hail a cocktail waitress, or have host service at your reserved seating drinks will be brought right to you.

Prices are typical Las Vegas Pool Prices, which are bordering on extortionate! The first few times you visit you may be a little flabbergasted at the prices charged, but this is just how Vegas works!

Imported and Domestic beers weigh in at $10 each along with a small craft selection. You can ring this down to $8.33 by buying a bucket of 6 or $50. These come in an Ice filled Bucket that should survive the Vegas heat for a good while. 6 beers is a good amount for anyone for one sitting, but great if there is a group of you drinking, and remember these are sealed bottles so if you don’t finish you can always take it with you.

Cocktails come in either 12oz cups at $14-16 each or jumbo 32oz Suvineer mugs at $27-29 and you can add extra shots for $4 each, advisable as they tend to be pretty watered down. These are sweet pre-mixed cocktails and quite away from Artisan Creations but really that is what you want to cool you down in the heat of a Las Vegas summer! They do at least use premium Spirits in most of the drinks.

Overall drinks are hideously expensive, but then you will find this at most Las Vegas Pools, it’s simply the way things are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can only Mandalay Bay Guests use the pool?

Yes, the Pool deck is reserved for Guests of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and its Sister Hotel The Delano. There is no outside Entry and you will be required to show a room key.

Can You Rent a Cabana if Staying Elsewhere?

We have done this in the Past (we booked a Cabana during an 8-hour Layover!), however, there is a checkbox that states you must be a Guest to book a Cabana/Daybed/Reserved seat. As such you should be cautious if you plan on booking a Cabana when you are not actually staying at the Resort. However, if the pool is quiet they would be turning down money which is not a common thing in Las Vegas!

Make sure you use a Credit Card to book anything, that way you can issue chargeback should they cancel your reservation on the day and refuse a refund (you did check a box saying you were staying there). And don’t rely on it, it’s possible it will not be honored!

We are pretty sure this restriction is pretty new and not sure how rigorously it is enforced!

Why would you want to? Well, the Mandalay Bay Pool is so special some people really just want to experience a day at what is essentially a fun water park!

Anyone is welcome to Visit the Daylight club, upon paying the Entry Fee. This is a Venue in it own right and as such we have excluded it from this article.

Can Delano Guests Use the Mandalay Bay Pool?

Yes, Delano Guests can use all of the Mandalay Beach pool Areas, they can even use the Moorea Club, assuming they purchase a reserved seating option like everyone else. They just get the extra use f the Delano pool Deck that Mandalay Bay Guests cannot.

Can Mandalay Bay Guests Rent the Delano Cabanas?

Again like people staying outside the resort, there is nothing stopping you from booking a Cabana/Daybed but there is a Check box stating you are a Delano guest. But if you are a Mandalay Bay Gest we are sure they will be accomodating assuming you are paying for a Cabana/Daybed.

Can You Bring Your Own Food and Drink into the Mandalay Bay Pool?

Nope. Like All Vegas Pools, they cite safety concerns as to why you cannot bring your own food and drink into the pool area. Really we all know it is to keep you captive and sell you expensive drinks and food! Bags are checked and entry will be refused! There are plenty of free drinking water stations dotted around the pool.

Bottles Water and snacks are usually fine, but anything else is disallowed. We have heard stories of people sneaking small amounts of liquor in but this is at your own risk, but it needs to be discrete, or you will be turned away.

The exception to this is anything bought inside the Mandalay Bay Resort. This is fair game to bring inside. So if you pick up a large Iced Latte at Starbucks or a Jumbo Fat Tuesday Marg you are free to bring that inside!

Can you Use all the Pool areas for Free?

With the Exception of the Moorea Club, YES all pool areas are free to everyone. The only additional costs are reserved seating, Food and Beverage, and Tunes for the Lazy River, but you can float along without for FREE.


The Mandalay Bay Beach Pool deck is one of our favorites in Las Vegas. This is a pretty important feature as being so far down the strip it’s essential to be pretty self-contained. Mandalay Bays really has to do a lot to entice people to stay all the way out here as, really, it’s kind of a pain.

The pool offering really helps offset some of this and you can spend full days in the resort just relaxing and enjoying the amenities in the resort and next door at the Luxor. You have the excellent pool, Shark Reef, Bodies at the Luxor, and the Titanic Exhibition, along with the Vegas Sign just down the Strip, Helicopter Tours taking off just down the road along with Mandalay Bays excellent restaurants.

Then other days you can head off and explore the rest of the City. And hit the pool to relax afterward.

it really is one of the best Pools in the City and almost worth Staying at the Mandalay JUST for the pool…almost. It is one of the top-selling points, however, and if you like the look of the rest of the resort then the distance to the rest f the City can be overlooked.

Have Your Say

Let us know your thoughts on the Mandalay Bay Beach Pool Deck? What do you like about the Beach Deck? What are your peeves and dislikes? Have you booked a Cabana Before? Was it worth it? Did you visit any of the Day Clubs? Whatever your thoughts or experiences just fire away in the comments below. And any questions, just let us know?

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