How to get Sold-Out My Vegas Rewards 2019?

There is nothing more annoying than having your eye on a My Vegas Reward but every time you check it’s sold out. Your trip is looming closer and you are stuck with just the rubbish rewards that really do not reflect the time and effort you have plugged in to rack up the loyalty points!

Do not Fear, You can go to the ball and you can bag that SOLD-OUT reward. Here is how to get sold-out My Vegas rewards so you can be sure you get the best return for your loyalty points.

How to get Sold-Out My Vegas Rewards 2019

Use the Facebook App

The Mobile Apps are fantastic for getting Loyalty points and we recommend playing every Mobile App and the Facebook App to maximize your Loyalty points. However, The Rewards available on Mobile apps are simply rubbish. If it were just those rewards on offer we frankly wouldn’t play the game.

On the Facebook App, however, there are plenty of really meaty rewards to get your teeth into that really are worth the time and effort of racking up the points.

Right now we are planning our latest Vegas escapade and we have a bunch of Loyalty Chips and want to grab a great Reward. Currently, we are looking at bagging The Mirage Boozy Dinner Buffet. But Sure enough, it’s always sold out!

My Vegas Rewards

So How do we get it?

They are NOT always Sold-Out

Rewards are refreshed EVERY day. So at some point every day these rewards are in stock. It’s just the very popular ones sell out in minutes. At the Minute its actually seconds for the best! So unless you are there the exact moment they sell out you miss out.

So simply put all you need to know is WHEN do the rewards refresh? Here we run into a little trouble. The FAQ States

We typically update our rewards selection daily by 12pm PST.

Great, only this is wrong! Well, Outdated anyway. The Actual update time is far far more random. Which is a pain in the ass. The actual Refresh time is random between 6 am – 3 pm Las Vegas time. That is a 9-hour window.

Realistically the ONLY way to Guarantee you are there for the refresh is to sit at your computer refreshing every 1 Minute, for 9 Hours. No one has the time for that! But clearly, these rewards are selling out in seconds so someone is!

There us a clue to help narrow it down a little. Look at the redeem by date.

My Vegas Sold Out

In this Photo, it is 22nd June. That is 60 days from the Date we took the Shot. It is also a 60-day rolling date. So every time the Rewards are refreshed, the date increments by one day. This gives us a marker as to when the Rewards Refresh. If the Date hasn’t changed, The Reward hasn’t refreshed yet. If it has, you missed it, close the window and get on with your day, try again tomorrow.

However, we have analyzed the Refresh times and have been unable to determine any real pattern. It is really quite random. But at least by using the refresh date and keeping tabs on it over a few days you know if it has or hasn’t happened on that day.

So, we tend to check early but infrequently, then increase the intensity as the time nears Midday Vegas time. Naturally, the refresh events are more likely to be near midday.

We have pulled in the last 30 days (From this post) into a graph for you:

My Vegas Refresh chart

See the Pattern?

No, neither do we, it is completely random. But by focusing on increasing the frequency as midday approaches you do limit the time spent refreshing the app and maximize the chance of catching the Refresh.


My Vegas Success

There is a certain gut feeling to it, however, which is very unscientific and frankly quite unhelpful. But if yesterday was 06:00 am, it is unlikely to early so start your refresh early. if it was late yesterday, Maybe today will be early. But Studying the Times proves this is a gamble. The First of Many on your Vegas trip,

We really do wish there was a better way of doing this, but the insistence of refreshing at random times means you really just have to mess around with the timings. Remember you have 60 Days to get it right so lots of trial and error should get you in front of the screen at the right time.

Facebook Groups

Another Tool we use is Facebook Groups. These handy collection of people have threads running to let you know when the rewards refresh.

The only issue with this is the fact the rewards can be gone in seconds, and anyone who may update the thread will naturally be looking for rewards themselves. So they are going to get theirs first before updating the thread, and by then, they are mostly sold out.

But the Groups at least will let you know if you missed it and keep a record for you on when the rewards refreshed.

We use MyVegas Friends Rocks. This is a closed group and you will have to approved by them to join. But that is no problem.

MyVegas Friends Rocks Refresh Page

Refreshing the Page?

The Final thing we need to mention is how to refresh the page. Sorry if that is obvious, but it does require a FULL refresh. Simply closing the Rewards Tab in APP and opening it will not show if the rewards are refreshed.

You need to reload the page via the reload button of you browser. Yes this means clicking through all the endless adverts for chips. It’s a royal pain in the butt.

Is it Even Worth It?

Good Question. Probably not. But most people are so far down the rabbit hole by now they can’t just give up. They have spent months collecting LP and now have hundreds of thousands to blow on rewards.

This is the last hurdle, to get their free buffets, shows and Gambling Credit. You can’t bail here.

But, if you are just starting out at least know you have this mayhem to content with at the end.

It is worth stating at the time of writing this the rewards were in Chaos. They have just Renewed the batch and nothing has been available for a month or so, so people are desperate for rewards for upcoming trips, this will hopefully settle down as the backlog clears.

Good Luck

Have Your Say?

Let us know below if you have had any success getting a hard to find reward? What time did they refresh? How did you go about snagging the reward? Just drop us a comment below.

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