Things to Do at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas – The Best Sights, Shows, and Attractions

Planet Hollywood is billed as the home of entertainment in Las Vegas. The Glitz and Glamour of Hollywood brought to life on the Las Vegas strip. As such, there is a lot going on in this upmarket Las Vegas Resort Situated in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.

The Hotel and Casino lack any real headline attraction or landmark such as most Las Vegas Casinos employ. But that does not mean there is nothing to do here! There are more shows under one roof than anywhere else in Las Vegas along with all the regular Vegas trappings and one of the largest Shopping Malls in the City. There is a lot going on so let’s take a look at all the best things to do at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas.

Planet hollywood las vegas

Planet Hollywood is a bit of a mixed bag of a Resort. There are some real highs and strong Pros for staying here but also some misses. We take an honest look at what is worth your time in this glamorous upscale resort.

We start with the obvious, such as the pool and Casino, and let you know how they rate against the competition. Then we take a look at the attractions and shows that make Planet Hollywoods unique. Finally, we open things up and look at the fantastic attractions outside, but still close by the Resort, after all, one of the Casino’s biggest plus points is its near-perfect location.

The Scene – Pool

Planet_hollywood Las Vegas Pool

The pool deck at planet Hollywood is one of the weakest elements of the Hotel. The Deck is largely a dull concrete platform with two raised decks featuring bland rectangle pools. Despite being a rooftop Deck there is very little in the way of Views.

Honestly, it’s not a reason to stay at the resort at all, however, it does have all the aspects you need from a pool area. There are plenty of free beds (although not by the pool, the free beds are on the spacious lower deck) a Bar to buy refreshments, a pool to cool off in, and copious amounts of Las Vegas sunshine.

So while it is not the best pool deck it still offers enough to spend a few hours of downtime, relaxing, and recharging from the Vegas madness.

Read our Full Review here


Also on the Planet Hollywood Pool Deck is the Flowrider. This surf Simulator allows you to hit the surf right in the heart of Las Vegas. This is a fun and good value attraction that I well worth checking out. Surfing the Wave is tricky but getting to grips with the Boogie Boarding is much easier. It’s $30 for 30mins which is pretty good for an attraction with such a low throughput.


Planet hollywood casino floor

Naturally, for a large Casino based resort, the Casino is one of the main attractions. Planet Hollywood’s Casino is a relatively poor experience for the big gamers. Experienced Gamblers will be pretty disappointed with the game rules and overall experience of the Casino floor.

For the more occasional Gambler though the floor is a really fun experience. The casino calls itself a Party Casino. This means loud music, skimpily-clad dealers, and even Table dancers. The Pleasure Pit as it is known looks quite different from most Las Vegas Casinos with a more modern a vibrant theme.

The Casino is a lot of fun, which is what casinos are meant to be, but for the serious gamers, all this razzmatazz is a bit of distraction, for everyone else it’s a great party atmosphere filled with bright lights, noise, and a real sense of excitement. We are not big gamers so it’s one of our favorite casino’s and any casual or beginner gamers will have tons of fun here.

There are a huge amount of slot machines, as you would expect from a casino aimed at casual gamers. The slightly underdressed dealers and croupiers are also quite forgiving and the tables are a great place to learn Vegas table games and the table minimums are quite forgiving for a high-end central strip casino.

We have always struggled with free drinks at Planet Hollywood. You are fine at the table games but the slots can be a struggle, but maybe we have just always been unlucky!

Miracle Mile Shops

Planet hollywood Las Vegas

Directly linked to the Casino, and integrated into the whole experience, is the Miracle Mile Shopping Mall. One of the largest Shopping malls in Las Vegas The miracle Mile Shops feature over 170 different shops from a huge array of brands. The focus is on everyday luxury brands rather than the ultra-high-end brands some of the Vegas Malls cater to. This means shopping here is actually attainable rather than the window shopping we are forced to implement elsewhere on the strip.

There are many regular high street brands such as H&M, Victoria’s Secret, Lids, Sunglasses Hut, Two ABC Stores, Pandora, Footlocker, and Aldo. There are also a few Vegas Specialist Stores (Vegas the Store, Tipsy Robot, and PH Need It) along with the Odd Boutique.

It is not the destination shopping people are often looking for but more reminiscent of an everyday US Mall that could be found in any location in the States.

Full Mall Directory Here


There are also plenty of great restraints and bars found in the Mall. Some of our favorite spots on the strip are located in the Mall and Planet Hollywood itself. Take a look at our full Planet Hollywood Dining Guide for more.

Rain Shows

One thing to look out for in the Miracle Mile Shops is the Rain Storm Shows. These run Hourly midweek and half-hourly weekend and are completely free. While not the most spectacular attractions in Vegas, it is pretty cool to see in raining indoors in the Miricle Mile. What this has to do with Los Angeles where it never rains (unless we are there) but still it’s a nice little sideshow that is worth stopping by for.

Spa – Planet Hollywood Spa by Mandara

Mandara is a global Spa Brand and you would expect this to mean Planet Hollywood’s Spa is a real headliner. Unfortunately, this would be pretty far from the truth. We are not really big Spa-goers but reviews from the Resort Spa Retreat are pretty damming. Overall it might be worth checking out if you are desperate for a treatment, but really we would avoid it, it’s not like there are not a thousand other spas you could try out in the City.


While attractions and things to do are pretty thin on the ground at Planet Hollywood, Shows and entertainment are the main order of the day. There are more shows, and productions running every day than just about anywhere else on the strip. Some of the biggest stars in the world hold their residencies here and there are multiple theatres running shows day and night for just about every taste. Here is a rundown of what is available at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas.

As far as shows go, Planet Hollywood probably has the densest population of productions on the Strip.

Bakkt Theater

Bakkt Theater Las Vegas

When the old Aladdin hotel was demolished and rebuilt as the New Aladdin (later re-branded as the Planet Hollywood) one icon of the hotel was earmarked to be retained for posterity, the Bakkt Theater!

This iconic Venue (formally known as the Aladdin Theatre and the Zappos) hosted decades of iconic concerts before losing relevancy as larger venues (MGM Grand Garden Arena, Mandalay Bay Events Center) began to take over hosting duties in the City. This changed when Celine Dion took her enormously successful residency at Caesar’s Palace. Other artists took note and the Zappos has become home to many exceptionally successful Residencies from some of the world’s biggest stars. Jenifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, The Backstreet Boys, and Christina Aguilera all have delivered residency shows here with J-lo and Britney grossing well over $100 million each!

Currently, Miranda Lambert and Keith Urban are holding their residencies at the Bakkt Theater with a scattering of headliner concerts in between. While a lot of shows have been on hold things are starting to open back up!

The Full line-up of live dates can be found here.

V Theater and Saxe Theater

Situated inside the Miracle Mile Shops are the Saxe Theater and the V-Theater. Between them, these host over 12 shows a day! Variety is the Name of the Game here and there really is something for everyone.

These Shows vary in price from around $99-$180 which is quite pricey for what you are getting, We love the fact these shows feature on most Las Vegas Attractions Passes, so you can almost see the shows for free!

Las Vegas the Show

A kind of mix between a Musical and a Variety show. The main show takes the audience through the History of Las Vegas Shows while the scenes are punctuated by a series of Variety Acts.

Expect BIG and loud Glitz and glamour as the cast recreated the classic Vegas performances from, the Rat Pack, Elvis, and Tom Jones, amongst many others. The sets are big and bold and the performance incredible.

We were not completely sure what to expect but were pretty blown away by the performance. If the early years of Vegas and the legendary music and performers that wrote the history of that era are your thing you will adore the show, but even those of use with more modern tastes can still be captivated by such a phenomenal performance.

The Variety acts mix things up a bit, you will get different acts most nights but they all have one thing in common, the ability to blow your mind!

This is a phenomenally expensive show and we struggle to justify the $180+ Ticket fee but the show is often included on City passes and you can normally bag on-the-day tickets at around half price which makes it much more reasonable!

Zombie Burlesque

Possibly the oddest concept in Vegas Shows. Zombie Burlesque really has to be seen to be understood. It’s based around a classic 50’s Burlesque show, but with Zombies! Obviously, any attempt to do that seriously would be a disaster so it is massively tongue-in-cheek and hilarious throughout.

Like Las Vegas the Show, the Main performance is punctuated by several Variety Acts, all with an undead theme. Again these acts really defy belief at times! If you are looking for a very lighthearted, sexy, and definitely different show then Zombie Burlesque hits all those buttons.

V – The Ultimate Variety Show

While the shows above all have Variety Acts punctuated throughout them V does away with the feature presentation and just gives you the Variety Acts. These are just out of this world amazing and quite how anyone can be so Uttley, ridiculously good at something, yey only be rewarded by performing at a small low-key Vegas theater is quite astounding!

The feats the performers do, whether it be strength feats, juggling, acrobatics, or physical comedy, are simply mind-blowing. You are guaranteed to walk away wondering how on earth these things are humanly possible when you struggle to get out of bed in the morning!


If you ever wanted to see the Beatles live but missed the chance, then this is about as close as you will get. The Show is designed to be a full-on recreation of what an actual Beatles concert would have been like, however, you are going t miss out on the crazy crowds and utter hysteria of the reality shows as a fairly aged audience just claps along with the not so perfect renditions of the fab fours classics.

I am a real Beatles fan, but this falls short in my opinion. If you are looking for incredible Beatles content in Las Vegas then we suggest you head to LOVE, a show really befitting of the legendary status of the Beatles.

All Shook Up Tribute to the King

In a similar Vein is All Shool up, only this time it pays homage to the king. Elvis’s performances were far more energetic and theatrical than the Beatles so this show comes over far better with fantastic Impersonators that really light the stage up. Elvis fans will love this and nothing feels more at home in Vegas than the King!

The Mentalist

Gerry McCambridge is a Magician/mindreader/comedian who puts on a phenomenal display of mental ability. Gerry has decades of experience utilizing cold reading, suggestion, memory feats, and other “mind control” skills to blow audiences away.

These skills have been used for centuries to hoodwink audiences and suggest supernatural powers but Gerry is not of that ilk and is more open about what he does is just a trick, but it makes in no loess impressive as he seemingly reads your mind and predicts the future!

The Mentalist Skills on show, are quite simply unfathomable, his feats simply defy understanding and audiences simply walk away thinking “how on earth is that possible?” This is one of the most underrated shows in Vegas and well worth hunting out!

That’s a lot of shows and a lot of variety, there really is something for most people at the Saxe and V theaters. Included on the Go Las Vegas Pass

However, we are not done! There are still more shows hosted at Planet Hollywood! It really is the heart of Las Vegas Entertainment!


Chris Angel Mind Freak

MINDFREAK is scarily good. Criss Angel combines mind-blowing magic with a stunning visual experience, unlike any magic show in the world. We think the show would be worth seeing even if no magic took place, the presentation is that spectacular!

Magic most certainly does take place however and Criss is capable of some ungodly acts as he conjures objects and people, out of thin air, teleports around the stage, and defies the laws of physics and nature. It’s impressive stuff as good as any Magician on the planet but it is the gothic heavy metal flair he gives to the show that really sets it apart. Often called one of the best Magic shows on the planet Criss Angel has found the perfect home at Planet Hollywood to astound and enthrall guests for years to come. If you haven’t caught Mindfreak yet then you need to see this!

Book Criss Angel Mindfreak here

Nearby Attractions

One of the main perks of staying at Planet Hollywood is being so central. This means you have a host of top Las Vegas attractions right on your doorstep without having to travel or rely just on the attractions in-house

Bellagio Fountains

We highly recommend bagging a Fountain view room if you are staying at Planet Hollywood. This way you can enjoy the fountain shows right from the comfort of your own room. However, if you don’t get that magical fountain view, then you are still very handily placed to enjoy the Bellagio fountains, they are literally right across the street! And even if you do get the fountain view room you will still want to check them out as they are something else up close and personally, literally feeling the thuds from the big cannons!

Read all about the fountains here.

Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck

Again right on your doorstep and an ever-present entity during your stay at Planet Hollywood is the Eiffel Tower, this half-size replica of the Famous Paris landmark is pretty inescapable when staying at Planet Hollywood, it looms large over all outdoor areas.

The trip up to the top has a poor reputation, but we find that completely unfounded! It really is one of the best views in Las Vegas. From the lofty heights of the tower, you get 360-degree views of all of the major Las Vegas landmarks and stunning views down onto the Bellagio Fountains.

Read more about the Deck Here

Wicked Spoon Buffet

Ok, the Buffet may not technically be classed as a thing to do, but we love it so much we just had to mention it.

Read more here about the Wicked Spoon Buffet – Now Open

Read here about other Dining destinations at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

The Linq Promenade

The Linq Promenade is only a short walk up the Las Vegas strip from Planet Hollywood, here you will find lots of fun restaurants and shops as well as two of Las Vegas’s best attractions. The High Roller and the Fly Linq. Find out more below:

Real Bodies at Bally’s

A slightly strange and disturbing, but intensely interesting exhibition is on display just a couple of casinos over at the newly opened Horseshoes Las Vegas (formerly Ballys). These preserved human cadavers offer a grizzly but fascinating look at human anatomy. More here

Flamingo Wildlife Habitat – Free!

A great free attraction just a few blocks away is the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat. Home to a flock of Pink Flamingos, Scarlet Ibis (Bin Chickens), Teal Duck and Pelicans, along with Turtles Koi Carp, and even hummingbirds. All are located in a quiet oasis right in the heart of Vegas. It’s a great little escape from the madness of the Strip.

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What do you like to do when staying at Planet Hollywood? What are your Favorite Shows? Have you been let down by any of the shows or attractions? What did you like seeing in the immediate area? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and if you have any questions just fire away.

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