Day 13 – Resort time – Feast at Mokapu Luau

November 6th, 2022

Feast at Mokapu

This day felt a bit strange. We had been traveling for a few weeks now and it all felt like it was coming to an end, but in reality, we still had a while to go and we had really only been in this resort a few days. It was quite hard to reconcile those two feelings as the impeding end o the trip felt like we could stop trying and just wait out the end of the trip, but really we still had loads of time to do things.

However, we had a busy yesterday and we had a big night planned so we opted to take it easy and just enjoy the resort. We spent time at the pool, down at the beach, and just in the condo.


We started with a nice relaxing morning at the pool. There are several pools in the resort but the quiet pool up near our condo seemed to work perfectly for us. A few hours just relaxing in the morning sun was the perfect start to the day.


For Lunch, we just headed back to the Condo and whipped up some Steak Tacos with leftover Steal from last night. We were finding the only way to get good prices in Safeway was to buy the Value Packs, this was WAY more than we needed for one meal so just used them over a few meals. Steal Tacos o the Lnaia went down very well, and we got out of the hottest part of the day.


After lunch, we headed down to the beach for some more chill time and some snorkeling around the rocky headlands separating Keawakapu and Mokapu Beaches, and Mokapu and Ulua Beach.

The conditions were pretty rough and the water pretty murky nearer the shore but once out in the deep water over the Fringing reefs, the clarity picked up somewhat.

There is a lot of good coral around the headland and an abundance of reef fish and turtles. Although we could not find anything too special out there today. We spent an hour or so just exploring the two reefs and sitting out on the beach finishing off the tan to get us through the winter.

After this, we headed back to the Condo ready for our evening plans.

Feast At Mokapu

The Feast at Mokapu is the latest Luau to open up on Maui. Hosted by the Andaz Mau and ultra-high-end luxury resort, the Luau offers the kind of up-scale experience not seen before on the island, or anywhere really as far as Luaus go. This is Fine-Dining meets Luau and has a Ticket price that would rival some of the finest restaurants in the world.

at over $280 per person to say we had high expectations was an understatement!

We headed over on foot to the Andaz is not overly far from our resort. The Entrance and Foyer of the resort are very plush indeed and it felt very nice to walk into the hotel. The room rates here are simply eyewatering so it’s not often we get to look around.

Finding the Luau was tricky as it’s about as far from the lobby as possible. Heading down various staircases past the tiers of cascading pools then right around the main pool and through a restaurant just to get to the Luau. In hindsight, the walk up the Beach Path would have been much easier but kate was wanting to wear shoes not exactly cut out for beach trekking.

The grounds for the Luau were absolutely gorgeous. And after checking in, getting our welcome drink, and being seated fairly near the front and centrally, we started off exploring the grounds a little.

There was a Free Digital Photo included in the $280 and there was no Queue for them, so we jumped at the chance and got out photo taken. We were really happy with the bright and dreamy end products and it beat our selfies hands down. The next stop was the bar.

There was no menu but the Bar was hosted by proper bartenders who would recommend drinks and rustle you up anything you would like, assuming they had the ingredients, which were pretty limited. But they managed to make us some great drinks.

The meal was 3 courses and came during interludes in the excellent show. It was one of the best Luau Meals we have eaten, but still a stretch at $280. Again the show was good but it wasn’t anything we had not seen elsewhere in Maui and a few levels short of Old Lahaina.

We fo REALLY in-depth on the Luau in our full review so won’t go on here. But we had a great night. Left well staffed, well entertained, and a little squiffy from the open bar!

Full Review of the Feast at Mokapu

The walk back to the Condo in the cool evening air was wonderful. The moon was full and incredibly bright. I had made sure my Astro photos had been taken earlier in the trip as I knew the moon was coming. But it was so bright walking through the Resort was almost daylight! This bode very well for a little astronomical treat we had coming up tomorrow!

Back at the condo we just relaxed and had a few more drinks before heading off to bed ready for our last full day in Paradise.

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