New York CityPASS Review – Is The New York CityPASS Worth It In 2023?

If you are planning on visiting a number of attractions while you are visiting New York an Attraction Pass can be a very good way to save some money. One of the passes on offer is the New York CityPASS. Despite promises of Massive Savings and Skip the Line Privileges we actually hear quite a bit of negative chatter about attraction passes in New York so we decided to spend some time in New York armed with a New York CityPASS to see what the score really is. Here is our New York CityPASS Review, Hands-On so you can decide if the New York CityPASS is the right Pass for you. So, is the New York CityPASS Worth it?

New York CityPASS Review 2023

There are a number of different passes available in New York we have reviewed many of them. If you want to see what other passes are available and if one of the other passes suits you BETTER, see our comparison review here

  • Product: New York CityPASS
  • Price: $129 (18+)
  • Price Child: $109 (6-17)
  • Where to Buy:
  • Number of Attractions: choose 5 of 8
  • Time Limit: 30 consecutive days
  • Expiry: 365-Day Risk-Free Returns
  • Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ – 4.5/5 Stars

Attractions Included:

  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Attractions


The New York CityPASS Is a really good Pass for New York. It offers all the Marquee attractions and at one of the lowest price points. While the number of attractions are limited, It skips the overpriced fluff and just provides the very best New York attractions at a very attractive price. It is simple to use and gets you quicker entry to almost all the attractions on offer. The pass is best suited to first-time visitors and it adds great structure to get out and see most of the City. Probably our most recommended Pass and we love the same day return to the Empire State Building Experience at Night.

What is the New York CityPASS:

Is The New York CityPASS Worth It In 2022?

The New York CityPASS is the “Official” Attraction pass for New York. The Pass allows users to access 6 of New York’s best attractions for one fixed low fee, potentially saving over $100 or 40% compared to buying separately.

The Pass is a Digital Pass and you simply Scan the QR Card Directly from your phone or printout and you are in the attraction. With the CityPASS, the attraction line-up is pretty rigid with only minimal choice. But the Attractions are some of the best in New York and are some of the most visited. If these are the attractions you were planning on seeing any way the Pass can save you a heap of money.

Aside from a purely financial incentive, there are also a number of other ways the CityPASS is beneficial. It is also one of the most keenly priced of New Yorks’s Attraction Passes and gives you a great taste of what the City has to offer for what is really quite a small outlay.

*NOTE – We purchased our CityPASS’s personally and were not provided free of charge in exchange for a review. For impartiality, we always purchase products to test ourselves. 

How Does the Pass Work?

New York CityPASS Digital

The CityPASS is now a Digital Product and the old booklets have been retired. After Purchase, the Pass is emailed to you and can be used directly from your phone or you can print the Pass out and use it that way. We suggest both just in case of any tech malfunctions or flat batteries.

The Pass is now essentially a QR Code that is scanned at each attraction, for most attractions the pass simply acts as your ticket but there are a few complications such as pre-booked time slots and reservations which we address when we look at each attraction.

Overall the pass is super simple to use you simply pull it up on your phone, or whip out the paper copy and scan it at the attraction. It really couldn’t be easier.

We have also reviewed the Cutdown version of the CityPASS, the New York C3 Pass. With the C3 you only have the choice of any 3 attractions from a list of 10. Perfect for those planning short trips or who only want to visit a few attractions.

<<< read our New York City C3 Pass >>> 

New York CityPASS C-ALL Pass

  • Price: $189 (18+)
  • Price Child: $139 (6-17)

There is also the new C-ALL Pass. This is a bumper 10 attractions pass where you can visit all 10 attractions on the list:

  • Empire State Building –
  • Top of the Rock Observation Deck
  • Ferry Access to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
  • 9/11 Memorial & Museum
  • The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
  • Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises
  • Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
  • Guggenheim Museum
  • City Cruises
  • Edge at Hudson Yards

This is a really impressive lineup and could really turn your trip into one that is really unforgettable. The original CityPASS line-up was very museum heavy but this leans toward more fun sightseeing attractions as well.

Annoyingly you do lose the American Museum of Natural History though!

Attractions included on the New York CityPASS

The attraction lineup is pretty solid, but it lacks many choices. There first three are set choices and then there are either-or choices for the last 3. Other Passes offer a lot more choices and you can make up any itinerary you choose. This is not the case with the CityPASS.

However, while the lineup is strong, It is a little heavy in the Museums, so if these are not your thing you may find the other passes to your liking. We really recommend seeing at least one of New York’s amazing Museums, but with the CityPASS, you are forced to visit 2 to 3 which may be too heavy for some.

With the Go City Explorer Pass, you can choose as many or as few Museums as you like – Full Review

NOTE – The Metropolitan Museum Of Art has recently removed itself from the Pass. This is a big loss and we are really upset to see this go. While it’s a big loss to the CityPASS, it has also been removed from all other New York Passes so it does not affect the competion

Empire State Building Experience – $74

New York Skyline Empire State Building

The Headline attraction and one we simply never miss on our trips to New York. The Empire State Building is utterly iconic, and standing on top of it gives us a feeling we do not get many other places in the world.

The Concrete Jungle sprawls out below in a mesmerizing and awe-inspiring way. This is just a place we can visit over and over. The best feature of the CityPASS is the bonus day and night visit. It is hard choosing whether to visit the Empire State during the day or night the views are stunning at both times but completely different. We simply could not choose! With the CityPASS, you don’t have to.

The Pass offers same-day evening returns. So head on up in the morning and then go about your day, before returning before close, after dinner maybe and head back up to see the city in its evening dress!

Read more about the Empire State Building Here

The Empire State Building requires you to book your slot ahead of time, this is done via the CityPASS Website here

American Museum of Natural History – $39

The American Museum of Natural history is an incredible Showcase of the Natural World. Inside this cavernous facility is the complete history of the planet’s (and beyond) existence. Huge Lifesize Diaroamas depict the current diversity of life on the planet while the Fossil Halls host some of the best Dinosaur Skeletons ever recovered.

The Oceans are brought to life in the Hall of Ocean Life, while Earth sciences are represented in the geology and meteorite halls. There is so much on display and you can spend hours exploring the exhibits. Even Kids will be enthralled with the Giant Dinosaurs that appear in the Fossil Halls. All the Favorites, T-Rex, Triceratops, and Stegosaurus are all present, there is even a gigantic Titanosaur on Display one of the largest land animals ever to exist.

Plus it’s the filming location of Night at the Museum!

We really love the Natural History Museum, but it is not everyone’s idea of a perfect New York Experience. As it is one of the Chosen attractions if the Museum is not floating your boat it might be worth looking at alternative Passes!

Reservations are required, book here

Top of the Rock Observation Deck – $43.55  or Guggenheim Museum – $25

The Guggenheim museum is pretty special but for us, it’s not up there with the Top Of The Rock. We are pretty museum’ed out by now and while the MOMA may have been a tougher choice the Rock has arguably the best view in New York. As such we can’t miss this one out.

With a Day and Night Visit to the Empire State Building already in the bag, the perfect choice here is Sunset! Simply ask when booking your ticket for the best time for Sunset and the assistant will let you know. This way you get to see the best view in Manhattan by day, you get to see the sky color up and enjoy the Golden Hour before watching the lights start to come on and see New York Sparkle.

Honestly, the Top Of the Rock at Sunset is unmissable! The Guggenheim…less so

Advance reservations are recommended, but not essential, you can easily book your slot while in the City, but as the option is available online why not make use of it! This is not available on other Passes and you have to book your slot at the Box Office!

Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island – $24  or   Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises -$37

Statue of Liberty

Really this is a tougher choice, as getting to see the Statue up close is an unmissable attraction but how you go about it is a tougher question.

Really the Circle line cruise is probably the better option, it has superior views, is more comfortable, and sails a much better route than the Island Ferry, however, we take the Liberty Island ferry every time. Why?

Because you actually land on the island. This gets you as close to the statue as possible and is not just sail by. It’s another Iconic must-do. No New York trip is really complete without visiting Liberty Island. As an added bonus the Statue Ferry also lands on Ellis Island where you can visit the free Ellis Island immigration museum. Millions of Americans landed here in the early days of the country and many can trace their ancestry back through this facility!

We found no advantage to pre-booking your ticket and everyone was sent to the same Queue, but the option is there and you may be able to save some time with a Pre-Booked Ticket.

9/11 Memorial & Museum – $28   or   Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum – $36

The Intrepid Museum is a really great location if military hardware is your thing. We love the Museum and it houses some of our favorite jets from recent history, the F-14 Tomcat, Harrier Jumpjet, F-4 Phantom, and of course an A-12 Blackbird (Elon Musks Fav plane too!) On top of this is one of the last Concordes and Space Shuttle Enterprise!

If all that’s not enough it is housed on the flight deck of the USS Intrepid a WW2 Era Aircraft carrier. You get to explore the carrier along with its hangers and flight deck, all with the stunning backdrop of New York City.

We can’t think of much We would miss this for, One thing however would be the 911 Museum. So while it’s upsetting to miss out on the Intrepid with this pass, the 911 Museum is just a must-visit. It is a fairly harrowing place, and the exhibits are extremely powerful in taking you back to the fateful day. The Museum is huge, housed in the old basement of the original buildings.

It’s one of the most moving experiences we have visited and is so integral to the story of the city is needs to be experienced despite the upsetting nature. If you can’t manage it the Memorial Gardens and Reflecting pools are a more comforting place, the rebuilt WTC as backdrop serving as a reminder that the country will not be beaten by terrorism. Young kids in particular might struggle, in which case the Intrepid might be a better bet.

Again with the other Passes, we have looked at, you are not required to make these decisions and can actually visit both! With the NEW YORK PASS, there are no limits at all and you can visit as many attractions as you like for the number of days you purchased.

Intrepid Requires booking at the minute, whereas the 9/11 Museum allows walk-ups but entry is severely restricted and tickets can sell out early, so we advise booking early as this will guarantee you entry.

Total Value of Attractions: $193 – $229.59

As you can see while the available attractions are limited to a setlist they are all absolute marquee attractions. Visiting these will make any trip one to remember, and there is still plenty of time to enjoy the other sights and sounds of New York.

With the Pass costing $129 that is a very substantial Saving. Our recommended Itinerary would cost $211 Dollars bought separately so by using the Pass you save a huge $82 that can be put towards any number of other activities such as a posh meal out or maybe a helicopter tour? Even if you missed an attraction, you would still save so that pass is very good value financially.

However, money is not everything and if the Pass makes the trip worse then the money saved is pointless. A pass should make things better. We look for the ability to Pass Less and See More when deciding if a Pass is worth our time and money.

So we headed to NYC to try the CityPASS in person

Our Testing Strategy

We always test passes in person to see how they actually fare in the City themselves. We visit New York often and normally at the busiest times. We used the New York CityPASS during one of the busiest weeks of the year, just after Thanksgiving when the city is absolutely in chaos. The perfect time to test for any flaws in the Pass due to surging crowds.

Some of this may have changed since the Pandemic and the ability to book online with the pass has increased due to strict social distancing. But as far as we are concerned things will only get better with pre-booked time slots

Day One – Arrival

We landed around 12:00 and began the trek through US Customs. After we breezed through Customs (Yeah Breezed isn’t the right term lol) we got the NJ Transit into Penn Station. Then walked a few blocks to our hotel. After checking in and having a brief refresh we realized it was only 3:00 pm (Not too bad) the skies were clear and bright and we still had time to get the Top of the Rock in before sunset, due at approx. 4:30.

Arriving at the Top of the Rock entrance things were looking hectic. The queue headed all the way down the street and we were all ready to run. We had already fought through insane crowds down Fifth and the chances of getting anywhere near the top before sunset looked pretty unlikely. We were beginning to think the “Nay Sayers” were right. Only we decided to head to the front of the queue to speak to the attendant.

We were instantly ushered inside and toward the ticket desk. We later found out the Queue was for groups so even if we had a regular timed ticket or buying on the day we would not need to queue. At the ticket desk, we were placed in the VIP queue because of the pass. This queue had 1 couple waiting in line so hardly a queue at all. The Ticket line wasn’t horrendous and a pre-paid ticket would have skipped this part altogether. So having a pass cost us 3-5 mins on one of the busiest weekends of the year at the busiest time! and remember the CityPASS was saving us a significant amount of $

Unfortunately, by this time, time was getting away from us. The earliest ticket time would have only just got us up for sunset. And we wanted to get to see Central Park in daylight. A bit of a disappointment but we just booked tickets for another time. You see once you have got your ticket you don’t need to use it. If you miss your time slot, the ticket remains unused and you can just reschedule. Which was pretty cool.  They had also exchanged our Voucher for a Booklet at the same time so that was sorted also. So we had our tickets and our booklets.

At this point, we were unsure about how good the pass was. If we had bought at the attraction we would have taken more time and missed the sunset. A pre-bought timed ticket would have also seen us miss the sunset as we just got there too late (thanks to US Customs) but it would have saved us the time in a queue (5mins max) So all things considered it’s about even. Only remember the 41% $ value we have saved.

So we headed off and enjoyed the rest of our day doing free activities and having some food and drinks. Before heading to bed early…It had been a long day. The forecast was looking great for tomorrow so we decided that tomorrow would be our Downtown day including a Statue Cruise and The 911 Museum.

Day 2 – Downtown (2022 Update)

We were up early, had breakfast in a diner, and then headed off Downtown to get our Statue Cruise booked. This would be an acid test for the pass as it’s the one it gets pretty slammed for. Here is how it went.

The Statue Cruises have changed how they operate and now there is no need for a timed ticket or any kind of reservation. The Pass is your ticket and you simply join the queue for the next available ferry.

Unfortunately, the queue was HUGE! Snaking right around battery park the line was really colossal. However, it took around 30-40 mins until we were on the boat we had arrived before the first ferry had left so the queue had built up pretty badly, but we still got on the first boat and were off the Island.

Clearly, the CityPASS worked very well at this destination. Timed tickets are available and you can reserve through the CityPASS Website, but the timed ticket system was roundly ignored and everyone was just directed into the one and only Queue!

Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island: CityPASS Win

Note: With the CityPASS (and any other) You can’t book and Pedestal or Crown Ticket. If that’s what you want to do then DON’T use the pass for this! Book directly here and do so well in advance. You can still get a pass and do the Circle Cruise which is a great sightseeing cruise and use your pre-booked ticket to access the pedestal or crown. We were not too fussed about the pedestal and crown so were happy to just access the island and park, plus Ellis Island. The CityPASS website and other guides say you can book Crown and Pedestal tickets on the day. But they were sold out by the time we got there and had only just opened. So we really wouldn’t pin your hopes on that.

On to the 9/11 Museum

This is one of the most problematic attractions, however, unlike with the other Passes you can book your arrival time ahead of schedule on the CityPASS Website. If not then you have to use the Pass for the Next Available. This is causing some issues ATM as there are limited amounts available for pass holders. The key is to arrive early and make sure you bag an early slot, or just reserve online.

We Call this a Draw, as you have the exact same opportunities to book your slot early with the CityPASS. But if we are comparing walk-ups the pass is problematic becasue if you arrive late on a busy day you can’t get in at all!


Top of the rock Sunset 3
Central Park from the Top Of The Rock just before Sunset 

As the day broke it was clear it was going to be another beautiful day! So what could be better than spending the day atop iconic skyscrapers viewing one of the most dramatic cityscapes in the world!

Reservations are now needed for the Empire State and these can be booked online. However, even those without reservations were allowed in NY to book a reservation there and then on the ticket machines. We even saw people in the queue booking their slots on their phones. We had been organized and booked ahead of time, so waltzed straight t the front of the queue.

Another Draw, is the Pass now offers the exact same opportunities as buying separately, except you save a heap and you get the FREE same day night time entry.

The day before while in the area we had popped back to the Top of the Rock while doing other things in the area, to Book Timed Tickets for the top in time for Sunset. If you are not sure exactly what time to book to be at the top for sunset? well simply ask! The Staff gets this all the time and they know the Rock better than anyone and will get you up there, on time, no problem.

Getting the timed ticket was a very quick process again using the city pass VIP line to get it changed. Then after spending the day enjoying the Chelsea district and a few Bloody Marys, we returned to the Top of the Rock at our allotted time and got to the top for an incredible sunset view of the city. It’s such a great time to view it. We found the pass to be neither a great hindrance nor a massive benefit. The VIP queue was very fast so getting access to that was a bonus. But the main queueing for the Top of the Rock was done while getting up there and there was no way to skip this with any ticket.

So It’s a narrow CityPASS win …only…

After dinner and drinks, it was time to utilize another big CityPASS perk! the Same day returns to the Empire State Building experience. Use your CityPASS to go to the top and then you can return after 8 pm the same day for a FREE nighttime trip to the top. This is an incredible perk and seeing the city at night was amazing if a bit chilly in December!

Empire State Building night

<<< Read more about the different observation decks in New York Here >>>

DAY 4 – Museums

Day 4 dawned with low clouds and poor visibility and drizzle. Had we pre-booked some of the attractions like the Top of the Rock or Statue Cruise like we had been advised to by “travel forum experts” We would be stuck doing them in poor weather while we had wandered around indoor museums in beautiful clear crisp bright weather. The Flexibility of the pass really showed here as we were able to avoid the unpleasant weather inside the museums.

Having a pass for the American Museum of Natural History was a bit of a letdown. It basically made no difference at all. everyone queued up the same to get tickets to get in. We did get free entry to all paid extra exhibits at the AMONH which was a nice touch.

It’s a shame there was no queue skipping here but having the CityPASS certainly didn’t hurt in any way.

American Museum of Natural History – Draw (although we did get the free exhibit)

Summing Up

So let’s look at the scores based solely on the speed of entry and ease of use.

  • Empire State Building Experience: Draw
  • American Museum of Natural History: Draw
  • Top of the Rock Observation Deck: Pass Wins
  • Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island: Draw
  • 9/11 Memorial & Museum: Draw

Basically, with the new measures in place in New York, there is almost NO difference between Buying a Pass and booking Separately in terms of ease and convenience. When reservations are REQUIRED they are required for all not just people with a Pass, and where Walk-ups are allowed the pass usually helps a little, and if not it makes NO difference, apart from the Top Of The Rock where you get the VIP Queue.

So as far as experience goes while there is little advantage to the CityPASS, there is really no downside. So if you ignore the cost saving the Pass is still worth having…

…The pass, however, IS NOT THE SAME PRICE, and the cost savings cannot be ignored.

So is the New York CityPASS worth it?

Manhattan Skyline

By purchasing the New York CityPASS you can save up 41% depending on what attractions you visit. That’s a max of $92+ ($96+for children) or $72 ($69 Children) if you use our suggested Itinerary It’s a sizeable saving. and for a Family of 4, that’s $282!

So by Purchasing a CityPASS you are saving a whole heap of money and improving your trip by reducing queuing times and getting more for your money. Not to mention the more subtle benefits of Ease of budgeting and cost spreading. In our opinion, the CityPASS really does let you See More and Pay Less!

We really struggled to criticize the experience. Apart from not being able to book Pedestal and Crown tickets for the Statue. But we were not too bothered about this. The crown is not a Great experience more of a thing to say you have done, and then from the pedestal, you lose the view of the one thing you have come to see…the statue of liberty!

Overall we completely feel the pass was worth it. It is one of the cheapest passes available and covers all the best attractions. We never felt rushed to get to all the attractions on our short trip and really loved the flexibility it offered. We would not hesitate to use this pass again.

This, of course, all assumes the attractions that are on offer are what you want to see, you should never see an attraction because it’s on the Pass. You should only Buy a Pass because it covers the attractions YOU want to see. To read more about other New York Passes, Our New York Passes Comparison Guide Covers all the big New York Passes. There are certainly many more options on these passes and some of the newer glitzier experiences are available, Such as the Edge, Hop-on Hop-Off Buses, or the Ride, if the Museums are really putting you off the CityPASS then you will find your happiness on the other passes!

It is critical you get this right so take some time to compare the passes and see which suits you best.

Where to Buy the New York CityPASS?

New York CityPASS very rarely has deals or offers so it is best to buy directly from their website. I have provided a link below. We recommend getting an Email Voucher to Print at home but they are happy to send out the booklets for a small fee, which may save you from queueing to get it changed depending on which attraction you visit first.

<<< Buy your New York CityPASS directly here >>>

Have Your Say

We hope you found this review informative. We really tried our best to give the Pass a thorough going over as we read a lot of negativity surrounding them. We honestly found none of this to be founded. Please comment below if you have had a different experience. Also, let me know if you have any questions. Or even if you have just made it to the end of the post!

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  1. Your information is timely! We’re planning on a New Years trip to NYC and I never heard of a CityPASS. Your strategy gave me some good tips on when I should explore certain parts of the city as well. This was a well thought out and helpful post. I will check out the CityPASS!

    • Hi Thanks for the reply and kind words.

      Hope you enjoy your Trip. NYC is such a fabulous City I’m sure you will. We did find the cityPASS Very useful and it saved us quite an bit of money. have a look at my Comparison Review to see if this is the BEST pass for you!


  2. It’s been quite a few years since I have been to NYC and took the whole tour. When I went quite a few years ago I had a friend as a guide so it was a great experience. We didn’t go to any of the museums but we did everything else. Sounds like the pass would be an excellent idea without a guide. Thanks for sharing!

    • Yeah its always great if you know someone who knows the city. First hand knowledge always helps. Its worth saying, Even with a guide the Pass can Still save you up to 41% on entry to attractions so still an option even with a guide?

      Thanks for the comment

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    • That’s great Dan. There is still loads more info for you after day 4 once you have found your flights! It is a really great city visit. Always something to see and do. Hope you enjoy your trip. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Really helpful thanks. I visited New York around 5 years ago and I planning to do that again soon. It’s simply a great city. I must that while the prices you mentioned have increased in comparison to the past, they haven’t increased as much as I was expecting, which is definitely good! I didn’t visit the Air and Space Museum. I didn’t even know there was one, so thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Thanks for the Comment.

      Glad I have alerted you to something new. That’s one of the great things about New York there is always something new to discover. Sorry Yes like anywhere the march of inflation carries on and prices rise. Glad they are not too steep for you though.

      The Intrepid Museum is quite a special one. Its based on a decommissioned Air Craft Carrier (the USS Intrepid) With the Planes lined up on the Deck. Featuring a Concorde, a Blackbird and the Space Shuttle Enterprise! amongst many others, Its quite a line up.

      Hope you enjoy your return trip!

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    • Hi Jed Thanks for the Comment. Glad you enjoyed reading. Please do check back If you are heading into the City. The CityPASS is a great way to see more for less.

  7. A very thorough review, thank you. I have plans to go to New York, not this year but certainly next. I am impressed of the way you really dived into this mission, thanks for doing it it seriously. I guess I will purchase a CityPass when I go there thanks to this review, probably wouldn’t have done that without.

    • Thanks, We really do try and do the best for our readers…but it really wasn’t that much of a chore, tearing around New York having a ball isn’t really work!

      Glad to see you have chosen a pass we were really happy with the way the pas worked. And it saved us quite a lump of cash!

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    • Hi Albert, Thanks for reading. NYC Is a big place but it handles an incredible amount of tourists each year so you will not be alone and will be fine. We can assure you will be such awe at this incredible city there will be no time for nerves when you are there. But being a little nervous before hand only adds to the excitement.

      We are really glad you found the site useful and we are sure you will have an amazing trip.

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    • Hi Amy, It’s a very common theme that people whole live in major tourist destinations never really visit the tourist attractions themselves. But we are sure you will love seeing your own city from this different perspective. Hope you enjoy the Pass.

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    • Hi Rob,

      Thanks for reading, Glad you found the article helpful and useful. Hopefully our review will help you save money and enjoy your trip even more. Hope you have a great time.

  11. Hi Steve, great article! Very detailed. I just finished high school (in Germany) this year so I am thinking about making a trip to the US and NYC might be one of my destinations. Are there any discounts on the New York CityPass for high school or college students?
    Best Regards,

    • Hi Markus, Glad you enjoyed the Article, We so Highly recommend a trip to the USA and we do feel seeing a lot of places in the US is the way to go. USA Road trips are probably our favourite thing in the whole world! NYC Is definitely one of the places you should consider.

      the New York CityPASS does not unfortunately offer further discounts for Students. The official line is they are already heavily discounted so can’t offer any further discounts. But that’s their words not ours.

      Hope you have a fantastic trip, check out the rest of our site for loads more info on other USA destinations!

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    • Hi, Mrangi, Thanks for the comment, Glad you enjoyed our article.

      Agree about the empire state, It’s incredible during the day, but at night it just becomes something else. Its so hard to choose between the two so getting the option of both is a BIG incentive!

  13. Loving the review!

    I couldn’t agree more in that the Pass is definitely a good buy. It can save you a lot of money especially if spending a few days in NY. It’s the exact same in London and in a lot of the world’s biggest cities. It’s also amazing how much money people lose by not taking advantage of deals like this!

    Keep the good city reviews coming! Are you going to add any more?

    • thanks Stephen, the whole concept behind this site was based on a trip to new York. All the TripAdvisor experts told us how a pass was such a bad idea. When we went and used one anyway we couldn’t believe how much we saved and how it improved the trip. So we made it our mission to advise as many people as we could how they can save money and do more on their trips. We are absolutely going to do more city reviews and passes, in fact we just posted our GO Los Angeles Card review today. Feel free to have a look around the site. 

      Glad you enjoyed the review 

  14. I grew up in New York so I know how busy some of these city attraction can be…

    I am surprise that you bypassed the line and the city pass was legit… There are plenty of people on the street selling tickets that claim to do the same and cause you to wait longer then the normal line!

    I have never seen the 911 museum… I had just moved to PA at the beginning of 2001 so I wasn’t in new york and my parents were on vacation but I would love to see what’s on display at the Museum.

    Now it has been a long time since I have been to some of these museum but aren’t some of them free? Don’t they just encourage you to make a donation?

    Sounds like it was well worth it…

    • Hi Salvatore,

      CityPASS is a major multinational company and is certainly legit, its not a man on the street operation! Really that was another advantage of the pass, we could confidently say “no thanks, we are sorted” to the Army of ticket sellers that surround most attractions.

      The 9/11 Museum was an very moving experience. We had know idea just what a great job they had done preserving the legacy of that fateful day. Next time you are in town be sure to check it out. It’s a very emotional place.

      Some of the Museums do offer “free” entry or “pay what you like” entry. However it’s not as simple as they just encourage a donation, you have to make a very specific request to not pay the “suggested donation” and go to a different queue to acquire your “free” entry. This sort of thing is in our opinion not for tourists, which is primarily what this article is aimed at. The “suggested donation” is excellent value considering what’s on offer. We find most tourists will happily pay the “suggested donation” and really it is pretty much expected.

      The “free” or “pay what you like” option is far more aimed at locals or people who really can’t afford the entry (I don’t think that applies to many NYC Tourists! if you can afford the hotel prices…), you have to understand visiting a city and living there is a very different experience. The museums are there for everyone to enjoy and it makes sense for locals and under-privileged to have a way to enjoy the museums. Of course it’s an option for any tourist as well if they want to seek this “reduced fee” out but we don’t think it’s what most tourists would be looking to do.

      Thanks for reading

  15. Hello Steve,

    I have never heard of CityPass and I’m so happy to read your review. I’m planning to go to Visit New York soon and would love to visit those beautiful attractions for the experience. With that said, I will definitely consider purchasing CityPass.

    Also, I’m visiting California in November, do you have any CityPass for that state?

    Thanks for the knowledge. Hope hear from you soon.

    • Hi, Kacie

      We are glad you like the look of the New York CityPASS. We a re sure it will help make your trip to New York Even better. You may like to take a look at what other Passes are available in New York also ?

      Unfortunately there are no Passes for California as a State it’s just too big a place. That said many of the Cities have their own pass. We have reviews for passes in both San Francisco and Los Angeles. And san Diego will be coming shortly.

      Thanks for reading Hope your trip in November is amazing, But as you are visiting California …we know it Will be!

  16. Thanks for the review.
    I am headed to New York soon and I think, based on your review, that it’s not a bad idea.
    I think the only thing that gives me a little pause is that I’m not sure I want to do 5 or 6 tours…..and you said, it’s not worth it unless you do at least 5 That’s the only decision I have to make,
    Your review was very helpful and gave me some insights into the venues, even if I don’t use the City Pass.

    • hi, yeah if you are not going to make full use of the pass then I doesn’t work out great value. Maybe look at one of the other passes available ? See if any of those suit you better ? 

      Glad are review was of help we are sure you will have a great trip it is such an awesome city 

  17. Wow. So many options in the Big Apple. I went there about 5 years ago and did the Empire State, Central Park and spent the rest of the day walking around. I’m going to be back for one day only on 19th of November. Do you have any recommendations for just one day?

    • Hi Dave, A CityPASS is probably not a great idea for a one day visit. However you could always try a CityPASS c3 which gives you the option of just 3 attractions? However that still might be too much for a one day trip.

      As you have already done the Empire State and Central Park, Which are both probably the number one must sees, maybe it would be good to try downtown? The 9/11 Museum is a truly incredible experience (although very sombre and reflective) and that’s set in the shadow of the incredible Freedom Tower. You can also check out battery park with views of the Statue of liberty. Wall Street and Brooklyn bridge also in the area. 

      Read out New York Sights and attractions guide for more info.

      Shame you are just a week early for New York’s Christmas Switch on as Christmas in New York is really magical.

  18. I’ve always wondered about these kinds of things – it sounds pretty cool!
    My wife and I live close to NYC, so for us it’s more practical and affordable to just park in Hoboken (less than $20 for the day) and take the metro into the city (it’s about $5 round trip). If you live close it can be easier to see the attractions at your own pace, throughout the spring. You can just walk around, and you start to discover a lot of the cool, more under-the-radar type stuff.
    For someone living farther away, especially those flying in, this CityPASS seems perfect.
    P.S. if you’re in the mood for some good Korean food, there are these really cool, speak-easy style places called Turntable Chicken Jazz on 32nd and 33rd. Usually a nice break from the crowds.

    • Hi Jordan,

      Thanks for the input. Our site is mainly targeted to people who are not local to the city as it’s often far more convenient to drive nearby on the weekend as you say, and there is no need to cram stuff in as you can always come back. For people farther afield it’s a bit more essential to pack quite a bit into your trip, it could be a once in a life time thing! The CityPASS is more geared to those people. You may find it worth while should you have any out of town guests though eager to see all the big sights the city has?

      Thanks for the recommendation on food. We are always keen to try out new, cool food. We will be sure to hunt those down next trip.

      Thanks for reading

  19. Great post with lots of brilliant tips about the CityPASS. Sounds like you had a great time researching the pass.

    I did have one question though – I have previously been to cities where the CityPASS is offered (or a similar scheme) but it hasn’t been value for money. This is because some of the attractions that are down as you having to pay for them are actually on a voluntary donation basis if you were to attend the attraction itself. Is this the case for the CityPASS in New York?

    • Hi Alex,

      Thanks for the question, We are interested to know which cities you have found this problem in?

      In New York there are two locations on the pass that are technically “voluntary donations” The New York Met and the Natural History Museum.

      However to all intents and purposes these operate as a priced attraction. The option for Free or reduced entry is really not in place to allow tourists to visit these for free. You will see no mention of it anywhere, and you really have to ask to be able to adjust your “donation” at a separate ticket desk.

      The Museum include this option as the public collections are very valuable culturally and should be open to everyone even those unable to afford the entry. It’s not there so tourists can save a few bucks. So yes if you really wanted you can save on your trip this way. But as visitors it would have made us feel very uncomfortable Hunting out the donations desk and demanding FREE entry. Like refusing to tip, You could save a lot of money not tipping…it’s not very nice though.

      As we say over here it’s just not Cricket 

  20. This CityPass seems like a great deal. I love the way you gave us your day to day actions in NYC using the CityPass and then scored it. I have a quick question though…what if you don’t use all of the vouchers? Do they expire? Could I use them later? and Are they transferable? What if I wanted to use some but pass the rest on to someone else?

    • Hi, Shannon. Unfortunately the Vouchers expire 9 days after first use (not purchase). So really if you are not planning on using enough of them to make the pass good value then it’s not a great idea to buy the pass. The vouchers are not transferable, but really there is nothing stopping someone else using the voucher assuming you are withing the 9 day validity period. They are not named and no one checks ID or anything.

      But really we only advise buying the pass if you are confident you are going to get use of it. 

      Thanks for reading

  21. I have yet to visit NYC, but we are planning a family trip there next summer. The CityPASS seems like a no-brainer to me. What a great way to see the city. Not only is it a good value, but as someone who has never been, it’s a great way to know which attractions to visit. So for me, it serves a dual purpose. The CityPASS basically tells me what the main attractions are, and gives me a great deal on actually visiting them. I appreciate you sharing this review, it’s very timely for me.

    • Hi Steve & Kris,

      Yes the pass does have a good dual purpose beyond the obvious advantage pf just saving money. The structure and purpose the Pass provides to your visit is very helpful along with the impressive money savings. We really do think the CityPASS is a really good pass for visiting New York City.

      Thanks for reading

  22. Yes! I had a comparative to this when I was studying abroad in Britain, and it was definitely worth the money. I went to a lot of places over a period of a couple of weeks, so it’s good for someone that doesn’t just want to ride a tour bus and see everything, but also have time to stop and take in the sites. Then climb on the next bus and continue on from there.

    • Hi Jenn,

      We have used the Go London Cards when we visit London as well as when we visit US City’s. We always find they help save money and provide good structure to our trips. We are glad you feel the same.

      Thanks for reading.

  23. Thank you for your very thorough review of the NYC city pass. I also appreciated you took the time to update some information as well. I am happy you did the research on the value. For example if I were oh to do three or four of the attractions, it is not worth it. That helps with the planning process.

    I have been to NYC, but mostly to see broadway shows. I was in Barcelona and I did thee city bus tour, but this was more for transportation and info while on the bus.

    With the NYC city Passs, are you on your own for transportation to get to the areas of interest?

    • Hi Lnovy,

      Glad you found the article useful. Yes unfortunately the transportation between the attractions is down to you. But New York is very easy and cheap to get round and we have a full guide here.

      Thanks for reading.

  24. Great guide to New York City! I lived there for most of my life and have done some of these things despite not having a City Pass. Now, that I’ve read your article I will use CityPASS next time I’ll visit New York City. I never realized it offered such great value for a visit to the city and be able to get a complete experience of NYC.

    • Hi,

      We love hearing from locals who appreciate our articles and agree the Pass is worthwhile. Shows we are on the right track. We really do like the CityPASS as the advantages of if really do help with your trip. And saving money is always nice. Hope it helps with your next trip back the City.

      Thanks for reading.

  25. Very interesting article!

    I have several questions…

    1. I understand that you pre-purchase the pass. But… do you have to go to the particular viewing on certain days? When you purchase the pass do you have to plan an itinerary with dates, times, etc.?

    2. When you purchase the pass, does it notify you if an exhibit may be closed on a certain day? If you get to your destination and it is closed for some odd reason, are you offered a refund?

    The pass definitely appears to be the way to go from a money aspect and is definitely something that I will look into on our next visit. I was just curious about the above questions! ((:

    • Hi Misty,

      No their are no pre set days/times that you need to use the pass. Simply arrive at the first attraction when ever you please, from then on you have 9 days to use all the attraction tickets. But the order and timing is completely up to you. You can use all the tickets in one day or spread them out however you see fit, we always mix the itinerary up with other things we want to see and do in the City. For example on our Museum day we spent a few hours in-between exploring central park and have a Deli Lunch picnic (in December!).

      We find most of the attractions are open almost every day of the year with only a few exceptions (Christmas day..etc…) You are very unlikely to find the attraction closed. Should it be closed for weather reasons then you can always try another day within the 9 day period.

      Unfortunately the only refund option is if the Pass is completely unused. Such as if you trip is cancelled or there is a severe weather event such as the current Snow and very cold temps! If the pass is unused then you can claim a full refund within a year of purchase. However once you have used the first ticket you can’t claim a refund, but in that case your trip is probably going ahead as planned.

      Hope that helps it’s not a perfect returns policy but pretty fair on most counts.

      Thanks for reading 

  26. I visited New York a few years ago and i’m planning to go again because we didn’t get around to seeing everything.
    If we had a pass to help us skip the queues we might have got around to everything haha. This pass is so useful! I’m glad there is a smartphone version as well, it saves having to rummage in my bag for the booklet. Thanks for your review!

    • Hi Thea,

      Such a shame you have to go back again! that must be such a chore for you 😉 lol While we haven’t tried the smartphone version yet we have used similar systems on rival Pass’s and they work really well and are very convenient so it’s good to see CityPASS updating their offering. Hope your next trip to New York is everything you hope it to be and the pass helps you to see everything you missed last time!

      Thanks for reading

  27. I’ve always regarded CityPasses as a good buy! We bought it for London and as you mentioned, it was worth it, the money saved along with time queued being lesser. Thanks for the extensive review…should I find myself going to New york, I will definitely get a City pass. Was there also a restaurant list included in the pass (probably discounts on food, too? Sorry, I love food but I love it more when they offer great deals! haha)

    • Hi Marie,

      Yes we have yet to be really disappointed with a City pass. We find the advantages outweigh the negatives even before you factor in the cost saving, which is not to be ignored. There are no restaurants included on the pass but there were many money saving vouchers included in the back of the booklet. These are seasonal and ever changing so didn’t feel it relevant to report but you can save quite a bit. But to be honest we didn’t use any as we chose our food based on what we fancied not based on vouchers, we had many vouchers from different sources but none seemed to match our dining habits. There are plenty of ways to eat cheap in New York though. Look out for happy hours and other deals. New York is a thriving City and competition for restaurants is rife so there is always some deal or other to be found!

      You may like our New York Food Guide?

      Thanks for reading

  28. Hi, 

    Travelling is one of our biggest passions as a family. As such we usually spend months preparing out trips in advance. It’s great to read how your trip actually went and how to get about the city and how to organise the itinerary. Great to read you actually have tried the pass. Most of these reviews sound as if they have never even been to the city let alone tried a pass!

    Next trip we will definitely look at getting a citypass as the savings sound great. 

    All the Best!!!

    • Hi,

      Yeah we seem to be perpetually planning our next trip. Sometimes we are planning the one after before we have even taken taken out next trip lol The CityPASS is great at helping you plan and organise a trip, and yeah the cost savings are pretty good too. 

      Thanks for reading, hope your next trip to NYC is amazing.

  29. Hi

    Great Information on the New York City Pass.

    New York has so many great attractions and knowing that you can see most of them with a simple pass is appealing to all budding tourists.

    Did you have a specific favourite spot in New York? I have always wanted to go there.

    I look forward to some of your future posts.


    • Hi Chris,

      Hope you get to go to new York soon it is an incredible place. We do feel the Pass is very appealing for first time visitors especially but most people can make use of a pass. We still do and will be using a pass for our upcoming November trip.

      No, we don’t have a single favourite spot in New York. There are just so many incredible experiences we really would struggle to pick out a favourite. The View from the observation decks are astounding. Central Park is such an iconic location it takes you breath away. And the roof top bars are just outrageous. The whole city is just so famous even little things are special there like eating Pizza Slices, or just crossing a road dodging the yellow cabs.

      Kate would be very upset if I didn’t mention the Rockefeller tree at Christmas time as that was probably her favourite Travel experience to date!

      Thanks for reading


  30. I’ve been planning on going to New York for a while now. But so many things have gotten in the way that I had almost forgotten about it.
    But now, after I read your review I realize I need to go back to planning this trip with my husband.
    The New York City Pass seems to be a perfect option for us since the attractions are pretty much what we wanted to explore there besides doing some shopping and watching a couple of Broadway shows.
    Thank you so much for such a detailed review. I’m bookmarking it.

    • Hi Eliane,

      So glad our article has rekindled your desire to take a trip to New York. We are sure you will not regret it. It is such a fantastic City and really one that live up to all its considerable Hype. Hope you find the New York CityPASS Useful and it help make your trip even better. Please feel free to report back after your trip to let us know how it went.

      Thanks for reading


  31. Was interesting reading your review of the citypass as we used one of these in November 2015. We were only in town over 3 short days but found the pass a great way to see everything.

    From your review, it seems that you did pretty much the same as us by localising the days in Downtown, Midtown and Upper. We found this an ideal way to avoid spending precious time travelling everywhere.

    Great review and definitely worth investing in if you haven’t been to New York before or simply want to do it all again.

    • Hi, Adam,

      Sounds like a similar experience to our in using the CityPASS. It is definitely sensible using the grouping method so see attractions in similar locations. other wise you are travelling to and fro from places. Glad you agree it is well worth the money as we do too.

      Thanks for sharing your experience.


  32. Hi Steve,

    I went to London a few years ago and bought their London Pass which appears to be very similar to city pass for New York. The London Pass included a few attractions in the price but it also includes some excellent coupons to restaurants and an extensive guidebook. Does the city pass include any extras besides the attractions?



    • Hi Tony,

      Yes the pass is very similar and some London Passes are actually provided by the same companies as the USA City Passes. Yes there are several vouches included in the back of the pass booklet. These change regularly so best left as a little surprise for you when you purchase the pass.

      To be honest we didn’t really use them as they were not places we wanted to eat and that’s key for us no point eating somewhere just because you have a voucher if you would prefer to eat elsewhere

      Thanks for reading.

  33. Until I read this, I never knew city passes were even a thing. It seems like if the attractions included are the ones you want to see, it’s a great way of saving money. I appreciate how thoroughly you researched this, and that you went during a busy time. This really was beautifully detailed.

    • Hi Avareth,

      Thanks for the kind words. we hear quite a lot from people that they are not aware that City passes are available for the cities they want to visit or even at all.

      Thanks for reading

  34. This is just the kind of information we needed when visiting Los Angeles a while ago. We ended up getting on a bus to the ‘bad lands’ and had to find our way home after disembarking in a very grim area.
    I only wish we had a similar knowledge for an LA city pass. I presume all major cities in the US have this system.
    Anyway, as we’re thinking of a visit to NY we will definitely be looking at this city pass you’ve reviewed. The attractions included are exactly what we would wish to see. I particularly like the fact that having a ticket will likely put you in the shortest queue! Thanks for your efforts.

    • Hi Ches,

      Yes it is quite possible to get into the wrong part of L.A and feel pretty intimidated. Only a few weeks ago our SatNav through a fit and took us through the mean streets of Compton. Glad we were in our car and not on a bus though! 

      Yes there is indeed a Go Card for Los Angles you can read all about it here – LA Go Card Review

      Hope you get to NY soon. If you like L.A you will love New York, such an incredible city with so much to see and do. The pass really helps add structure to a trip and should stop you wandering off into “badlands” although New York is a very safe city nowadays.

      Thanks for reading 


  35. I love this website! Thank you so much for taking the time to actually experience the City Pass before writing about it! Reading the sales pitch on the NYC website is one thing, hearing about it from people that have actually used it is another! I only wish I would have known about this before I went last year. The value looks like it definitely would have been worth it. Now if only they will come out with a pass to see the shows on Broadway…

    • Ahhhh, yes a pass to see Broadway shows would be excellent. We tend to gamble on the Half price Ticket Booths but they are a little hit or miss!

      Glad you like the sound of the Pass but sorry you didn’t hear about it in time. We really do hear about that often!

      Thanks for the kind words, Glad you like what we are doing. Too many people write reviews for these passes without trying them out and they miss the real pros and cons that you only work out when you have them in hand! It’s a tough Job, having to visit amazing place and see amazing things, But I guess someone has to do it!

      Thanks for reading


  36. Your review of the CityPass comes at a great time as we are considering a trip to NYC next summer. Our family has never been and am happy to hear that the CityPass includes several of New York’s most popular tourist attractions as well as a few museums.

    At $126 per pass, this will be an affordable option for us. I also appreciate that you don’t have to go on a specific date allowing you to be a bit more flexible with plans.

    I’m curious, you mentioned you went in December, were you able to visit Rockefeller Center? It is supposed to be amazing in December.

    • Hi Gina,

      Glad you like the sound of the Pass, we do think it’s perfect for a first time trip. We are sure you and your family will have a fantastic time on your first trip. The pass does give a really good well rounded experience. It is also one of the best priced pass’s too.

      Yes, we absolutely went to the Rockefeller and it was utterly amazing. Actually I think we went about 5 times at least! We loved the whole area the tree the Ice the Light shows on Saks. It’s just fantastic. The only down side was the 100,000’s of other people who were also enjoying it. It was unbelievably busy. 

      We have this Photo printed out on a 3 foot canvas on our wall!

      Thanks for reading and hope you have a great trip


  37. I’ve been to NYC a few times, and I didn’t even realize they had a 911 museum. I think I’ve been avoiding that part of town, but now I really want to check it out. It seems like between that and the MET, this City Pass could be a really good deal. Thanks so much for sharing your trip details.

    • Hi Jamie,

      The World trade center area is definitely worth checking out it’s a very interesting part of the City. Lots to see and do down that way. Glad you feel the Pass is good value! Hope you get back to New York Soon and try our the Pass.

      Thanks for reading


  38. I used to live in NYC and currently live in Westchester about a half hour to the north. From your comprehensive and thorough review it sounds like the citypass is quite a bargain. I know what these places normally charge from when out-of-town friends have come to visit and it kills them (and me) how expensive things are here. New York has always been one of the most expensive cities in the country and I’m glad you’re spreading the word on how to visit the popular sites as quickly as possible. Another way to experience NY on the cheap is by check events listed on Time Out New York. Are you familiar with the site?

    • Hi Lynn,

      Great to hear from a Local. We often recommend passes to locals. As you say they come in handy when you have out of town guests. We know locals rarely visit the tourist attractions but if you want to show friends and family around they normally want to see the sights. The pass is a great way to help ease the financial burden of this!

      There are many ways to get cut price tickets to things, we find if you are planning on quite a few getting the pass helps cut down the leg work trying to track down offers on everything. One Pass Job done. Of course if your itinerary is more sparse then it’s great to look for discounts on websites such as Time Out. 



  39. Steve,

    That was a very interesting and adventurous read. I am glad that you tried out the pass when New York is busiest. To be honest, I have always wanted to visit New York around the winter so that I could see all of the shop window displays.

    The pass seems like a great option, especially if you are traveling with family. Even if it didn’t really help with the museums, it did seem to have some clear benefits.

    Thanks for the great information.

    • Hi,

      New York is utterly magical at Christmas time. We heartily recommend it to everyone. We are going back again this year and just can’t wait!

      While the pass didn’t really help with the museums it didn’t hinder and it DID save us a considerable sum of money overall so it still had great benefits. Glad you like the pass.

      Thanks for reading



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