Best New York Helicopter Tours 2023 – The Manhattan Skyline from the Air

New York City has one of the most dramatic, and recognizable skylines in the world. The Manhattan Concrete jungle, rising up from its island home, lapped by the steely cold Hudson waters. It is a sight not easily forgotten. Getting the best view of this iconic cityscape is from the Air and the easiest and most convenient way of getting airborne is with a Helicopter tour. A New York Helicopter tour does not come cheap, however, and with stiff competition, you need to be sure you are choosing the right tour for your needs.

Best New York Helicopter Tours 2023

We take a look at all of the Best New York Helicopter tours in 2023to help you find which New York Helicopter Tour best suits your needs and budget. There are many operators vying for your money, but it mostly boils down to 3 simple tours and all are fairly evenly matched in terms of price and duration. We take a look at exactly what each operator offers and the advantages and drawbacks of each, along with taking a look at what exactly to expect, Safety, and if you really should drop such a large sum of cash for only a few minutes of excitement.

What to Expect?

FlyNYON Money Shot

For this section, we will focus on the tours departing from lower Manhattan but the experience from Jersey would be similar just some of the flight time would be taken flying to Manhattan. 

After Arriving at the heliport you will be weighed. This is essential for the pilot to calculate the correct weights and balances for the flight. It is not designed to shame anyone. It is an essential Calculation needed before ANY flight can commence. Using this data the seat assignment will be calculated. This is done by a computer and won’t be altered due to preference. This can mean some people do not receive the window seat they wanted or are not upfront or in the best location.

This is a major complaint of people who take the tours but the reality is, even from a middle seat you will still get a great view. Couples and groups will also always be seated together.

You will then receive a short safety briefing (we discuss the safety aspect later) and be kitted out with a life jacket. Before being taken out to your aircraft to meet the pilot. You then take your assigned seats before takeoff. Manhattan is an incredibly busy airspace, and the Heliport has many aircraft coming and going all day and interacting with other air traffic, so the pilot will need to talk to Air Traffic Control for your departure slot. Do not worry this doesn’t come out of your flight time. The Chopper will fly a set route as opposed to a specific amount of time.

Once cleared you will leave the helipad and head upwards and out into the harbor giving you one of the most phenomenal views imaginable as Manhattan rears up before you. For the duration of the flight, the Aircraft will remain over the water this is mainly for safety reasons but it means the view is always of the skyline. You first head out over Governors Island before flying low over Liberty island for one of the best views of the statue of liberty.

FlyNYON Hudson Yards

You will then head up the Hudson River with just staggering views of the City out to the right of the helicopter. Depending on the tour you will reach your turnaround point and then the helicopter will return in the same direction giving those on the left of the helicopter the best views. This gives both sides of the aircraft ample time to experience the best views of the city so it’s not so important which side you are placed on.

After flying back down the Hudson you will return to the Helipad after getting an incredible close-up view of the WTC and the Freedom Tower. It’s a hell of a ride and is over so fast. Especially the shorter 12-15 Minute Trips. However, the memory of the views will last a lifetime and the photos and videos you take will drive your friends and family green with envy!

New York Helicopter Tour Routes

FlyNYON Statue of Liberty

The Basic Routes are all fairly similar. Only FLYNYON routes differ substantially from the normal flight paths. We have listed the rough standard routes below. The reason for the standardization of routes is safety, and this is mandated by the FAA for helicopter tours departing from the downtown Manhattan Heliport. More on this later

Is A Helicopter Tour Right for Us – Things to Consider?

There is no doubt a Helicopter tour of Manhatten is a very high-value ticket item. Even the Cheapest tours provide very little change for $300 per person. That is money that could provide a whole heap of fun or a few very fantastic meals. $300 could buy you a 7-Day attractions pass that covers just about every sight and attraction in New York, alternatively, it could buy you 12 minutes aboard a helicopter!

Naturally, a helicopter tour isn’t going to be for everyone. We hear a lot of people who are disappointed with the tour after such a huge outlay. This is normally because of unreasonable expectations. That is why we detailed exactly what to expect above so you will be forewarned of what your money is buying!

Really a Helicopter tour is the ultimate in travel experiences. It’s perfect for those wanting to experience everything. A great lifetime memory for a honeymoon or a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Big Apple. While we have pointed out you can get an awful lot for the money, that does not make it a poor value choice.

If you look at it purely for cost per minute it’s terrible value but it isn’t that simple. What you are getting for each of those minutes can simply not be experienced any other way. The view from the helicopter is like no other and it is an experience you will remember for a lifetime. It is a real bucket list Item.

Also, for people who are on a very short timeframe but want a fantastic tour splashing a large amount to tour the City from the air is a great way to maximize trip time. Even if you are only there for one day after seeing the Manhattan Skyline from the Air it will be a trip you will never forget. You will be unlikely to get great value from a Pass so spending big on a single high ticket item is one way to make the trip really memorable.

Obviously, those on a tight budget are probably not best served by taking a helicopter trip. It is such a huge outlay and just not the best use of budget. New York is a very expensive city as it is so blowing a tight budget on a Helicopter tour is not a genius move!

Handling a Fear of Flying?

FlyNYON Central Park

A lot of people are scared of heights and flying and dismiss a helicopter tour out of hand due to this. However, the way a helicopter flies is quite different from normal aircraft. If you have a severe fear of flying then we obviously don’t recommend a helicopter tour. If you are in this category then you will probably not be considering it so safe to say you are not reading this.

If it’s a mild fear of flying, normally the stability of the helicopter does not evoke the same sort of fear airplanes do. We have flown in many light aircraft and not-so-light aircraft and the feeling can be quite terrifying. The climb angles, banking, and bumping around can be very unnerving, the changes in vertical speed can churn the stomach and it is all very unpleasant.

Helicopters don’t work the same way and the platform is far more stable. It feels more like a floating platform and it often doesn’t evoke the same fears in a person as a plane would. Of course, we cannot guarantee there will be no fear but we often hear people with a milder fear of flying have no issues when aboard a helicopter.

Heights is also a common fear that people cite when avoiding helicopter rides. Again severe vertigo sufferers may well be advised to avoid it at all costs. However in a helicopter, like an airplane, a fear of heights is not normally manifested. The enclosed space and extreme height trick the brain into not feeling like you are high at all. I can go to pieces on a ladder, or a tall building, or a clifftop. But in a helicopter, there is no issue at all.

Best Manhattan Tour Operators:

Manhattan Helicopters

New York Manhattan scenic-helicopter tour in new york city

Operating since 2006 this is a long-running established company that has years of experience in providing helicopter tours around Manhattan. Despite this, they are actually one of the new kids! They have a large and modern fleet of bell 407 and 206b helicopters.

Tours Available

Classic Manhattan Helicopter Tour

The Standard basic tour: this quick flight will fly by in no time and can feel like you are getting very little for your money. But it’s actually one of the best tours. The basic tour does hit just about ALL the major sights. Starting off with the Downtown, then views of Brooklyn bridge, Governer Island, Ellis Island, Liberty Island, and of course the statue of liberty. Then as the flight follows the Hudson River, the whole of Manhatten is visible. The Empire State, Times Square, and generally staggering views of the many skyscrapers and buildings of the city. The tour turns around near the Intrepid museum, giving you great views of Central Park before returning and down the Hudson finishing with great views of the WTC and Wall Street.

It really does get the best of New York and you are just not missing out on all that much. Yes, it is an incredibly short time span, and it does fly by, but you really do get a lot of sights to see in that really short ride.

Deluxe Manhattan Helicopter Tour

The Deluxe 18-20 Min tour is basically the same tour as the classic only the extra flight time is used by extending the flight path further up the Hudson River. The main attraction of this is the views of Central Park. While the Classic only gets to the south edge of the park the Deluxe flies the entire length giving you fantastic views. Like the Basic the flight remains over the Hudson you won’t actually fly over the park or any part of Manhattan. but the view from 1,300 feet allows you to see the park fully. The Generally extended flight time makes the tour feel less rushed but actually, you don’t get to see a whole lot more than the Classic.

VIP Manhattan Helicopter Tour

The much longer VIP Tour shows you a lot more of the New York area. The initial loop extends down as far as the Verrazano bridge, with views of Coney Island tracking the Brooklyn shore. It then heads back to pick up the other tours at liberty island. The Hudson river loop is again extended and the helo flies as far as the end of Manhattan island where you will get views of the Bronx and the mouth of the Harlem/east river.

With this tour, there is very little of Manhattan you won’t see from the air and a lot of the other boroughs are covered too. It is a very complete tour and being airborne for up to 30 mins starts to feel like a long trip, unlike the classic that can feel over before it’s begun.

Aircraft – Manhattan Helicopters

Bell 407  – 6 Passenger Helicopter

Seating is typically 5 in the Main Cabin. 3 forward-facing and two flying backward. There is also one passenger seat in the front. This is not really an ideal layout for a helicopter as one person has to sit in the middle and one will be upfront on their own, albeit with the best view of all and access to the rear, it does feel a bit lonely upfront. It can be great for families as you take over the cabin and a nervous child can ride in the middle seat between his parents.

Bell 206b – 4 Passenger

Seating in the 206b is similar but this time it loses the 2 rear-facing seats. So it’s three across the back and one up front. Again this can prove less than Ideal as the middle seat occupant can feel short-changed, but in reality, if you are a couple you will be seated together so you can get close to look out of the window. It can also be a problem as the person riding upfront can feel quite distant from the rear seat occupant. Most of the time the flights will be conducted in the Bell 407 however.

Liberty Helicopters

big apple helicopter tour of new york in new york city

Liberty Helicopters is one of the Largest companies in the area with over 30 years of experience in Helicopter tours. Their large fleets are used extensively for charters and they know the area back to front. They only offer two of the three regular tours and operate mainly A-Star aircraft. Not the most modern helicopter but an absolute workhorse that has millions of safe service hours the world over and is very well suited to tourist service.

Tours Available

The Manhattan Helicopter Tour

Basically the same tour as the Classic Manhattan Helicopter tour from Manhattan Helicopters.

The Big Apple Helicopter Tour

The Empire Helicopter Tour

Basically the same tour as the VIP Helicopter tour from Manhattan Helicopters.

Remember most of the routes are mandated by the FAA and deviations are not allowed

Aircraft – Liberty Helicopters

AS350 AStar – 6 Passenger Aircraft

The Layout of the AStar is perfect for Tourist flights. The four across the back and two in the front are perfectly suited for even number groups. 3 couples will always be seated together giving you lots of personal space and your own window. Of course, the couple that gets to ride up front has won the seating lottery but the seating is staggard so everyone gets a view out the front as well as the side window.

This is a fairly old helicopter model but it has served as a workhorse of the helicopter industry for decades. They are incredibly reliable and a real favorite of pilots.

new york helicopter tour ultimate manhattan sightseeing in new york city

Another long-established NY helicopter company. Their fleet is more modern than the competitors and includes the EC130 Helicopter that is custom designed for sightseeing tours. With the fact, that the tours are basically the same and the prices are all very similar there is not much separating the different companies. As such we normally prefer HeliNY simply for the luxury of the more modern helicopters on offer.

Tours Available

The New Yorker Helicopter Tour

Basically the same tour as the Classic Manhattan Helicopter tour from Manhattan Helicopters.

The Ultimate Helicopter Tour

Basically the same tour as the Deluxe Manhattan Helicopter tour from Manhattan Helicopters.

The Deluxe Helicopter Tour

Basically the same tour as the VIP Manhattan Helicopter tour from Manhattan Helicopters.

New York City Lights

A bit of an oddball this one. It doesn’t fit in any of the above categories and flies out of Linden Airport, the only tour to do so. It appears incredible value a 20 Minute flight at NIGHT for only $244 inc Fees. The downside is you need to head out to Linden Airport and won’t get back into Manhattan until late but it is one of the best value helicopter tours we can find. A small part of the tour will be eaten by the journey time to Manhattan it then follows the classic route but with New York lit up in its evening finary it’s a tour you won’t forget in a hurry!

Aircraft – HeliNY

Bell 407GX – 6 Passengers

The 407GX is a modern and updated version of the 407b operated by Manhattan. To the untrained eye, the aircraft is pretty similar and to the passenger, there is not much difference. It is the same cabin layout and the window layout is identical. But the engine and avionics are vastly improved, and this gives added comfort and safety. These are very modern helicopters and have all the fancy safety features you could wish for in a top-of-the-range passenger chopper.

AIRBUS EC130T2 – 6 Passengers

The Eurocopter is another very modern well-equipped helicopter. The successor to the AStar the EC130 is a fantastic tourist carrier. Like the AStar, it is 4 across the back and two in the front. But it has far superior Avionics and bigger windows, individual seats, and more raised rear seats giving rear passengers a better view. It is our favorite tourist helicopter and would choose the EC130 if there is an option.


FlyNYON Central Park

One thing you may have noticed is that all the above flights are very similar. Similar Prices, Same location, Same Tours. They even have very similar names for the tours. It’s all a bit closed market. There is little to recommend between the companies. And that’s no bad thing really the tours on offer are really incredible.

But FLYNYON is a little bit different. Actually a lot different. They are the only company that makes doors optional! Now if the thought of having no doors, and dangling hundreds of feet above the Hudson leaves you in a cold sweat then maybe give this option a miss. Why No doors? For one it’s a real thrill, a proper adrenaline ride. For another those pesky doors really do limit both the view and the photo opportunities.

Get rid of the doors and you ramp up the fun and get the absolute best photo ops imaginable. This really is THE way to see New York! Your Instagram will never be the same again!

The Downside is you will need to head to New Jersey, which isn’t too bad but the flight time to get to the city means you spend some of your incredibly precious flight time traveling to Manhattan rather than over it. This makes these tours quite a lot more expensive than the flights offered from Downtown Manhattan Heliport.

We recently took a Doors Off Trip with FlyNYON and it was Staggering! Read about it here and check out the video below! We then went back and did it at night and we are not sure we will ever think of the City in the same way!

Tours Available

Unlike most companies the tours are not tied to a set route, The pilot works your route out beforehand so you can see the sights you really want to see. Below we list the full prices but don’t pay these there are regular offers on, see below.

NYC Experience – Doors OFF

  • Duration – 16-19 Minutes
  • Price – From $433 $260

Really, this flight is too short. With the Base of FlyNYON being in Kearny NJ the flight time to and from the City eats up too much of the flight. The flight is used mainly as a teaser to get you to Kearny and sell an upgrade!

NYC Classic –  Doors OFF

  • Duration – 30-33 Minutes
  • Price – From $791 $475

The Classic is the Tour that made FlyNYON’s mark. This is a staggering flight right over the heart of the City getting you up close and personal to every landmark and sight you could want.

NYC Intro – Doors ON

  • Duration – 15 Minutes
  • Price – From $326 $196

Like the Doors Experience, From Kearny, this is just too short a flight.

NYC VIP – Doors ON

  • Duration – 28 Minutes
  • Price – From $658 $395

The Doors are on but the route and flight planning are still the same as other FlyNYON trips so you get much closer to the landmarks than the basic sightseeing tours above.


FlyNYON Uses its own fleet of Bell 206l Long Ranger helicopters. These are great helicopters but have some disadvantages as far as doors-off Flights go. We discuss this in detail in our recent review here.

Saving Money on Manhatten Helicopter Tours

As you can see any helicopter tour is a serious outlay! So saving money on these tours is a big priority for most. Fortunately, there are a few ways to bring the cost down and get better value. It will still be a big outlay but you can reduce the costs, especially when combined with other tours and activities. One of the biggest savings can be with an attraction Pass.

Discount Codes

FlyNYON Regularly offers Discounts on their flight packages. They are the most expensive tour on the list but their unique flight paths make it worth it. However, They are nearly constantly offering huge discounts. Between 40-60% is almost always available and if not, it will be soon.

These codes are often just listed on their page or keep an eye on their Instagram and they normally offer a code for 40-60% off. This puts their prices in direct competition with the Rivals with much better flight paths included.

If you can put up with the trip to Kearny NJ.


Are Helicopter Tours Safe?

One question often asked is are helicopter tours safe. It is a really tough question to answer. As really, honestly, the answer is no. Nothing is completely safe and a helicopter tour is a higher-risk activity than the operators want you to think. These tours do on rare occasions have accidents. Very recent history shows tragedy can and does strike.

But, It is about how risk-averse you are. It is impossible to remove all risks from life. Most accidents in the USA occur at home or on the roads. So you might die if you stay at home or you might die if you leave! As we said Helicopter crashes do occur.  But so do car crashes, often in fact, but we still get in our cars and taxis and unregulated Ubers? Bus crashes happen but no one queries if you should get on a bus. Commercial Planes crash but that does not stop us from jumping on a plane. And as we said, in-home accidents kill thousands every year in the US, but we still err…live in houses! In 2017 over 5,000 people died from choking to death! Even President Bush nearly fell victim to the lethal pretzel!

What we focus on are the incredible Safety precautions the Helicopter companies and Authorities employ to ensure that the flights are as safe as possible. Crash rates are on the decrease and every accident that does occur usually results in a change in procedure and the rules to rule out it happening again. We mentioned previously in this post about the Fixed routes. This is no accident, the FAA Implemented strict flight path rules in and around the Hudson air corridor to almost rule out any chance of a collision. All the helicopters fly the same routes at the same height with set separation to ensure they all know exactly where each other is at any time. This was introduced following a failure in that regard and a collision did occur. So they identified the problem and fixed the issue.

All Pilots are very very extensively trained (Trust me as a trainee pilot (fixed wing) I know how rigorous the training is) They are hugely experienced and trained extensively on all aspects of flight and flight safety. You couldn’t be in better hands. You can’t say the same when you jump in that Uber!

Overall, It would be wrong for us to state that aircraft tours are safe. The last 15 years have seen 3 accidents in and around New York out of hundreds of thousands of flights. The odds are really in your favor, and it’s not something we personally worry about, but if you are very sensitive to risk, it may be an activity to avoid. For us, life is for living and the minuscule odds of an incident occurring are worth the huge life experience of a helicopter tour. Life is very short, and it’s made for living. We would rather go down in a chopper over New York than choke to death on a Pretzel!

However, everyone has their own perception of acceptable risk and for many, the odds may be too high. It is more the perception of danger and the perceived tragedy of dying on holiday that can make it feel like an unacceptable risk.

Weather Issues and Cancellations

Flights will be canceled if the weather is sufficiently poor that the flight would be unsafe. This can involve low visibility, high winds, Snow, Rain, and anything that would affect the safety of the flight. The criteria are pretty low, and lots of flights are canceled. The upside of this is in most conditions that are deemed unsafe the flight would be pretty unenjoyable anyway. If the winds are high enough to cancel, the flight would be terrible bumpy, and uncomfortable, and flying in low vis while dangerous is also very dull. Clouds are not very interesting on the inside!

Different companies have different policies so check carefully what their policy is before booking. Most try to rearrange first and only offer a refund if they are unable to work a reschedule out. Others simply only offer to reschedule and no refunds, a worry on short trips! FlyNYON does not offer refunds but offers insurance to refund in case of bad weather, but will reschedule regardless. New York is susceptible to storms at any time of the year so bad weather cannot be ruled out so make sure you check. We recommend booking early in the trip. No one wants to cancel and get a refund (why book in the first place) so a reschedule is always best and doing the flight early maximizes changes of another possibility!


Most of the tours above fly from the Downtown Manhatten Heliport. This is located at the Southern tip of Downtown Manhattan Island. Easily reachable via Subway or Taxi/Uber and normally on the Hop On Hop Off Bus routes. The Main advantage of tours leaving here is the Instant Gratification. Within seconds of taking off the Skyline is there right in front of you. So ALL of your time is spent taking in the Manhattan Skyline.

Only the Doors Off operator FLYNYON operates out of Kearny Heliport. While this is a chore to get to any part of your precious flight time is spent getting TO Manhattan it’s worth the effort if incredible photography and adrenaline-fueled experiences are your things. If they didn’t offer something so different and appealing we would advise avoiding them but as it’s so unique if it appeals it’s well worth the effort. Use the NJ Transit (Penn Station to Newark Penn Station) to get to the Heliport you will need a Taxi to get you to the Hanger on 78 John Miller Way.

The City Lights tour also operates from New Jersey but from the Linden Airport. The chance to see the City in its nocturnal glory along with the fantastic value this tour offers may make it well worth the effort to get to NJ. Again use the NJ Transit to get there from Penn Station getting off at Linden.

Have Your Say

Let us know in the comments below if you have done an NYC Helicopter tour. Which company did you go for? What tour route? did you enjoy the experience? Please let us know how you got on. We always love to hear from you all. And as ever if you have any questions Just drop us a comment below.

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  1. What a thorough article! I know many wonder if a helicopter ride is worth the money. It does seem that dropping a few hundred dollars for just 12 minutes is excessive, but I think you really showed the worth.
    Here in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe, we have helicopters going all day. I initially was a little irritated with the noise, but I then got to see the value of what a wonderful sight they are being treated to from above the Victoria Falls – and now I don’t begrudge anyone such a life changing view! It must be the same with sights in the Manhattan skyline, I loved the idea of a sunset ride.

    • Yeah it is quite an investment and it’s important to know you are getting value for that money. As a rare treat on the trip of a lifetime it really does provide an experience you can’t forget!

      I am sure Helicopters are more of a nuisance in a place such as Victoria falls, In NYC they kind of blur into the background noise. You can hardly hear them over the cabs honking! But in a wild place such as Victoria Falls they are more intrusive. There are lots of helicopter tours in Hawaii and they are a little more bothersome. But the experience they provide is worth the bother for us! As aircraft geeks we quite like seeing them!

      Thanks for reading


  2. Having never been to the the big apple myself, a helicopter tour would most definitely be on my bucket list, i have only ever see New York on TV and one day hope to visit.

    How far in advance would i need to book in order to do a helicopter tour.


    • Hi Wayne,

      Yeah we often find people who are first timers or taking a once in a lifetime trip are often very taken with the idea of seeing the city from the air. It really does help make it a memorable trip and not something you are likely to forget in a hurry!

      How far in advance depends on a few things. During fairly quiet times you can probably still book on the day, although that is not recommended the flights do not always sell out with such stiff competition. If you are wanting to visit on a particular day or specific time, especially a popular time (sunset?) or if it’s a very busy time of year (Thanks giving) then we advise booking pretty far in advance, at least a month even sooner if it is particularly important. However is exact time and date is more flexible you can leave it later.

      A month tends to be the sweet spot between getting exactly what you want and not having to book too soon. Which can be important as some of their refund policies are less than flexible! 

      Thanks for reading


  3. Gee’s I would love to do this! It certainly is a different perspective of a beautiful city!
    You really explain all the different options thoroughly with great descriptions and pictures.
    A little pricey for the normal traveler on a budget but you do only live once!
    I will definitely look at doing this next time I’m in new york.

    • Hi Kris,

      Thanks for the kind words. It is certainly a once in a lifetime type experience. As you say it opens up a completely different perspective on the city and it’s one you will not forget!

      Obviously this is not a budget travel activity, there are many other ways to get great views of Manhattan, but those wanting to do it all and get things ticked off this is a must do attraction.

      Glad you enjoyed the article and definitely check out a helicopter trip next time you hit the big city!


  4. Aaaah New York!!! What an incredible place to visit. We were there a few years ago and the magic of Manhattan is amazing! Had never considered a helicopter tour while we were there but after reading this article we absolutely will! Everything is covered from price, duration times, and types of tours!

    • Hi Lyndsay, 

      Yeah we completely agree it is such a magical place. So many place we have visitied are a bit of a let down but not New York, it lived up to all the hype and more!

      Glad we have opened your eyes up to a helicopter tour on your next trip. It is such an amazing way to see the city and perfect for when you have “seen it all” Getting up in the air shows a whole new perspective on the city.

      Thanks for reading 


  5. It’s a shame I cannot come back in Manhattan – I’m not vaccinated. When I came to NYC in 2015, I wanted to visit Manhattan by helicopter but I didn’t have enough time. I am very happy to see that you have given the best operator tours to do that to people who will be interested in doing it. I keep the names of these companies, you never know if the entrance conditions in the US territory might change in the future.

    • It’s never too late to get vaccinated, 12.6 billion doses given so far with minuscule side effects (compared to 4 million covid deaths)

      We are sure as natural immunity increases and covid begins to fade from memory, the US government will drop the entry requirement, but who knows when? They have not moved fast in the past, and Life is for living not being controlled by fear.

      We really hope you get to go back soon, we know how hard it is to pack everything into one trip, that’s why we go so often! 


  6. This is a very detailed post about heli-tours in NY! Your information is credible because you have been there yourself. Love the maps and images and the videos explained everything. 

    I have visited New York but this would fulfil my bucket list if I took this tour at night That was spectacular! Would I fly with the doors off? I think now that I have seen you do it, I would probably try it!

    The real beauty of these tours is to see the whole area and be able to identify the sites.

    Thank you for writing this post as it contains a wealth of information, not least is the costs of each tour. 
    A person knows then what to expect and can plan for the event. 

    • Hi, 

      Yeah, we make sure we have personally visited every attraction, experience, hotel, pass, restaurant, beach, etc… We learn so much from actually visiting that we know the “travel” sites that just do internet research are missing so much important info. 

      By visiting in person we know the rel score and can pass our knowledge on to our readers.

      Hope you get to New York soon and pluck up the courage to do the doors off, it is really incredible if you can muster up the courage! 



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