How To View The Statue Of Liberty – Our Guide to the Best Way to View the Statue Of Liberty

One of New York’s most famous landmarks, in fact, one of Americas most famous landmarks is a must-see sight on any trip to New York. But nestled on a small island far from the main Boroughs it’s a little trickier to get a good view of than you might imagine. So how do you get close enough for that perfect selfie or couple shot in front of the Iconic statue? Our guide on how to view the Statue of Liberty will show you the best way to view and photograph the Statue of Liberty.

how to view the statue of liberty


Like most things in life, there are a good few options on this and these vary accordingly in both cost and ease and quality of experience. Thankfully none are very expensive, and all are quite easy and convenient.

Option 1 – Battery Park

Battery Park is the start location for all three of my options. The first of which is just viewing from the park itself. This is where Kevin From Home Alone 2 views the park from on his jaunt to the big apple. The Statue is still quite distant but would just about show up in a selfie, your friends would certainly know what city you are in. But it’s really only suited to someone VERY pushed for time or maybe afraid of boats. A reasonable zoom lens will deliver acceptable shots, but the distance will limit you to one angle of the Statue, not many exciting composition options for the artistic minded

Still, If you are on a flying visit and just want to say you have viewed the statue you will get a reasonable view and photos from here. You can also use the viewing telescopes to get a slightly closer perspective.

Of course, Battery Park is FREE so there is no cost involved other than travel to the park. The closest Subway stop is Bowling Green Station on the Green line or South Ferry Station on the Redline. There is also plenty to do or see in the area. Including Wall Street,  911 Memorial and Museum and the Freedom Tower.

Option 2 – Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry is a Public Transport ferry that sails from Manhattan island to the island of Staten. It’s a primary purpose is transportation. but it just so happens to sail Directly past the Statue of Liberty. It also provides excellent views of Lower Manhattan Skyline as you depart and approach the city. And just in case you are not sold it also happens to be FREE!

Staten Island Ferry

The Ferry terminal is located just to the east of battery park and can be seen on the map above. The Ferry takes about 25 minutes each way and runs on the hour and more frequently during busy times see the schedule for more info. Unfortunately, they don’t let you stay on the ferry for a round trip. But you can simply disembark and get on the next ferry back if there is nothing that interests you in Staten.

You will certainly be able to get great views of the Statue from here and it will be large and bold in your selfie! There are plenty of photographic options as it sails by. Again the views of the Skyline are breath-taking. You will also be able to glow in your self-satisfaction that you bagged this experience for Free!

The ferry is a great option for the cost conscious but to get REALLY up close and personal there is only one other option…Apart from swimming there, which I don’t advise, and is almost certainly illegal.

Option 3 – Statue Cruise

Statue Cruise is the only company that offer cruises that actually land on the Island. What’s more, they also land on Ellis Island so you get to experience that as well. Upgraded tickets allow you to go inside the statue and climb up to the pedestal or even right up to the crown viewing area. It goes without saying you will get the perfect couple shot or selfie in front of the statue. There are also unlimited photo opportunities for any kind of photographer. You can also expect fantastic views of Manhattan from either the ferry or Liberty Island.


Tickets can be bought on the day or reserved online. I strongly urge you to book online if you want to go up to the pedestal or crown as they often sell out, sometimes months in advance. But Tickets are always available for the grounds on the day. The Ferry Sails from and back to Battery Park and they also have a terminal in Liberty State Park, New Jersey if that is more convenient.

Prices are quite reasonable. adults $18 for grounds or pedestal(if available) and $21 for adults. Children 4-12 are $9 and $12 and seniors 62+ are $14 and $17. But obviously large groups this can add up.

Book your Statue Cruise here

Any other options?

You could book a helicopter tour of the City. You will certainly get great views but we wouldn’t recommend that as a way to see the Statue of Liberty, it’s an attraction in its own right. There are also other Cruises that will take you past, but as the Staten Ferry is free why Pay just to cruise past? Of course, those cruises are perfectly fine in their own right, river cruises are excellent fun. But they just aren’t a very good solution to viewing the Statue of liberty.

There are plenty of other land-based viewing points, but Battery Park is the closest and most convenient. Of course, it can also be seen from any of the observation decks of the big buildings, but then it really does appear very tiny indeed.

New York Pass Options:New York Passes Comparison

If you are wanting to save money during your New York Trip it is possible to purchase a number of Pass’s to allow you to visit Multiple attractions at a reduced rate.

A Statue Cruise is included in the New York CityPass which can save you 41% on top New York attractions. See My review and experience of a New York CityPass here. It’s a great way to experience New York and cuts the cost quite a bit.

There are a Few other Pass options available which I guide you through in my New York Pass Comparison Post

Overall a Pass can be a very good option for getting the most out of New York as it can not only save money but it helps avoid certain lineups at some attractions.


Hope this guide helps you out and you get to see this amazing iconic landmark the way you always dreamed. And you get the Perfect Photo or selfie to share with your friends and family.

Let me know if you have any further questions. Or have you got your own perfect viewing locations? Please just use the comments section below.


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