The Best Stops on The Road To Hana – Ultimate Guide

The Road to Hana is a stunning and beautiful ribbon of tarmac carving through the Remote Tropical rainforest that covers the undeveloped backside of Maui. The route is littered with stunning waterfalls, Breathtaking Vistas, and dense jungle foliage that transports you to a lost world you really didn’t know existed. The only thing missing is Dinosaurs!

Along the way are numerous stops, pull-outs, and “attractions” and many people miss these in the haste to get to somewhere that doesn’t really exist. The road is the destination and stopping along the way ensures you the full experience. There are literally hundreds of places to stop so cramming everything into a Day trip is IMPOSSIBLE. Our ultimate guide is designed to show you the best stops along the way.

Road to Hana Aerial

We show you the best waterfalls, the best pools for a refreshing dip, where to pull up for the best Vistas, and how to find the hidden Gems most people miss. Along with the less exciting stops and places where you should not waste your time. There is a lot to cram into this guide so we have broken it down to help you follow along.

You may have many questions about the road and we can’t fit everything into one article so we have a full guide to the highway to help you safely navigate the journey and get the best out of your trip.

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Map to Hana Highway Stops – Our Companion Map

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Our map covers every stop and lists every Mile Marker along the way so you can find exactly where every attraction, look-out, and Waterfall is along the way. This works best in another window as you follow along with our route.

Rating the Stops

Some Guides rate the Stops out of 10 or 5 Stars or some other such arbitrary ranking. We do not really like that as it doesn’t really explain much. Some may get a high star rating as they are great attractions, but are a bit of a time suck so maybe not suitable for a day trip. Others are only so-so but require only a few moments to stop and take in and really add to the experience. So we have developed a different kind of rating that better helps you understand which attractions are best suited.

This guide is based on a one-day trip along the highway, for longer trips, some of our “Skip” attractions can definitely become Must Stops!


When we suggest skipping something it is not always because the stop is not worth visiting or is low quality, sometimes they are, but sometimes it’s because they are too good and require more time to enjoy and you should come back another time. Sometimes there are just better examples and sometimes they just don’t cut it, but maybe on a two-day trip, or longer they are worth a stop. Also don’t always take our word for it, these may just be of more interest to you than us!

Must Stop!

Our Must Stop locations are just ones not to miss. Ones that simply make the road what it is and cannot be skipped regardless of time or interest level. No matter what your schedule or times scale find time to fit these in.

Quick Stop!

Quick Stops are great spots, scenic vistas, or waterfalls that are right by the side of the road. These stops are of varying quality and interest but they are right there and will only take a minute or two to stop.


Not quite Must Stop‘s but still really worthwhile adventures and attractions that you should find time for if you can. these are a little more interest-based and if they tickle your fancy should definitely be added in.


These are the ones you can really skip. They add little to the route, have better alternatives, and really are just a bit rubbish. Feel free to skip to ensure you get a better experience.

Mile Markers

Road to Hana Map MM

Mile Markers are one of the best ways to navigate. They line the entire route and show you exactly where you are. Without them, it’s just an unidentifiable jungle!

However, they are not perfect. Some are not exactly where they are meant to be, some are worn and hard to spot, some are overgrown and impossible to spot and some are just darn right missing! Fear not. We list EVERY Mile Marker on our companion Map. You can follow this along to know exactly where you are in relation to Mile Markers and Stops (Read more on using the Map).

Mile Markers are also a little quirky Some are actually .5 mile markers. When listing our stops in relation to the markers we use three methods. They work the same but here is a brief explanation for clarity. With this system, you will not miss a stop.

Mile Marker 2 – The Stop is near as damn it on the marker

Mile Marker 2 (+0.5) – The stop is 0.5 miles PAST the Mile Marker

Mile Marker 2.5 – This is a .5 Mile Marker and the Stop is right on the .5 Marker, this is obviously also 0.5 past the whole mile marker, but on occasion, these are missing!

Honestly looking out for markers is HARD. I mean who decided to paint them green on the Hana Highway where everything is green! For the most part, while looking for a marker the fist confirmation you have missed the Marker, is the appearance of the next one! That is why we suggest using our Companion Map.

Marker Distances are not always accurate either, but our map locations and distances from the marker are “spot on” to the Actual Marker so you will absolutely find the spot you are looking for!

Highway Sections

I Survived the Road To Hana

We have broken the Route down into a few sections for ease of navigation. the Journey is a good 110-120 miles depending on the route and how far you go. The road breaks down into roughly 5 portions, again depending on if you turn around at Hana, Kipahulu, or do the full loop.

The first section is the boring (by Hana Highway Standards) section of good highway between Kahului and The Start of the 360 (Hana Highway). Some argue this is not the Hana Highway at all, but we include it for completeness, you can’t skip it and there is plenty to see.

Section 2 is where the road gets good, it starts to take on its real nature and crashes headlong into the jungle. This is our favorite section and is laced with waterfalls, stunning vistas, and is just dripping with jungle greenery.

Section 3 Starts off with more of the same after a time-out in Keanae. The Road rises up and gives some stunning views before heading inland for more waterfalls and the final push to Hana.

Section 4 is the Road Beyond Hana, still paved and totally fine to drive with your rental car. There are still some epic things to see before we reach Kipahulu and the awesome Pipiwai Trail and the Ohe’o Gulch (Seven Sacred Pools).

The final section is more Dicy. You are forbidden to take your Rental car along this portion of the road and the surface is rough and unpaved. You have to make the choice of taking a BIG gamble or turning around here. Carrying on makes the whole journey 110 miles turning around is 120 miles total so there is not much in it.

Finally, before getting into the Journey we have listed the Stops from Kahului to Hana, Most People do it this way but to avoid crowds it can be a good idea to head straight to Hana or Kipahulu without stopping and then slowly trace your way back. Our guide works just as well in reverse!

Section 1 – Kahului – Highway 36 End

Road to Hana Map 1
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We begin our journey in Kahului, naturally, if you are in a tourist area such a Kehie of Kaanapali you will need to get to Kahului first but we leave that to you. Once on Highway 36 heading out of Kahului you are technically on the Road to Hana, But the initial stretch is a large twin carriageway, through open fields, and coastline. While the road remains the 36 it is not real Hana Highway, there is also very little to stop for in these early stages.

Mile Marker 6 – Baldwin Beach / Baby Beach – Skip

We have only just left Kahului and it is likely to still be very early in the morning, no time for a beach stop now, even if it is one of the best north shore beaches!

Mile Marker 7 – Paia – Skip

Paia is a fantastic town and you need to visit, but it is worthy of its own visit rather than shoehorning it into a Hana Trip. It does work well as a stop-off on a return from Hana trip if you are overnighting

Mile Marker 8 – Mama’s Fish House – Skip

Mama’s is a wonderful restaurant and we highly recommend it, but it’s not for a Highway trip. Schedule this at another time!

Mile Marker 8.5 – Ho’okipa Beach – Must Stop!

Hookipa point Turtle

You only need a brief visit here, but the Beach is one of the few locations you can spot Green Sea Turtles without getting wet. On the far right-hand side of the beach, the Turtles haul themselves out and lounge around in the sun. There can be hundreds of turtles o the beach taking a nap and it is not a sight to skip!

Only skip this if you plan on heading back another time! Read more here.

Mile Marker 13 (+0.5) – Peahi, AKA Jaws Surf Break – Skip

When the Peahi Break is ripping it is awesome and a must-see, but most of the time it isn’t and this location is not really a Hana Stop, but somewhere to come when the surf is up.

Section 2 – Highway 360 Start (Mile Marker 0) to Mile Marker 16 Keanae Peninsular

Road to Hana Map 2
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Just after Mile Marker 16 Highway 36 ends and Highway 360 Takes over. This is the REAL Road To Hana or the Hana Highway. There is no huge fanfare you just pick up Mile Marker ZERO, the Road narrows, and the Jungle Rises. This is the start of the real adventure and things are getting exciting!

Mile Marker 2 – Twin Falls – Optional

Twin Falls gets most of its visitors and custom from three things. One, it is the first real stop on the actual Hana Highway and people are keen to see everything. Second, they have a BIG sign! And third FOMA, or Fear Of Missing Out, basically people see the big sign, the mass of people already stopped and think they have to as well.

We don’t normally bother. The waterfalls are ok, but nothing compared to what is coming. The Farm Stall is pretty good but there are other good stalls later on and there is no real reason to want or need fruit this early on.

Mile Marker 6 (+0.3) – Nailiilihaele Falls – Bamboo Forest

In the past, this has been a very popular Hike up past 4 incredible waterfalls all with their own pools underneath for paradise bathing. However, it has become too popular and deaths have occurred on many occasions along with many injuries.

The Hike has always been on Private property, but after the injuries and rescues began to soar, EMI has gone to real lengths to stop you hiking. Things change as people pull down fences and illegally trespass on the Trail.

For now, we are simply advising against this trial but this may change, it’s a complex and thorny issue. We want to head back and check out what’s going on before advising further.

If you are desperate to do the Hike, you should be able to find directions elsewhere.

Mile Marker 6.5 (+3) Rainbow Eucalyptus – Skip

This is a wonderful Grove of Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees. These stunning trees have a strange bark that strips away in patches and changes color giving the whole trunk a sort of Rainbow Camouflage pattern! They are really striking and not to be missed. However, this Patch of trees lies on private property so you can only admire them from a distance.

While some self-indulgent “tourists” will jump the fence to get up close we don’t advise that being you, besides, if you simply drive by slowly and admire the trees you can pull up in half a mile and get a close look at the second batch!

Read more…

Mile Marker 6.5 (+0.5) – Rainbow Eucalyptus 2 – Quick Stop

Around where Mile Marker 7 Should be is the second batch of Rainbow Eucalyptus. These are right by the road and do not require passing into Private Property to grab some Rainbow Selfies with!

Mile Marker 9 (+0.5) – Waikamoi Nature Trailhead and Parking Area – Optional

On any other Road, this would be a wonderful Trial. Not too long, well-graded with steps, and has plenty to see in terms of rich jungle plant life. A great place to stop and stretch the legs. However, there is no money shot or waterfall and things are starting to come thick and fast now. So we tend to skip this accessible trail.

But for anyone looking for more accessible sights on the highway, the trail is a perfect way to spend 15-20 mins.

Mile Marker 10 – Waikamoi Stream and Waterfalls – Priority

Ultimate Hana Highway Guide

Two waterfalls right by the side of the road. A quick stop if you just want to take a peek and snap some photos or you can take the easy path down to the falls and take a dip.

More adventurous Explorers can hike past the falls and take a dip in the upper falls which are far more dramatic but less picturesque, the trial is Mainly a rough river bed so make sure you judge your capabilities.

If you do make it up there and the conditions are right the pool is to die for and the setting is pretty much picture-perfect Hawaii. However, water flow is crucial. If the water is flowing slowly then the Waterfalls are ugly and the pools are a brown mess. If the Water is Gushing, then it’s best to view from afar, unless you want a fast-track ride to the pacific!

Like Goldilocks you need the water flow to be in the middle and just right and these falls are incredible. You can usually judge the upper falls based on the lower. If the lower pool looks inviting, the upper will be even better!

Mile Marker 10 (+0.5) – Garden Of Eden Arboretum Optional

  • Adults – $15 (16 Years +)
  • Kids – $5 (Ages 5 -16)
  • Children 5 Years and Under are Free

The Garden of Eden is a funny one, while in reality, it should be a must-stop its location on the Road to Hana makes it a little more optional. First of all, is the entry fee, The Arboretum is well worth it in theory, there is more than enough on display to warrant the cost, however for some reason on the Hana Highway with so much to see for free, we shirk at paying for anything other than Banana Bread.

The problem is the Arboretum deserves a good hour-plus of your time to justify the entrance fee and on a Hana Highway adventure, that is precious time that is unavailable. You can rush through the Garden, but you will miss some of the highlights such as the Keopuka Rock Overlook, the Upper Puohokamoa Falls Overlook, and the fantastic array of flora and tropical plantlife.

This is one of these stops that just requires sacrifice, we tend to skip it rather than pay and not enjoy the garden properly. It is better suited to longer trips to the Hana Area where you can properly take your time. Besides, there is a lot coming up. However, if Arboretum and Tropical plants are really your thing, then the Garden is very magical and has an incredible array of mind-blowing plants on display.

Mile Marker 10 (+0.5 Near) – Keopuka Rock, AKA Jurrasic Park Rock – Hidden

Jurassic Park Rock

This is the Rock that is used during the Helicopter scene as the group first arrives at the Island, the Chopper swoops in low over a wild-looking rock and up into a possibly green valley, the valley you are in is that valley and the rock is just offshore from this location. Unfortunately, it’s not visible from here, without entering the Garden of Eden Abertrum (and it is a pretty poor view at that) or using a drone!*

Fear not you can see the Rock from the Keanae Peninsular further on.

*We don’t advise using a drone to view the rock, this is a high-risk flight with a good chance of leaving your drone ditched in the pacific or lodged hallway down a 1000ft cliff face! We did it but it required very sweaty palms!

Mile Marker 10 (+0.8) Lower Puohokamoa Falls – Closed

The Lower Puohokamoa Falls are seriously impressive. In a land of Waterfalls, Puohokamoa Falls is a standout. One of the tallest viewable falls on the highway and often has an impressive amount of flow. Unfortunately, the access trail to this waterfall has been closed. The old trail was steep and slippy and eventually after several falls access was removed and the trailhead closed.

You can still partially see the falls by peeking over the Armco barriers, and you can hear the falls from the side of the road, but there are no longer any good, clear views of these wonderful falls. The above photos were taken via a Drone.

Mile Marker 11 (+0.6) – Nu’yenle’e Falls (Secret Lagoon) – Optional

A small falls and lagoon just off the highway, and a nice place to take a dip, however, its name oversells it slightly. The Lagoon is often a muddy puddle and not very inviting. Further up is a better lagoon but the trail is death-defying and best avoided.

Mile Marker 12 (+0.3) Kaumahina State Park – Restrooms

If you do not need the facilities or can wait for Keanae (5ish miles) the State park can be skipped. It is a nice pull-out with a few short trails and a great place to stretch the legs but it lacks anything dramatic and we only really use it for a comfort break.

One unique feature, Cats!

Mile Marker 13 Stunning Vista – Quick Stop

After the wayside, the road takes a turn for the dramatic as you wind down the coastline with mindblowing views down the coast. There are no pull-outs until you get lower down but you can easily hop out and carefully backtrack up the hill to get sweeping views down the coast, over the Keanae Peninsular and Hanamanu Bay, with the hillsides dripping in green jungle foliage.

These views are the reason you drive this road!

Mile Marker 13 (+0.2) Punalau Falls – Priority

Just after the stunning lookouts on this part of the highway, you will find a very small cut in the jungle, that leads into a wonderful and steep-sided valley. The trail dries up almost straight away but if you continue up the shallow riverbed you will get to near-deserted falls complete with a pool in a stunning tropical setting. It’s a hard hike over loose and slippy river beds and holders but worth the effort if you can make the hike. Expect it to take you around 10-20mins of boulder hopping depending on your speed.

Mile Marker 14 – Honomanu Bay – Skip

Once you start ascending the hill on the other side of the bay just after MM14 you will spot a small rough track. This leads down to Honomanu Bay. Really the detour is not worth it. The beach is stone and the views are nothing compared to the elevated views you just saw, and are going to again. It is well-used by locals and they sort of see it as their place. There is not much for the tourist here.

Mile Marker 14.5 – Vistas – Quick Stop

As you head up out of the Honomanu Valley the views start coming thick and fast. First, you get a look back up the cliffside you just descended, with great views of the ribbon of tarmac that is the Hana Highway. As you crest the hill the vistas turn to the east and the Keanae Peninsular and the Nua‘ailua bay sweep into view.

This is one of the most scenic parts of the highway. Stop a little and often to grab some insane views and wonderful photo ops. The Cliffs here are tall and overgrown however and the vegetation can block some views. However, tempting it is to hop a barrier to clear a better view this can lead to a very sudden close-up view of the bottom of the cliff!

Mile Marker 16 (+0.6) Ke’anae Arboretum – Priority

We really like the Keanae Arboretum and the fact it is free really hikes it up above the Garden of Eden. While it lacks the Waterfall views there are lots of great tropical plants on show and you don’t feel as bad rushing through as you haven’t paid an entry fee.

It still has the worry that this is not really the best time spent on your Hana adventure but it is hard to recommend skipping such a nice free attraction.

Mile Marker 16 (+0.7) Ke’anae Peninsular – Must Stop

Keanae Peninsular

Final Stop on this leg and the first of our “Destinations”. The Keanae Penisular is a real must-stop for several reasons. One it is stunningly beautiful, two the lava rock juts out into the pacific and creates a really rugged shoreline that large breakers smash up against in dramatic fashion. You can look down the Lost Coastline and take in the stunning view including the Jurrasic Park Rock, and finally, this is the home of Aunty Sandy’s.

Whatever time you get here make sure you visit everyone’s favorite Aunty. This rustic little shack serves several food items but we are not really interested in anything but the banana bread! We reckon it is the best Banana Bread on the island and eaten still warm from baking while taking in the stunning peninsular is one of our favorite things to do on a Hana trip. It’s all about the little things.

Keanae is around halfway in terms of driving time and stops distance depending on where you count the start (and the end). Regardless it’s a good mental breakpoint and feels like you are about halfway there.

Section 3 – Mile Marker 17 Keanae Peninsular to Mile Marker 33 Hana!

Road to Hana Map 3
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The next 16-17 miles of the highway are slightly less scenic and head more inland and away from the coast. You are still traversing some of the wildest and most desolate rainforests on the island and the Geography is still very striking, with plenty of things to see and several great waterfalls. The lushness of the forest robs you of a little of this though as the jungle is thick and tall on both sides of the road.

Mile Marker 17 (-0.2) Chings Pond – Priority

Hana Highway Ching's pond

It is a bit jarring to leave Keanae and stop straight away, but remember you are not going anywhere, the journey IS the destination! So don’t feel like you are stopping this is all part of it, like going to the next ride at Disneyland?

Ching’s pond is a small and easily missed little pool right under the highway. It is often incredibly clear and deeper than most pools. The small waterfall and lush greenery make this a very nice stop to cool off. It is also Selfie Paradise and very Instagram-worthy!

Locals use this pool for cliff diving, however, to do so requires Kahuna’s the size of churches. The only splash zone remotely deep enough for a safe landing is incredibly narrow and requires immense skill and bravery. Even if locals are present and showing you how it’s done we still advise watching in awe rather than partaking in this near-ritual suicide!

Mile Marker 17 Keanae Lookout – Quick Stop

Hana Highway Keanae Peninsular

Just past Chings Pond, you climb the hill a little and the view over the peninsular is pretty wonderful, and fortunately, there is a nice pullout to stop and take it all in for a few moments!

Mile Marker 18 (+0.3) Wailua Village and Lower Waikani Falls – Optional

Hana Highway Waikani Falls

If you like you can drive down this little oneway rd to Wailua beach, through the were quiet very backwater village of Wailua. They don’t much like tourists here and the beach is only OK. The only Standout reason to bother is to glimpse the hidden Lower Waikini Falls, a really nice waterfall but only visible in the distance. Shame.

This is also a very Local spot. People will not appreciate you being here. We have never had any problems or confrontations. It’s more of them rolling their eyes at another Tourist! Make sure you are as respectful as possible.

Mile Marker 19 Wailua Valley State Wayside – Priority

An often missed Park that offers little but a nice elevated overlook that gives good views down over Wailua Village and more importantly inland and up through the Koolau Gap towards Haleakala. It’s easy to forget as you plow through the jungle you are on the loose f this gang Volcano as for most parts the vegetation obscures any real view inland. This is one of these rare exceptions and the landscape is seriously dramatic!

Mile Marker 19 (+0.2) Wailua Village Overlook – Quick Stop

Road to Hana Overlook

This pull-out just past the 19MM and Wailua Valley State Park gives even better views of the Village valley floor below. You only need o spend 5mins at each of the last there stops to get some really wonderful vistas in before the jungle closes around you and you lose this scale for a while.

Mile Marker 19.5 Upper Waikani Falls (Three Bears) – Quick Stop

Hana Highway Waikani Falls

Only 3-miles into our second section and we have recommended you stop 6 times already! If progress feels slow, remember, you are not trying to get anywhere! This IS the destination, If you rush through to Hana you will regret it!

Three Bears is also one of the prettiest waterfalls you will see from the road. So you have to stop for a few minutes and take it in. Made up of three separate falls it is really quite beautiful. You can climb down and take a dip in the small pool if the water is steady, but we prefer Changs Pond and we just take in Waikani from the roadway.

We should mention, this Stream is pretty prone to flooding, and when running hard, swimming is highly ill-advised!

Mile Marker 21 (+0.2) – Wailuaiki Rd – Optional

A fairly long hike up to an average waterfall which is often dry, if the river under the road is flowing slowly do not even tempt to hike up here, there will be little more than a muddy pond.

Back up the highway slightly is a small pullout where another fall can be spotted dropping down from directly under the highway. (Quick Stop)

Mile Marker 22.5 – Pua’a Ka’a Falls – Priority

Road to Hana Waterfall

This State Park Wayside has basic restrooms in case the need arises, and it also has some very picturesque waterfalls. These are really nice Selfie spots and a great place to grab an Insta shot without much effort as they are right beside the highway.

There are exciting hiking opportunities above these falls but these have been restricted in recent times.

Mile Marker 24 – Hanawi Falls – Quick Stop

Another quick stop for a wonderful waterfall, by now you may be tempted to start skipping waterfalls after all you will have seen quite a few. Hanawi is a nice falls, multi-tiered and if the flow is average has got a pool you can dip in, but it is passable to slow to a crawl to take this one in. Assuming you have your fill of Waterfall Photos by now.

Mile Marker 25 – Makapipi Falls – Quick Stop

Makapipi Falls

Again Makapipi is nothing but another waterfall, staggering in most places but on the Hana Highway just an average scenic waterfall. However, this fall is different in that it is visible from above. From the roadway, the water crashes straight down below you into a deep pool. Worth a quick stop as it makes a refreshing change of vantage point.

Mile Marker 25 – Nahiku Road and Landing – Optional

Directly after this, you have an optional Detour. This single-track road to nowhere is likely to void your Rental agreement but takes you through some seriously lush jungle. There is not much down the road apart from a few homesteads, fruit stands, and at the end a phenomenal view down the coastline all the way to Keanae. Not many people make the perilous uninsured journey down the Narrow road so you will probably find a little solitude at the end.

The issue is the lack of insurance. The road is super narrow with minimal passing places and lots of opportunities to get stuck. And there will be no rescue if you do get stuck or break something down here as this is forbidden by your hire car company. You really do not want to know how much you will pay for a recovery truck!

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Mile Marker 27 – 31 Roadside Dining – Priority

Hana Island Chef

Amazingly, Hana a town of only 1200ish people actually has suburbs, not everyone is packed into Hana Town. I guess if you want to live in Hana you are the type who likes their space! The upshot of this is the plethora of food stands and Snack Stops along the road as you approach Hana Itself.

Coconut Glen’s offers mind-blowing Vegan Ice Cream. We are not big Vegan fans, but when it’s only Vegan because it uses Coconut Milk instead of cow’s milk we are more than happy. Glen’s Ice cream is ridiculously good!

At Nahiku Marketplace there is a huge selection of Food shacks from Island Chef’s local Seafood, BBQ Island Style Tacos, and Jens Tahi Food Stand. There are some great offerings and this is our Favourite place to eat on the Highway. You can even Grab a chilled Coconut to wash it all down with!

Mile Marker 31 – Ulaino Road attractions – Priority

Just as you start getting into Hana a left-hand turn takes you down Ulaino Road. Here you will find a selection of attractions such as the airport, Hana lava Tubes, and the Hidden Gem that is the Kuhaha Garden and Pi’ilanihale Heiau.

This is also the location of the Blue Pools. These once-legendary Pools are now very much off-limits. Don’t even try.

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Mile Marker 32 – Wai’ānapanapa State Park – Must Stop


The Final Must stop location before Hana, and for most people the main stop along the Highway. This is a Destination stop and time should be spent exploring the different attractions of the area.

The Hiking Trails, Blow Hole, Sea Arch, tidal caverns, and the Legendary Princess Pool are all wonderful. And that is without mentioning the Beach! The Balck Sand beach at Wai’ānapanapa is phenomenal. The Sand is made of tiny black pebbles that formed during an eruption. The Jet Black Sand contrasts with the lush greenery to make for a location that is completely out of this world. If you were only to stop once on the whole journey this would be it!

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Mile Marker 32 – Hana Town – Optional

Hana Bay - barefoot cafe

Hana Town and the reason so many claim the Highway is not worth it. There is really very little in the town other than disappointment. People get hung on the idea of the road to Hana, thinking they are driving to Hana. You are not. The Road is the destination. While it is a bit of a “must” to check out the town there is little to stop for. We tend to drive on through. Unless of course, you are overnighting here or want to check out the Red Beach.

Hana Really Changes if you are staying there, and that is a whole other topic

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Mile Marker 33 – Hana Red Sand Beach – Priority

Red Sand Beach
Red Sand Beach Maui

The Final Stop on the Road to Hana is the Famous Hana Red Sand Beach. This is a strikingly beautiful beach and something you should really see. However, the Access is tricky and does require a little tolerated crossing of private property.

The Trail is short but sketchy. If it is within your ability then go for it, but time may be an issue if you have packed a lot of stops in already.

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Road Beyond Hana…

Waimoko Falls
Waimoku Falls

Finally, you made it to Hana, and you are perhaps a little let down with the destination. But fear not, we have not finished yet. The road to Hana does not end at Hana and some of the BEST is yet to come. We have Waterfalls, Pools, Beaches, Chicken, Churches, and even Famous resting places, and a Forbidden Journey!

That is right, the Road to Hana is just the Halfway point on this amazing adventure, but this article is already getting HUGE so let’s start a New Page for the Road Beyond Hana and take a look at the amazing things you can find beyond the Town.


Have Your Say

Ok Before you pop in and take a look at what is Beyond Hana we invite you to comment on the Journey So Far. Which stops have you taken, what do you think of them? has anything changed recently and which locations do you find the best? Anything you have to say about the Road to Hana Stops just fire away below, we would love to hear from you.

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