When Is Whale Watching Season On Maui, Hawaii? – When is it best to See the Whales?

When Is Whale Watching Season On Maui, Hawaii

Maui is simply one of the best vacation destinations on the planet. Sun, Sea, Soft Sand, Lush greenery, Tropical Backdrops, and Warm Coral Reefs teeming with fish. Who wouldn’t want to Vacation here? Well, while we humans love a winter getaway to the Valley Isle we are not alone! Every year a huge population of … Read more

Where To Celebrate The 4th Of July? – The 13 Best Cities To Celebrate 4th July in the USA

4th July New York Fireworks header

For many, the 4th of July is all about spending time with family and just enjoying a BBQ or local party before heading to a small local fireworks show, or maybe holding their own Fireworks display at home. This is of course perfectly fine, but from time to time it’s good to do something different … Read more

Best Maui Helicopter Tours Reviewed – Which Maui Helicopter Tour is the Best 2022?

Maui Helicopter tours Reviews

Maui is an incredible island with more scenic beauty than you could possibly imagine. However, a lot of this beauty is hidden away. The Dense Rainforest and mountainous terrain mean huge parts of the island are completely incessable. Huge Valleys, Plunging waterfalls and endless volcanic craters are all lost in the wilderness of the Island. However, there … Read more

Best Helicopter Tours on Oahu, Hawaii – Are Oahu Helicopter Tours Worth It?


Ohau is a stunning tropical paradise nestled deep in the remote pacific, the stunning Volcanic Landscape is one of towering mountains plunging valleys, sweeping coastlines, and more greenery than you ever knew existed. There are many ways to take in these stunning vistas but one of the most stunning and impactful ways is from the … Read more