Maui snorkeling guide – Everything you need to know about how to Snorkel on Maui

Snorkeling is one of the number one activities in Maui. And with the Warm, Calm waters that surround the Island being filled with rich and diverse Sea-Life, it is not hard to work out why. The Waters of Maui are truly a Snorkeling paradise. Filled with colorful tropical fish, Coral, Sea Urchins, and StarFish. There is even the chance to spot Whales and Dolphins. Not to mention the magnificent and ever-present Hono or Green Sea Turtle.

Our Maui Snorkeling guide is designed to help you get the BEST out of your Maui Snorkeling Adventures. We tell you where to go, what gear to use, and What You will see, and provide tips on getting the best out of your snorkeling and how to Stay Safe. So read on for everything you need to know about Maui’s Spectacular underwater world.

Maui snorkeling guide

Locations – Maui’s warm, calm and clear waters mean the island is littered with phenomenal Snorkelling Sites all around its shores. Our Guide to the best takes into account everything you need to know to get the best snorkeling adventures for your trip.

West Maui Snorkeling Locations

South Maui Snorkeling Locations

Where to Find Sea Turtles on Maui

Equipment – The Key to successful Snorkelling is having the right gear. You don’t need really fancy and expensive kit, but quality, reliable gear is essential if you don’t want to spend your time emptying out your Mask, seeing the underwater world through a haze of fog, or choking on water from your Snorkel. We also take a look at what you need in a camera to record your adventures for posterity.

What to See! – Our Maui Snorkelling Spotters guide, what you are likely to see, And what you May see if you are very lucky! The Shores of Maui are teeming with incredible life here is what you should look out for!

Tips – The Ocean can be a daunting place for beginners, read our tips on getting in for the first time or improving your experience for learners and how to stay safe in the water.

Safety – Maui’s seas can appear to be a beautiful safe paradise. And a lot of the time this is the case but there are still many dangers and things to be aware of. Drowning is a common cause of death on Maui and Tourists’ Snorkeling is a common contributor to this Statistic. Stay safe with our Snorkelling Safety Guide guide.

Enjoy Stunning Snorkeling in Maui, Hawaii

Maui Snorkeling Tours

Want to take the hassle out of your Maui Snorkeling? Consider a trip aboard one of Maui’s many snorkeling boats who will take you directly to some of Maui’s best Snorkeling Sites. Read more here.

Molokini Snorkeling Tours

Molokini is a Sunken Volcano in the channel Between Maui and Kaho’olawe. The crater is filled with tropical fish and pristine Coral and has near-perfect visibility. There are few better snorkeling sites in the world. Multiple Tours depart from Maui for a half-day snorkeling trip to the Islet these are often considered the BEST attractions in Maui. We put together a full guide of all the Best Molokini Snorkel Tours.

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