Go New Orleans Pass Review – Is the Go New Orleans Pass Worth It in 2023?

New Orleans is a really wonderful city. It is quite unlike anywhere else in the United States, and pretty unique in the world. The result of a collision of cultures and identities forged in the crucible that is the Southern United States. It is a city that needs to be lived and one where getting under the skin is essential. You cannot just visit New Orleans, you need to experience it.

We have always found one of the best ways to really immerse yourself in a City is to use an Attraction Pass. By using a pass you find yourself more open to new experiences, willing to try things you may otherwise have passed on. In most Cities, the primary motivation for using a pass is saving money. However, in New Orleans, the Pass really takes on a different guise. It turns the City into a living theme park, gifting you the chance to really experience the City and get involved in its way of life. In our New Orleans Pass Review, we take a hard look at what the Pass offers and how it really can help you get the best out of your New Orleans trip.

Go City New Orleans Pass Review 2023

Go New Orleans Review 2023

  • ProductGo New Orleans Pass
  • Price: $66- $187
  • Price Child: $53 – $144(Child 3-12yrs)
  • Where to Buy: GoCity.com
  • Number Of Attractions: 25+ Top Attractions
  • Time Limit: 1-5 days
  • Expiry: 90 Days Refund (No Quibble) – 2 Year Expiry for First Use
  • Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ – 4/5

Attractions Included on the Go New Orleans Pass – 25+

  • National WWII Museum – $30.81
  • Ultimate Swamp Adventure – $26.50
  • Paddlewheeler Creole Queen Cruise – $36.00
  • Adventures in New Orleans Bus Tour – $53.50
  • Multiple Walking Tours – $20-25
  • French Quarter Ghosts & Legends Tour – $25
  • New Orleans School of Cooking Demo – $37.50
  • Plus Many More…
Go New Orleans Pass Review
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Attractions

In A Nutshell

A Great Pass that can really open up the heart of the City and let you get to know how New Orleans Ticks. It is missing a couple of important attractions though. 

What is the New Orleans Pass?

The Go New Orleans Pass is an Attraction Pass brought to you by the Go City team one of the largest Attraction Pass providers in the states. It allows you to visit any number of top New Orleans attractions from its list of 25+ within the time period you choose.

The Pass is valid for 1, 2, 3, or 5 days and you can visit any attraction you wish during that time. Included attractions vary from museums, historic places, swamp and river cruises, to walking tours, ghost tours, and even cooking lessons. It’s a great way to really immerse yourself in the New Orleans Culture and vibe.

How much does the Go New Orleans Pass Cost?

The New Orleans Pass starts at $59 for a 1 Day Pass and rises to 169 for 5 days. The Longer you buy the cheaper the per-day price drops, meaning you have to cram less into each day. While these prices are not inexpensive they do offer a whole lot of value. We think of them as theme park entry tickets. Allowing you to experience everything the city has to offer.

Go City New Orleans Pass – All Inclusive Prices:

  • 1-Day Pass – Adult – $66 ($66 per day) Child – $53
  • 2-Day Pass – Adult – $110 ($55 per day) Child – $77
  • 3-Day Pass – Adult – $138 ($46 per day) Child – $108
  • 5-Day Pass – Adult – $187 ($37.40 per day) Child – $144

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How Long is the Pass Valid for and Can You Cancel?

The Go New Orleans Pass is Valid for 2 years from purchase. This has been brought in to combat insecurity surrounding Travel due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. People value flexibility more than ever in these unsure times. The ability to cancel and rebook trips is essential.

On top of the 2-year validity is a two-tier cancellation policy. Passes can be canceled and returned for a FULL refund within 30 days of purchase, and within 90 days for a small cancellation fee. We recommend only buying the pass within 30 days of your trip safe in the knowledge if something goes wrong you can quickly and easily cancel and get ALL your money back.

It is great to see Go-City recognize the issues we face as travelers and introduce measures to reassure us we won’t lose our shirts if things change again!

How does Go New Orleans Pass Work in Practice?

is the Go New Orleans Pass Worth it?

The New Orleans Pass is a Digital Pass that works by providing you a QR Code, either by E-Mail, Via the Go City App, or by old-fashioned printout. However you use it, the code is simply scanned at each attraction and you are in.

Some attractions do require pre-booking. These tend to be tours and such where the provider requires numbers beforehand so make sure you check. Other than this it’s all really simple and straightforward, just arrive scan, and you are in. We tend to use the GoCity app just as it’s convenient, all the passes are stored in the same place. We do like to print a paper copy too, just in case we have a tech issue! The code is linked to the Go City central database so you can switch between app, Email, and printout at any time, it’s all the same unique QR Code.

It is important to know that the pass uses Consecutive Calendar Days. Once the Pass is activated, which is done by visiting your first attraction, the clock is ticking. If you do not use the pass for one of the days it still counts, and if you activate it late on your first day, the whole day counts. For example, activate a 30Day Pass on a Friday, you get to use the pass Friday, Saturdaturday, and Sunday to use it. It will expire at Midnight on Sunday regardless of the time you activate on a Friday, you do not get 3x24hr periods.

It really does open u the City, allowing you to roam freely exploring all the parts of the City you possibly would have missed without, and seeing and doing far more than you would ordinarily.

Is the Go New Orleans Pass Right for Me?

First of all, you need to know what you are in town for. If it’s Mardi Gras then a pass is not always the most appropriate purchase. This two-week-long celebration is all about partying and street vibes, there is little time for much else. However you may be here to visit the City AT Mardi Gras time but still want to do other things than just party, in which case a pass is a great option.

For most people coming at other times of the year, the pass is an excellent choice, New Orleans is a hard city to understand and the Pass helps you really get a feel for it. The Tours and guided walks all really get you under the skin of the City and explain a lot more about the hows and whys of the eclectic melting pot of cultures and identities.

So many people head to the french quarter, sample a Few beignets, get wasted on Bourbon Street, and really miss the true intrigue this incredible city really has to offer, the Go New Orleans Pass gets you right to the heart of things.

Go New Orleans Pass Attractions

Of course, the most important part of any Pass are the attractions, and these really have to be things you want to see. But as we said in New Orleans this is a bit more about really getting to know the City and seeing things you might not have done without it. So while some of the things available might not be what initially jumps to mind they are mostly really good ways to get to know the City.

There are a couple of things missing that we would like to see, but mostly the pass covered everything the City has to offer.

National WW2 Museum – $30.81

WW2 was an event that changed the world several times over and has shaped everyone’s lives in many ways, even if we are not consciously aware of the fact. Every country needs a memorial to the war and a place new generations can come and learn about the sacrifices of the war generations, New Orleans is home to America’s National Museum and while it does not make obvious sense to have the Museum here, there are reasons.

The Museum Started life as a D-Day Museum, and New Orleans was home to Higgins Industry which designed the Higgins Boat Landing Craft that Stormed the Normandy Beaches. It was also the home of Stephen Ambrose a prominent WW2 Auther who spearheaded the project. As America was not really a theater of war at any point in WW2 there are few obvious locations to host the Museum and the D-Day connection to New Orleans won out in the end.

The Museum itself ranks as New Orleans’s number 1 attraction and is a massive exhibition. It features all the theaters of War the USA was involved with including the European Front and the Pacific. The early focus was on the D-Day Landings but this has expanded greatly and with generous donations from Boeing has an impressive collection of WW2 Aircraft including a B17 Flying Fortress, Submarine Spitfire, P51 Mustang, and a Meshschmit 109, some of the most iconic and important flyers in the War.

There is a lot to see in this 6-acre museum and visitors to the City owe it to the past generation who sacrificed so much to take the time to explore this incredible exhibit.

Ultimate Swamp Adventure – $26.50

Ultimate Swamp Adventure

New Orleans is basically built in a swamp and as such the Bayou is intrinsic to life in New Orleans, the food, the way of life, the climate, it’s all linked to the swamp, so getting out into the wonderful natural area’s surrounding the City is essential to understand New Orleans. The Ultimate Swamp adventure will do just that.

The Swamp Boat tors is a 1:45 min tour of the pristine Bayou area at Westwego. Home to an abundance of wildlife including Alligators, Turtles, Fish, Egrets, Eagles, Insects, and even Wild Hogs. The Guides know exactly where the wildlife is and will ensure lots of incredible sightings.

Ultimate Swamp Adventure is a top-rated tour company that will get you out into some of the best swamps the City has to offer.

Paddlewheeler Creole Queen Cruise – $36.00

Creole Queen

There are few images more evocative of the south than a victorian Steam Paddle Cruiser putting gently along the Mississippi! Take a ride on this restored historic PAddlesteamer as you sail gently down the river to the historic Chalmette Battlefield where you will disembark and explore or take a walking tour. Before heading back up the river to the Spanish quarter.

It’s a wonderful experience and feels right out of the 1900s as you sip lemonade and shelter under your parasol…you do own a parasol right? The whole trip takes nearly 3 hours and you can take lunch aboard (Charged extra) and there is an onboard bar, that does bottomless Mimosas!

Adventures in New Orleans Bus Tour – $53.50

The biggest attraction in New Orleans is the City itself, and this New Orlean Bus tour takes you on a 2.5-hour tour around every district in the City. From the stunning French Quarter to Lake Pontchartrain and everything in between. The tours come with a witty guide offering insightful commentary as you make your way around this historic city.

This is not a hop-on-hop-off tour but offers a great way to get to know the City. And it does make stops at the Cemetery (see below) and a park. Make this one of your first activities to really get to know the lat of the land.

Multiple Walking Tours – $20-25

Garden District Tour

There are multiple walking tours included on the pass that really get you to the heart of the city. Each tour takes a look at a particular area and really shows you the soul of the city from the people who live and breathe it.

Garden District – One of the most beautiful parts of the City.

Tremé (Old African District) – A Vibrant and fascinating district. One of the strong cultural influences that shaped the city, you really haven’t got to know New Orleans until you get to know Tremé

Saints and Sinners – Take a tour to learn about the city’s most respected residents along with some of its less savory inhabitants and the dark side of the city’s past.

Cities of the Dead Cemetery History Tour – $25

Cities Of The Dead Tour

Due to New Orleans’s peculiar below-water-level location, the City came up with a novel concept for dealing with the deceased. instead of localized cemeteries representing the different communities and religions, all of the city’s cemeteries were positioned in the same place, on the highest ground, and least likely to be flooded. The deceased were also placed in tombs above ground rather than being buried.

This makes for a curious and macabre spectacle known as the Cities of the Dead. This tour takes you on a walking tour of the various resting places, each with its own unique architecture and stories.

Also consider the French Quarter Ghosts & Legends Tour, best taken at night, to really get to know the creepy side of the most haunted city in the States.

Whether you buy a pass, take a tour, or go it alone, don’t miss the Cities of the Dead! But Visiting at night with a knowledgeable guide really does get the best out of the location.

New Orleans School of Cooking Demo – $37.50

New Orleans Cooking Demo

There really is nothing that defines New Orleans more than its food. This is one of a few places in the States that really has its own unique cuisine and is a true foodie destination. The Melting Pot of cultures created something truly unique and wonderful. With heavy French influences, the food was always going to be good, but the spice and flair brought by the African and Spanish/Portuguese influence elevated things to a whole new level.

You can never really understand a cuisine until you have a go at cooking it and this Cooking Demo is the perfect way to get to grips with Louisiana cooking. You do not need to be a skilled chef as most of the class is demonstration but you get to try everything, and the class can be considered a full meal.

Food really is at the heart of everything that is New Orleans and there really is no better way to understand it than this.

Is the Go New Orleans Pass Worth It?

We really love the Pass as it allows us to really get under the skin of the City and See far more, however, we just can’t ignore the financial aspects, you could always do every one of these attractions without the pass, and while there are a few intrinsic advantages to having a pass overpaying separately, there are also a few disadvantages, AND we all just want to save some money. So is the Pass worth it and does it allows you to See More AND pay Less?

Costed Examples

The easiest way to explore this is with some costed examples. We look here at a 3-Day Pass and see how much we can save with a light itinerary just picking out the barebones highlights of the City.

Go New Orleans Pass – All Inclusive

3-day Pass – $133

Day 1

  • Adventures in New Orleans Bus Tour – $53.50
  • Paddlewheeler Creole Queen Cruise – $36.00
  • Attractions – 2
  • Running Cost – $89.50

Day 2

  • National WWII Museum – $30.81
  • Ultimate Swamp Adventure – $26.50
  • French Quarter Ghosts & Legends Tour – $25
  • Attractions – 5
  • Running Cost – $172

Day 3

  • New Orleans School of Cooking Demo – $37.50
  • Garden District Walking Tour – $20
  • Attractions – 7
  • Running Cost – $229.50
  • Total Cost – $229.50
  • Pass Price – $133
  • Savings – $96.50 or 42%+

With this light touch Intinary, we are already saving over 42% on the city’s attractions. This itinerary would really help you get into the city and see what makes it tick and how the people live and breathe. It also leaves a lot of time to see other parts of the City, free attractions such as the parks and architecture, and sample some amazing food.

$133 is a snip of a price to really get a fantastic insight into one of America’s most unique and interesting Cities. You could easily add several other attractions into your itinerary, we only allowed for 2-3 per day, so you can definitely fit more in at a push. The Two Day Pass is also only $110 and you could easily fit 6 of the 7 above attractions in, at a gate price of $205 saving over 50%! The 5-Day is even better value but you would start running out of things to do with the Passes Current line-up, but you can do much less per day and still save.

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As we said there are a few other advantages of using a pass. These are not on their own a solid case for the Pass but they do help make the trip better if the cost savings and attractions are appealing.


Getting to a new city can be a bit of an overwhelming experience, you can be pretty unsure about what there is to see and do and what attractions and sights are worth your time and money. The Pass can really help open your eyes up to what is available. There are always things n the Pass you never knew about and things that will really appeal and can end up being your favorite attractions!


The Pass also really helps with the planning aspect of your trip. It gives a real structure to base any itinerary around and gets you to many different parts of the City where you can explore and check out the other sights while there.


While we love a good plan, we also hate being too rigid. Plans are a guide and flexibility is key. Simply things like weather and mood can mean plans have to change, as attractions are not pre-booked (well not all of them) the pass allows you to chop and change quite a bit, giving you the freedom to re-write your itineraries on the fly. We don’t think we have ever been n a tri where we executed our plan to the letter!


Knowing how much you are going to spend when going away is a minefield and we always come back to heart-stopping credit card bills! Knowing exactly how much you will spend on attraction before you go is very reassuring. It also avoids that awful situation where you start slipping things just because you can’t afford them.


As we said you could always visit these attractions individually, and often you can hunt out discounts online to save sometimes similar amounts to what the pass can offer. But it’s a lot of hassle, with the pass, all tickets are in one place and savings are guaranteed without scouring the internet for individual offers and discounts.

See More Pay Less

We have used passes all over the states and find they always allow us to really get the best out of the city and bag that travel holy grail of seeing more and paying less. But more so than any other City does a Pass help you see more than in New Orleans. It really opened up the city to explore and helped us get under the skin. The money-saving was great but the insight into this truly unique city was utterly priceless. The fact it’s just $119 for this key to the city just cements the Passes value even more.


Nothing is perfect and while we are fans of the pass there are some cons to go with the pros. These are not ship-sinkers for us and if used correctly most of these can be avoided but they are worth keeping in mind when considering a Pass Purchase.

Planning too much – When people buy a Pass they look at the possible attractions and can get a bit overexcited about what to do. The tendency is to plan far too much in than is realistically possible. Travel between the attractions, things taking longer than expected, and that pesky business of having to eat. These can be forgotten in the clamor to plan in more paid attractions to get value out of the pass.

Plan just 2-3 attractions per day and ensure they are grouped together for minimal travel time.

Chasing the Pass – Similarly, people sometimes focus too much on the number of attractions visited and do not fully experience the one they are at. For Example, you could visit the WW2 Museum in under an hour and get off to your next attraction, but really it deserves far more time than this to get the best out of it. By Chasing the Pass we mean charging around trying to get the most out of the pass not trying to get the most out of the attraction and the City.

Work out what you really want to do and focus on those attractions. The pass is supposed to make the trip more complete not less.

Free Sights and Attractions – Likewise, there is a ton to see and do in New Orleans that does not require a Pass at all and are free to all visitors. People can overlook these in the desire to fit in something else paid and get more value.

Take the time to properly explore the City. The pass may get you to a part of the City you would not otherwise go to, such as Westwego for the Swamp tour, use that excuse to look around and explore a new part of New Orleans.

Missing Attractions – There are a couple of things missing that we find a little disappointing. Namely the AUDUBON institute attractions. We love the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas and the Audubon Zoo and really think they could be a real feature on the passes, we are sure there is a reason be we find it disappointing. You could look at the sightseeing pass below that does claim to feature the Audubon Institute attractions, however, we have heard rumors they have stopped now, or just pay separately as an extra.

Consecutive Days – We are not fans of consecutive day passes as they do not give you the ability to have a day off. You might have something else on in New Orleans and do not want to sightsee that day, but with the New Orleans Pass you would lose one day’s sightseeing.

Some Passes have the feature that if you do not scan any attractions on one day it does not count, but that is not the case here or with and other New Orleans Passes. So keep it in mind when planning your days out.


Overall the pros outweigh the cons for us, but you could see it differently, but this is before we factor in the huge cost savings, that really swing the balance to the Go New Orleans Pass. We do just see the pass as a fairly small outlay to really open up the heart and soul of New Orleans.

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Other New Orleans Passes?

The only other Pass on the Market is the Sightseeing Pass. These offer two options, the Day Pass which is very similar to the Go New Orleans Pass, and the Flex Pass which allows you to pick the number of attractions and then visit them at your own pace over 30 days. Take a look at these here.

Have Your Say

Have you tried the Go New Orleans Pass? What did you think of it? Did it represent good value and were the attractions worth visiting? Did it help you get a feel for the City? What were your favorite things to do on the pass? Whatever you have to say about the pass just fire away in the comments below.

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