Go City Orlando Pass Review 2023 – Is The Orlando Go Pass Worth It?

Over 70 Million people visit Orlando every year and with a huge percentage of these heading for the Big Theme Parks of Disney World, Universal, and Sea World, you would think there is little room for anything else! This could not be further from the truth and Orlando is packed with tons of fantastic tours and attractions, you can easily spend a vacation here without ever going near a Disney Park! However, with everyone out to get their hands on your tourist dollars, the costs can quickly escalate. One way to keep on top of this and save money is with an Attractions Pass.

Go City Orlando Card Review 2023

With Our Go Orlando Pass Review, we take a look at this All-Inclusive attraction Pass and ask, is The Orlando Go Pass Worth It?  Starting at $155 it’s a hefty outlay, especially on top of all the other entry fees you may be paying such as Disney, Universal, or Sea World. Attractions in Orlando can Quickly end up Costing more than the actual trip! Naturally, you need to be sure any extra expense is worth it. So we take a look and see if the Pass is good value or just another Tourist Rip-Off.

  • Product: Orlando Go Pass
  • Price: $155- $275
  • Price Child: $135 – $250 (Child 3-12yrs)
  • Where to Buy: GoCity.com – Best Price Direct!
  • Number Of Attractions: 30+ Top Attractions
  • Time Limit: 2,3 or 5 days unlimited over a 2-week period
  • Validity – 2 Years with a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.3 – Stars

Attractions Included – 27+  Attractions

  • Legoland Florida Resort
  • Kennedy Space Center
  • Funspot America – 4 Ride Sampler
  • Gatorland
  • The Wheel at ICON Park – the observation wheel
  • Sea Life Aquarium Orlando
  • Boggy Creek Airboat Tour
  • and Many more…
In A Nutshell
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Attractions


A fantastic Value card for anyone planning on Visiting Legoland Orlando. Still offers good value if lego land is not on your list but you need to be prepared to visit quite a few attractions per day. A good selection of evening attractions makes this easily do-able! The Non-Consecutive Nature of the Pass means you can easily fit the Pass around other bigger attractions such as Disney, SeaWorld and Universal.

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What is the GO Orlando Pass?

The Go Orlando Pass is an all-inclusive attraction Pass for the Orlando area. Covering a large array of attractions in the Orlando area along with a few attractions outside the Immediate area, including The Kennedy Space Centre and some Miami Tours and Attractions. The pass is a simple-to-use Digital Pass that offers some pretty substantial savings.

Attractions Passes can seem like a No-Brainer, offering fantastic Savings and allowing you to see more and pay less. However, there is no such thing as a free lunch, and these passes can work out as poor choices in some circumstances. However, for many people, they really do allow the holy grail of allowing you to save money while actually having a better trip. This Review will help show you when the pass is useful and how to use it to have a better trip.

How does it Work?

Go City Orlando Card Mobile

The Go Pass is an All-inclusive Attraction pass which means you pay for the number of days you wish to use it and on those days simply visit as many attractions as you like from the list available. Many people Visiting Orlando will be spending days at Disney World or the other major parks so It is important with a Pass like this you can spread the days out. Some Passes only offer consecutive days, but the Go Pass allows you to use the pass on any Non -consecutive day for 2 weeks after your first use!

Great news, as the pass would be pretty poor without this feature!

The Pass is a Digital Pass and will be emailed to you after purchase. It works by providing you with a QR code that can be scanned at any participating Location. You can Print these codes out or use them Directly from the Go City App. The App works offline so you don’t use any data or need to have a signal. It also serves as a handy guide to help you find attractions and information about how to redeem.

Overall the Pass couldn’t be simpler, there is no need to carry around a bunch of printed-out attraction tickets, the one App stored on your phone is all you need.

2023 Update

The Pandemic all but wiped out travel across the entire world in 2020. However, there are glimmers of hope that many people, us included, are now itching to get back out and travel.

There is however still much uncertainty and these fears are stopping people from getting back out there. The Go Orlando Pass has implemented several features that should really help you safely and confidently head back to Orlando.

The Pass introduced a 2 Year Validity meaning if your trip gets postponed the Pass will still be valid for up to 2 years. More importantly, they also brought in a 90 Day Money-back Guarantee, meaning if you buy the pass within 3 months of your trip you can just get your money back should your trip get canceled. It is worth noting there is a small restocking fee for canceling outside of 30Days so really we advise just buying you passes within 30 days of traveling for a FULL Refund. Really we did this anyway, so nothing has changed much there.

The other thing to consider is The Major theme parks are all operating on low volume meaning and booked entry dates meaning you may have days, one even the busiest trips, where you cannot visit one of the big parks, this opens up opportunities to see some of the other things on offer in Orlando and the Pass can really help with that.

How Much Does the Go Orlando Pass Cost?

  • 2 – Days – $155 – Adults ($70.50 per Day) $135- Child (3yr- 12yr)
    • 3 – Days – $210 – Adults ($70 per Day) $190 – Child (3yr- 12yr)
  • 5 – Days – $270 – Adults ($55 per Day) $250 – Child (3yr- 12yr)

The Pass price per Day falls the more days you purchase, this is due to the fact people tend to use the pass less the longer they have it. With a five-day pass, you can get away with just visiting a couple of attractions a day whereas, with the 2-Day Pass, you need to cram attractions in a little more. You will also find with the 5-Day Pass you will run out of things you really want to do.

The Sweet Spot seems to be the 3-Day Pass, giving you enough days to visit everything you want and securing a good Price per Day to get the best value.

Is the Go Orlando Pass Worth It?

We are addressing this early on in the Article as there is a BIG sticking point. Legoland.

It seems that when putting the Pass together the team was desperate to have a “headline” attraction. Disney parks are never found on attraction passes and they clearly couldn’t get Universal or Seaworld, so ended up with Legoland Orlando as their Headliner.

There is nothing wrong with this, Legoland is a great attraction and Incredibly popular, especially with kids under 13. And with gate entry costing over $111 and even pre-booked tickets $90+, It makes for a great value pass if Legoland is high on your (kids) Must Visit attractions.

However, With the Average attraction on the Pass costing around $30, it makes it quite hard to get your money’s worth out of the card if you don’t visit Legoland! We think if there was a choice of Premium attractions, like on some other Go City Passes it would make more sense to more people. If maybe you could choose between Sea-World, Busch Gardens, or Legoland it would offer better value, but alas this is not the case.

So what if We Don’t want to Visit Legoland?

This said it is still good value, and it’s not too hard to visit enough attractions to save hundreds of dollars if you are a family. While the attraction list is quite small they are mainly all really good attractions and very little filler!

We have full-costed Examples Below to help you visualize this as at first glance it seems like it does not offer great value!

The Pass has another option, The Explorer Pass. Legoland is not on this Pass and Does not Sqew the Price. The Explorer Pass also offers lower price points and offers some attractions not included on the Go Pass. If all you want is to visit a few of Florida’s best alternate attractions this can be a good bet!

Explorer Pass

  • 2 – Choices – $55 – Adult ($27 per Attraction) $46 – Child (3yr- 12yr)
  • 3 – Choices – $70 – Adult ($23 per Attraction) $60 – Child (3yr- 12yr)
  • 4 – Choices – $90 – Adult ($22.50 per Attraction) $70 – Child (3yr- 12yr)
  • 5 – Choices – $105 – Adult ($21 per Attraction) $92 – Child (3yr- 12yr)
  • Choose from 16 Attractions

This would be the winning option here for non-Legoland Visitors if it were not for one problem. The Kenedy Space Centre vanishes from the attraction list! We love the Space Centre and it’s one of the first things we recommend after Disney, Universal, and Seaworld Parks!

As it is it still represents really good value and gets you some very good discounts on some really fun attractions. By choosing the number of attractions you never feel obliged to Pack them in and can visit the attractions at your leisure perfect for getting a break from the Madness of Disney.

There is much less choice than on the Go Orlando Card but has all the big hitters (Apart from Legoland and the Kenedy Space Centre) so It is a great option for seeing a little of what the City has to offer outside the theme parks.

<<< Check out the Explorer Pass Here! >>>

What Attractions Are Included on the Pass

This is the most important element of the Pass. If the Attractions are not of interest to you the pass is simply a bad idea. But the pass often works as inspiration and you may find things on the Pass you had not thought about, let’s take a look at the line-up and see if these tickle your fancy.

Legoland Florida Resort

  • Gate Price $111.29

As the Premium Attraction on the Pass, the high gate cost of this is factored into the cost of the pass. It is also a “full-day” attraction so you are likely to lose a whole day visiting this. But it’s a fantastic park and high up on the dream scale for a lot of children! Lego has made a huge resurgence in recent years and every birthday and Christmas we seem to be buying Lego for one Nephew or Neice! The Recent release of multiple Lego Movies and Video Games only cements this popularity.

With this backdrop, Legoland appears to be a very enticing attraction for any self-respecting lego fan!  The Park is packed with thousands of Lego models and includes over 50 Rides and attractions spread across multiple Lego-themed worlds including the new Starwars and Ninjago Lands!

The Park is definitely geared towards a young audience who love lego and if this is not your kid’s “thing” they are unlikely to appreciate the park. But if they are big into lego this will be Heaven. While the Rides are all pretty tame by theme park standards some are pretty advanced such as the Great Lego Race which is a VR Coaster that puts you right into the Lego World while riding a real Coaster. And the 4D Lego Movie is unique to the park and is a great experience for all.

Bonus – Complete your Legoland experience with a FREE Upgrade to the Waterpark

Kennedy Space Center

  • Gate Price $80.25
Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center is worth a visit to Orlando all by itself, especially if you can time it to coincide with a Launch! While the Hayday of the Space center may have passed since the retirement of the Shuttle Program it’s still the most active Launch site and home to a HUGE array of mindblowing history!

A Visit to the space center is the stuff of dreams for Kids (even grown-up ones) who have dreamed of space for as long as they can remember. Here the Awesome Scale of the Space programs becomes clear as you gawp at colossal Rockets, Engines, and even the Space Shuttle Atlantis.

The Centre is a good hour’s drive from Orlando if you get perfect traffic  Situated over on the Atlantic coast. Apparently, if you are going to launch Giant Rockets it’s best to do it in the middle of Nowhere! It’s best to have a Hire car if you are heading out to the Centre.

Another Full day attraction, although you could squeeze in the morning or evening if you are on a tight schedule.

Funspot America – 4 Ride Sampler

  • Gate Price $32
Fun Spot America

The Fun Spot Brand of “theme parks” is a throwback to how fairs used to be. The rides are not advanced but old-school thrill rides that are just as fun as some of the Ultra advanced thrills at the big parks. Unlike the theme parks, Funspot America charges per ride and can get a bit pricey but with the Go Card, you get 4 rides to try out the best on offer.

There are two locations one on International Drive and one in Kissimmee, We actually prefer the Kissimmee location but with the Go Card, you can have a 4 Ride Sampler for BOTH parks! You can only choose one per day but on a multi-day pass that’s no problem. Like all good Fairs it’s best visited in the evening so won’t get in the way of other attractions to help maximize the pass’s value.

We have picked out our favorite Thrill Rides but there is plenty for less Brave guests to do as well!

International Drive

  • Headrush 360 – A Giant spinning Disc on the end of a giant swinging arm! Simple, but a lot of fun!
  • Freedom Flyer – A flying Inverted Coaster. Not the Scariest in the world but the lack of shoulder restraints makes it a great experience. Now with added VR!
  • White Lightning – Wooden Coasters are cool again and White Lightning is a really good one and well worth Checking out!
  • Enterprise – A Super Old school Favourite of ours. A Large spinning disc That spins you upside down more times than you can count!


  • Mine Blower Coaster – A Wooden Coaster…With an Inversion! One of only a few in the world!
  • Hot Seat – A bit like a Pirate ship…without the ship. With just a seat at the end of the bar, the Exposure really enhances the thrill.
  • Multi-Level Go-Carts – A choice of the Vortex and Chaos Tracks
  • Rockstar coaster – A timeless classic Cat and Mouse Coaster!

Gatorland – The Aligator Capital of the World

  • Gate Price $35.13
Gatorland The Alligator Capital of the World

Not a Petting Zoo!

Nothing Screams Florida More than Gators. While there is no shortage of Gators out in the wilds most people are not comfortable hunting out these creatures in their own habitat. So Gatorland caters to all those who want to witness Alligators without the risk of losing a limb or two.

It is a great place to visit and perfect for kids and adults alike and has been providing family thrills for decades. The Large park has thousands of Alligators along with a whole host of other wildlife including birds snakes and Wild Cats.

There are numerous attractions and shows at the park some of which require an extra fee on top of the many viewing areas of the large Gator lake and Animal Enclosures. The are many chances to get safely up close and personal with these prehistoric monsters!

Jump Show – Included

Watch, fully-grown Gators leap to grab food out of the trainer’s hand!

Wrestling Show – Included

There is something wrong with anyone who considers this a good idea, and you can watch these fools get down and dirty with the toothy critter right here.

Up Close Encounter – Included

A bit like Disney World’s meet and greets only you’ll find Snakes and Baby gators instead of overgrown Mice and Princess!

Zip Line – $69.99

A huge 1,200-foot Zipline that screams straight over the Aligator Pond! A pricey add-on but one hell of a thrill. Includes 5 separate Ziplines up to 65ft off the ground

Stompin Gator Off-Road Adventure  – $10

The Off-Road adventure is the Newest attraction and sees you boarding a large off-road monster truck and heading off to drive over some swampland!

 The Wheel at ICON Park – the observation wheel

  • Gate Price $34.60
ICON Orlando

Large Observation wheels are the latest thing any good City must have since the turn of the millennium and the introduction of the London Eye. The Orlando Eye, now known as  The Wheel at ICON Park – the observation wheel, is quite a whopper too! The 400-foot wheel Gives great views of the City and surrounding countryside along with glimpses of the big theme parks in the distance.

In all honesty, the Wheel is not the best observation wheel we have been on, the Orlando skyline is pretty bland and the Florida countryside is just swamp really. The Theme Parks are just a bit distant to be exciting, binoculars or a powerful zoom are needed to really see them. But it’s still a really fun thing to do, just don’t compare it to other wheels such as the Highroller in Las Vegas.

At $34.60 per person, we would question if this is worth the money, but included on the pass it’s awesome, this is one of those times the pass really lets you see and do more than you normally would.

Check out this Video for an idea of what you can see.

Sea Life Aquarium Orlando

  • Gate Price $33.87
Sea Life Aquarium

Sealife is an international brand of Aquariums and while they are rarely the biggest or the best they often offer an excellent experience. We love Aquariums and always make the effort to visit one when in the vicinity. The Sealife Orlando is pretty decent, while, not an overwhelming aquarium. They Have some pretty big Sharks along with all the usual Aquarium exhibits the Stars for us were the Sea Turtles and the Huge Moray Eels.

Again, at over $30 per person, it’s an expensive trip for a family but with the pass, you can enjoy it with abandon!

Boggy Creek Airboat Tour

  • Gate Price $37.28
Boggy Creek Airboat Rides

No trip to Florida is complete without an Airboat tour on the Everglades! While the Boggy creek tour is not on the True Everglades (Although it is still technically the Everglades) and a long way from the National Park it is still a good tour and saves the 4+Hour drive to get down to the “real glades”.

The Pass gets you a 1/2 hour tour and the chance to see some Florida Wildlife, including Gators. But also Turtles Birds and fish. It’s a perfect way to get to experience what the Everglades are all about. And everyone heading to Florida needs to ride an Airboat!

Tourist Traps

Orlando is probably one of the most Tourist dense places on the planet and as such there are many Tourist Traps, and attractions that are maybe not as great as they are billed. A few of these are included on the pass. And while normally we would advise caution, with the Go Orlando card you can just try them out and make your own mind up. In most cases, these are fine attractions just often overpriced.

Madame Tussauds – $33.87

Everyone loves a good Wax Museum, and Orlando’s is pretty reasonable. The best Wax Museums are the ones that play heavily on the location, however, Orlando doesn’t really play to that very well so it’s a bit generic. A good way to spend an hour when using the pass. We just think there are better ways to spend $36 per person.

Wonder Works – All Access Pass – $37.26

In many locations, the Wonderworks would be great. Something to entertain the bored kids. Your kids should NOT be bored in Orlando though! Still, it’s a bit more engaging and educational than posing for photos with Mickey!

Miami Attractions

Hop On Hop Off DDBus

If you are heading down to Miami for a day or two (and we highly recommend you do!) Then a few of the attractions are based down this way, Perfect if you are on a 5-day pass and you may run out of things to see on the Pass in Orlando.

  • Big Bus Scenic Tour – $49.99
  • Duck Tour South Beach – $48.15
  • Everglades Airboat tour – $28 – $58
  • Miami Seaquarium – $53
  • Fort Lauderdale Glass Bottom Boat and Snorkel Trip – $53.50

Florida is a great place to get out and explore so it’s great some of the attractions are for outside of Orlando.

Most of these are included on the Go Miami Pass and you can read more about them here.

So Is the Go Orlando Card Worth it?

Assuming the Attractions are of interest to you, the next thing to look at is the cost, will it save you money?

The best way to understand the Financial basis of the Pass is with some Costed Examples to show exactly how much you can save. Remember though there is more to the Pass than JUST cost savings so after the Examples we take a look at the Pros and Cons of the Pass and how it works in practice. But let’s get the costing out of the way as unless it saves you money there is little point continuing.

Costed Examples:

* Some prices rounded up or down a few $c to aid the math

3 Day Pass

Day 1:

  • Kenedy Space Centre -$80.25
  • The Wheel at ICON Park – the observation wheel – $34.60

Day 2:

  • Legoland $111.29

Day 3:

  • Gatorland – $35.13
  • BoggyCreek Airboat – $37.28
  • Funspot America 4 Ride Sampler – $32


  • Total Gate Price: $330.55
  • Pass Price: $210
  • Saving: $120.55 – 40%

As you can see savings are pretty big! and this is a very mild itinerary we really have been very light on the possible attractions you could visit. A more packed itinerary is certainly possible. You could head to Fun Spot Kissimmee after Legoland if you still had legs, or check out the Comedy Magic show. You could definitely Squeeze Madame Tussauds in or the Sea Life Aquarium or Both! We did not want to cram too much in though. We wanted to show simply how easy it is to get the value out of the pass!

3 Day Pass Without Lego Land!

Day 1:

  • Kenedy Space Centre -$80.25
  • The Wheel at ICON Park – the observation wheel – $34.60

Day 2:

  • SeaLife Aquarium Orlando – $33.87
  • Madame Tussauds – $33.87
  • WonderWorks All Acess – $37.26
  • Funspot America 4 Ride Sampler – $32

Day 3:

  • Gatorland – $35.13
  • BoggyCreek Airboat – $37.28
  • Lion Country Safari – $51.86


  • Total Gate Price: $376.12
  • Pass Price: $210
  • Saving: $166.12 – 49%

With this Example, the Savings are even Greater even though the headliner is left out! We have crammed the attractions in a little but certainly not overdone it, and only altered day 2 to replace Legoland. There is still room to find further value in this itinerary.

And remember these days can be spread out however you like over a two-week period! You can still visit Disney and Universal on the other days of your trip. If you are heading to Miami too then the 5 Day pass would allow you to rack up even more value as you visit some of Miami’s top attractions too.

And remember to check to see if we have any valid codes to help save EVEN more!

Explorer Pass

Here is how the Explorer Pass works out value-wise.

5 Attractions:

  • SeaLife Aquarium Orlando – $33.87
  • Madame Tussauds – $33.87
  • Funspot America 4 Ride Sampler – $32
  • Gatorland – $35.13
  • BoggyCreek Airboat – $37.28
  • Total Gate Price: $172.15
  • Pass Price: $106 ($21 per attraction)
  • Saving: $66 – 40%

This is a bit simpler, most of the attractions on the Explorer pass are around $30 so it provides simple savings on some of the best in the Orlando area

Remember all these costings are per person so for a Family of 4 you can multiply everything by 4 … you can easily save over $600 for a family of 4, that is a colossal saving!

Kennedy-Space Center Visitor Complex

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The Go Orlando Pass in Practice

The Cost Savings are only part of the appeal of a Pass, admittedly it’s the main appeal but still, there are other advantages to using a Pass. There are also some Drawbacks, there is no such thing as a free lunch, and while on the whole, we find the Pass Experience positive there are some drawbacks let’s take a look.



Florida is a pretty cheap* location to Visit. Flights, Food, and Lodging are all very cheap. However once there you can quickly end up spending more on attractions and things to do than you did on the rest of the trip! A good way to keep a lid on this and help keep the costs minimal is you use an Attraction pass. The Go Orlando Pass helps you pack in a lot more fun and adventure for one simple cost. No spending all your vacation money on attractions, no missing out because you ran out of money and No returning home to colossal Credit card bills…Well apart from the small fortune you spent in the Magic Kingdom Gift shop, but you really needed that souvenir mug for $25!!!

*assuming you are not staying in the Parks, Disney is horrifically expensive but outside of the Mouse House, Orlando is actually dirt cheap!


The Big hitters in Florida spend millions on advertising and you can be a bit overwhelmed and blinded to what else is really on offer. The Go City Pass opens up a whole new array of attractions you may never have known existed. We hear all the time how people find new and exciting things to do, often these end up being the favorite part of the trip!


Seriously, planning an Orlando Vacation is about the most complicated thing in the world. Military precision is needed to get these trips to fall into place. So Many people just wing it and only get to see and do a fraction of what they wanted. Any tool to help with this is very welcome. The Go Orlando Pass really helps as a framework for planning your non-Disney days around so you can add structure and planning to your days off.


In a Similar Vein, having all the attractions tickets stored in one place is a godsend. Just simply pulling out the Pass as scanning it to get in is fantastic. Buying all your tickets beforehand and carrying around folders of paper only adds to the stress. The Pass really simplifies things and trust us, anything to help smooth the military logistics of an Orlando vacation is very welcome.

Cost Saving!

Of course, the biggest incentive is the large amounts of cash you can save. As we have discussed it can run into hundreds of dollars.

What We don’t like!

Chasing the Pass can be an issue with almost any City Pass. This is where you try to cram in far too much in order to try and get value from the pass and end up just getting tired and rushing attractions and not getting the full enjoyment. This can be a problem in Orlando where you may already be exceptionally tired from the endless queues at Disney/Universal. It can be very tempting to sit by the pool all day rather than head out and try and cram in some more fun!

Ensure some of your days off from Disney are genuine days off pool days with some proper relaxing. You will need it. We cannot stress this enough, if you only plan 3 days off from the major parks do not plan on using the Pass on those days. Plan on relaxing by a pool, Disney is INTENSE, you need some downtime.

Of course, not everyone spends their vacation in Disney World and the pass is a great way for those people to get out and see the real Orlando…if such a thing exists.

Another potential Pitfall is doing things no one really wants to do simply because they are on the pass. People are tempted to do things as a way to eek value out of the pass. but spending two hours bored looking at things that don’t interest you is a poor use of a vacation’s most valuable commodity, Time! Stick to the things that Excite you or pique your interest or the interest of others in your party.


Overall the Go Orlando Pass offers excellent value for money for those either not heading to Disney or those trying to escape for a few days! The Disney experience can get a little too much. Getting out and seeing some other stuff is a great distraction. The Go City Pass allows you to save big while doing so.

We think most of the attractions are really top quality and some of the best Orlando has to offer after the big 3! The Kennedy Space Center really is a must-see once in your life! The pass is certainly not cheap but does offer great value so a worthwhile investment if the attractions on offer appeal.

<<< Click here to Purchase a Pass Direct >>>


Check Our Promo code to save even more!!!

Check out our Promo Code Page to see if you could save EVEN more when Purchasing a Go Orlando Pass. Click here to check out our available discount codes. or Click the Reveal button Below to Unlock our BEST current Code!

Clicking Reveal takes you directly to the Go Orlando Pass Page to input the code, we receive a small commission if you buy after clicking our link. This is how we support the Page

Have Your Say?

We would love to hear about your experience with the Go Orlando Pass or the Orlando Explorer Pass! Which attractions did you enjoy? Did you think the pass was good value for you? Was there anything about the experience you didn’t like? Let us know in the comments below. Also if you have any questions we would be happy to help out, just drop us a comment.

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22 thoughts on “Go City Orlando Pass Review 2023 – Is The Orlando Go Pass Worth It?”

  1. Oh my, I love, love, love your site – it is sooooo informative. I am planning a trip to Orlando and was just getting overwhelmed and then I found your website. I was able to come up with a great itinerary for the whole family for a week that included things for the kids, the hubby, and me, that did not include Disney (which we have done in the past). Don’t get me wrong, Disney is great but we did want to do something different. I love the different options in Passes, but I am leaning towards the Build Your Own Pass so we can do exactly what we want. Thank you for being such a wonderful resource for the Orlando area. I see that you are in many cities so when I have more time, I will see what you offer in other towns.

    • Hi Comountaingirl,

      Thank you so much for your high Praise. Very Flattering.

      Great news that you could plan out an alternative Orlando itinerary using the Pass as a Basis. We think that is one of the strongest plus points of the Pass, Along with the cost savings obviously. We know exactly what you mean about Disney, it’s a MUST do but it’s all a bit much and sometimes you actually want a break from it all! 

      Hope you enjoy your trip and the Pass and hope you check back soon to which other Cities you want to Visit, on top of the ones listed we are about to Launch Miami this Week with San Diego and Chicago VERY soon afterwards.


  2. I would definitely recommend this site for families travelling to Orlando. The 3 day pass, which includes Lego Land, is a great value. Thanks for building this site. It provides such great information and a way for family to help save money when going on vacation. I found it really helpful that the attractions are listed. This makes it so much easier to organize and plan a trip as well.

    • Hi Courtney, 

      Thanks So Happy you would recommend our site to other Families! Orlando is such an expensive place to Visit so it’s important to do all you can to reduce the costs. The Orlando Go Card really does help you get out and see what else is on offer in Orlando Apart from just Mickey and Friends!

      Thanks for reading and Hope you have a great time on your next Orlando Adventure!


  3. Hello, 

    Love the Site really useful for planning my next trip. The Go Orlando Card seems a great way to see a bit more of Orlando than Just the Disney Parks! The App Looks great and a really easy way to use the Pass and great that it doesn’t require Data!

    Really looking forward to Visiting Orlando and can’t wait to use the Go Card, Thanks for the great review!

    • HI,

      Great to Hear the Pass will be useful for your next trip. It really can be a good idea to spend a few days away from Disney, Either seeing the rest of Orlando, further afield or just hitting the pool! It can all get a bit much other wise.

      Yes being from the UK having offline functionality of the App is great, No huge Data bills when we get back. 

      Hope you have a great trip


  4. For a couple of seniors there are some good sites like the Space Centre, Dayton Speedway and City Tours. If we take the grandkids a pass like this would be wonderful and a way to get away from Disney World for a couple of days.
    Your site and explanations provide all the information we need.
    Roger and Fanny from Edmonton, Alberta

    • Hi Roger, 

      Yeah the Pass can provide the perfect escape from Disney, and trust us you are likely to need it! As much as we love Disney it does get a bit much after a while. The pass still offers things the grand kids will enjoy, but you can get that breathing space from mickey and friends!

      Hope you have a great trip to the Sunshine State.


  5. Hey there,

    I have to say, this ”Go Orlando Card” is truly a bang for the buck! I am quite amazed and blown away by the insane amount of value this package offers while maintaining very solid price tag! The variety and quality of atractions really sells it for me! I am mostly excited about Lego Land and Icon Orlando, it would be so cool to visit and explore the whole theme park created arround Lego (as I am huge Lego fan myself), as well as see the whole gorgeous Orlando from such incredible height that Icon Orlando has to offer! I also admire how user-friendly this card is and how easy it is to use it! Thanks for such informative article, keep up the great work! 

    • Hi Evald,

      Great to see you like the pass, we are sure it’s a great help for most people visiting Orlando that want time away from the Disney parks…and you will ant time away! The pass does cover most attractions away from the big parks. 

      Lego Land is really cool, I don’t really play with Lego anymore, you know being 37! but was always my favorite growing up so it’s a great place to visit. The eye is also a really good evening activity which helps get the most out for the card. It you can time it just right you might even catch a firework show from up there! 

      Enjoy your trip


  6. This is an awesome resource for an Orlando trip. I have definitely experienced the urge to maximize my pass values and rush through even my favorite parts so the custom pass (in my personal opinion) is definitely the way to go. However, I would be curious if there are any passes available that lump in air fare and hotel as well. It would be pretty convenient to get everything into one lump fee, almost like an all inclusive resort!

    • Hi Josh,

      Yeah its always tempting to just cram too much in but you soon learn you need to pare back a little. We have fallen into the trap of rushing one attraction to get to another and regretted it though. While the custom pass option can seem to be the way to go, it doesn’t actually solve that issue, you can still plan too much while at home lol. At least with the all inclusive you have the option to be flexible and it can actually save you a lot more money! You still use it as a custom pass and do the same attractions it’s just paid for differently.

      As for an all in flight hotel and attractions, we are not aware of anything on the market atm. It would certainly be convenient but we worry it would be used to cover overpriced hotels and flights? You can easily get a package deal on flight and hotel and then just get the pass as on top?



  7. I mentioned previously that I had got my monies worth out of a go card in Florida and here it is! 

    My vacation was to Orlando and I had one of these cards.

    As well as visiting universal studios we were able to visit Legoland and Kennedy space centre among some other attractions. If it wasn’t for the go card we wouldn’t have been able to afford it so we’ll worth the price it costs.

    • Hi Darren,

      Yeah we always feel the biggest advantage of these card is not actually the money saving, but the ability to maximise budget and see and do far more than you would without a pass. we all have a set budget and shouldn’t go beyond that so anything that means we can do more is a great thing!

      Glad you had a great time with your Go Orlando Pass. Enjoy Vegas next year!


  8. Wow I can ‘t believe I’ve never heard of any of these passes.  We drive down to Orlando from Pittsburgh every other year or so to visit Disney World. As my kid gets older, we’ve thought about visiting some of the other attractions like Universal, SeaWorld and Lego Land.

    I’ll check out the Build your own Pass option, I would love ot save some money, anyboy that has been there knows how expensive it can get.

    I’ll have to check out the Kennedy Space center for sure!

    • Hi James,

      Yeah the number 1 response we get from most people is they didn’t know these passes existed. Great to see we have alerted you to the possibility of saving some money.

      We Love Disney but it can get a bit much and there is a whole lot more to Orlando than JUST mickey and friends.

      Have a great time checking out the other attractions


  9. Been trying my best to come up with some sort of plan for our Orlando trip but the kid’s persistent nagging always ends up with Disney first…and we’ve been there many, many times before! 

    It gets really hard to plan something out with something so overpowering and popular in the area. This card really does look like it will give us a little space to decide as a family – thank you so much for suggesting it! 

    • Hi Chris,

      Yeah the Disney pull is strong, it not going to get any better this year after they open up Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge this Fall! 

      The Go Orlando card could be just what you need to entice them away, we always include Disney in our trips to Orlando but it’s always nice to get away and have a break from it all!



  10. This Go card is an amazing tool for a tourist like me.  It focuses around most of the biggest places to visit.  The money we would save as a family is ridiculous.  I have no clue why this is the first time I am seeing these.  I and my wife are already planning a couple years holidays in advance and you can bet the go card will be a big part of that.  Thank you for all the great work at getting the knowledge out there.

    • Hi Dale,

      Glad you like the card. It really can save a huge amount as a family, but the outlay is also significant so we hope our review helps you decide if the pass is right for you? 

      Thanks for reading 


  11. You made a really comprehensive review of Go Orlando Card. I would like to add my two cents. I have never been to Orlando, but I assume that it is a great place to be. 

    I visited Legoland in Denmark some years ago. The entry family (2+2) price was about €200 (about $230) for the whole day and discount for Great Belt Bridge. If honest, I guess it was overpriced even my eight years old daughter was not really liked these attractions. 

    I prefer to use Explorer Pass for five choices. 

    • Hi Andrejs, 

      Hope you get to Visit from Denmark soon. The Explorer pass is a good option for only seeing a few attractions on your own schedule.

      Thanks for reading 



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