Go Orlando Pass Discount Code – Orlando Go Pass and Explorer Pass Promo Codes 2018

While the Vast Majority of Orlando’s 70 Million+ Visitors head for the Major Theme Parks there is still a huge number of people who want to see what else the Sunshine state has to offer. The Good news is there is a whole heap to do outside of Disney World. And even those enjoying the Delights of Disney may feel the need to Escape from time to time. Seeing all that is out there can get expensive and if that’s on top of the outrageously priced Disney Park Entry fees then Things can get out of hand Quickly. The Go Orlando Pass is an All Inclusive Pass that enables you to visit as Many Attractions as you like from the list for one set fee. Saving you a heap of money in the Process! What could be Better? Well, how about a Go Orlando Discount Code to snag the Pass for even less?

Go Orlando Card Discount Code

Legoland Florida – Included on the Pass

Go Orlando Pass Review

The Go Orlando Pass is a great Option for anyone wanting to Avoid Or Escape the clutches of the Evil Disney Corporation (Joking We Love Disney really!) The all-inclusive pass offers entry to over 30+ top attractions in and around Orlando and further afield as well (Road Trip!!!).

Savings of up to 50% are possible and really some of the best things outside of the Major parks are included such as Legoland Florida, The Kennedy Space Centre, the Orlando Icon(Eye) and many more. The Pass comes in 2,3 and 5 day Flavours and can be spread out over the course of 2 weeks!

There is also the Option of the Orlando Explorer Pass which takes a different approach where you choose how many attractions you want as opposed to days. Leading to a more sedate trip. It’s all a bit complicated and really needs a full review to fully explain it…Oh look here’s one we did earlier! We Highly recommend checking that out first then coming back here for a Promo Code if you like what you see.

Go Orlando Pass Promo Codes


10% Off Go Orlando Pass and Explorer Pass

Currently, we have a 10% Code off all Go Orlando Passes and Explorer Passes. Click the Reveal Code Button below then Click the “Have Promo Code?” in the checkout to add your 10% code and save even more.

10% off is over $127 extra Discount if you bought 2×3-Day Adult Passes and 2x3Day Child Passes, That is Some serious extra savings!



5% Extra – Email Sign up

Sign up for Smart Destinations Email list and receive a 5% discount on any Go Orlando Pass or any Smart Destination All inclusive or Explorer pass. Their Mailing list is pretty infrequent so you are not bombarded with mail. And they won’t sell your details to anyone else. But check the terms to make sure you are happy with them.

How to Get it?


Scroll to the bottom and fill in the Email form. You will then be mailed a confirmation including your 5% Promo Code. Buy a Pass and enjoy even better savings.


4 x 3-Day All-Inclusive Go Orlando Card –  $836 ($219×2 + 199×2)

$836 – 5% = $794.20

$41.80 Saving   … on top of the up to 50% you will be saving anyway by buying the pass!

Not a Huge Amount but it is Over $40, Enough to Maybe Buy a Mug in Disneys Gift Shop???


Gatorland The Alligator Capital of the World

Gatorland – Included on the PASS

Did you try any of our codes? Did they work for you? Did you receive the expected discount? Just drop us a comment below if you have anything to say about out promo codes. If you have any questions about the pass itself or any comments or feedback on the Go Orlando Pass it might be better to comment on our review page that way others can learn from your experiences as well.

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