Miami Go Pass Review 2020 – Is The Go Miami Pass Worth It?

Miami is known for its beaches, bars, and nightlife. And any trip to the City should include plenty of that! However when you need a break from these and want something to do there are tons of fun attractions and things to see and do in Miami. Like most things in Miami through the costs can ramp up. Grabbing a Pass can really help keep those costs under control and help you discover more of what the city has to offer.

 is the go Miami Pass worth it?
Big Bus Miami Night Tour – South Beach

Our Go Miami Pass Review 2020 page takes an up-to-date, in-depth look at the Go Pass and asks the question is the Maimi Go Pass Worth it? We take a look at the best attractions on offer and show some costed examples. Along with how the pass works in practice as attraction passes are sometimes not all they seem in the real world. It is a serious outlay so you need to be sure the Pass is the right thing for your trip!

Miami Go Pass Review 2020
  • Product: Go Miami Pass
  • Price: $79- $199
  • Price Child: $59 – $159 (Child 3-12yrs)
  • Where to Buy: – Direct!
  • Number Of Attractions: 30+ Top Attractions
  • Time Limit: 1,2,3 or 5 days unlimited over a 2-week period
  • Rating: 4.4/5

Attractions Included – 30+  Attractions

  • Hop On Hop Off Big Bus Miami
  • Miami Seaquarium
  • Everglades Airboat Adventure Tour
  • Jet Boat Miami
  • Duck Tours Sout Beach
  • Jungle Island
  • Key West Day Trip
  • Biscayne Bay Sightseeing Cruise
  • and Many more…
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Attractions


An Affordable way to get to know the City and see some of the great attractions on offer that you probably didn’t know existed. Don’t be Mobbed by attraction sellers, Smugly walk past knowing you have all that sorted!

What is the GO Miami Pass?

The Go Miami Pass is a Sightseeing Pass that allows you to visit any of the listed attractions for the number of days you have bought. There is a large selection of attractions covering most of the highlights of things to see and do in Miami. It has the potential to save you quite a bit of cash, which will come in handy when it comes to settling some of the outrageous bar tabs you may run up!

How does it Work?

how does Miami Pass work

This is an All-Inclusive Pass meaning that for the Duration you have purchased you can use the pass as much as you like. The only limitation is the hours of the day. There are only so many things you can get done in any one day and some of the attractions are pretty far apart.

Miami is known for its great beaches, swanky Bars and eateries, and awesome Night Life. So most people do not want to be spending their time doing paid attractions, the would rather hit the pool, beach or Bar! The Go Card allows you to spread your All-Inclusive days over any day within a 2 week period after the first use!

We love it when passes allow this as it means you are not a slave to the pass the whole trip. You can happily spend days on the beach or be nursing a hangover, and just save the pass for another day.

The Miami Go Pass utilizes a Digital Pass Technology which simply means it’s a QR Code. This is sent immediately after Purchase and is simply a QR Code that you scan at the attractions for instant access.

The Code can Either be printed out and scanned or saved in the Smart Destinations Go City App and Scanned directly from your Phone. It’s a pretty useful App with all the details and location of all the included attractions.

The Overall Purchase and use of the pass is very simple and saves carrying around piles of printed out tickets and papers. All you need is your phone and away you go! We have used this system multiple times with zero issues and love it!

Is the Go Miami Pass Worth It?

  • 1 Day – $79 Adult $59 Child (3-12)
  • 2 Days – $109 Adult $89 Child (3-12)
  • 3 Days – $149 Adult $119 Child (3-12)
  • 5 Days – $199 Adult $159 Child (3-12)

When most people head to Miami visiting attractions is not always at the front of their minds. Time spent kicking back on the beach or partying is normally the go-to attraction. So the first question is is a pass really suited to you?

If all you want to do is get wasted and sit on a beach then no, probably not. Save the $$$ for some more cocktails or beers. But if you want to experience a bit more than just the beach and the inside of a bar the Go Pass is a great way to explore and see the City and Wider area.

The Best feature of the pass is the fact it is a NON-Consecutive Day Pass. Meaning You can use the Pass any day within a two week period after the first activation. This means you don’t have to choose between sightseeing and beach time. If you use the card on the day of arrival there is no need to use it the next day you can have a couple of days at the beach, Recovering from your hangovers then spend another day using the pass later in the week. We find a 3 Day Pass perfect for a week Trip and longer trips make the 5 days Pass best. Shorter trips can make use of one or two day passes.

Assuming you are planning to do more than just sit on the beach, then the pass can be very good value. Miami is one of those places where many people don’t always know what there is on offer as far as attractions go, however, there is a lot on offer. The Miami Go Pass can be a great way to help you understand what is on offer and being All-Inclusive means you don’t have to worry too much about giving it a try! See below for our favorite attractions on the Pass.

Miami is an Expansive place and this carries over onto the attraction costs so it doesn’t take long to get your money’s worth. We show some realistic costed examples below but even just doing the Big Bus Tour and one moderately priced attraction covers the one-day pass cost!

An Alternative to the Miami Go Pass is the Explorer Pass. This is a great option for those looking to just see a few highlight attractions and want to save a bit of cash while doing it. And also if your trip is split between Miami and the Glorious Keys.

Art Deco District South Beach – Beach Loop Big Bus Miami

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Miami Explorer Pass

  • 3 Choices – $89 Adult $69 Child (3-12)  – $29per Attraction
  • 4 Choices – $109 Adult $89 Child (3-12) – $27per Attraction
  • 5 Choices – $129 Adult $99 Child (3-12) – $25.80 per Attraction
  • Choose from 27 Attractions

The Miami Explorer pass works differently to the Go Miami Pass in that you choose the number of attractions and can then just spread them out over your trip however you please. There are a few Attractions you can use at certain locations on the Keys as well so great if you are heading that way, in fact, there are enough top Keys attractions that it’s worth buying just for the keys!

Miami Attractions

  • Hop On Hop Off Big Bus Miami – $49
  • Miami Seaquarium – $48
  • Jet Boat Miami – $34
  • Duck Tours South Beach – $39
  • Jungle Island $59

Florida Keys Attractions

  • Sunset Watersports Parasailing – $52 (Key West)
  • Sunset Watersports Paddleboard Rental – $54 (Key West)
  • Sunset Watersports Snorkel Dip and Sip (Cruise) – $48 (Key West)
  • Key Largo Glass Bottom Boat Cruise  – $37 (Key Largo)

As you can see the attraction Prices listed are well above the “per Attraction” Price for the Explorer Pass ($29-25 per attractions), meaning you can score some big discounts. However, some attractions are actually priced lower than the per attraction price. These do not represent good value and should be avoided.

Overall the Explorer pass is a good option over the Go Card for those not wanting hectic days cramming attractions in.

<<>> (opens in a new tab)”>< Check out the Explorer Pass Here! >>>

Build Your Own Pass

With the Build your own pass you can select which attractions you want to visit and simply add them to your pass. and receive a 20% Discount on them. There are over 47 to choose from and range from Miami, the Keys, The Everglades, right up to Orlando!

This is great if you know exactly what you want to see or if you have a multi-center trip planned. However, the 20% Discount is less than you can get if you make the most of either the Go Pass or the Explorer pass. We tend to steer away from this option for that reason.

Attractions – Go Miami Pass

Back to the Go Miami – All-Inclusive, let’s take a look at our favorite Attractions before showing you some costed Example Itineraries.

Hop On Hop Off Big Bus Miami

  • Gate Price $49
Hop On Hop Off Big D Bus
Big Bus In South Beach Miami!

The Big Bus Hop on hop off bus is a great way to get to know the City. The Open-top Buses allow fantastic views of the Unique vista’s and skylines of the City and really help you understand the layout and how to get about the City.

Miami is Uniquely suited to an open-top Bus tour. The Ocean Side layout of the city is really revealed by being high up on top of the bus. When crossing the many Bridges that take you over the Biscayne Bay you really get up above the concrete barriers for a fabulous view of the area. Coupled with the year-round warm climate, it makes for a fantastic experience.

On Top of this, the Routes available really tie up very well with the other attractions on the Pass.  Meaning you can combine this tour with some other attractions to get a fantastic taste for the City. We really like doing Bus Tours on the first day in any City to help orientate us and understand the layout of the place.

Hopping off along the way helps you get great value from you Go Pass as you can easily fit 2 attractions in along with the bus tour. This alone can add up to the gate price of a two or three-day pass. Meaning you have got your money’s worth in just one day! and anything on top of that is free!

You only get one Bus tour per trip ( not including the night tour ) but can access both the City and Beach Loops. We recommend you see the tour as just that. It’s a tour of the City, not Transport. The tours can be too slow and infrequent to use as transport. But as a tour of the City, they are great. The Hop On Hop of aspect just means you can kill two or three birds with one stone!

The Guides are normally pretty funny and give a great insight into what you are seeing as you go!

One Issue with the Tour is they all Depart from The Big Bus Main Stop on Biscayne Avenue. This is not particularly convenient if you are staying on South Beach. However, you will be allowed on the tour on the condition you validate your Go Pass once you reach the Main Stop. This means leaving the Bus here which may not be particularly part of your plans, however, the Bay Front Park area is a really nice place to visit and there is lots going on With plenty of shops and restaurants. The Jet Boat is also found here so you could always jump on that while you are here!

Miami Seaquarium

  • Gate Price $48
Miami Seaquarium

Florida is pretty well known for its sea parks. While the Miami Seaquarium lags behind it’s Orlando rival SeaWorld, it is still a worthwhile attraction for those who miss out on getting to SeaWorld. The Park is fairly dated and reminiscent of yesteryear.

The Park is packed with Marine Animals from Dolphins, Seals, and Manatees to Turtles, Rays and Penguins. There is a lot going on. The Feature attraction is the Orca Show. It seems that Orca’s being kept in captivity has its days numbered. And really we think this is a good thing. We are not fans of keeping an intelligent creature in captivity. However, it is unlikely these animals could be safely returned to the wild and while they remain alive the shows will continue.

Despite not being fans of Killer Whale shows we still like the park. We are big Aquarium fans and while we prefer our sea life in the sea we can’t miss a chance to get up close and personal with some of the ocean’s most spectacular and interesting creatures.

Everglades Airboat Adventure Tour

  • Gate Price $58
Gray Line Everglades Tour

Air Boats are pretty synonymous with Florida and you shouldn’t miss the chance to get out and ride on one. There are a few options for jumping on a boat included on the Go Card but this is our preferred option. Especially suited for people without transport. The Tour includes Pick up at your hotel and take you out into the Everglades to the park to enjoy a 30 Minute Airboat ride, Aligator show, and Jungle Walkway. It’s a great taste of the Everglades and you are very likely to see wild alligators, even during the wetter months when Gators are harder to come by.

This is a real Floridian experience, but those who have their own transport and want to head out to the National Park themselves (Recommended!) could just use one of the other options on the Pass to get a ride on an Airboat!

You will need to book this tour in advance.

Jet Boat Miami

  • Gate Price $33

Speed Boats and Miami go hand in hand and cruising the waters in your own Private Speedboat is the stuff of Hollywood dreams. Unfortunately, this can be out of reach for most. Fear not as you can always have a ride on the Jet Boat Miami. It’s anything but Private but a hell of a lot of fun! The Boat is a very powerful twin-engined Jet Boat, basically a Giant Jet Ski. The 30 Minute Jet Boat rides heads out into the bay past the homes of millionaires and celebrities at speeds of up to 45 MPH (that feels very fast on water) and performs tricks and spins.

It is a real Adrenaline rush, not for the faint-hearted. Be prepared to be bounced about and shook up quite a bit. This is no leisurely cruise so it should definitely be avoided if that’s not your thing. If you are first onto the biggest roller coaster in the park this is definitely for you. If you prefer the Kids rides then maybe think twice?

You will need to book this tour in advance.

Duck Tours South Beach

  • Gate Price $39
Miami Duck Tours

A bit more relaxed way to experience the Bay is the 90 Minute Duck Tour from South Beach. Ducks are Amphibious Vehicles invented for WW2 that now take tourists out on amphibious tours to see the Miami from both the Land and the Sea. You will see these crazy vehicles driving around the City and this is your opportunity to jump on and experience a duck tour yourself.

There is plenty to see from both the land and the water as the tour goes past the homes of the rich and the famous. Both on land and on the Bay.

You will need to book this tour in advance.

Jungle Island

  • Gate Price $59

Jungle Island has just had a huge renovation since being badly damaged by Hurricane Irma Last year. The Park has lost a few attractions but gained a few more. We haven’t been since the Re-Opening and hear a few negative remarks due to people paying full price. $59 is a hefty entry fee especially for Families, and people often feel they don’t get that value from the park. Of Course with the Go Miami pass, the cost is fairly negligible and it’s well worth checking out.

There is a lot on offer with Animal Shows a Pop-up water park (unfortunately the aquatic obstacle course was lost to the hurricane) and many animal exhibits. There are a number of paid attractions that require a fee (such as indoor Skydiving) but these are not essential to enjoy the park.

Out Of Town?

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

There are a few attractions included on the pass that are not based in Miami, this works great if you are heading out of town for a few days, maybe up to Orlando for Disney World. If your entire stay is in Miami then you can ignore this as the Miami attractions are enough to get great value from the Pass.

Kennedy Space Center

  • Gate Price $53

This attraction pretty much speaks for itself and is one of Florida’s most visited attractions apart from a certain Mouse themed park! The chance to get up close to some of mankind’s greatest accomplishments should not be missed and the Space center should be top of everyone’s list of things to do.


  • Gate Price $32

Gatorland is one of the best places (apart from the Wild, but this is safer) to see alligators up close and personal. The Park has hundreds of the Huge prehistoric beasts and viewing areas that let you get really close. Along with Aligator Shows and Animal encounters Gatorlandrland is a really fun half-day out. You can even Zipline over the Alligator enclosure (added Fee) if you really want to have a rush.

Costed Examples:

Our sample Itineraries are designed with the best attractions in mind not just picking the most expensive attractions to make the pass look like good value. They are also very realistic. It is very easy

* Some prices rounded up or down a few $c to aid the math

1 Day Pass

Day 1:

Our simple One-day Itinerary is great for short weekend visits. Utilizing the Hop on Hop Off Bus you will get to see the City, and some of it’s best attractions by stopping off at a couple of locations. You could possibly cram in quite a bit more into this trip (the Jet Boat does not take long) but even with just two attractions, it’s still great value.

  • Hop On Hop Off Big Bus Miami City Loop-$49
  • Jet Boat Miami- $33
  • Hop On Hop Off Big Bus Miami Beach Loop – $0
  • Jungle Island – $58
  • Total Gate Price: $140
  • Pass Price: $79
  • Saving: $61 – 43%


3 Day Pass

Our 3 Day itinerary Starts off the same as the one day, For the second day, we head out of Miami for the Everglades tour. After this, you are likely to be pretty tired so we give you some downtime before the Big Bus Night tour to see the City in all its evening glory! The final day we head to the Seaquarium before seeing the millionaires homes on the Bay via a South Beach Duck tour.

We don’t advise doing these days Back to Back (unless that’s all the time you have) But spaces out over a week with plenty of downtime on the beach, by the pool, shopping or in the bars.

Day 1:

  • Hop On Hop Off Big Bus Miami City Loop-$49
  • Jet Boat Miami- $33
  • Hop On Hop Off Big Bus Miami Beach Loop – $0
  • Jungle Island – $58

Day 2:

  • Everglades Airboat Adventure Tour – $58
  • Big Bus Miami Night Tour – $29

Day 3:

  • Miami Seaquarium – $ 48
  • Duck Tours South Beach – $40


  • Total Gate Price: $315
  • Pass Price: $149
  • Saving: $166 – 52%

As you can see there are big savings to be had (even more when using our 10% discount code, see below!) and you don’t need to sacrifice too much Relaxation or Party time, However, there are other advantages to having a pass. While these advantages are not on their own reasons to Buy a pass when weighed up against the negatives along with the huge cost saving they do make a pass seem like a great idea!

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Big Bus Mia Night Tour
Big Bus Night Tour Miami


Miami really is a pricey place to visit. While Hotels are Cheap, and there are endless drink and food offers costs still rack up, with many hidden costs like Service Charges and Resort fees raking up unexpected costs. It’s easy to run up one BIG credit card bill. However, if you get a pass this is one cost that can easily be budgeted for and paid upfront, so no nasty surprises when you get home!


Miami is not known for its  So a lot of people don’ really know what is on offer until they arrive. Then they are bombarded with street sellers trying to get them on a tour, often for a heavily discounted fee! But in reality, you never know if that is a real deal or not. It’s much better to have it all worked out and planned beforehand. With a Miami Go Pass, you can easily see what is available and what attractions you really want to see and do.


Miami has such incredible beaches and such brilliant bars and restaurants, it’s very easy, without any planning to just do nothing. While that could still be classed as a great trip, It may also be seen as a bit of a wasted opportunity.

Having a Go Pass in your Pocket really helps you plan out what it is you want to see and do. It helps you build up a plan of action so you get up and get out to see the City!

What We don’t like – Pass Pitfalls!

Having paid out a fair sum for the Passes people are often tempted to try and cram in as much as possible to try and get the most out of the pass. This is a mistake and you need to be very realistic about what you can pack into a day. Too much will just leave you exhausted and not properly enjoying the attractions.

A common problem fault is rushing through an attraction simply to get to the next one on the pass! If you don’t fully appreciate the attractions there was probably no point in doing them in the first place and as such the pass probably not a great idea!

Similarly, People often do attractions they don’t want to simply as they are on the pass to try and squeeze more value out of the pass. This is a mistake. Time is the most valuable commodity on vacation and time wasted doing something you don’t want, even if it’s free, is wasted.

This shouldn’t be mistaken for trying something out you normally wouldn’t. Often someone’s favorite attractions is something they would never normally do. But if you know you hate museums, Don’t go to them just as they are on the pass. Don’t force yourself on the Jet Boat just to get value if you will HATE it!


Overall we think the Go Miami Pass is a great option for anyone wanting to do more than just sit on a beach and drink. Miami is a fantastic City and while we love enjoying the beaches and bars of South Beach we love seeing the sights and attractions too. We hate buying stuff on the spot from street sellers and paying over the odds from Hotel Concierge and Travel Reps.

With the Miami Go Pass you know you are getting a great deal, and saving 100’s of Dollars and it’s all sorted out before you have even left. The pass is easy to use and really does help you get out and see the City. Some of the attractions are not the greatest in the world we have Eco concerns about some (avoid if that’s an issue for you) But overall they are mostly high quality and pretty much the best Miami has to offer. And the Go Pass is a fantastic way to save a lot of cash. Assuming the attractions on offer are of interest to you.

Have Your Say?

Have you Tried a Go Miami Pass? What did you think of it? Was it good value? What attractions did you like best? Feel free to drop us a comment below if you have anything to say about the Pass or let us know if you have any questions about the Pass or about the attractions included. We would love to hear from you.

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8 thoughts on “Miami Go Pass Review 2020 – Is The Go Miami Pass Worth It?”

  1. Very interesting! This will come in super handy when I take a trip to Miami!
    Have you ever done the snorkeling trip? I love snorkeling! If I got the pass I would probably put snorkeling on there at least three times haha! Is it possible to do the same attractions more than once?

    Great post Thanks,


    • Hi Chris,

      Glad you like the look of the pass, and think it will help you out on your next trip.

      Snorkelling around Miami is OK but really it’s not the best location. The water Quality of the Atlantic coast is a little murky for us. We Much prefer heading to the Keys for some much better water, and a lot more to see.

      You can do some attraction more than once. They are limited to once per day, but unless stated you can do the attractions as many times as you have days. so 3 days, 3 times. Some attractions are limited to one per pass though so check the details. The Fort Lauderdale trip seems fine for multiples. It requires pre-booking though, and is a bit of a trek from Miami to do every day!

      Hope you have a great trip with your Pass


  2. What a fantastic article. I and my wife and daughters are going to be taking another trip to Florida shortly before the snowbirds start heading back there.
    I was searching the internet for things we can do with our three daughters we like to have things planed out for each day. I came across your article and was like that’s it and my wife loved the idea of the Miami go card and the attractions are right up our daughters age. Thank you so much for this well informed article which is a must read for all wanting to experience Florida at a great price.
    Thank you,

    • Hi David!

      Excellent, So glad you were able to work out an itinerary based on the Go Miami Card. It really is one of the best advantages of the card helping you figure out exactly what to do on a trip. Hope you and your family have a great time in Miami.

      Thanks for reading


  3. I LOVE these kinds of passes, but this one is even better. The fact that you can get it so easily on your phone is amazing!

    We did a pass like this is New York and there are so many attractions we would not have seen had it not been for the pass! I definitely agree that it ends up saving you so much money!

    We have been wanting to go to Miami for awhile. What were your can’t miss attractions

    • Hi Delanee, 

      Yeah we have used passes all over America and we always find they enable us to do more and spend less, it really can be a win win. 

      Miami is and incredible City, we hope you make it there soon. There is so much to see and do in Miami. Check out our top 10 things to do post to see what out can’t miss attractions are, not all are on the Pass but that is what makes the non consecutive nature of this pass so good. You can take days off to just enjoy the beaches or recover from a BIG night! 

      Thanks for reading,


  4. I love Miami and I highly recommend getting a go card. I have only been to Miami one time and it was definitely a time to remember. Didn’t have a go card but it felt like it. So many attractions to see and places to eat. To bad my car got repoosesd while I was there.

    • Hi Chawn,

      Sorry can’t help with the car lol When we were in L.A last my chimney fell off my roof and landed on my “Project” Car. Now I will always think of that when ever I am in L.A just like Miami reminds you of Repossession!

      But yeah it is an incredible City. Really one of a kind and it is packed with things to do, places to see and fantastic food to eat. Glad you enjoyed your trip. And remember to check out a Go card if you ever head back. 

      Thanks for reading 



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