Go City Cancun Pass Review 2023- Is the Go City Cancun Pass Worth it?

Cancun is one of America’s top vacation destinations outside of the United States themselves. The close proximity, fantastic weather, especially in winter, and low prices draw in millions of tourists each year. The stunning coastline of the Riviera Maya is a stone’s throw away, backed up by the lush tropical jungle and a bustling city filled with incredible food and world-class nightlife. The City and the surrounding area have a lot going for them.

Any Vacation to the Yutacan Penisular, where Cancun is situated is bound to be filled with certain things. Days spent by the pool, Nights spent partying in the City, Amazing food, and a dazzling array of things to see and do. There are so many things to see and do in and around Cancun that your trips can be packed full of incredible experiences. Indeed this can make any trip to the area hugely costly as you are tempted to pack in excursion after excursion. The Go Cancun Pass is designed to help alleviate some of that expense and help you plan your trip better and see and do more than you possibly could without. But is the Go Cancun Pass Worth it? does it offer good value and are the attractions worth doing? We take an in-depth look at the pass in our Go Cancun Pass review 2023 and let you know if the pass is worth getting or one to skip!

Go City Cancun Pass Review 2023
  • Product: GO Cancun Pass – All Inclusive
  • Price: $90 – $378
  • Price Child: $60 – $243 (Child 5-11yrs)
  • Where to Buy: GoCity.com – Direct
  • Number Of Attractions: 30+ Top Attractions + One Premium Attraction
  • Time Limit: All-inclusive 1,2,3,4,5, or 7 NON-Consecutive Calander Days or 3,4,5,7, or 10 attractions om the Explorer
  • Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.2/5 Stars
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Attractions

30+ Attractions Included on all cards – Unlimited All-Inclusive Attractions:

  • Parasailing Adventure in Cancun – $70
  • Royal Garrafon Natural Reef Park in Isla Mujeres – $89
  • Columbus Romantic Dinner Cruise – $89
  • Chichen Itza transport- $78
  • The Congo 6-Hour Open Bar – $40
  • Jungle Tour Speedboat Adventure – $70
  • Cancun Street Food & Local Market Day Tour – $65
  • Extreme Canopy Tour at Selvatica Park -$99
  • and Many more…

Choice of ONE Premium Attraction included on 3,4,5 and 7-day cards

  • Xcaret Park Admission plus Cancun Scenic Tower – $129.99
  • Xel-Ha All-Inclusive Admission plus Cancun Scenic Tower – $119.99
  • Extreme Adventure Park – All Day Combo Tour – $165
  • Dolphin Encounter with lunch, Maroma beach club – $109
  • Chichén Itzá, Cenote & Valladolid Day Trip – $140
  • Manatee Encounter With Lunch and Transportation at Cozumel $135

Cancun is a little out of our area of expertise. We primarily focus on USA Cities and provide helpful and useful advice on visiting the best cities in the US. We often use City Passes when visiting our destinations so when one of our favorite passes provided launched a pass for Cancun we were very excited. Cancun and the Rivera Maya is a favorite vacation destination for us and we have visited many of the attractions on offer in the area at great expense, so to hear a pass was being launched to help bring that cost under control we just had to take a look!

What is the GO Cancun Pass?

The Go Cancun Pass is an attraction pass that once purchased allows you to visit any of the included attractions without paying extra money. There are three versions of the pass available


The All-inclusive pass allows you to visit an unlimited number of attractions for the set number of days purchased, be it 1,2,3,4,5, or 7 days. The pass is NON-consecutive. Meaning you can use your allotted days whenever you like over a two-week period. If you don’t use the pass one day then you do not lose a day’s entitlement. This is perfect for Cancun where some days will be pool/beach days or recovery days from a hard night!

The list of attractions is huge and incredibly varied, it covers most of Cancun and the surrounding area’s best attractions and most of the distant ones include transportation from your hotel and back.

On top of this, if you purchase a 3,4,5, or 7-day pass you get to choose one of the Premium Attractions. These are some of Cancun’s headline activities including Xel-Ha, Xcaret, and Isla Mujeres Dolphin swims!


The Explorer pass differs in that you purchase the number of attractions you wish to visit then visit them at your leisure over the 2 week period. You do not choose the actual attractions so you are still free to be spontaneous and alter your plans as your mood takes you. What seems a good idea when at home may seem impractical and unattractive once in a destination do with the explorer you are not tied down to a rigid itinerary.

How Much is the Go Cancun Pass?

On the face of it the passes look quite pricey, $2-300 per person is a big outlay to splurge upfront, When you consider the cost of the included attractions, however, it suddenly seems far more reasonable. And you are more than likely to want to head out of your hotel and see some of what this incredible part of the world has to offer! The reality is you are easily going to spend that sort of money while in the resort on tours and attractions offered by your Representative, why not DIY it and save a bunch of cash and see and do FAR more?

Go Cancun All Inclusive

  • 1-Day – $90 – Adult – $60 Child (5-11)
  • 2-Day – $153 – Adult – $117 Child (5-11)
  • 3-Day – $207 – Adult – $144 Child (5-11)
  • 4-Day – $270 – Adult – $180 Child (5-11)
  • 5-Day – $306 – Adult – $198 Child (5-11)
  • 7-Day – $378 – Adult – $243 Child (5-11)

Go Cancun Explorer Pass

  • 3 – Choice Pass – $120 Adult – $90 Child (5-11) – $40.00 Per Attraction
  • 4 – Choice Pass – $160 Adult – $120 Child (5-11) – $40 Per Attraction
  • 5 – Choice Pass – $190 Adult – $140 Child (5-11) – $39.50 Per Attraction
  • 7 – Choice Pass – $250 Adult – $180 Child (5-11) – $35 Per Attraction
  • 10 – Choice Pass – $360 Adult – $200 Child (5-11) – $36 Per Attraction

Check Our Promo code page to see if you could save even more!!! 

Check out our Promo Code Page to see if you could save EVEN more when Purchasing a Go Cancun Pass. Click here to check out our available discount codes. or Click the Reveal button Below to Unlock our BEST current Code! Currently 10% OFF!!!

Clicking Reveal takes you directly to the Go Cancun Pass Page to input the code, we receive a small commission if you buy after clicking our link. This is how we support the Page

Go Cancun Pass in Practice?

Go Cancun Pass Coba Ruins
Coba Ruins

The Pass works as a digital pass you use right from your phone. The pass includes a full guide to all attractions including locations and is simply a QR code that is scanned directly from your phone. You can also print out the code if having the pass on your phone is not your thing. Either way, it is very easy to use and all attractions know all about the pass. Simply scan your code and in you go!

Some attractions such as tours require pre-booking. While this can make flexibility more difficult it is understandable as the tours will need to know how many people are coming and have limited numbers. Most of the Premium attractions also require pre-booking, but as this is likely to be the highlight of the trip this is not an issue really. Always check the individual attractions for details on if you need to pre-book. We will point these out below as we take a look at our favorite attractions.

Is the Pass Right for me?

We love City Passes and the Go Cancun Pass is a really exciting option for visiting Cancun. But passes are not for everyone and not for every type of trip. The three types of pass the huge number and massive variations of attractions on the pass and the massive potential savings mean the pass is suitable for most people.

Cancun and the surrounding resort areas are a real paradise and some people really do want to come here and do absolutely nothing. Cocktails by the pool and some amazing food in the evening is more than enough as real-life melts away. The Rivera Maya and Cancun’s luxury resorts are perfect for this and with temperatures well into the ’80s (28°C+) in January while “home” is being blasted by polar vortices and driving snow it’s easy to see why people flock here. But even the most determined sun worshipers are tempted by the huge variety of attractions and sights surrounding the resorts to get up off the sun longer and try something out. In which case the pass can offer ways to save almost anyone money.

The all-inclusive pass is perfect for those wanting to do as much as possible. The all-inclusive nature means you need to try and pack quite a few things in to get real value out of the pass, not hard when there is so much on offer, but beware of some of the all-day attractions that may mean you only get one attraction in per day. The NON-Consecutive nature means you can still have plenty of off-days where the beach and pool are your focus.

Go Cancun Pass Tulum Ruins
Tulum Ruins

The Explorer is better suited to those seeking a more relaxed adventure. You limit how much you have to do by the number of attractions on the pass and simply select and visit them at your leisure. As the cost is per attraction it is important to try and visit the more expensive attractions on the list in order to get good value. Some attractions on the list actually cost less than the “per attraction price” and should be avoided, or paid for out of pocket. This is not an issue on the all-inclusive where the only currency is time.

Whichever you choose they all work the same way in principle, just scan the code (Mobile or printout) and you are in. Just watch out for those that require pre-booking.


There is simply so much to see and do on the Yucatan Peninsular. It really is one of the most exciting and adventurous places in the world. Every conceivable adventure and activity is right on your doorstep. From the simply stunning ocean life and the breathtaking Belize Barrier Reef to the dense jungles dotted with Cenotes(Limestone Sinkholes filled with crystal clear freshwater) and Ancient Mayan Ruins such as Coba Tulum and Chichen Itza.

Swim with Dolphins, Snorkel with a dazzling array of tropical fish and turtles, Swim the Cenotes, Soar over the ocean waves and jungle canopies, explore underground caverns, and speed through the jungle and mangroves in 4x4s and speedboats. Taste the amazing Mexican Cuisine and Experience some of the best nightlife anywhere in the world!

All of the above and more are available in Cancun, and the surrounding area, and all of the above can be experienced by buying and using the Go Cancun Pass! You can see why we are pretty excited about this pass!

Let’s take a look at some of our favorites, starting with the Premium Attractions.

Premium Attractions 1 per All-Inclusive Pass (3,4,5, and 7 Days)

Xel-Ha All-Inclusive – $119.99

Go Cancun Pass Xel-Ha

Reservations are required

We love Xel-Ha, really it is one of the best attractions we have visited in all of Mexico, actually, it’s right there worldwide. We simply love it. The area is stunning, the aquatic life mind-blowing and to top it off it’s all-inclusive so all food and drink including alcohol are included.

In Orlando Discovery Cove is often rated as the best attraction in the area…that would be an area that includes Disneyworld and Universal Studios! It even ranks up there as one of the best attractions in America. Why do we mention this? Well, Xel-Ha is very similar. And in the few ways it differs, it absolutely blows Discovery cove out of the water! We are one of the few people who do not overly rate Discovery cove, and that is because we have been to Xel-Ha.

For one Xel-Ha’s cove, which is several times larger than Discovery Cove, is all-natural. It is a truly wonderful setting filled with the most incredible wildlife. The Bay is teeming with huge numbers of wild tropical fish while coatis and Agouti’s forage in the bird-filled forests. Iguanas lounge on the rock as you glide down the natural Mangrove Lazy river or leap from the cliff plunge, water slides, or zip lines.

It is just such an amazing and fun filled day out!

Xcaret Park Admission – $129.99

Go Cancun Pass Xcaret

Yet another Natural Themepark. Situated on an old Mayan settlement Xcaret is more about the Mayan way of life than the adventure of Xplor or the pure nature of Xel-Ha. You can visit Mayan Ruins and a recreated Myan Village, and sail down a paradise river with parrots overhead and fish underneath. Tour a Mexican wine cellar (we are not sure why). There are scenic hikes and tours that give stunning views of the coast, and a tower that provides views of the entire Yucatan coastline including Cancun.

It really is a great day out but it is probably 3rd on our list of natural theme parks after Xel-Ha and Xplor, so we are unlikely to choose this as our premium! But Xel-Ha is very water-based and Xplor very physical so if neither of those appeals Xcaret is a good balance.

Extreme Adventure Park – All Day Combo Tour – $165

Go Cancun Pass atv

Reservations are required

Based in Peurto Morelos this all-day adventure package see you partaking in several activities all pitched as “extreme” but are in fact a bit tame. The majority of the tour is spent snorkeling the incredible Barrier Reef, a stunning activity but not really extreme. Then you take an ATV tour out into the jungle, followed by zip lining and Cenote swimming.

It is a really great day that gets you out of the city and into the wonderful lush jungle and coastline of the Mayan Rivera. It would not be our first choice of premium attractions, however. There are also loads of snorkeling opportunities in the non-premium attraction list.

Manatee Encounter With Lunch and Transportation at Cozumel $135

Reservations are required

Probably our least favorite option for the Premium choice. While Cozumel is a fantastic location, this is a really long trip just to see manatees. This can be done at Xel-Ha and combined with a whole lot more. The real treat is just seeing Cozumel and the Chankanaab National Park, but we really feel that other Premium attractions are better uses of your one premium choice.

Chichén Itzá, Cenote & Valladolid Day Trip – $140

This is a new attraction on the Pass and it is a really tempting prospect. Chichén Itzá is a real historical Marvel and a full day out exploring the wonderful historic ruins along with the vibrant and fun City of Valladolid sounds like the perfect excursion.

However, you can bag free transport on the passes to Standard attractions which offer another way of seeing the ruins AND choosing one of the other great Premium Attractions.

Dolphin Encounter with lunch, Maroma beach club – $109

2023 Update: No Longer Available on the Pass

Honestly, we are not big fans of Dolphin Encounters. We like to see one of our favorite animals in a more natural setting than this. For some, this is a must-do bucket list attraction so we are not here to judge but we are just not big fans of captive dolphin encounters.

Which Premium to Choose?

For us, the top three are Xel-Ha, Extreme Adventure Park, and the Chichin Itza Tour. All three are must-sees and while the Adventure Park only appeals to adrenaline junkies the other two are top attractions for most people. It’s a tough choice, but we would probably choose Xel-Ha as it really is one of the best locations in the area!

Standard Attractions

On top of your one Premium choice, there are over 38 Standard attractions to choose from on the all-inclusive pass (More on the Explorer and Build Your Own) You can pick as many of these as you can fit into your pass window and these can add up to some really staggering value. Below are some of our favorites, as you can see there is a huge variety of attractions and tours, and surely something for everyone!

Parasailing Adventure in Cancun – $70

Go Cancun Pass parasail

There isn’t a lot to say really, this is a 12-minute parasailing experience. Parasailing is one of those things most adventurous people look upon enviously and with a pass in hand, there is no need to be envious as you can simply sign up and soar through the air. Reservations are not required but are possible and recommended.

Royal Garrafon Natural Reef Park in Isla Mujeres – $89

Go Cancun Pass Garrafom

Reservations are required

If we had to choose between this trip and the premium Dolphin tour we would take the Royal Garrafon Park tour every time. With this trip, you get to see the real beauty of the island and enjoy its real wildlife rather than the captive dolphins and Manatees’. The Tour includes Kyack and Snorkel rental and includes breakfast and lunch.

Columbus Romantic Dinner Cruise – $89

Go Cancun Pass Dinner Cruise

Reservations are recommended

If you are visiting as a couple there is little better than getting out onto the ocean for a sunset dinner cruise. The three-course meal is accompanied by an open bar as you glide along the stunning Cancun coastline.

Chichen Itza Round Trip Transportation – $78

Go Cancun Pass Chichen Itza

Reservations are required

Round-trip transportation to Chichin Itza is one of the most desirable attractions on the Standard list. This is a real architectural treasure and one of the New Wonders of the World. Somewhere we should all visit. While the standard option does not include entry to the Site, it gets you there hassle-free and also visits the City of Valladolid as well. Entry to the Site is 533 pesos ($25ish)

The Congo 6-Hour Open Bar – $40

If you are heading out on the town after a hard day exploring this option gives you skip-the-line admission and a domestic open bar all night! It’s an awesome nightspot and perfect for a good warm-up before hitting Coco-Bongo’s. This is only $30 value so not great for the Explorer pass but works great on the All-Inclusive. Remember you can use this once per day so you can grab free drinks every night of your pass!

You can also get a 2-hour open bar at Senior Frogs if you fancy a change of scene!

Jungle Tour Speedboat Adventure – $70

Go Cancun Pass Speedboat

Reservations Recommended

We love Speedboats and the chance to drive your own speed boat through the mangrove lagoon of Nichupte, Cancun is likely to be the highlight of your trip. The boats are not overly fast but are loads of fun as you and your group whizz along the stunning blue waters of the lagoon.

The Tour takes you to Punta Nizuc a stunning coral reef and underwater museum and a must-visit location for some incredible Snorkelling.

Cancun Street Food & Local Market Day Tour – $65

Go Cancun Pass Food Tour

Reservations Required

Mexico and food go hand in hand, however, a lot of the Mexican food known back home in the US is very different from the actual food eaten in Mexico. This neat little tour gets you out and under the skin of the real street food scene in Cancun.

Extreme Canopy Tour at Selvatica Park -$99

Reservations optional

We love Ziplining and at Selvatica Park there are over 10 different zips including an Aqua-Zip finishing in a splashdown (optional, if you don’t want to get wet) and Tarzana which is billed as a rollercoaster/zipline cross but that is possibly overselling it. The tour is one of the best from the standard attractions and provides several hours of intense fun amongst the treetop canopies!

So, Is the Go Cancun Pass Worth it?

We really love the pass and feel it has not only to save you a ton of money but it has the capacity to completely transform your Cancun trip by enabling you to see and do way more than you could just by rocking up and paying for things on the day. We take a quick look below at some sample itineraries before explaining some of the real pro’s and cons of the Pass

One thing to remember is days are only so long and cramming in attractions is tiring. Our example itineraries are light and you could definitely cram in a whole load more. But we still show savings of 40-50% over standard entry prices!

Sample Itinerary 3-Day Pass – $207

Day – 1

  • Parasailing Adventure in Cancun – $70
  • Columbus Romantic Dinner Cruise – $89
  • The Congo 6-Hour Open Bar – $40

Day – 2

  • Jungle Tour Speedboat Adventure – $70
  • Cancun Street Food & Local Market Day Tour – $65
  • Columbus Romantic Dinner Cruise with Steak or Veggie – $89

Day – 3

  • Xel-Ha All-Inclusive – $119.99
  • Total$542.99
  • Pass Price – $207
  • Savings – $335.99 – 65% Savings

As you can see that is some pretty staggering savings and this is just a 3-Day pass and a really light itinerary, With more days the cost per day drops, and there are still tons of fantastic things to see and do on the Pass…and you can save even more with one of our Promo Codes!

Check Our Promo code page to see if you could save even more!!! 

Check out our Promo Code Page to see if you could save EVEN more when Purchasing a Go Cancun Pass. Click here to check out our available discount codes. or Click the Reveal button Below to Unlock our BEST current Code! Currently 10% OFF!!!

Clicking Reveal takes you directly to the Go Cancun Pass Page to input the code, we receive a small commission if you buy after clicking our link. This is how we support the Page


Go Cancun Pass Tulum


When heading to a place such as Cancun, a remote and tropical destination then knowing exactly what is available can be hard. People tend to rely on Hotel reps who hard sell attractions at the maximum price. The Go Cancun Pass really opens you up to all the possibilities and experiences on offer in Cancun.

We imagine simply reading this article or perusing the list on the Pass website you will have already found something to do you were not aware of!


We love the complete control over your budget a pass provides. With a Pass, you simply pay one price and all your attractions, activities, and excursions are covered. The pass lasts 1 Year from purchase so you can spread the cost however you like. It really helps keep a lid on your spending and avoids any shocking credit card bills when you return home.


The other advantage of the pass is it allows you to simply do more. Having everything prepaid means money never becomes an issue in deciding to do something. We have done things on passes we would never consider without, often these turn out to be our favorites. Buying from hotel reps you may choose one or two excursions per trip but with the pass, you can explore and experience to your heart’s content.


Often people have no idea where to start in planning their trips. They don’t know what is on offer and have no real plan on how the trip will unfold. With the pass, you have the perfect blueprint for planning your trip. The NON-consecutive nature of the pass means you can plan out pass days, down days, beach days, and party days!


No one likes to be chained to a boring Ridgid itinerary, and with the pass, there is a good degree of flexibility allowed with your scheduling. While there is a large proportion of attractions that do require booking and hence are set a little in stone. There is still a good degree of flexibility of the pass though, and you can chop and change your plans based on weather and mood as your trip goes on.

What We Don’t Like!

Go Cancun Pass senor Frogs

The biggest issue with the pass is the fact that some of the Premium options are just so good! We could happily do Xel-Ha, Explore, AND Excarat on a single trip but there is no option to do that other than buying multiple passes or using the Build Your Own as an add-on pass.

The other big downside is there are just so many amazing options on the pass. It is an odd complaint but we really couldn’t fit everything we want to do on this pass into a single two-week trip with a 7-day pass!

Having so much on the pass also leads to overplanning. The temptation is to chase the pass attempting to cram in all the amazing attractions and not really enjoying the one you are experiencing as you are anxious to get onto the next. This can lead to disappointment as you fail to pack in as much as you hoped and exhaustion as you tear around trying to do everything.

Plan for 2-3 attractions a day max maybe something in the morning, one in the afternoon, and something in the evening. With the big full-day tours don’t plan anything in the evening as you will be too exhausted, just relax at the hotel bar those evenings!

Finally, some of the listed attraction Prices are stretching the truth! Discounts can always be found and a few listed attractions are walk-up prices where pre-booking is required and often cheaper!

Still, the pass offers savings of over 50% and any discrepancies between listed prices and the best deal you can get is still a long way off those sorts of savings. The pass really offers staggering value if used properly and we are positive the few negatives are far outweighed by the positives and you will have a fabulous time exploring with you Go Cancun Pass.


We really are hugely impressed with the Go Cancun Pass. It has most of the features we really look for in Passes such as the NON-Consecutive days, Premium Choices, and multiple pass types such as the Explorer and All-Inclusive. With the huge number of top-quality attractions, there is literally too much to do and something for almost all tastes.

All the attractions are top of our list for the must-do things to do in Cancun and the only things not included are a spot of scuba diving and days spent by the pool and beach. The Price is seriously low when you consider just how much value you can pack into each pass!

No trip to Cancun is complete without getting out of the resort and sampling the incredible sights sounds, tastes, activities, and attractions this incredible part of the world offers and the Go Cancun Pass enables you to see and do far more than you would without, for far less money too!

Check Our Promo code page to see if you could save even more!!! 

Check out our Promo Code Page to see if you could save EVEN more when Purchasing a Go Cancun Pass. Click here to check out our available discount codes. or Click the Reveal button Below to Unlock our BEST current Code! Currently 10% OFF!!!

Clicking Reveal takes you directly to the Go Cancun Pass Page to input the code, we receive a small commission if you buy after clicking our link. This is how we support the Page

Have Your Say

Have you tried the Go Cancun Pass? How did it work out for you? Did you have the trip of a lifetime or felt let down or ripped off by a particular element of the Pass? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Also if you have any questions? after all, these are complex products, just fire away in the comments and we will do our best to answer them.

8 thoughts on “Go City Cancun Pass Review 2023- Is the Go City Cancun Pass Worth it?”

  1. For me this is not an option and that is only because I have a relative living in Cancun. However from a visitors standpoint, I do see the benefits of the Go Cancun Pass. It offers premium choices with a wide variety of activities and multiple choice types. I believe the most difficult decision you will have to make is the type of pass that suits your needs.

    • Hi Ronn,

      I can imagine having an inside track on things makes for a very different trip, we have just got back from Australia where we stayed with family and friends and you get a different experience. 

      But for us, tourists, with little or no idea what there is on offer or what we want to see these passes are an excellent idea in our opinion

      Thanks for your input


  2. The passes offered seem like a great idea! It’s true that sometimes I take a trip and want to recharge and do little to nothing while being pampered and catered to. But this is something that I would definitely opt for when my children were kids. Hell, I can see myself opting for these passes in the future when going with my wife. The fact that I can budget and plan activities ahead. Instead of the way we usually take trips, which is to budget without knowing what we’re going to want to do, or how much it will cost?  It is never a good way of vacationing, so I’m in favor of the passes, great idea, and option!

    • Hi, Steve (Great name),

      Yeah, we really like the way the passes allow you to budget and plan ahead as well. The money-saving aspect is great but the fact you are just in control of the spend is fantastic. No big worries when you get home and the Credit card bill lands!

      We know some trips are just about getting away from it all, but even in the midst of utter relaxation and luxury, which Cancun and the Yutaca are fantastic for, it’s still nice to get out and experience the location.

      Hope your next trip is fantastic, with or without the pass


  3. We have been planning to visit that Yucatan peninsula and your post has been very useful. In my book, this pass is affordable and also worth getting it. We plan to go with all the family and there are many attractions included in this pass that we would not visit otherwise, and quite a few we were planning on checking out regardless! Thank you very much for this review.

    • Hi Henry,

      That is one of the reasons we love the pass so much as it really does get you out and experiencing things you would not have discovered without. It is great you save money doing the things you would be doing anyway but it’s those new experiences and activities you might not have found without that really get us excited! 

      Have a Great trip,


  4. I really appreciate you have written this review about Cancun… I have wanted to go to the Yucatan peninsula for a while and I have also gathered very useful points from your other reviews you have about American cities. So I was excited to read what you had to say concerning this cool Mexican destination.

    • Hi Ann,

      Glad you liked the post and were excited to hear about Cancun, it is a really cool part of the world and the Yucatan is really beautiful.

      Nice to hear you like the rest of the Site too,

      Happy Travels



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