Day 6 – Disney California Adventure

March 16th, 2022

Today was planned as a mop-up day ridding the few attractions we missed yesterday and really trying to enjoy the parks. You still need park reservations and although we have park hopper tickets you need to pick your first park and then can hop after 1 pm. As we started in Disneyland Yesterday, we chose Disney California Adventure.

As we rose silly early yesterday we decided to just lie in a little bit and head to the park a little later. The Food and Wine Festival was at full steam and we were planning on experiencing a bit of this too. However, as they say, the best-laid plans…

Disney's California Adventure Spiderman

We arrived in the Park at the perfect time for Spiderman to perform one of his stunt shows. These are really cool and the main stunt is incredible as he flies unaided across some pretty staggering distances! After the show, you can line up for a photo with Spidey but we left that to the baying crowd. We were really beginning to realize the draw Spiderman was getting especially to the younger audiences!

Ride – 1: Pixar Pal-A-Round

Disney's California Adventure Pal-A-Round

The first ride based on the App’s waiting times was Pixar Pal-A-Round- Swinging. This is a really unnerving ride, one that does not appear to be too scary, after all, it’s only a Big Wheel. The swinging gondola though invokes the kind of fear most rides do not. You just do not feel attached. Its setting is familiar but something very wrong with it!

This certainly got us woken up but there were signs already that today wasn’t going to go as planned.

Kate’s eyes were really not reacting well to the brightening sunlight. In the shade when was fine, but in the bright sun, they started streaming and closing up. This has happened yesterday but on a pretty negligible scale and we just assumed it was the dry air and her contacts.

Ride – 2: Midway Mania

This incredibly popular ride was showing queues of less than 30mins and that is pretty unheard of so we jumped in the queue and were on the ride in 20mins! Being inside Kate’s eyes were doing fine, but back outside and it was bad news.

Ride – 3: Incredicoaster

Disney's California Adventure  Incredicoaster

We had tried to get o the Incredicoaster yesterday via the Single Rider Line, however, this really did not work out too well. It essentially never moved for the 15 mins we waited and eventually we just gave up. So today we attempted the main standby queue. This was slow and one of only a few big queues we stood in on this trip. While waiting we noticed the Single Rider Line was moving fine so we are not sure what was wrong yesterday. Maybe it was closed and no one bothered to tell anyone!

After a long 50 mins in the queue, I got to the front. I say I as Kate just couldn’t take the light any longer. She headed off to the shade, removed her contact lenses, and basically hid. Things got so bad when nipped into a Merch Store and bought the cheapest Disney hat she could find to keep the Sun off.

After riding the Incredicoaster, we met back up and Kate was at this point nearly blind. We headed for Web Slingers as we hoped being indoors would help calm things down. We had paid for an Individual Lightning Lane so were not going to miss out. It’s also the newest and well-hyped ride at the park so needed to see what it was all about.

Ride – 4: Web Slingers – 12:15 PM – 1:15 PM – $15

Yesterday the Lightning Lane was Surged up to $18 so we got a “Bargain” today at “only” $15. Yesterday the Ques were approaching 120 mins today they were “only” 80mins! Still crazy but as we said we have underestimated the popularity of Spiderman in the younger age groups, it’s pretty much all the kids wanted to see!

This makes us reflect on the Pricing of the Individual Lighting Lanes! It really irked us that the BIG NEW FAMILY ride was being stung by this extra charge. We had been viewing it through a personal lens and we can manage an extra $15 to bypass a huge queue. But when families are visiting with young kids and the new Spiderman ride is their top priority, forcing them to choose between 2-hour queues and an extra $70-$108+++ seems rally quite $h1tty!

It really is a cynical piece of extortion and honestly, it’s made worse by the ride being pretty shabby at that. It’s a glorified Midway Mania and not as good at that. Ok, the Web Shooter Tech is cool, but it’s not worth the extra charge in our opinion, and that’s before we get onto the Add-On Tech that costs even further money to help boost your score!

Really it makes us pretty cynical about the whole Avengers Campus, one old ride, one New Ride using Re-hashed Tech, and a few character spots! The new Quinjet ride best live up to it’s hype!

Anyway Rant Over. Back to more pressing matters. Kate’s Eye Sight. She held up ok on the ride but once back in the brightness of the day. They went from bad to worse. We headed to the PArks First Aid Station where they bathed them and helped calm the swelling and irritation down but it was to no avail. Once outside they flared right back up and we had to call it a day.

I escorted her back to the Hotel literally by her arm as she was unable to see much at all now. And we drew the curtains and let her grab an hour or two with her eyes shut and the sunlight shut out.

This was not the end to our trip we had imagined but these things are sent to try us. As KAte slept I tried to formulate a plan to salvage the afternoon, If figured would head back to the park with my camera and try and get some nice shots of various parts of the park.

However, Kate was not willing to just give up and call it a day. So we waited a while to see if things improved, if not I would head off nearer sunset to get some photos. It seemed a couple of hours of rest and lack of bright sunlight was enough and as we headed back out with the sun much lower in the Sky things were much improved.

As in she could actually see, which is a great improvement!

We had not really eaten, apart from the bag of Cheetos I demolished while Kate slept so we thought the first job would be to grab some food. So we headed to Wine Country Trattoria.

Wine Country Trattoria

This is one of our favorite Park restaurants and feels like a beautiful Napa Valley Terrace overlooking the Vinyards. However, the Table we were given was absolutely awful. We were inside and the place seemed to be filled with screaming kids and right next to the Kitchen Doors. There was no way we wanted to dine like this.

A quick trip to the Concierge and they found us a wonderful spot out on the Terrace and we were much happier.

After some nice pasta and a bottle of wine, as the sun set on the park we headed off looking for some more photo ops and maybe some short queues. When we realized we were right next to Mickey’s Philarmagic!

Ride – 5: Mickey’s Philarmagic

This is a really overlooked attraction and when we arrived we were the only people here. by the time the show started we reckon the theatre was 50% full at most! This is such a shame as this is a fantastic 3-D film and so much fun, filled with a host of Disney classic songs to sing along to as Donald wreaks havoc! This is some of the best 3-D we have seen and it’s really such a shame this is not more visited!

Disneyland Park

We had barely used our park hopper today due to the mishap with Kate’s eyes so we headed across to Disneyland to say goodbye to the happiest place on earth. It really was a good job we had not purchased Genie+ today!

Ride – 6: King Author Carousel

Disneyland King Arthurs Carousel

We arrived just before the evening entertainment started in the hope we could bag some shorter queues while the show was playing on the castle. The Carousel in Fantasy land was pretty much a walk-on so we jump on that for some old-school thrills.

Ride – 7: Peter Pans Flight

The final ride of this trip was to be on Peter Pans Flight. This is one f the original rides that opened in the park and have some incredible nostalgia attached to it. It is such a short and basic ride but the Imagineers just created something so magical out of basically a few small models and some fairy lights!

We love this ride so much and it was the perfect end to our 2022 Disney Adventure.

We left the park quite early, there was still plenty of life left in both the park and our feet, but really with the way the day had gone, we were just happy to have salvaged something. We had an easy day tomorrow with nothing planned, apart from the flight home. So just went back to the hotel to grab some much-needed sleep.

And finish off any alcohol we still had left!

Walking Total – 21,662 Steps – 11.5 Miles

The reduced number of steps from yesterday is a clear sign of how easy we were forced to take things today, 11.5 miles is still a big day on our feet though, at least we can rest now!

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