Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure Ride Review – Disney California Adventure

The Avengers Campus is now open for business in Disney California Adventure Park and Webslingers is the only new ride available at the new Campus area of the park. While the Reworking of the Tower Of Terror into The Guardians Of The Galaxy Mission Break-Out is technically counted as an Avengers Campus Ride, it’s not really, as it’s been in place for nearly 20 Years!

So while there is plenty going on in Avenger Campus, there was only one new ride that is placed ready for opening, and that remains the case to date. So it better be a good one! Find out about the ride in our Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure Ride Review.

Web Slingers A Spider-Man Adventure
  • LocationDisney California Adventure – Avengers Campus
  • Type – Video Shooting Gallery
  • Duration – 4:00+ Mins
  • Height Restriction – None
  • Average Queue time – 40 mins – 120 Mins
  • Genie+ Lightning Lane – Yes
  • Individual Lightning Lane – No
  • Single Rider – Yes
  • Additional Info – Super fun, upgrades available on campus
  • Thrill Rating
  • Fun
  • Smoothness and Comfort
  • Uniqueness and Theming
  • Value For Time

What is Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure

When the Ride was announced we really hoped for big things. Spiderman’s abilities allow the Superhero to swing seamlessly between buildings and with a name like Web Slingers we immediately envisioned this type of experience. With Spiderman residing in New York City, we instantly hoped for a free-flowing Ride through the concrete canyons of Manhattan, fighting crime and flying high!

This is NOT what we got.

Instead, Disney decided this was the perfect time to introduce a real ALL-AGES ride. While we fully accept that Spiderman does have a young audience appeal, it still feels a little disappointing.

It’s not like they massively skimped on the budget either and have gone all-in with a really advanced 3D Video Shooting Gallery Game. Now if you are familiar with Toy Story Midway Mania, then it’s pretty much along those lines, if not …

The Ride basically uses motion tracking to register your movement to Fire Digital Webs at various targets. As The Ride moves around the set it stops at various doors along the way that open to reveal a Digital Screen. Your Targets which are rouge Spider-bots (this will make more sense later) appear on these Digital Sets and it is your job to destroy or ensnare them using your newfound web-slinging powers.

Individual Lightning Lane

  • Genie +

UPDATE – Disney has listened to Us! And by us, we mean as collective Disney Fans, not Us personally. Dinsey has now dropped the Individual Lightning Lane fee for this ride! It is now included on the regular Genie+ Ride options instead.

This makes us very happy as it really was really cynical forcing families to queue up to 2 hours for this ride or pay nearly $100+ to get on sooner. You can now use the Genie+ or use the single rider to skip the pretty substantial Queue line.

Single Rider

The ride really is at its best when you are working with and competing with your family or ride partner. For this reason, Genie+ is the best way to skip the queue. However, Genie+ only works once per day, so for multiple rides, the Single Rider allows you back on to try and beat that score!

WEB Power Band – Add Ons

We think the Individual Lightning Lanes were a bit of a shameless money grab, but the WEB Powerband is probably beyond anything we have seen from Disney before!

For $34.95 you can purchase the WEB Power Band, which gives you the ability to Fire Multi-Webs while playing the games. On top of this are additional power-ups at $29.99. Giving you extra powers on the Ride

  • Spider-Man – Electro-Webs
  • Iron Man – Repulsor-Webs
  • Ghost Spider – Electro Webs
  • Rescue – Repulsor-Webs

We won’t tell you what we expect to happen on the ride after paying an extra $65 but we can assure you it doesn’t! All you get is some mildly more powerful webs and have to sit with a large chunk of plastic on your arm, which afterward is pretty much useless. Sure it still works again if you are going to ride again, so for those looking to get the highest possible scores it’s probably essential, but for the average visitor and user, it’s a bit of a con.

We fear it’s mainly going to appeal to the younger riders who will pressure their parents into buying them something that is pretty much a waste of cash.

Queue And Theme


The Theming is fairly decent but it’s very much outside of anything you will have seen in the films. Peter Parker has been taken on as the head of young engineers at WEB (Worldwide Engineering Brigade) who have been tasked with inventing new and innovative design ideas for Tony Stark.

The Building is quite interesting and has a very modern design in keeping with the Avengers Campus theme and is home to the Spiderman Stunt shows that happen at various points throughout the day.

The initial Queue is outside the building and is a little cattle-pen-like, you then head inside, and again there is not much to see as you await the Pre-Show.

The Pre-Show is pretty neat and sets the scene nicely. You are in the WEB presentation room and introduced to S.H.A.R.I.N the Jarvis/Friday AI computer controlling the WEB Initiative. The theming in her is pretty neat as it’s packed with various little gizmos and bits of Tech.

Here you meet a Digital Peter Parker who begins welcoming you to the WEB Initiative before his New Invention the Spider Bots go Haywire and begin taking over the Campus. Unwilling to Call Tony or the Avengers for help he enlists you to help clean up the Bots using the New Web SLingers Vehicle

Ride Experience

The Ride Vehicle seats 4 in a row with two rows back to back, These rows spin and rotate so each row of 4 is at the front when it comes to one of the screens. The Game is most definitely a team game so the more you can pack into your car the better. With us being just a two it’s a distinct disadvantage. You will be up against the other row in your car and daily leaderboards will showcase anyone who has done particularly well. All very similar to Toy Story Midway Mania.

It is worth noting you will have to wear 3-D glasses to get the full effect of the Game!

The Ride features 4 different scenes. The first is a warehouse and is the easiest level, there are several Spider Bots crawling over the scene, and with fast flicks of your wrists, you can vanquish them in no time.

The spider bots then Escape next door to Pyms Kitchen, Where the critters are destroying Giant Bagels, donuts, and much more… After rounding some of them up one of the bots gets biggified. But with your help, Spidey ties him up and throws him in a pit.

Next up is the collectors Tiven Collection from the Mission Break-Out Ride where there are ALOT of bots, you need fast arms here! After a few near misses, it’s off to the Final Scene, where there are even more bots and some special green ones that we are supposed to hit to explode the biggified bot from Pyms Kitchen, which is now green.

With the destruction of the mega-spider-bot, all the others explode and normality is restored. You will now get your individual and team scored and can exit the vehicle. It’s worth noting that apart from the overall score your actions do not really affect what is going on overall. The game will play out regardless of how well or poorly you do.


It’s good tech, but a near copy of Midway Mania. The fact there are no guns and that motion tracking is used to fire the webs is really neat, but overall it’s just nothing we haven’t seen before.

The Web-Slinging tech is really cool and younger audiences really love the ride, so there is little hope for parents to avoid the experience. But overall we found it to be a letdown. It’s not even as good as Midway Mania in our opinion so the fact it adds little to the Genre and is just a repeat attraction is pretty weak.

Thankfully the ride has now been added to Genie+ which has taken the heat off Disney a little, but there is still the issue of the Add-Ons that just don’t add much for a lot of Dollars!

Really the whole campus really needs a new attraction and we are disappointed that the Avengers Qinjet ride seems to have been canned.

Have Yor Say

Let us know your thoughts and comments on the New Web-Slingers Ride below. We always love hearing your opinions. Were you disappointed with the New Ride, was it the Concept or execution that let you down, or maybe both? Or have we got it wrong and are missing something? Just fire away in the comments below.

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