Day 11 – Moring Run – Kamaole Beaches – Monkeypod Kitchen Happy Hour

November 4th, 2022

Today was a rare day when we actually had nothing planned. A whole day to do just whatever we felt like. And oddly enough we decided to start that off with a run! We needed to get up pretty early and get out for the run as the longer we left it, the hotter it would get.

Wailea Beach Path

The Wailea Beach path is the perfect spot for a nice steady run. It’s not flat but only mildly undulating. The Path runs for about 1.5 miles along the beautiful Wailea seafront. There are stunning coastline views up and down the coast with a backdrop of stylish and fashionable hotel resorts.

It’s a lovely path, and while it is rarely quiet, running it always gives you a modest sense of superiority over the majority of walkers. The short out and back took no time at all, and we were back at the beach in front of our resort. Unfortunately, we really had left it a little too late and the temps were already pretty high. Dripping with sweat we took a nice dip in the ocean to cool off.

After hiking back up to our condo we recovered with some Papaya smoothies made from fruit that we had brought back from Hana. We really could get used to this Island life.

Coconuts Cafe

After a nice relaxing recovery on the Lanai, we headed out to get something proper to eat. Coconuts Cafe is just a short drive down the road and is famed for its Fish tacos, always one of our favorites to eat when in Maui.

They really did not disappoint either. They were stuffed with Fillings. Huge chinks of fish, Salad sauce, and their amazing Mango Salsa. We were really happy with our meal and while the setting is not the most luxurious, the Surfboard tables are pretty cool and it’s a nice spot for a quick lunch.

Kamaole Beach II and I

After lunch, we headed across the road to try and work it off…by laying out on the beach. The condo had come equipped with some beach chairs so we set up camp on Kamaole II and got down to some sun-worshipping.

Unfortunately, I do not do so well just sitting in the sun so got bored quite soon. Fortunately, I had brought my snorkeling gear s this was no issue. The conditions were not great. There was some heavy surf around the rocks that separate the beaches, and these are the prime snorkeling spots. It was calmer in the middle but there was nothing to see here.

I decided to walk over to Kamaole I and have a try there but after monitoring conditions around the headland, a set of really heavy breakers rolled on in and smashed into the rocks. It would not have been fun out there at that point so gave it a miss also. Instead, I just went back to Kam II and just played in the shore break for a while.

After a few hours of fun in the sun, we packed up and headed back to the Condo ready for the next plan.

Monkeypod Kitchen Happy Hour

We planned on heading up to Monkeypod for happy hour. This is one of the most popular restaurants in Wailea and one of the hottest happy hours. We knew this could mean a bit of a wait for a table. We jumped in a Uber, after a bit of trouble finding us, and headed up the hill.

We got there just at the right time as even though we were told it was a 45min wait, a huge queue quickly formed behind us. We overheard people being told 1.5 hours wait (which would miss happy hour) and many people simply turning away. It was amazing how many people just tried to bypass the attendant and just head straight in, as if we were all queueing for our enjoyment! The attendant was on it a sent them to the back of the queue. After checking in, we nipped next door to do a little shopping and purchased some cold drinks from there, and found a seat to chill and wait for our table.

After around 25mins, our name was called and we headed up and got a great table right by the window. Ok, we only really got views of the shopping center, but it’s nice to be by a window regardless. Really for such a popular bar it does have a terrible location!

The drinks are pretty special though and the food really good too. We tried the Pumpkin Ravioli they felt nice and seasonal and went hard on the truffles with a Truffle and Mushroom Pizza and Garlic Truffle fries. Drinks wise we started with their legendary Mai Tai, which is very nice…but not a real Mai Tai, and then tried something new. The Ai Ono was amazing, a kind of take on an old-fashioned, and the Three Dogs and a Cat. Everything was amazing and it’s not hard to see why this one is so popular.

You get $4 off cocktails, $12 Pizza, and 1/2 off appetizers so the bill was pretty reasonable considering the indulgence.

We had used Uber to get up here but were happy to walk back down the hill, taking a sneaky shortcut across the golf course.

We had a really early start tomorrow, so we just relaxed for the evening, enjoying the sunset from the Lanai and having a few more sneaky Mai Tais.

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