Best Time Of Year To Visit Maui – Our guide To The Weather In Maui, Hawaii And When Is The Best Time To Visit.

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Maui is open for business year-round due to its enviable climate. But the high prices and weather fluctuations mean there are still peak seasons where travelers flood in. So what is the best time of year to visit Maui? Our guide aims to help you understand Maui’s fickle weather along with the tourist and price fluctuations so … Read more

Best Maui Snorkeling Sites – The Best Spots on Maui, Hawaii for Snorkeling – West Maui

Hawaii Snorkeling Guide

Snorkeling is probably the number 3 activity for tourists on Maui, only beaten by Sitting on a beach and drinking Mai Tai’s… so Technically Number 1. Maui’s coastline is alive with spectacular Sealife and clear warm waters and coral reefs, meaning Snorling here can be incredibly rewarding. Coastal access is a right in Hawaii so … Read more

What is the Best Luau in Maui, Hawaii? – Every Luau on Maui Reviewed

Best  Maui  Luau

One of the most popular attractions for Visitors to Maui is a Luau. This traditional Hawaiin Feast has morphed into a Massive Tourist attraction with dozens of different offerings on each island. Like anything that has multiple offerings from differing competitors, they have all developed their own theme and unique selling points. While this is … Read more

Best Maui Helicopter Tours Review – Which Helicopter Tour is the Best 2020?

Maui Helicopter tours Reviews

Maui is an incredible island with more scenic beauty than you could possibly imagine. However, a lot of this beauty is hidden away. The Dense Rainforest and mountainous terrain mean huge parts of the island are completely incessable. Huge Valleys, Plunging waterfalls and endless volcanic craters all lost in the wilderness of the Island. However, there is … Read more