What to Eat at the Venetian Las Vegas -Best Restaurants at the Venetian Las Vegas

Las Vegas has long since risen from its reputation as a haven for cheap and nasty food to a mecca for the culinary elites and their following. Now ranking as one of the most concentrated collections of high-end restaurants and celebrity chefs in the country. It’s now considered one of the best food cities in the country. Likewise, Italy is also known for its stunning cuisine and worldwide acclaim and admiration for its food culture and Chefs.

So when you combine a high-end luxury resort with the food and culture of Italy, you might expect something pretty special when it comes to the line-up of restaurants at the Venetian. And fortunately, you would be right! The Venetian resort has a seriously impressive line-up of restaurants, from classic American cuisine, and family-style Italian to some really high-end fine dining. In fact, the biggest criticism of Venetian’s line-up is it’s too large and confusing. Which is where we come in. In this article, we brak-down the Venetians Dining line-up and show you What to Eat at the Venetian Las Vegas Resort.

What to Eat at the Venetian Las Vegas

We take you through the different meal times, giving you the best options for each, and break done the fine-dining options and where to get the best Italian food in the resort. Get ready to be made hungry and we show you the best Restaurants at the Venetian Las Vegas

Grand Lux Cafe – Venetian and Palazzo

The Grand Lux Cafe is the Signature Restraint for the Venetian Resort. There is one in each of the two towers the Venetian and the Palazzo. The Grand Lux is a bit of a rare concept in Las Vegas. Most resorts just hire a host of catering retailers to run their own concessions in the resort. But the Venetian instead operates its own in-house resort restaurant, more like a traditional hotel and resort operates. Where you would expect an in-house restaurant.

This means the Grand Lux is a Jack of all trades and offers a huge array of different menu items, meal types, and cuisines. It’s a bit like the Humungous Cheesecake Factory menu, which is unsurprising as that is exactly who created and operates the Grand Lux.

Because of this, the Grand Lux fits into most of our categories below, but rather than just repeating ourselves, the Gran Lux gets its own mention here.

The cafe is always solid without ever being exceptional. It’s almost exactly what you expect from a higher-end resort restaurant. Everything is well made and tastes great but the huge menu and mass catering just stop the food from really standing out. This is not a bad thing, the Grand Lux is where you come when you are not really sure what you want. It covers the meals that you can’t decide on.

It’s not cheap, so do not head here expecting a bargain meal, but it’s not expensive either. Breakfast Items are around $15, lunch items $16-20, and more dinner-styled Entrees $25-30. It’s all very Cheesecake Factory-esque. There are also lunch specials, cut-price Small Plates, and of course a great happy hour (Bar-only). Overall it’s a place where you can’t go wrong, everyone will find something to eat, and it won’t break the bank.


1 – Zeppola Cafe – $

  • Italian

This is one of our favorite spots to grab breakfast in the resort. Situated in the St Marks Square portion of the Grand Canal Shoppes, you can grab a fantastic pastry and a coffee and dine Faux al fresco under the painted sky. A fantastic spot for people-watching and a place you can grab breakfast for under $30 per Couple.

The croissant here are about the best we have had anywhere in the world and the overall ambiance is very much European Al Fresco in a bustling busy old world market square.

2 – Bouchon Bakery – $

  • French

The Bouchon Bakery is Thomas Kellers Famous Bakery brought to Las Vegas. Thomas Keller runs the wildly successful and arguably “best” restaurant in the world, the French Laundry, up in Napa Valley, and part of his epic chain of eateries in the village of Yountville, Napa, is the Bouchon Bakery. While a meal at the French Laundry will set you back around $400+ wine, the Bouchon Bakery is an altogether more wallet-friendly experience.

The Bakery is a To-Go style concept where you can load up on stunning French Pastries and breakfast goods. Or you could head to Bouchon, Kellers more upmarket bistro for some more brunch-like items such as Avocado on toast, Quiche Florentine, or Bouchon Daily Donuts.

3 – Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill – $$

  • American

The Sugarcane Las Vegas has a fantastic Breakfast menu, well actually it’s classed as Brunch and offers some excellent dishes that stray far away from the usual eggs and bacon.

Duck Confit Waffles, Cuban Benedict, or Truffled Toad in the Hole. All washed down with $25 Bottomless Mimosas is the perfect kickstart to a Vegas Day!

Other Options

as the main dining option in the resort, Grand Lux Cafe offers some good breakfast options such as incredible French Toast and stunning beignets. Things are pretty standard here but you get big portions and reasonable prices. You can also grab a great breakfast at both of the pool restaurants, Spritz and Capri. Again it’s classic American fare but one of the few locations in the Venetian where you can dine outside.

Lunch / Quick Bites

1 – Canyon Ranch Grill – $$

  • American

Vegas is pretty hard on the body. There is a lot of walking, a lot of drinking, a lot of eating, and not enough sleeping. So sometimes it pays to recharge and rejuvenate and the Canyon Ranch Grill offers just the place to do it. Sounding like some kind of Wild West Steak Pit, the actual menu here couldn’t be further from the truth. This is a Health food restaurant attached to the Canyone Ranch Spa in the Palazzo Tower.

Don’t turn your nose up too soon at the idea of a healthy food restaurant as this is not all Super Green Smoothies, Chia Seeds, and Goja Berries (but yes you can get them too). The lunch menu is light and easy with some really good tacos, a fantastic Turkey Club, and a freshly made Grilled Chicken Burger. Everything is really fresh and made from whole, natural, and healthy ingredients. It really can be refreshing to eat a bit healthily in an otherwise sea of beige food.

2 – Miznon – $

  • Israeli, Mediterranean Streetfood

This certainly wasn’t our first choice, but the tasty grab-and-go Pitas were absolutely stunning. Choose from a range of fillings from Wild Mushroom and falafel to Grass-fed Lamb and Steak and Chicken. Then Stuffed in a fresh baked Pita with some to-die-for toppings. These are the perfect super-quick lunch. When you don’t really have time to stop but need to keep the body fuelled.

3 – Cañonita

  • Mexican

Part of our reason for choosing this is the location, right o the Canal it’s great for people watching and taking in the ambiance. The other reason on the food. We love Mexican food and don’t care we are supposed to be in Italy. The menu has all the classics you would expect along with a few specialties that you might not. If you are in a real rush you can hit up the Taco Truck for some Grab and Go, but we prefer to grab a plate of Tacos and a pitcher of Margs and watch the world go by for an hour or so.

Other Options

The Grand Lux is always worth a shot with some great lunch specials. You could splash out at Bouchon, which really excels at lunch if a little pricy. Any of the Dinner options below offer lunch menus if you are looking for something hearty and one of the many Italian restaurants will offer you a fantastic lunch.

Casual Dinner

1 – Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer – $$

  • American

Who doesn’t love a good burger? And Black Tap Craft Burger offers some of the best around. Massive half-pound patties heaped with luscious toppings. These are fancy burgers but still nice and dirty. Then there is the Crazyshakes which is enough to give you diabetes in a glass, which is a good thing.

The Brooklyn Blackout Brownie Shake, The Peanut Brittle Crackerjack Shake, or the Vegas-only Golden Knights Shake are our go-to options. Trust us there is no need for dessert after these. What there is a need for is their Craft Beer Menu. You can’t beat a good beer with your Burger and there are a host of incredible Draft and Canned Craft beers on the menu here, including some really nice IPAs such as 21st Amendment, Voodoo Ranger, and Firestone.

2 – Yardbird -$$

  • American

Another Comfort food location but Yardbird takes classic southern cooking and elevates it to a new level. We love their Chicken & Waffles with Watermelon, or whole-fired chicken with honey hot sauce. This comes with some excellent southern-style cocktails such as the Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade, Watermelon Sling, or a fantastic Yardbird Old Fashioned.

We find some of the menu items are trying too hard but stick to the classics and this place is really great.

3 – Grimaldi’s Pizzaria -$$

  • Italian American

Grimaldi’s arguably produces the finest pizza in New York, a City built on Pizza. They do not make the classic New York Pies, which are big enough to launch into space, but more classic Italian-style pies car roasted in their Coal Fired ovens. It’s a New York institution and has a queue right out the door and up the street.

The Vegas edition is not quite so difficult to get into, but just as good as far as the product goes. With a thin crust and deep rich toppings, this is about as good as pizza gets. It’s not quite an Italian style, but it’s not New York Either, it’s Grimaldi’s and it’s fabulous!

Other Options

There really are so many incredible options for dinner it’s almost impossible to go through the whole list. There are budget-mid Chinese and noodle bars, Several Barfood/Burger options, Italians by the bucket, The incredible Grand Lux Cafe, X-Pot hot pot restaurant, Mediterainin, Greek, and a whole load more.


In an Italian-themed Resort, you have to expect a little Italian food, and you also expect it to be excellent. Well at the Venetian there are more than a few options (10 at the current count) and most are up there with the best on the strip.

1 – Buddy V’s Ristorante – $$

This is definitely American Italian rather than authentic, but we love it that way. Large hearty portions with loads of red sauce. It’s that classic Italian American flavor er have all grown up to love. Try Buddy’s mother’s Sunday Gravy a super slow-cooked mix of meatballs, sausage, lamb, and pork cooked in red sauce and served with Rigotni.

If you don’t know who BuddyV is, then you might know him by his other name, the Cake Boss. So while his Italian food is great, you need to come here for the cake too. Incredible Canoloni, Italian Birthday Cake, Traditional Tiramisu, and the best Cookie and Cream Cheesecake!

2 – BRERA osteria – $$

Fantastic modern Italian restaurant served Faux Al-Fresco style under the painted sky on St Marks Square. Whether you go for a wood-fired Pizza, one of the incredible Risotos or pasta dishes, or the amazing Veal Parmigiana there is a lot to like about this excellent upscale eatery.

3 – LAVO Italian Restaurant – $$$

LAVO takes care of the Fine-Dining Italian market at the resort. Situated in the Lobby at the Palazzo, with a wonderful outdoor terrace overlooking the strip, It’s a high-end eatery offering Refined Italian cuisine and an excellent ambiance and service. It is certainly on the expensive side of things but for a blow-out or celebration meal, it is a great choice.

You have to start the meal with The Meatball, a 16oz blend of Waygu, Sausage, and Veal. It’s kind of to die for. Then the incredible Chicken Parmagina or one of the great pasta dishes, and make sure to save room for dessert. For a fine-dining restaurant the servings are huge, but treat it as a real slap-up meal and you will go home very happy.

Other Options

Lots! There are over 10 Italian eateries on the premises, and not a single one is bad. Matteo’s Ristorante ItalianoMercato della PescheriaCanalettoTrattoria ReggianoCasanovaGrimaldi’s PizzeriaZeppola Cafe

Fine Dining

The line-up of fine-dining establishments at the Venetian resort is one of the best in the City. There are enough (potential) Michelin stars in the Resort to make most Cities envious let alone a single hotel!

1 – CUT – Wolfgang Puck – $$$$

  • Steakhouse
Cut Wolfgang Puck

To say that CUT is an expensive restaurant is really dumbing things down by an incredible amount. It really is an eyewatering experience when that check comes. A 14oz Ribeye or Sirloin is over $90 and a sharing cut such as a tomahawk costs well over $300. That is some expensive steak. However, people continue to queue up and give the place rave reviews. For us, we can’t quite see past the prices. It’s a great steakhouse, but you can get better on the strip for a lot less money. Check out our Best Steakhouses in Las Vegas.

However, if you want the finest steaks cooked in the style of one of the best chefs in the country then CUT offers a seriously finessed experience. The Steaks are phenomenal, the service is first-rate and the experience is as good as it gets. If you want that absolute blow-out meal where you don’t even bother looking at the check, then there are not many better options than CUT.

However, try Delmonico Steakhouse for a great steak that is slightly easier on the wallet. or try Smith & Wollensky who have some really nice sharing cuts.

2 – Bouchon – Thomas Keller – $$$

  • French Bistro
Bouchon Steak and Frites

Thomas Keller is for us one of the best chefs in the world and anything this man has touched is phenomenal. Our only slight issue with Bouchon is it’s not his top-tier restaurant and is in fact a little rustic and unrefined. If you have eaten here you may find that statement flabbergasting, as this is ultra high-end dining. But it’s just not up to the rarified levels of his Franch Laundry and Per-Se establishments in Napa and New York. Bouchon is by design a couple of notches down from those heights.

Make no mistake, the prices reflect this, and Bouchon is practically a steal with entrees around $30-45! And the food is simply phenomenal. This is French bistro food at its pinnacle. It’s just we would love to see a proper Chefs-Inspired Fine Dining Menu from Keller in Vegas and Bouchon is just not quite that.

Any Meal here is an absolute treat however and a Bowl of “Moules Au Safran”, with Steak Frites and a fantastic Bourdaux is one of life’s real pleasures. And you are unlikely to find such a meal better than here.

3 – Mott 32 – $$$$

  • Chinese
mott 32 Apple Wood Roasted Peking Duck

Mott 32 is a Chinese Restaurant but get any ideas of Oriental Exress’s Orange Chicken right out of your head. This is Chinese cuisine like you have never experienced. We like to think this is what would be served to Emporers of old, at the grandest of royal banquets, but in reality, they could only dream of food this good!

The Signature Apple Wood Roasted Peking Duck is beyond amazing. It’s recommended for 3-4 people, but forget that this is 2 man feast! The Decor in the restaurant is simply stunning and the service is fantastic. it is the sort of dining experience that needs to be lived to fully appreciate.

If you want to experience the Ambiane can decor of this stunning dining experience without the cost the Bar Menu offers the chance to sample some of the best Dim Sum around without the full cost of the main dining room.

4 – WAKUDA – $$$

  • Japanese
Wakuda Venetian

Unfortunately for Tetsuya Wakuda, Michelin has stopped rating Las Vegas Restaurants as we are pretty sure his new venture in Las Vegas would up his star count from the 2 he already owns, to 3 or 4 Stars. This is most definitely a worthy contender for any future Michelin Guide.

The dining room is sublime like a little piece of Japan has been transported over to the desert, with ornate statues and pink cherry blossoms, it’s a wonderful space. The menu is comprised of intricate and delicate dishes that are far too good to eat and far too good not to.

We recommend the Traditional, 6-course* 175 Tasting menu to the $135 Pre Theater Manu as choosing from the menu yourself is very difficult. Dining here is an absolute experience and allowing the Chef to curate your meal only helps add to the experience.

This is a New Restaurant to the Vegas line-up but we think this is going to go down in Legend!

Pool Dining

the venetian resort pool

1 – Spritz

Poolside dining is taken care of at the Venetian Pool Deck By Spritz. This pools side restaurant offers basic American fare at pretty high quality and only moderately elevated prices. The drinks are really eyewatering, but the food is not too bad really price-wise.

We never expect much when dining by the pools, the captive audience usually eats whatever is offered o them so they do not have to leave the pool. However, we find Spritz a welcome change from the usual pool fare. The restaurant operates as a dine-in-only restaurant and dining at your lounge chair is from a much more limited snack menu. This means the quality can be higher as they don’t have to serve it to a lounge chair, which is never going to allow a fine dining experience!

We go into more depth bout the Spritz in our Venetian Pool Review.

* – Capri

This is basically a carbon copy of Spritz, or Spritz is a Carbon Copy of Capri. Either way, the menus are basically the same, it’s just a case of which pool you are plonked beside.

2 – Truth and Tonic

The other option at the Venetian Pool is the Truth and Tonic, a health bar that serves some pretty good items if you are looking for something a little less fried. COCONUT MILK FRENCH TOAST, Avocado Toast, and Frittatas are the menu highlights. It can pay to grab something a little healthier at some point in your trip after all the abuse your body and liver will be getting.

Bars and Nightclubs

Tao Nightclub

Tao is one of the most premium nightclubs in the City and a must-visit for anyone hitting the town to party. They also operate a really swanky Asian Bistro.

Tao Dayclub

Likewise, the Day Club is a pool-based version of the nightclub to let you get the party started early, or keep it going the next day.

Kamu Ultra Karaoke

We are not huge fans of Karaoke bars but they are super popular at present (they seem to eb and flow in popularity) and the Kamu Ultra Karaoke is the perfect spot to get your voice on. The Club features small rooms and booths with dedicated Karaoke systems so you can have serious amounts of fun with your crew.

We go into more detail on the NightClubs here

Cocktail Lounges and Bars.

Dorsey Cocktail Lounge

There are several swanky and high-end Cocktail lounges all offering stunning locations and handcrafted cocktails to suit any taste.

Have Your Say

As we said there is an awful lot to the lineup of restaurants and eateries at the Venetian and Palazzo. So while we really hope we have helped you understand the options if you have any questions or feedback just fire away. Maybe you had a bad experience at one of the restaurants, or maybe we missed your favorite? Whatever you have to say we would be delighted to hear from you in the comments.

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