What To Do At The Venetian Las Vegas? – All The Best Things To See And Do At The Venetian Resort Las Vegas.

The Venetian Las Vegas is a seriously huge resort complex, one of the biggest in the world, and getting bigger. This gigantic sprawling complex has gone to town with various engaging, interesting, and exciting attractions and things to do. There is never a need to be bored at the Venetian.

What To Do At The Venetian Las Vegas

While there is something interesting and new around every corner, there is so much going on it’s really easy to miss the best sights, attractions, and things to do. So we have compiled our list of All The Best Things To See And Do At The Venetian Resort Las Vegas so you will always be able to know What To Do At The Venetian Las Vegas. There is a lot on offer, from Iconic recreation, Art, Dining, Clubs, Shows, Pools, and amazing tourist attractions. There never needs to be a dull minute at the Venetian Las Vegas.

Gondola Rides

  • Location – Grand Canal Shoppes
  • Cost – $34-$39 Per Person – $116 Private Gondola
Gondala Rides the Venetian

Ok, a fake Gondola Ride on the Fake Venitian Canals through a Shopping center is about as corny as things get in travel. It simply couldn’t be more contrived and simulated if it tried. And it’s not like it’s a cheap experience at $39 per Person. So it’s a bit of a mystery why these are still so popular.

But they are and despite the obvious tourist trap we still love them and don’t really care that we know we are being a bit ripped off. You can ride indoors or outside and the rides take around 15 mins, a bit less outside. The Gondolier will sing a couple of songs and pause the gondola for photos near the end.

You have to pay extra for a private Gondola, so if you are a couple you will have to share otherwise (4 per boat) There is always a queue and it’s often far longer than the actual rides. It’s one f those things, it’s absolutely not worth it but so much fun you just have to suspend your sensibilities and let go a little! And still, it’s cheaper than a real Gondal ride in Venice and far less smelly!

Art and Architecture

  • Location – Various
  • Cost – $Free

Italy is a country renowned for some of the finest works of art ever to be produced, not just paintings but sculpture, fresco, and architecture as well. The Venetian Resort Las Vegas has done an incredible job of recreating so much of Venice and Itay’s famous works of art and architecture.

The experience starts as soon as you walk into the Lobby. Front and center is the huge Armillary Sphere. A nod to both the artistry of Italy along with the scholarly and scientific forefathers that helped craft the modern world. Above the Statue is a stunning Domed Frsecoed Ceiling, reminiscent of the Sistine Chapel it represents the craftsmanship and devotion of the Renaissance artists that built Itlay. This is a stunning location and you have barely got through the door yet.

After checking in, as you head to the casino and Tower lift you pass through the Grand Colonnade or the Grand Gallery. A stunning hallway, the roof covered in intricate Frescos, replicas of many of the detailed Renaissance works that line the buildings of Venice. It’s here you realize so much of the Venetian is not Fake. A lot of Las Vegas is basically a cheap knock-off, like Dinsey, it’s all a fancy veneer on top of cheap building materials, but the Venetian has done things properly and the frescos are hand painted and the ornate strictures build more traditionally.

In the Lobby of the Palazzo is the “Acqua di Cristallo” a two-story art installation by Samuel G. Bocchicchio. A water-based culture that uses translucent stone and water to bathe the lobby in shimmering light. Then at the entrance to the Grand Canal Shoppes is Laura Kimpton’s LOVE Statue, the perfect spot for an Instagrammable moment. The Grand Canal Shoppes is pretty much an extension of the art as the narrow cobbled leaves line the canals and faux Venetian architecture hoses a multitude of shops and restaurants and includes a replica of St Marks Square where you can sit out, enjoy a coffee and just take it all in and people watch.

Outside some of Veenice’s more iconic landmarks have been recreated. The most recognizable and impressive is The Campanile Tower, a replica of the bell tower of the St Marks Basilica in Venice. Towering over the outdoor square that also houses replicas of the Rialto Bridge, the Doge’s Palace, the Lion of Venice, and the outdoor sections of the Canal. A fantastic spot to wander around and take in the majesty.

Madame Tussauds

  • Location – Grand Canal Shoppes
  • Cost – $34.99 Per Person

Another hideous tourist trap, but it’s another one we love. Madame Tussauds can be pretty hit-and-miss. There are some venues we seriously love and others, that we just don’t get along with. Along with London and L.A. the Las Vegas edition is a whole lot of fun.

We think the ones that work, are the ones that play well to their locales. The London Venue focuses on Great Brits, such as the Queen(RIP), the L.A. edition drills down into Hollywood greats of past and present, and Vegas is just Vegasy!

There is the Hangover Exhibit with all the boys and props from the film. Big Mike shows up a couple of times. And there is a huge focus on the entertainment and sports legends of the past and present that have made Vegas what it is.

Overall it’s tacky as hell, but it’s just so much fun, we highly recommend it.

Save money visiting Madame Tussauds with a Go Las Vegas Pass


Grand Canal shops Venetian Las Vegas
  • Location – Grand Canal Shoppes
  • Cost – $Free – Bankruptcy

The Grand Canal Shoppes is the second-largest Mall in Las Vegas and one of the most detailed intricate and exciting Shopping malls in the world. The entire mall is designed around the sprawling streets and canals of Venice Italy and features bridges, Architectural facades, cobbled streets, and of course Gondal Filled Canals (See Above).

While shopping is not normally our intended activity at The Canal Shoppes, where dining, gondolaing, and Exploring are our go-to activities, there are a huge array of shops in the Mall and a vast number of brands and outlets are on offer. The theme is predominantly high-end luxury brands such as Luis Vuitton, Sephora, Coach, Jimmy Choo, Burberry, Banana Republic, and Micheal Kors, however, with over 240 stores there are simply too many to go into. You will find gift shops, art galleries, Beut stores, Massage parlors, spas, dining…there is even an ICE bar.

Whether you are shopping or just browsing the Grand Canal Shoppes is part and parcel of the Venetian resort and a must-see for anyone not staying at the Venetian. If you are staying here it’s basically impossible to avoid!

Food and Drink

We all need to eat, but dining has become an activity in its own right and the Venetian has a host of “experience” dining destinations that are more like attractions than just restaurants. There are Celebrity Chef restaurants, Michelin Starred Chefs, unique dining concepts, and amazing themed restaurants. On top of this, there are a host of fantastic cocktail bars and night venues to check out and grab some of the best cocktails in the city.

The Subject of dining at the Venetian is impossible to cram into this one article. We have a full article covering all the best Dining options at the Venetian. However, we look at some of the best night spots below.


Dinner and Show is a pretty quintessentially Vegas activity. There are hundreds of shows running all over Las Vegas, but there are also quite a few great options right in the resort at the Venetian, including one of Vegas’s hottest tickets.

Atomic Saloon Show

Atomic Saloon Show

The Atomic Saloon Show is a bit of an odd one to describe. It’s kind of a raunchy, circus variety act, with a cowboy and atomic apocalypse theme…Yeah, that kind of sums it up, without really explaining anything!

Expect a host of unique circus acts and variety performances that can be pretty wild mixed in with some pretty outlandish and very adult humor. along with raunchy outfits and a wild west theme. This is one of Spiegelworld’s Las Vegas Shows and is wildly popular. It’s no quite at Absinths level which is about as hot as it gets in Vegas right now, but the Atomic Saloon is right up there.

Expect a seriously rowdy crowd, lots of drinks, and jokes and humor that are intended to offend. It’s not a show for everyone, there is a lot of flesh, sexual innuendo, and bad language, but if you are fine with all that then The Atomic Saloon is one of Vegas’s best shows.

While some Vegas shows feel a little dated, Spiegelworld’s creations still feel fresh and modern and are crazy good fun.

Venetian and Palazzo Theater

While there is only one show on permanently at the Venetian, the two theaters at the Venetian and the Palazzo have a host of regularly changing shows. Top performers and fantastic Theater productions regularly tour the Venetains theaters on a constantly rotating basis.

Check out the upcoming lineup of shows for the next year

MSG Sphere

Opening in 2023, the MSG Sphere will be a completely revolutionary entertainment venue. The spherical dome is covered in digital screens making the Sphere the larger TV screen in the world. The arena is programmed to display various seasonal displays and shows such as turning into a pumpkin for Halloween and a Snowglobe for the holidays, along with loads more fun displays coming that are as yet unannounced.

Inside the dome, there is a state-of-the-art concert venue that is scheduled to host some of the biggest artists as they head to Vegas on their world tours. Starting with the Rock Legends U2. With a huge array of state-of-the-art speakers to go with the Screen, the intention is that events held on the inside will be displayed on the outside as well. Exactly what form this will take is still unclear and what will be available to see and do at the sphere outside of concerts is again a bit unknown. But it’s super exciting and we can’t wait for the Fall of 2023 when this thing opens up to the world!

Night Life

Las Vegas is a City built on partying, however, in recent years people’s definition of partying has somewhat changed and the number of nightclubs on the strip has vastly reduced. Most people seem to be wanting lounges and more refined parties rather than the madness of a proper nightclub. However it seems that the reduction in Clubs has meant only the best Survived and One of these is Tao, one of the Tao Groups Venues and one of Las Vegas’ best nightclubs.

Tao Nightclub

  • Location – Venetian Hotel
  • Cost – $30-$75 Males – $20-50 Females

Tao is not one of the biggest of the superclubs in Las Vegas, but it draws a big lively crowd most nights making it easily one of the most popular and highly regarded. The Dj Lineup is always top notch although it does not always attract the biggest names, you can always expect great music. The playlist is a little more urban than some of the EDM playlists at most clubs so bear that in mind. You will still find EDM and Top40 tracks but it leans into the more Urban side of things.

The Club does not open until 10:30 pm and don’t expect things to get going until well into the night, staying open right through till 4 am. The Club is open Thur, Fri, and Saturday and fills up most nights with long waits to get in. There is a strict dress code, like most premium night venues so come sited and booted if you want a chance of getting in.

The Design of the club is pretty stunning with an oriental theme. Lots of hardwood and ornate stone with luxurious finishings. The Sound system is seriously thumping with high-tech modern light shows. The Drinks are pretty insane, but not actually that much worse than many locations in Vegas. $18-30 for mixed drinks and cocktails with a beer running to around $14, crazy, but not out of the ordinary in Las Vegas. You could also consider getting bottle service. Costing around $750 for a single bottle of liquor, it’s not cheap, but nor are regular drinks and you get expedited entry for 8-12 people (included), somewhere to sit, a host, security, and a personal bartender, it can be worth it for larger groups.

There really is so much to like about Tao, the smaller size is anything but a problem when 3000 people are partying the night away the place is really jumping.

Tao Day Club

Tao Beach Club Las Vegas
  • Location – Venetian Pool Deck
  • Cost – $30-$75 Males – $20-50 Females

If staying up till 3-4 am seems like a late night, or you just want to party almost 24-7 then pool parties are the way to go. And Like Tao Night Club, Tao Day Club is one of the hottest Pool Parties in town. Again it’s not the biggest or the best but it draws great crowds and is always seriously kicking.

The Music is more EDM than the night club and the drinks feel more reasonable as it’s all large icy cocktails. The crowd is always great and it feels like one of the more classy parties on the strip. The best way to enjoy it is by booking a Day-Bed or Cabana as it’s really hard to actually find any space once things get going, however, this is a very costly exercise with prices starting at $1000 and ranging up to $12,000 for the Jungle Cabana’s, but this is a minimum spend rather than a fee, so you at least get a large number of drinks included.

Note – Pool parties can be a bit renowned for being a bit icky in terms of water quality. However, Tao regularly aces any water quality test performed on the pools, and is pretty much the only pool party that can claim that!

Kamu Ultra Karaoke Bar

The Kamu Ultra Karaoke Bar is a high-end ultra lounge dedicated to the noble art of Karaoke. This past time has a habit of waxing and waning in popularity and currently is in a resurgence due to ultra lounges such as these. Instead of being forced to get up and sing in front of total strangers the Modern Karaoke Bar has individual rooms and booths where you only need to make a fool of yourself in front of your friends.

These bars are really good fun and a great way to entertain clients, celebrate birthdays, and kick off a Bachelorette party. On top of the state-of-the-art Karaoke system, the lounge is also a pretty epic bar with a fantastic cocktail menu and some pretty decent food options.

It’s the perfect fun night out. It even operates during the afternoon as a family-friendly venue before turning adults only in the evening.


Slot Machines Venetian
  • Location – Venetian and Palazzo
  • Cost – $Free – Bankruptcy

Naturally at a Las Vegas Casino Hotel and resort you are going to be expecting a Casino. And most people want to do a little gambling, even if it’s just to say you have a go. The Good news here is the Venetian Resort has one of the biggest Casinos in the City, with over 205,000 sqft of gaming space between the two resorts.

That’s over 2000+ slot machines, 300+ Table Games of just about every imaginable type, a Sports Book, a Poker room, and electronic table games of most varieties. So whether you are wanting a quick flutter, hoping to bag a huge jackpot, or are a serious gambler looking for some hardcore play, the Venetian casino is a great choice.

The Casino is also very heavily visited by people not staying in the resort and this leads to a really bustling and fun atmosphere. There is always something going on, and busy exciting table games happening all day long.


The Venetian Las Vegas is the Largest resort in the City and the second largest in the world. With over 7000 guests the pool deck needs to be pretty epic to cater to a large number of visitors. In truth, the Venetian’s deck is pretty small, and in no way adequate, so they built another and another! Yep, there are 3 Pool Decks serving the Venetian and the Palazzo Towers and guests get the use of all three, 11 pools several hot tubs and spas 3 restaurants 2 bars, and some of the best Cabana Options in the City.

It’s a lot to take in and we have a full dedicated article. Visiting the Venetain Pools is an absolute must when staying at the Venetain and even an option in the cooler months as the heated pools stay open year-round.

Guide on Visiting the Venetian Pool Decks

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