Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree, Maui – How to find Maui’s Rainbow Trees!

A popular addition to Maui’s vast flora population is the Rainbow eucalyptus tree. A tall leafy gum tree that is not native to Hawaii nut grows in abundance in planted groves mot notably along the Hana Highway. These groves have become a regular stop for people heading down the Road to Hana due to the Tree’s stunning and unusual bark. Up close these trees are very striking but at full speed along the Highway they are really easy to miss. To do so is a real shame and you only need a few minutes to pull up and take in the unique coloration on the Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees. To Make sure you don’t miss ou we show you exactly How to find Maui’s Rainbow Trees

Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree, Maui

  • About – Stunning Trees with Rainbow colored bark
  • Mile Marker – 6.5 – 6.5 (+0.5)
  • Location – Early on the Road To Hana, located in two groves
  • Facilities – None
  • Hana Highway Rating – Quick Stop
  • Cost – Free
  • Highlights – Make sure you stop off at these really beautiful trees on your road to Hana Trip, Very easy to miss and sail right on by.
Rainbow Eucalyptus

The Rainbow Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Deglupta) was an imported species and is the only species of gum tree that can grow in a tropical rainforest. When planted by settlers as ornamental trees they have taken root and grown vigorously n the Hana Jungle.

The Bark has a remarkable quality in that it strips off in patches and these newly expose patches of new bark are a different color. The bark then slowly changes through a series of hues as it ages in the air. With the bark constantly shedding in strips this leads to a kaleidoscope of colors and a tree that is quite unlike any other.

The oldest bark is a bright orange/red hue and as it peels off it reveals a bright green as the newest bark, this then slowly turns dark green, brown, and purple before eventually turning orange before stripping off again. This constant process gives the trunk and major limbs of the tree an almost rainbow-colored camouflage pattern. Up close the strip of bark is clear but from a few feet away the whole tree looks like it has been painted this way.

They really are a wonderful sight and quite at home in the weird and wonderful jungle that surrounds the Hana Highway. The trees grow in many places around the world but in Maui, they just see, a little more vibrant and at home than other places we have seen them

Where to find the Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree, Maui

Rainbow trees

First Grove – Mile Marker 6.5 (+3)

As you head down the Hana Highway 360 start looking for the miles Markers (or better still use our Map) once you get to the 6.5 Mile Marker you will see several pull-outs, and probably a few cars already pulled over. If you want to jump out a get a good look at the trees you will need to pull over here, there is nowhere to stop at the grove.

at 0.3 miles past the 6.5-mile marker, you will find a clearing lined by large trees on the left. These are the Rainbow eucalyptus and while there are a few on the right-hand side as well the best examples are on the left. They are a fair way back from the roadside and behind a fence. The land is private and trespassing is very unwelcome indeed! Enjoy the trees from the highway and leave the private property respected. Should you wish to get closer and maybe even have a selfie or photo with the trees then this is NOT the place to do it.

However, from afar this is the pretties grove and there are a large number of trees.

Second Grove – Mile Marker 6.5 (+5)

Typical Section of the Road to Hana
Rainbow eucalyptus on the left

A few hundred feet on there is a second grove of Rainbow Eucalyptus on the left-hand side of the road. There are fewer trees and the overall scene is less picturesque but the trees are growing right by the roadside. Here you can get up close, touch the trees and get a selfie right next to large and fully grown rainbow trees.

There are a few spaces to pull off the road, right by the trees so there is not a fraught hike up the highway. You just pull over right by the trees and enjoy their majesty.

We much prefer the second grove, not only can you get up to the trees but it is far less crowded as most people crowd around the first grove viewing the trees from a distance.

Both Groves offer good viewing opportunities but only the second allow legal access to the trees.

Have Your Say

Have you seen the Rainbow Eucalyptus tres on Maui? Let us know your thought in the comments below. Which grove did you visit? If you have any questions about the trees or locating them just leave us a comment below and we will get back to you.

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2 thoughts on “Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree, Maui – How to find Maui’s Rainbow Trees!”

  1. Reminds me a great deal of the Arbutus or Pacific Madrone tree found back on the Pacific coast of N. America. It has orange-brown bark that peels in long strips as well. Madrone (or “Arbutus” as we call it up here in B.C.) is also considered an exceptionally beautiful tree and is used extensively in landscaping despite being an indigenous species. One would think the two species to be closely related. However that doesn’t appear to be the case.

    • Very interesting, You are right the way the bark peels is very similar and you would think they are somewhat related but they are miles apart, a whole other family of plants! Although the Rainbow Eucalyptus hails from Southeast Aisa and the Arbutus North America, you would still expect a closer relation!

      The Arbutus Bark is more papery, and there are far more tones to Rainbows bark but it is a very similar shedding process!

      Thanks for pointing this out, we hadn’t heard of the Arbutus before.



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