Go Oahu Card Promo code – Get money off the Go Oahu card

An Attraction Pass is a great way to save money when visiting any Location. The Go Oahu Card from Smart destinations allows you to visit an unlimited amount of attraction from over 30+ on Oahu. We really love the pass and feel for many people it offers great savings. What could be better? Well, how about a Go Oahu Card Promo Code to save EVEN more?

Go Oahu Card Promo Code
The Alii Luau at the Polynesian Cultural, Included with the Pass

Go Oahu Card Review

Is the Go Oahu Card Worth It

We really like the Go Oahu card, The Attractions offered are some of Oahu’s best things to do and the price means you really can save a whole heap of cash. It also offers quite a few added benefits to help enhance your trip. Unlike Many passes the Days are non-consecutive so if you want to spend a day on the beach, not sightseeing, which is fairly common on Oahu, you won’t lose a Day of your pass. This really makes this a Killer deal

It is quite easy to save over 50% without really cramming too much in and possibly even more if you have a very busy trip. The Premium attractions (on cards for 3 days or over) are also really great additions and add tremendous value.

We have written an in-depth review into the Go Oahu Card as we appreciate this is a serious outlay but it really can help take your trip to another level, and save a bucket of cash at the same time. It’s not for everyone though. We suggest you read the review and then come back to this page to save even more.

Go Oahu Card Promo Codes


OAHU5– Get 5% off a Go Oahu All-inclusive Card – Valid as of 1st June 2018

A small Discount but still 5% is 5% and makes the Card even better value than it already is! …check out the Maths Below!

How to Get it?

FOLLOW THIS LINK – Add your cards to the Basket and use the Code in the checkout to receive your 5% Discount. The Promo-code box is quite small and can be easily missed. It is just above the Payment options to the right and is accessed via clicking on the text “Use Store Credit or Code



5% Extra – Email Sign up

Sign up for Smart Destinations Email list and receive a 5% discount on any Go Oahu card or any Smart Destination All inclusive or Explorer pass. Their Mailing list is pretty infrequent so you are not bombarded with mail. And they won’t sell your details to anyone else. But check the terms to make sure you are happy with them.

How to Get it?


Scroll to the bottom and fill in the Email form. You will then be mailed a confirmation including your 5% Promo Code. Buy a Pass and enjoy even better savings.


2 x 3-Day Pass ($199) = $398

$398 – 5% = $378.10

Saving $19.90

Not a Huge Amount but its a few Mai Tai’s at the Luau! and remember this is on top of the already potentially Massive Savings!


Let us know if you have tried any of our codes? Did they work? did you receive the discount expected? Just Drop us a comment below. We would love to hear about your experiences with the Go Oahu Card too but prefer it if you left comments on the actual pass on our review page to help others decide if the Card is right for them or not.

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