Best Helicopter Tours, Oahu, Hawaii – Are Oahu Helicopter Tours Worth It?

Ohau is a stunning tropical paradise nestled deep in the remote pacific, the stunning Volcanic Landscape is one of towering mountains plunging valleys, sweeping coastlines, and more greenery than you ever knew existed. There are many ways to take in these stunning vistas but one of the most stunning and impactful ways is from the air, and like most places, one of the easiest and most convenient ways to do this is by a Helicopter Tour.

Soaring over these stunning landscapes in a helicopter is simply one of the most memorable things you can do on any Oahu Vacation. The Landscape is varied and filled with contrasts, from the stunning blue ocean, the towering peaks, deep weathered valleys, open flat plains, and even the stunning manmade towers of Honolulu. It’s an unforgettable experience and well worth seeking out. There are many Air Tours Providers on the Island and we are here to show you the Best Helicopter Tours in Oahu, Hawaii.

Best Helicopter Tours Oahu, Hawaii

Are Helicopter Tours on Oahu Worth It?

There is no getting away from the fact that these tours rea far from inexpensive. ranging from $250-500 per person it’s not a cheap experience. But it is one that is seriously rewarding if you can find the funds to splurge.

The Island of Oahu is incredibly beautiful for the air, it really begins to show the true scale of the heavily scared volcanic landscape. The deep valleys eroded into the huge mountains really reveal themselves from the air and the huge diversity of the island comes into focus.

It helps reveal some of the more interesting elements of the island’s geography such as the gigantic  Koʻolau Mountain range that is actually just the remaining half of a gigantic Volcanic Calder that slit into the Ocean eons ago. From the ground, this is impossible to appreciate but from the air, you can envisage the whole landscape how it used to be while the caldera remained intact. The shallow seas of Kaneohe bay being the floor of the Caldera and the steep walls of the Mountain range are the outer rim.

It is also the only way to experience the remote and inaccessible interior of parts of the island, where the green jungle spans seemingly endless distances. Ancient waterfalls and lost valleys feel like prehistoric landscapes that could reveal many dinosaurs or ancient beasts with only a little imagination.

This natural wonder is also contrasted by the huge human influence on the Island. While swathes of Oahu are shrouded in nature, there are clusters of human settlements that are equally as stark and stunning in their own right. The Spectacular City Skyline if Honolulu that lines the southern coast is every bit as dramatic as the plunging mountains and valleys.

And the final cherry on most tours is the insanely historic Pearl Harbor. Soaring over the shallow waters really highlights the devastation and loss of attack with the several wrecks still clearly visible, most notably the USS Arizona. It’s a hulking mas still lying in its shallow grave as a memorial to all those lost on that fateful day. It’s quite an experience

Paradise Helicopters USS Arizona

Really it’s an experience quite unlike any other on the Island. We totally think they are worth it as it’s such a time-efficient way of getting out and seeing so much of the Island. It would take a week of exploring to really take in as much as you can get out of a 45-60 min helicopter tour. While we don’t recommend replacing all your other exploring with one single trip, it really helps you understand the layout, scope, and scale of Oahu far more than any other way of touring.

If you include a Helicopter trip early on it really helps you understand the landscape and everything else you do just makes a bit more sense. It’s certainly not necessary but we get a lot more out of seeing Oahu from the air than just some pretty landscapes.

What to Expect From a Helicopter Tour on Oahu

Helicopter tours are pretty relaxed on Oahu. After arriving at the HQ you will be checked in and unfortunately weighed. This is primarily for weights and balances of the aircraft as making sure these pretty light helicopters are not overweight or imbalanced is pretty important. It also checks you are not over the certain weight limits that the operators impose.

These are really strict and are again there for safety reasons. If you are on the larger side you can usually fly you just need to pay an extra fee. This is usually as there will need to be one seat unused in the aircraft that the Companies cannot sell. This is all a bit embarrassing and awkward at times, but the best way to avoid any complications is to be upfront and honest in the first place if you are gig to exceed the weight limits, these are usually 250lbs (114kg/17’12″stone) per Passenger but can vary by operator.

You will then meet the Pilot who will provide the briefing and then lead you to the aircraft. Here you will be assigned your seats (more on this below) and then secured in the aircraft. As the flight operates over water at times, you will be required to wear a life jacket. On the doors off flights the seat belt securing you to the aircraft is not as secure as you might imagine, only a 3-point belt, we have been on other flights where you have 2 separate harnesses that secure you to the cabin, but here the standard belts are all that is provided. However, there is Zero chance of you falling out accidentally so it’s nothing to worry about.

Securing loose items is far more of an issue so no hats scarves or loose items at all. You are allowed cameras and recording devices but ALL must be secured with straps!

Paradise Helicopters Doors Off

The Aircraft are loaded with the engines shut down and then the pilot fires them up and you take to the air. At the smaller locations, this is a very fast process but for flights that operate out of Honolulu there can be short delays as the pilot talks to Air Traffic Control due to the very busy airspace, you are competing with a busy international airport and a live USAF Air Base for airspace!

Once in the air, the pilot acts as a tour guide as well as the pilot showing you around the island and pointing out the important sights and points of interest along the way. It is usually a pretty basic narration as they are flying the aircraft too but we always find it fascinating despite hearing it on quite a few occasions.

Most flights are simple circle routes and then back to the heliport where you disembark and bid farewell to the pilot. But if you have a landing booked this usually takes place about halfway through and is usually pretty brief, just enough to take in the scenery or, on some occasions ask a certain question!

Oahu Helicopter Tour Routes

There are 3 main routes around the island offered by the various Providers. These are usually a short, budget options around 20-mins, a longer loop taking in the Eastern Portion of the Island, and then Full island loops taking around an hour.

Example Map
Example Routes

These routes take in some of the most stunning and breathtaking parts of the Island. The South Coast has the stunning Honolulu Skyline, Diamond Head, The Punchbowl, Waikiki Beach, and the towering green mountains as a stunning backdrop and of course, most flights take you over, Pearl Harbour.

Along the Windward Coast, you Fly up the Pali Coastline where the Steep Ko’olau mountain range, scared with deep valleys and drenched in lush jungle, plunges into the insanely blue Pacific Ocean. Here you will see landmarks such as Chinamans Hat, Kaneohe Bay, Sacred Falls, and much more. You will also fly over Kualoa Ranch and Kaaawa Valley home of Jurrasic Park and some of the most stunning scenery in Hawaii.

Up on the North Shore, things get really beachy. This is the location of some of the most famous beaches and surf breaks in the world. Sunset Beach, Banzai Pipeline, Waimea Beach, and the Historic Town of Haleiwa. It’s a stunning place to fly over, but make sure you head up on land too and grab some of the amazing Garlic Shrimp from the Shrimp Farms you will also fly over.

The Central Valley is home to the Dole Pineapple Plantation, Wheeler airfield, and miles of lowland forests, rivers, and agricultural fields its a very different sight t other jagged mountain ranges of the Pali Coastline.

If you are doing a full Island tour the only place left is the Leeward coastline. This is similar to the Winward but less densely vegetated and a little more populated. The northern end of this coast is less touristy but in the south, there are the ultra-high-end resorts of Ko’olina. It’s all very pretty but not quite as pretty as the windward coast making the FULL island tours a little less attractive as you are just paying more to see parts of the Island that are less appealing.

Helicopters, Seating Positions, and Extras

There are 5 different helicopters used by Oahu’s Flight Operators and which Aircraft you end up in can really affect your enjoyment.

The Hughes MD-50 is a real blast and has a great seating layout. These are used extensively for Doors-Off flights and have Two in the Back and Two in the front, plus the Pilot. So everyone gets a window seat or view out the front window. These were the same helicopters used in Magnum P.I. so if they look familiar they are. They are also really nimble and offer a thrilling flight as they are essentially military aircraft!

Likewise, the Robinson R55 offered everyone a Window seat and infact only holds 3 passengers so the chances of getting a private tour are high. But only Rainbow Helicopters uses the R44 and you can’t guarantee you will get one.

The EC130 and the EC350 are traditional touring helicopters and are both very similar. Often called the ECO-Star(EC130) or A-Star(EC350) these are built by the same manufacturer with the EcoStar being the Replacement for the aging A-Star. They both have a 3-4 layout with 2 passengers and the Pilot in the front and 4 passengers in the back. This means the rear passengers especially those in the middle get a less-than-brilliant view, but it’s not too important on these tours.

The Eco-Star is a much-improved aircraft and offers much better views for all passengers as the windows a larger and the rear seats are raised slightly.

Only Paradise Helicopters use the Bell 407 which is a very nice luxury helicopter but we have never been on a flight with Paradise that has used one, so do not expect it. To Beh Honest we would be disappointed as we prefer the MD-500 and its Sports Car Qualities.

There are several Extras offered by the companies, Such as Door-Off Options, a Front Seat guarantee, and even optional landings. We go into depth on these below with the various options for Each Tour Operator.

Ok, let’s get into it…

Best Helicopter Tours on Oahu, Hawaii

#1 – Paradise Helicopters

Paradise Helicopters MD-500

Paradise Helicopters offer some of the best and most memorable flights in all of Hawaii. They operate the amazing if dated, Hughes MD-500 which is one of the most Agile and high-performance helicopters used for Helicopter touring. This means with the doors off these tours are a lot of fun!

There is A LOT to unpack here as Paradise operates out of two locations and offers a variety of tours with several add-ons:

Turtle Bay Resort

  • North Shore Adventure – 20 mins – $240 – Doors Off
  • Valleys and Waterfalls – 40 Mins – $390 – Doors Off
  • Magnum P.I. Experience – 60 Mins – $474 – Doors Off

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These can all be flown Doors Off or with the Doors-On for an added $15. You can also add a landing above the Kualoa Ranch for an Additional $100. We will look into these tours below as they are mostly the same routes as the Ko’olina flights, just with a different starting point.

It’s peculiar that you have to pay extra for the Doors-On option as most tours like this charge extra to take them off! We guess this is because the doors are normally off and if you want them on then they need to actually re-attach them, and then remove them after the flight.


  • Diamond Head Scenic – 20 mins – $285 – Doors On
  • Waterfall & Jurassic Valley Explorer – 50 mins – $439 – Doors On
  • Circle Island – 75 Mins – $485- Doors On

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These can all be flown Doors Off, but this time it’s $50 extra for the Doors Off option, which is very confusing but that is because from Ko’olina the Doors Off flights are done in the MD500, and the Doors on in the larger Bell 407, at Turtle bay all flights are on the MD500.

You can also add a Landing to most of these tours for $100 as well giving the ultimate tour.

20min tours – North Shore Adventure and Diamond Head Scenic


Both locations offer a budget option lasting approx 20mins that just takes in the local sites around the heliport. The North Shore adventure takes you along the coast over the James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge and Oahu’s Shrimp farms and up into the Ko’olau mountains with their plunging valleys and waterfalls.

You then head along the North Shore Coastline and experience the world-famous beaches and shore breaks of Sunset Beach, the Banzai Pipeline, Sharks Cove, Waimea Bay, and Turtle Bay. It’s a short trip that really packs in the best of the immediate area.

At Ko’olina the Diamond Head Scenic Tour naturally heads for the Stunning volcanic formation that is Diamond head. The route takes you over all of the highlights of the south coast, including Pearl Harbour, Waikiki Beach, and Honolulu, into the Koʻolau Mountains, and back over the resorts of Ko’olina. Again it’s a really concise and exciting highlight reel of the area

So while these options are similar, in terms of length and cost, they are also very different. No landings can be added to these either.

40-50 Mins – Valleys and Waterfalls and Waterfall & Jurassic Valley Explorer

$390-$439 + $100 for optional landing

These tours are very similar and take in the same highlights as each other, they just start and end in a different place. The Turtle Bay route starts off from the High-End Beach resort and heads down over the James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge and Oahu’s Shrimp farms and up into the Ko’olau mountains where you get fantastic views of the deep gorges and valleys below.

You follow the mountain ridges with the coast down below until you reach the mindblowing Kualoa Valley. This stunning prehistoric valley looks like something out of Jurassic park, and that is because it is. Filming of Jurrasic Park and Jurassic World all took place here along with a host of Hollywood blockbusters…Read more here.

The upshot is this Valley is seriously dramatic and from the air it’s jaw-dropping. If you have added a landing this takes place here, more below. After exploring the valley from the air you head over to Kaneohe Bay with its stunning shallow waters and mountainous backdrop.

Here you follow Highway 3 over the Ko’olau Mountains over into Pearl Harbour with stunning views of Honolulu off to the left. You then head up the central valley over Wheeler Airbase and the Dole Plantation before picking up the North Shores Beaches.

The Ko’olina tour is the same except it starts at Ko’olina and covers a bit of the resort area here making the flight time that little bit longer. It’s also worth noting that the route can be flown in either direction so our description may be backward.

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60-75 Mins – Magnum P.I. Experience and Oahu Circle Island Tour

$474-$485 + $100 for optional landing

The final option takes in pretty much the whole Island following the coast all the way down the windward coast and then along the south coast past Diamond Head, Waikiki, and Honolulu. The Magnum P.I. then heads back through the central valley but the Oahu Circle continues up the Leeward Coast over the less well-known beaches of Mākaha, Waianae, and Mākua and gets a closer look at the  Waiʻanae Mountains. Finally heading around Ka’Ena Point and the eastern side of the North Shore.

These are expensive tours but really take in the whole of the Island.

Optional Landing + $100

Paradise Helicopters Kualoa Ranch Landing

We have mentioned the Optional Landing multiple times so let’s look into if that is any good. We were a bit non-plussed about it really, thinking it was a bit of a gimmicky up-sell until we did it! The landing site is a tiny narrow patch of grass perched right up on the top of one of the Kualoa alley Ridges and offers stunning views over the valley.

You spend 15-20 mins up there and really the view is like nothing on earth. There are no hikes up these ridges and the only way to get these views is by landing. It really is something special and well worth the upgrade.

Even taking back off is thrilling as the pilot drops the aircraft into the valley to pick up speed before soaring off into the sky.

If you are trying to decide between a longer tour or paying for the landing, we say take the landing every time!

Overall we really love Paradise Helicopters. They just offer everything we look for in a helicopter company. They do Doors off tours, their MD-500 helicopters really are fantastic and give a far more thrilling ride than the large touring choppers most companies use. They offer some really good routes, however, most of the companies below offer similar routes as well. But the killer option for us is the Landing. This really turns a remarkable experience into a truly unforgettable one!

Oh and one final note, the Magnum P.I. Experience is so-called as the helicopter used is a replica of the helicopter used in the Iconic TV Series.

#2 – Blue Hawaiian

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Oahu

Blue Hawaiian offers a completely different experience from Paradise helicopters and instead offers a more traditional tourist helicopter operation. Blue Hawaiin operates all over the Hawaiian islands and is the biggest operator in the State. This has some upsides and downsides.

They operate a fleet of top-of-the-line helicopters that are meticulously maintained and fly out of a plush, modern terminal at Honolulu airport. They pay really well so attract the best pilots and can offer a really competitive price point due to the high throughput of guests.

However, they can feel a little impersonal and cold, a little like a conveyer belt tour where you are the product rather than the customer. Blue Hawaiian is not too bad for this, we have experienced far worse in other locations, but it’s not as friendly and intimate as the smaller operators.

Tour wise they have several options available and they are “fairly” similar to the tour offered by Paradise Helicopters above. As they fly out of Honolulu the start and end points are obviously different.

Blue Skies of Oahu Flight – 45 mins – $344

The short tour is still a pretty comprehensive flight of the Island and takes in the whole Windward coast completing a full lap of the Koʻolau Mountain Range. Heading down along the Waikiki Waterfront, past Diamond Head, and following the Windward Coast, all the way up to the North Shore before coming back through the central valley and finally over Pearl Harbour. It covers most of the island’s best sights and is our favorite option from Blue Hawaiian.

Complete Circle – 60 mins – $405

The Complete Circle is the same route only it adds a small Dog-Leg to take in the Leeward coast, the Waiʻanae Mountains, and the Ko’olina Resorts. These are nice but they are not really needed to get a full sense of the beauty of the Island and really after already seeing some of Oahu’s best scenery can be a little bit of a letdown, which is why we prefer the cheaper and shorter Blue Skies Tour.

There are fewer extras and upgrades offered by Blue Hawaiian, they are a more basic and straightforward operator, with no doors-off and landings, just great tours of the best sights in really good helicopters.

They also offer MUCH better availability, they fly every day at regular times, the smaller operators can be a bit spotty and you may end up getting re-arranged a few times.

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#3 – Magnum Helicopters

Magnum Helicopters

Like Paradise Helicopters, Magnum Helicopters also operate the Hughes MD500 Helicopters, offering Doors-Off Helicopter tours of the Island. All of Magnum’s Helicopters are painted in the Magnum P.I. Livery and allow you to live the Magnum lifestyle as you soar offer the beaches and tower block of Honolulu.

They only offer one route but it’s one of our favorites and basically the same as the Magnum P.I. Experience offered by Paradise Helicopters. However, starting and ending at Honolulu airport means the location is a lot more accessible to many visitors.

Magnum offers a really great tour experience and we feel pretty bad dropping them to 3rd place, but we prefer the variety of options and varying start locations of Paradise, and Blue Hawaiian offers a more relaxed tour as Door-Off in what is essentially a Military Gunship is not everyone’s cup of tea!

It is ours though and we highly are Magnum for a really thrilling Experience.

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Rainbow Helicopters

Rainbow Helicopters

Rainbow Helicopters operates at the more budget end of the spectrum and fly the slightly older and less refined A-Star Helicopters. These are not as well suited to Air Tours and their replacement the EC-150 – Eco-Star as the rear seats are lower and the windows smaller and often more “marked” due to age. But they are still a really capable helicopter and the age is nothing to concern you, it’s just they are not quite as “plush”

They also fly the Robinson R44 which is a much smaller Helicopter and more nimble with only 4 seats so everyone gets a window seat. They Offer Doors-Off on all their flights and they do not Charge either way so it’s totally optional.

The routes are once again pretty similar to the other, after all, it’s not the biggest island in the world, and there are only so many places to go. But these options are slightly different from the others.

20 Mins – City By The Sea – $240

The basic tour just runs up the Waikiki coast and around Diamond Head before looping over Pearl Harbour.

30 Mins – Path To Pali Passage – $275

This route is as above but heads into the mountains and over the Pali Highway and Past the Stairway to Heaven before heading over Pearl Harbour

45 Mins – Isle Sights Unseen – $325

This is a bit of a different route to most, it starts off as the standard East Island loop but it cuts the North Shore out and instead heads inland over the Ko’olau Mountain range, taking in the remote Valleys and waterfalls very few ever get to see.

60 Mins – Royal Crown Of Oahu – $375

The Royal Crown is the full Island loop and takes in pretty much every sight you would want to see on an air Tour.

50 Mins – Waikiki Sunset – $350

Another slightly different option here and one that is well worth looking at. This is one of the only tours that operate later on in order to get the Sunset dipping into the Pacific. Honolulu is a staggering sight at sunset and even more so from the air. The tour starts off as an East Island Circle, but takes a final loop along the Waikiki Seafront as the sun dips into the ocean, Stunning Pinks and purples erupt from the sky as the light fades. It’s one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world and to see it from the Air is a real treat.

While Rainbow Helicopters is a budget choice and last on our list it’s still an amazing company and a great choice if you are looking for a cheaper option. After all, you still get the same amazing Hawaii landscapes, valleys, mountains, and beaches to look at!

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Navy Seal

Navy Seal Experience

Ok, this one is a bit different and while we have never actually done it, it’s a really intriguing prospect. Essentially you get a short 20-minute Doors-Off helicopter tour, that ends when you jump out of the chopper into the Pacific Ocean where you can take a Scuba Dive or Snorkel tour directly out of the Chopper.

It’s proper Bond Movie / Navy Seal stuff and is really cool just to even think about. The Exit point of the tour is usually Electric Beach which is one of the best diving/snorkeling spots on the Island due to the warm water outflows of the electricity plant. There is no experience necessary as you can do a discover Scuba Tour or certified Divers can do a regular Dive, or if you are uncomfortable Scuba Diving you can just snorkel on the surface.

After the Dive you are met by the dive boat and taken back to shore, you don’t need to get back in the Chopper after your insertion.

We have honestly never seen anything like this before and the company claims to be the only provider of this type of experience. It’s an awful lot of money, but it’s something most people would remember for a LONG time.

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Are Helicopter Tours in Oahu Safe? This is a tough question to answer as really the honest answer is no! Really the more accurate question should be Are Helicopter Tours More Dangerous than Other Activities? Unfortunately, the answer here is still No, but with a few caveats. They are certainly not the most dangerous activity you might partake in on Oahu, infact they are a LONG way from it, but there is an inherent risk to all aviation activities such as these.

Really it’s not a big risk it’s just the perception of risk is heightened as any accident is front page news. But the reality is many tourists, unfortunately, die every year in Hawaii and the vast majority are not in Helicopter accidents, these can be counted on one hand over decades! Whereas barely a week will go by without some kind of water-related accident and like most places the highest risk of death most people face in Oahu is a Road Traffic Accident.

Helicopter Tour Operators have very strict safety procedures enforced on them by the FAA and breaches will see them shut down so everything is by the book. The Pilots have years of training and experience, it’s pretty neat getting paid to fly Helicopters around a tropical Island so competition is high and only the best get the gig!

While These tours do carry a small increased risk, it’s really nothing to get worried about, snorkelling, surfing, or just driving to and from the airport are all far riskier pastimes and no one loses sleep over them!

Fear Of Flying

Having said all this, if you do suffer from a genuine fear of flying the above will mean very little to you. These sorts of phobias are pretty irrational but that makes them no less severe. If you do have a really bad fear of flying then maybe a helicopter tour should not be on your to-do list. But some people have more of a moderate fear and find it a bit annoying that it stops them from doing stuff.

If that’s the case the good news is Helicopters are actually less likely to evoke a reaction than many other forms of flying. The Helicopter provides a really stable platform that feels less like flying and more like floating. This is especially true of the larger touring helicopters such as the EC130 – Eco Star.

Even the most fearless flyers should have a think about going doors off, however. It’s a pretty extreme ride when the floor is plunging away below your feet. Any bumps or sharp banks can feel quite unnerving when there is very little between you and the ground.

We love them, but we know plenty of people who would shudder at the idea. And obviously, if you are already nervous, definitely consider a Doors-On instead.

Things to Consider/FAQ

Bad Weather

Paradise Helicopters Rain
Rain Storm…they can just go around!

Oahu has a pretty perfect climate but there can be occasions when your flight may need to be canceled due to poor weather. Things can be pretty changeable in Hawaii and forecasts are not always accurate so most operators will wait until the day of the tour to cancel.

Honestly they only ever cancel if they have to, mainly due to low clouds obscuring visibility or high winds or rain. If this occurs it really is a blessing as you would not want to be flying anyway. Most rain in Oahu is in the form of showers so a few rainstorms dotted around will not cancel a flight the pilot just may have to re-route the tour but rest assured it will still be a great experience.

If there is a cancellation, then you will be offered the chance to Re-Arrange, so try and book the trip at the beginning of your trip to give you ample opportunity to re-book.

What time is Best to Fly?

Flights operate all day, but on the whole, weather patterns are more stable in the morning. Rain and Wind tend to pick up as the day goes on, and while it’s not a hard and fast rule it’s a good bet, so booking morning flights is the best idea.


This is a two-piece recommendation. Firstly, on Doors-Off flights, it’s colder than you think. We have stood on the helipad in shorts and Tee-Shorts baking in 90+Degree heat. But once in the air things get a whole lot cooler. It’s like driving a freeway with the windows down it’s going to get cool, and match that with the fact the temps aloft are considerably cooler than on the ground and it gets a touch chilly at times.

It’s not like New York in winter where Frostbite is a real issue! But maybe a long-sleeved top or trousers is a good idea. It’s also VERY windy on a Doors-off flight so Girls should consider modesty over fashion, you can still look good on your landing photo, without wearing a floaty dress that might just reveal more to your pilot than you planned!

Secondly, In any doors on flight temperatures are not an issue and the more modern helicopters are airconditioned. Here your main concern should be on dark-colored clothing. Lighter Clothes have a horrible habit of reflecting off the windows and potentially spoiling any photos you might take.

Can We Take Photos

Of Course, What is the point of a helicopter tour if you can’t take a few snaps? We love the doors Off Tours for this very reason we get the best, unobscured, shots but any flight will offer a thousand photo ops.

Remember though NO loose items will be allowed on Doors Off flights for pretty obvious reasons. Lanyards or attachments are required for all cameras.

Have Your Say

Have you done a Helicopter Tour in Oahu? Who did you fly with and what tour did you take? Did you think it was good value or did you feel it was more of a letdown? Let us know in the comments below and if you have any questions just give us a shout.

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