Double Boxed Toys Mystery Box Review- are Double Boxed Toys Mystery Boxes worth it?

Double Boxed regularly has mystery boxes on sale. But is buying a Mystery Box from Double Boxed Toys actually worth it? In my Double Boxed Toys Mystery Box Review, I offer some more info on how mystery boxes work and my experience when buying a Double Boxed Toys Mystery Box, and if it was actually worth it.

What is a Mystery Box?

Might be obvious to some but to new Double Boxed Toys customers, it’s not easy to be confident in purchasing this offer if it is your first time. Every now and again Double Boxed Toys will have a Mystery Box on sale on their website. There is usually a theme or type of product such as a Disney Loungefly Mystery Box, a Spirit Jersey Mystery Box, or an ‘Odds and Sods’ box- a collection of different items from across their website. All items are chosen after purchase at random. The main benefit of a Double Boxed Toys Mystery box is that you are guaranteed to get merch that is worth more than you have paid for. If you subscribe to their emails or any of their social platforms, Double Boxed Toys will announce prior to the time it goes live so you can be ready when the deal goes live. Really tempting right?

How the offer works

Double Boxed Toys will announce on their website on any given day that for a certain time only, there is a Mystery Box available. They will show the different items that you could end up in your purchase. They list how much the mystery box costs and the items you could receive. If the Mystery Box includes clothing, the sizes are available to select when adding to your basket so that the clothing sent is the size you require. An example of a recent Double Boxed Mystery Box offer is below:

May 22 – Disney Odds & Sods Mystery Boxes

Double Boxed Toys Mystery Box Review

So I don’t know what I am getting?

Essentially, no. You have an idea of what’s available in the purchase but you won’t know for sure until you open the Mystery Box what you have purchased. It’s a surprise! Sometimes the Mystery Boxes are limited to just 3 different items so it’s a 1 in 3 chance of what you will get. Other Mystery Box offers could include several items in them so you really don’t know which product/s are going to arrive. Let’s be honest, if not every item available in the Double Boxed Toys Mystery Box is to your taste, is it really worth it? No matter how much of a bargain something might be, if you are not really into it, was getting the mystery box worth it?

My Experience

I decided to find out for myself whether Double Boxed Toys Mystery Boxes were actually worth it. I purchased a Disney Spirit Jersey Mystery Box for £49.50 from I had recently purchased a Disneyland Spirit Jersey on our trip to the Park and had been wearing it pretty much 24/7. Did I need another spirit jersey? Probably not. Did I want another one? Absolutely! If nothing else, I would be able to wear my new one when I washed my Disneyland one while still keeping my Disney fashion vibe going. My Disneyland Spirit Jersey cost me over $100. Here was my chance to get another one for half that price! (exchange rate depending) It seemed too good to be true! What’s the catch? Well… if I was totally honest with myself some of the spirit jersey designs were not to my taste. But really, there were only a couple I really didn’t like and many more that I would love to get, especially designs that are no longer available on general sale or priced over £150. I was sure to get one of those, right? What were the odds of me getting one I was less keen on when the list was filled with ones I loved….. see the video below of the Doble Boxed Toy Mystery Box reveal!

So, was the Double Boxed Toys Mystery Box worth it?

For me, this time, I didn’t get one of the products I really wanted. The Disney Spirit Jersey I received was not one of my favorites. The risk of the blind purchase did not pay off for me on this occasion and I was more disappointed than surprised. The Spirit Jersey had a price tag of $84 on it so did I get a bargain? Totally. As advertised, the value of the product I purchased was higher than the price I paid. If the Spirit Jersey had been a design I had wanted it would have been a win-win! 

So to answer the original question: Are Double Boxed Toys Mystery Boxes worth it? If you are not fussed about receiving ANY of the products on offer then YES! What’s not to love about purchasing a product you want at a discounted price with a little fun added into the process? But if you are in any way unsure about some of the products available then you run the risk of being slightly disappointed with your purchase. For me, it did not work out the way I had hoped. But if you like the idea of getting a bargain, or even need inspiration for a gift and the outcome of the purchase doesn’t matter then these are for you! 

Would I try my luck at a Double Boxed Toys Mystery Box again? Honestly… Yes! I might just be pickier about the ones I purchase in the future. 

Have Your Say 

Have you purchased a Mystery Box from Double Boxed Toys? What was your experience? Let me know how you got on in the comments below! If you have any questions about this article, feel free to comment below. 

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