Battlefield Vegas Review – is Battlefield Vegas the Best Gun Range in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is a city where a lot of the Rules and Common Practices of most Cities in the Country do not quite apply. There are things you can do in Vegas that you just won’t find anywhere else. One of these attractions is the Host of Shooting Ranges found in the City.

While there are a huge number of shooting ranges all across the states and thousands of gun clubs where you can shoot your, or the ranges weapons, In typical Las Vegas Style, things here are on Steroids! To fully understand this and show you exactly what the shooting scene in Las Vegas is really like we headed to the king of Las Vegas shooting ranges to show you just how crazy Las Vegas Ranges are and to find out if Battlefield really is the best shooting range in Las Vegas, find out everything you need to know in our Battlefield Vegas Review

Battlefield Vegas Review
Battlefield Vegas M249 SAW

What is Battlefield Vegas?

Battlefield Vegas is a military-themed shooting range right in the heart of Las Vegas. The Range is heavily based around using guns as entertainment. This is one of a few places even in America, where you can turn up with zero experience and (safely) fire some of the most iconic and well-known weapons of the last century of warfare!

Some may argue that Weapons are not toys and using them in this way is crass but really that’s Vegas down to a T. Hollywood and the Games industry has glamourized firearms for decades and this is really an extension of that. A chance to get your hand on, for real, the guns that you have seen and fired in games and films your whole life.

The Range takes safety very seriously, so while there is a strong theme of fun and entertainment, it’s most definitely not at the expense of strict Range Discipline. We were told on several occasions that certain actions would result in swift and physical expulsion from the Range, think this scene from “the Pacific”… only worse!

What Weapons does Battlefield Vegas offer?

Full Range here

Really, what “don’t” they offer! The range of available weapons is staggering. The range is listed on their website here, but that is not everything there are a few special available if you ask. As you walk around there are guns on every wall, behind the counter, and on display. And just about any weapon on display is fireable!

It’s really a case of if you want it they got it! Some are restricted to the outdoor range but they are still available!

The range also covers many decades of warfare, from the odd WW1 piece to a host of WW2 weapons, Vietnam classics, and right up to date with modern Warefare weapons, There are even some seriously big guns available, even tanks, Howitzers, and Flame Throwers!

We have listed the base prices for weapons below but you can get discounts and better prices by buying in bulk or as part of the Packages (more Below)

Pistols – $50 – 20 rounds

All the basics are here, Berrata’s Glock, Sig’s, etc, but there are some more exotic examples too such as Mauser, Luger, and Walther-P. There are also some large bore Pistols, the Dessert Eagle .50 and a Smith and Wesson .50. There is even a Glock 18 Full Auto Pistol

Sub Machine Guns – $55 – 25 rounds

Sub Machine Guns are small and compact bundles of death. With fast rates of fire but limited kick, they are the perfect Full Auto intro. Start off with the H&K Mp5, possibly the most famous and most widely used SMG in the world, the darling of police and security forces and urban operations by special forces.

Then there is the Uzi, an ultra iconic weapon, the P90, H&K UMP, Evo3 Scorpion, and Colt 9mm SMG all in the modern SMG Stable.

SMGs Made their mark in WW2 however as they brought unprecedented firepower to a handheld platform. The US Thompson SMG (along with its later Gangster format) and M3 “Grease Gun”, The German MP-40, the British Sten Gun, and Sterling L2A3

Assault Rifles – $60 – 25 rounds

There are a lot of Assault Rifles on offer, From all eras and warzones.

The Lee-Enfield No1 was a British WW1 Main Stay, and then was largely replaced by the Mk3 for WW2 alongside the M1 Garand for the US/British, the Mauser and G43 Battle Rifles for the Germans, and the Soviet M91 and SVT-40. There is also the Iconic BAR which blurs the line of Assault Rifle and Machine Gun.

Vietnam Saw the introduction of the infamous M16 and around the same time the worldwide phenomenon that was the AK-47 Platform.

More Modern Platforms are largely built upon those rifles with the Newer M4 being the mainstay of the current US Military, along with a few more exotic Rifles such as the H&K G36 the FN SCAR, AK-74, H&K 416 along with a host of rarer and exotic firearms.

Machine Guns – $125 – 40 rounds

Now we move on to the Big Boys! This is one of few places you can get your hands on some of the most deadly weapons ever unleashed. Again there is the Full Gamut of weapons from across the Ages.

Browning M1917 and M1919 have been the Main Stays of the Us Military for decades seeing service in WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, and even today in lesser roles. Or get your hands on the M2 Duece a .50Cal version of the M1919 which is utterly devastating. Or head right up to date with the M60, M249-SAW, and the M240

There are historical weapons from Britain in the Vickers and Bren Machine Guns, and Russia with the legendary Maxim. And from Germany, there is the MG08, Germany’s WW1 main battle machine gun, and the utterly Iconic MG-42 with one of the highest Fire rates of all machine guns and one of the most incredible sounds!

Sniper Rifles – $35 – 5 rounds

Sniper Rifles offer a very different pace but still provide some epic thrills.

There are some historical weapons such as the Dragunov, Mauser 98k, Mosin-Nagant PU, and the Springfield Sniper Rifles. There are some Sniper conversions of standard Assault Rifles such as the FN SCAR and AR-15.

The Remington 700 Sniper Rifle is the current Sniper Rifle in use all over the world with the US Forces.

The big draw in this section is the awesome Barrett M-107A1 .50 Cal Rifle. This insanely powerful rifle is a real head popper that kicks and sounds like no other. It’s incredibly expensive per round, but nothing beats the chest thumping BOOM of popping off a .50cal.

Big Stuff! – $Varied

This is where BAttlefield really sets itself apart from the competition. They have an arsenal of heavy weapons that totally out-strips their rivals.

M-134 Minigun – $245 100 – rounds

One of the most iconic weapons available. With insane fire rates, crazy sounds, and devastating firepower the Mini-Gun is just legendary. From appearances in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, The Predator, Doom, Quake, and Quake 2 Video Games, to the more real-life images from Vietnam and right through to today. The Minigun is a legend and it’s seriously cool to be able actually to fire this legend of a weapon.

With Fire Rates of up to 4000rpm your $245 whizzes down the range in no time at all but it’s really an experience like no other!

There is also a selection of Grenade launches available to fire at the Range, although Rounds are non-explosive.

Head away from the Indoor range and things get bigger still! On top of the Huge Beltfed Machine Guns, there are Flame Throwers, Morter Rounds, RPG, Artillery Pieces, and there is even the chance to fire Howitzers and the main cannon of the M60A1 Main Battle Tank!

These sorts of weapons come at a high cost but if military history is your thing these can be experiences of a lifetime!

We started writing this section of the Article hoping to highlight a few of our favorite weapons at the range but realized just how much depth there is in the arsenal. There really is a weapon for everyone here and the hard part really is choosing your poison!

Battlefield Vegas Indoor Range

LocationNorth Las Vegas

The Main HQ of Battlefield is its north Las VEgas indoor range. Situated on Sammy Davies Jr Drive, just one block across from South Las Vegas Boulevard between the north end of the Strip and the stratosphere.

Here you find their bread and butter offering, which is pretty special really. The Range is situated within the Tank Museum which houses some incredible historic pieces in various states of restoration.

It’s quite amazing how much of their arsenal you can use in their indoor range, with only the absolute largest restricted to the outdoor range. At the indoor range you can fire off the Minigun, most of the large Belt Fed machine guns, the .50 cal Barrett, and even the grenade launches!

Battlefield Vegas Outdoor Range

If you are booked onto one of the Epic outdoor adventures then you will be heading well out of town into the Nevada desert and away from anything resembling civilization. Don’t worry though as transportation out to the range is included, along with refreshments, so you can just enjoy your experience.

Best Packages at Battlefield Vegas

The best way to experience Battlefield Vegas is with a package. this will save you a little money over picking your individual weapons and give you cherry-picked packages that offer some really cool weapon choices.

Indoor Packages –

Light – Black Ops

  • Cost: $200 ($230 Value)
  • Number Of Guns: 4
  • Number Of Rounds: 100 Rounds
  • Duration: 40 Mins Approx
  • Weapons included: MP5K, Uzi, Colt M4, AK-47

A fantastic collection of some of the most popular and iconic full-auto weapons. 2 Submachine guns and a pair of excellent Assault Rifles. This package gives a great taste of full auto firepower.

Medium – Modern Warefare

  • Cost: $240 ($260 Value)
  • Number Of Guns: 4
  • Number Of Rounds: 100 Rounds
  • Duration: 40 Mins Approx
  • Weapons included: Colt M4, AK-47, FN-SCAR, HK G36

The Modern Warefare Package is a great collection of the best Assault Rifles in use today around the world and featured in the Modern Warfare Game FRanchise. The M4 is the US Mainstay while the HK G36 is a high-tech assault Rifle from Germays H&K. The FN-SCAR is a special forces favorite and the AK-47 is the most produced firearm in existence!

Heavy – The Operator Package

  • Cost: $595 ($720 value)
  • Number Of Guns: 8
  • Number Of Rounds: 252 Rounds – Including 2x .50 Cal
  • Duration: 90 Mins Approx
  • Weapons included: MP5, Uzi, Colt M4, AK-74, Glock 17, M249 SAW, M107A1 Barrett 50 Cal, M-134 Minigun

This package jus thas it all. You get a fantastic base collection of Assault Rifles, Pistols, and Submachine guns, with a blast on the Belt Fed M249 SAW, and to top it off you get to Blast the Barrett .50 Cal and get to fire the Iconic Minigun! It doesn’t get much better than this and you buy in significant savings!

Beginner – GI Jane

  • Cost: $145 ($230 Value)
  • Number Of Guns: 3
  • Number Of Rounds: 70 Rounds
  • Duration: 30 Mins Approx
  • Weapons included: Sig P-225, MP5-SD, Colt M4 CQBR

A selection of lover Recoil Weapons that still offer all the fun but do not fight back as much as some of the regular weapons!

Outdoor Packages –

The Outdoor Packages are quite simply insane! Here you can do things normally only viable to the military (and often not even then)

There are a selection of intense Gun Packages or go all in and get behind some of Battlefield’s heavy machinery!

Weapons Packages

*These packages can be split between two people!

Basic Training Outdoor Package: $1505

  • M4 50 rounds  5.56
  • Krinkov AKS-74 5.56
  • AUG 50 rounds 5.56
  • SCAR-L 50 rounds 5.56
  • HK G36 50 rounds 5.56
  • M249     50 rounds 5.56
  • M1 Anti-Tank Gun 1 round 40mm
  • M9 Flamethrower 1 tank

Ground War Outdoor Package: $3475

All of Battlefields Seriously Big Guns

  • M9 Flamethrower 1 tank
  • M1 anti-tank artillery piece 2 rounds
  • M2HB heavy machinegun 20 rounds
  • DSHK heavy machinegun 20 rounds
  • M60E6 medium machinegun 50 rounds
  • MG42 medium machinegun 50 rounds
  • Barrett M107A1 sniper rifle 5 rounds
  • HK-320/M79 40mm grenade launcher 2 rounds
  • PKM medium machinegun 50 rounds

Axis and Allies Outdoor Package: $2315

For the serious Military History Buff

  • 1911 20 rounds
  • Luger P-08 20 rounds
  • Hi-Power 20 rounds
  • M1 Garand 24 rounds
  • Mauser 98K 20 rounds
  • Enfield .303 20 rounds
  • Thompson 1928 50 rounds
  • MP40 50 rounds
  • Sten Mk5 50 rounds
  • 1919A4 50 rounds
  • Bren Mk II 40 rounds
  • MG42 50 rounds
  • M2 60mm mortar 2 rounds
  • M9 flamethrower
  • M1 Anti-Tank Gun 1 round 40mm

Big Guns And Tanks

M60A1 Main Battle Tank – $2495

The M60 was the USA’s main Battle tank for Decades, right through the cold war and well into the ’90s serving in the Iraq War where it decisively outclassed the Iraqi’s Soviet T-72s. While it has now been superseded by the M1 Abrams MBT, it is still in service in other military and is a fearsome Tank Still.

This experience sees you experience every position in the tank from commander to gunner. You get to fire all 3 armaments, the M3A1 “Grease Gun”, the M240 Machine Gun, and the Main M68 Tank Gun.

M114 Howitzer: 155MM Artillery Experience $2495 $1995

Really they do not get any bigger than this! If you want to fire the biggest Gun around 155mm is about as big as things get in the modern world.

Shooting and Tank Driving:

These packages let you hoon around in an M113A2 Armored Fighting Vehicle. On top of this, they both offer a nice array of heavy and light weapons to fire off down the outdoor range.

Battlefield Vegas Experience

Battlefield is perfectly geared to cater to beginners. While its impressive Arsenal means experience gun enthusiasts will have a field day here, the setup is definitely designed to welcome complete novices and newcomers to the Shooting Scene.

With its Military Theme and Entertainment ethos, someone who has never even held a gun before can come along and be walked through everything they need to know to get their hands on some serious hardware!

If you are new to gun Ranges and don’t know what to expect we walk you through the experience.

Free Humvee Pick-up

As the Range is off the strip it can be a little hard to get to if you do not have a car. While you can just hop in a Taxi/Uber, Battlefield offers FREE Pick-up from your Hotel, and even better, this pick-up is in a Historic Humvee Military Vehicle!

This in itself is really cool as the military vehicle turns a lot more head than the usual Tour Busses! They are largely open-air vehicles too so cruising along the strip is really fun!

Note – Intoxication

It is worth noting at this point that one reason we don’t always have a car in Vegas is due to the pretty heavy drinking we do in Vegas, we are often too tipsy to safely or legal drive, so we don’t. However, Battlefield has VERY strict restrictions on intoxicated participants.

Turn up drunk, or even just smelling of alcohol and you will be turned away in a pretty forcible manner. Alcohol and guns don’t mix so don’t try it. Especially be aware of the morning after a heavy session where you may still be way over the limit and will carry the tell-tale odor of a night put. Plan your shooting activities to coincide with a period of sobriety, or miss out!

At the Battlefield Vegas Range

Battlefield Las Vegas

At the range, you first need to Check-in. Here you will choose your weapon, if you have not already done so, and will be offered any add-ons you may want. There is zero hard Sell and you can pick any of the huge array of available guns and the agents are there merely as guides, not salespeople! They are honest and knowledgeable and will get you the right package.

You are then given a Vibrating Puck as you get at a busy restaurant, while the Range Personal sort your package out and waits for a free slot at the Range. You can head outside to take a look at the Tank Museum, or peruse the Shop, along with various displays of available firearms, in case you missed something.

When the Puck goes off, you will meet with your Operative, who will guide you through all the safety precautions and when to expect on the range. You are required to wear Ear Defenders and Eye Protection at all times on the range and warned about the severe response should you ignore this rule!

For most people, the Range Operatives pretty much do everything for you. They prepare the Weapons, set your target, load the magazines and give you detailed tutorage on firing the different systems. They are right by your side the whole time to walk you through the process.

More experienced shooters can ask to be a bit more independent but you will still have an operator assigned.

It is worryingly easy to operate firearms. Especially when everything is done for you, it is just a case of point-and-click! You are given a few rounds in Semi-Auto (One round per trigger pull) and then switched over to Full Auto. Here you can let it run, but it’s often better to fire in Burst mode as you will find the weapon wandering quite a bit with the recoil.

It all goes far too fast and at the end, you can check your target, which is yours to keep and get any Photo’s with the guns and you at the Range.

Battlefield Vegas Tank Museum

Another little perk of Choosing Battlefield is the Free Tank Museum which is situated at the Range. There is a large 2 Block parking area that is lined with various Tanks, APCs, Artillery Pieces, Humvees, and Helicopters.

For what is essentially a glorified shooting Range it’s a really impressive collection. The exhibits are in various states of restoration from bear pristine, like the M4 Sherman Tank that served on the Iwo Jima island and is signed by an Iwo Jima Veteran! And some that are, let us say, a work in progress!

There is an impressive and well restored Huey Chopper on Display along with an Ah-1 Cobra and an H-34 Navy Chopper. There are several Main Battle Tanks and some really cool Self-Propelled Artillery.

One of the best pieces is a WW2 Chiefton Tank that has been converted into an M1A1 Abrams Replica and is used for the Tank Car Crush Experience! Speaking of Which…

Battlefield Vegas Bonus Experience! (not Guaranteed)

Tank Car Crush – $2500

On our visit, we got treated to a Little bonus experience, but there are no guarantees you will get this unless you stump up the $2500 to be the Driver. We just got really lucky and got to watch the event free of charge.

This is the Tank Car Crush Experience, where the Replica Abrahmsn is used to completely flatten and destroy a car. It is quite incredible to witness and must be even more incredible to be behind the controls. We are not sure it’s worth the $2500 but still, it’s really cool.

The Tank barely registers the impact and the car is just rolled through like it’s not there. You can see the footage in the video above. We think we were pretty lucky y get to see this so don’t bank on it, but if there is a car lined up in the tank museum ask one of the guys when the crush is likely to take place, and don’t miss it!


We just love our visits to Battlefield Vegas. The Military theming just makes it really fun, and the arsenal on demand is just unrivaled. Price wise it’s pretty much on par with the other ranges available in Vegas, but with all the little extras such as the Tank Museum and the Free Humvee Pickup, it’s really good value.

If you are looking for an exciting and unique attraction away from the strip you really can’t beat letting off a few rounds with Battlefield it’s one of Las Vegas’ unique and interesting Side Attractions and one that keeps us coming back for more.

There are quite a few Shooting Ranges in Las Vegas and while we really do think Battlefield is the number one the others all have their unique selling points and may suit you better

Check out our guide here: Best Shooting Ranges in Las Vegas

Have Your Say

Let us know if you have Visited Battlefield Vegas and what your thoughts on the Range are? What package/Weapons did you choose? Did you get to see the Car Crush? How did you find the overall atmosphere? Maybe you tried a different Range too and want to let us know your thought on that? Whatever you have to say just fire away in the comments and if you have any questions we are happy to answer them if we can!

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