Best Places to Buy LoungeFly in the UK – Our Top 5 places to buy LoungeFly Bags and Exclusives

Where are the best places to buy LoungeFly in the UK? If you are a massive LoungeFly addict like myself, you will already know that there are several different websites to buy Loungefly in the UK But which are the best? I’ve done the homework for you and trawled through the internet to find the 5 best places to buy LoungeFly in the UK. I’ve put them in what I consider to be the best-ranking order along with easy links to get the website to do what use LoungeFly lovers want to do most- buy more Loungeflys!!! 

Best Places to Buy LoungeFly in the UK
The USA Is a long way to go to buy Loungefly’s!

All the websites mentioned here are authorized Official Stockists of Loungefly. You can find unofficial stockists which may sometimes stock USA exclusives before they are officially released in the UK but they can often be overpriced and have longer delivery times. I have found that if in doubt, always stick to the official stockists, most Loungefly bags will have a UK release date even if it is a couple of weeks later than the US release and at a better price!

Number 1: Geek Core

GeekCore Loungefly


  • Free Delivery over £50
  • Official Stockist
  • Dispatch same day with next day delivery FREE if order before 4:30pm
  • Has many exclusives to the website that you can not find on other Loungefly stockist sites
  • Can Pay by Klarna 
  • 100 day Returns Policy
  • Official Loungefly Stockist


  • No sign-up promotions to subscribe to 
  • Does not offer Pre Orders

I really struggled to find many CONS of buying Loungeflys from Geek which is why I have put their website as the best place to buy Loungefly in the U.K. They have a decent, up-to-date range of products along with some exclusives that I have not seen on other sites. Often I will see a site advertising a new exclusive added to their range but will later find other sites also selling it (and sometimes at a cheaper price!) Their 100-day Return Policy is Industry leading and blows any other returns policy from other stockists out of the water! I ordered a bag from Geek Core myself and it was reasonably priced with quick delivery.

TOP TIP: shop around before making your purchase. If a Loungefly bag has been authorized for sale in the U.K then other official stockists will often also sell the bag or be getting it in soon. It might be worth waiting a couple of days before purchasing to see if the new stock is being sold elsewhere as unless the bag is an exclusive, most official stockists will get the product after the first launch. 

Number 2: Funko Europe

Funko Europe


  • Official Loungefly U.K and EU website so has early access to USA exclusives
  • Free Shipping over £40
  • 10% off first order subscription sign up offer
  • Can Pay by Klarna*
  • USA Exclusives can be cheaper than other UK stockists 


  • Only has a 28-day Return Policy
  • The new releases from Loungfly are still often delayed compared to launch in the USA despite being Loungfly’s Official Stockist in the U.K.
  • Does not offer Pre Orders

Funko is Loungefly’s official website for selling Loungfly in the U.K and EU. This means they often have 1st access to new stock however, it can be frustrating that this can be a few days after the item was released in the USA meaning we in the UK have to wait that little bit longer for our new favorite bag! Still, it’s more cost and time effective than flying yourself over to the USA, and considering there are only 28 days to return your item if needed, it makes returns a lot simpler too! The short returns policy is really their only CON which is why I have ranked them as 2nd in the best stockists of Loungefly in the UK. 

Number 3: Pop Figures

Pop Figures are a relatively new stockist, only opening in 2020. They are a fun, reasonably priced website with one main advantage to their offering: They are part of Loungefly’s recently re-launched pre-order system. In September, Loungefly brought back the pre Order option for most of their September bags but are only available at some stockists- but Pop Figures is one of them!

Pop Figures also know how much us Loungfly fans love buying new bags so they have created their Loungefly Lovers Club. This club is a subscribe and save scheme where for £10 per year you get the following benefits:

  • Unlimited Free Delivery
  • Free Next Day Delivery if ordered before 2 pm
  • 15% off selected loungefly
  • Early access to new releases
  • Exclusive offers and Deals

These are not the only PROs to Pop Figures:

  • Official Stockist
  • Free Delivery over £30
  • Accepts Klarna
  • Often has Discount codes available
  • 30-day returns policy
  • Loungefly Outlet


  • Doesn’t accept AMEX

For a new official stockist, Pop Figures have a really strong offering for us Loungefly fans. There really aren’t any CONs to buying from them and I got my gorgeous Winnie the Pooh 95th Anniversary from them on offer and really fast shipping!

Number 4: Truffle Shuffle



  • Free Delivery over £40
  • Official Stockist
  • Next day delivery is available if ordered by 4:30 pm 
  • 60 day returns policy
  • Pay by Klarna
  • Regular offers
  • 10% off first order subscription offer
  • Does not offer pre orders


  • Has limited USA exclusives

Truffle is actually the website where I bought my first Loungefly. It has a large range of Loungefly but is limited to USA exclusives. Despite its large range, the bags they stock tend to be very generic and can be found on a lot of other websites. Unfortunately for me, I am a big fan of the exclusives from the USA are the ones I tend to long for most! However, they price their bags very reasonably, have a decent 60-day returns policy, and have regular flash offers on all their Loungefly which is why I have still ranked Truffle high up in the list of best places to buy in the UK.

Shop Now at Truffle Shuffle

Number 5: Shop Disney

Shop Disney UK


  • Official UK Disney Store Online
  • Free Delivery over £50
  • Disney Park Exclusives
  • Has Exclusives you can’t get elsewhere
  • Free Returns in 30 days
  • Click and Collect is available at locations across UK


  • Only stocks Disney/Pixar/ Marvel Loungefly
  • No Disney shops open in UK apart from Oxford St London
  • dos not accept Klarna Pay
  • Limited collection
  • does not offer Pre Orders.

I have ranked ShopDisney as last in the list of best places to buy Loungefly in the UK. They do not seem to have the size and range in their products as all the previous stockists do. And obviously, they only sell Loungefly products that are in the Disney collections. However, I will say not to discount ShopDisney in your searches for Loungefly products as even though their collection is small, they do have a couple of exclusives that I have really not seen elsewhere or at a lower price. It is always worth a look when purchasing that USA exclusive! 

*Klarna pay is a credit company and should always be used responsibly. 

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