Discount San Diego Zoo Tickets – Where to Get Cheap San Diego Zoo Tickets?

We Make no secret of the fact we LOVE the San Diego Zoo. The Zoo boasts a wonderful location in the heart of Sa Diego in the wonderful Balboa Park. Its natural Habitats offer a pleasant sanctuary to the Zoo’s amazing inhabitants and the whole experience is one of the top things to do in the entire city. You are also safe in the knowledge that while the Zoo is a Tourist attraction, it’s far from the exploitative type and in fact, many of the animals housed in the Zoo only exist today due to the fantastic efforts of the Zoo.

We go in-depth about the Zoo, what to See, What to do and how the Zoo helps so many conservation efforts here in our San Diego Zoo Review. So while we definitely think the zoo is the Number 1 San Diego Must do attraction, you don’t necessarily want to pay FULL price. In our guide to Discount Sand Diego Zoo Tickets, we show you where to get Cheap San Diego Zoo Tickets and how to save the most money when visiting the wonderful San Diego Attraction.

Discount San Diego Zoo Tickets

San Diego Zoo Review

We do really love the San Diego Zoo. Their Collection is one of the best in the world and the layout and presentation, in really great natural enclosures, is just a joy to visit. There is so much to see and do in San Diego, but the number one attraction for us is always the Zoo. We are lucky to have grown up right next to one of the best zoos in the world, Chester Zoo, UK. But despite Chester’s fantastic Collection of animals and incredible Conservation efforts, it’s a poor second place to San Diego Zoo.

As you wander around the Lost Forests winding Tiger and Monkey Trails, you will completely forget you are in San Diego and be transported to the jungles of Aisa and Africa. The Northern Frontier showcases the Colder regions with Polar Bears, Penguins, Wolves, Caribu, and Arctic Foxes. The Huge Elephant Oddesy gets you up close and personal with these Giants.

You can also get up close and personal with Giant California Condors, White Rhino’s, and Ginat Sea Otters, all of which only exist today due to the conservation efforts of the San Diego Zoo. A fantastic reminder of how important the Zoo’s work really is. This is not an exploitative tourist trap, but a living breathing conservation effort that is fighting back against some of our worst practices of natural destruction! This goes some way to explaining why Discount tickets are a little hard to come by!

Really there is so much to see and do at the Zoo we can’t include a real review on this page, which is designed to get oy cheaper entry, not showcase the attraction. Rest assured if you want to know more we go in-depth here, in our full detailed review!

How Much Does San Diego Zoo Cost?

Entry to the Zoo is priced at $62 per adult. This is for anyone 12 and over.

Children get a slight discount at $52 ages 3-11 and 2 and under are free.

You can Book Direct here, but the point of this page is to get you discounted Tickets so read on…However remember, this is a charitable organization, and profits are rolled straight back into saving the world’s most endangered species so maybe this is one attraction where you want to consider just paying full price?

Discount Tickets

First the bad news. San Diego Zoo does not regularly allow Discounts on its tickets. This means on the whole you are going to pay full price. You will find many companies offering Discount Tickets but then by the time you get to the Checkout the price is essentially the same as buying direct.

There are a few convoluted ways to get certain companies to allow discounts, which rely on discount codes and actually costing the company you use money, but on the whole, there is very little scope to save on Visiting the San Diego Zoo.

But before you scream ClickBait, we do have a fantastic way to save plenty of cash when visiting the zoo, that we will get into below. This requires you to visit more than one San Diego Attraction, which we feel most people do, but if you JUST want to visit the Zoo then you really are going to struggle to get a major discount.

Our preferred Booking Partner,, offers the most modest of discounts as they waive the Booking fee charged by San Diego Zoo, but this is only $2 so not an impressive saving.

<<< Book Now on >>>

The Other option that can bag a small saving is Groupon

Now Groupon DO NOT offer any discount on Tickets to the Zoo. However, they do periodically offer discount codes to the site in general that can be applied to your overall order. This can provide a small discount overall.


Membership is a fantastic way for locals to save a heap, assuming you plan to visit regularly, Starting at only $95 for Residents, Membership gets you access to both the Zoo and the San Diego Safari Park although the cheapest membership only allows access on quiet weekdays, the premium, $119 gives almost unfettered access to both parks.

San Diego Zoo Membership

For non-residents, if you want to Visit Both Parks you can buy a 2-Visit Pass and use this to visit both locations over a 12-month period.

However, the best way to secure a BIG discount on the Zoo is by doing more. In step the Go San Diego Pass!

Go San Diego Pass

Go San Diego Pass Review

We honestly think it is worth visiting San Diego Just to visit the Zoo, it really is that good, but most people want to see and do a little more than one thing when visiting a city, and even Locals that just want a discount on Zoo Tickets can normally make use of at least one other attraction in the City. The Go San Diego Pass has two options and both offer massive savings on Attractions in the San Diego Area but achieve these in different ways which would be suited to different types of visitors.

Go San Diego Explorer Pass

The Explorer Pass is perfect for those only wanting to visit a few attractions but still save money. You select the number of attractions you want to visit and then just visit at your leisure. This is perfect for Locals as you have 60 days to visit the attractions so there is no rush at all.

  • 2 Choice Pass – $71
  • 3 Choice Pass – $90
  • 4 Choice Pass – $117
  • 5 Choice Pass – $129
  • 7 Choice Pass – $148

As you can see the 2 Choice is $71. That’s $9 for any subsequent attraction you wish to visit after deducting $62 for the Zoo! And with the discount codes we offer for the Pass, See Below, you can actually get a 2 Attraction Pass for LESS than $62, so a modest saving AND a FREE Attraction! As well as the Zoo the Pass offers some amazing attractions.

  • USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum – $26
  • Belmont Park – Ride and Play – $56
  • San Diego Speedboat Adventure Tours – $79
  • San Diego JETSKI Rental – $82
  • Hornblower Bay Cruise – $35
  • La Jolla Kyack/SUP Rental – $45-£29
  • Plus Many More…

As you can see this is really fantastic way to save some real money, For Visitors you get the best of the City at a pretty relaxed pace, for locals you get a few days out to enjoy over a period of 60 Days, saving up to 50% on the attractions you visit, that’s a great way to get some real fun in and save a lot of money.

San Diego All-Inclusive

The All-Inclusive Pass is definitely more focused on Visitors than Locals as you purchase a set number of days and then can do as much as you want over that set period. This requires you to do quite a bit to get the value out of the pass, perfect for those visiting for shorter time-frames and wanting to pack stuff in.

The Lineup of attractions is pretty similar to the Explorer Pass with the BIG exceptions being SeaWorld, Legoland, and Knotts Berry Farm. This really ramps up the value you can get from the Pass. These are a bit more expensive but you can easily save 60-70% on the attractions visited.

  • 1 Day Pass: $102.00 – Adult $94.00 Child  $102/94 per day
  • 2 Day Pass: $159.00 – Adult $149.00 Child  $79/75 per day
  • 3 Day Pass: $199.00 – Adult $169.00 Child  $66/56 per day
  • 5 Day Pass: $299.00 – Adult $257.00 Child  $60/51 per day
  • 7 Day Pass: $328.00 – Adult $289.00 Child  $46/41 per day

We think the all-inclusive works best when you start getting into the 3-day range, you then have a low per-day price and don’t have to pack quite as much in to get value. There are also often sales on, and the price you pay will be less than above and you can then add one of our codes on from below, this can bring the price per day right down, making the pass simply unbeatable value.

There are several other perks and reasons we love the pass, we go into real in-depth analysis in Our Go San Diego Pass Review here, but essentially the pass really does allow users to See More and Pay Less, Something of a Travel Holy Grail!

Follow our Live Blog to see exactly how we used the Pass to have the most amazing trip to San Diego!

Go Los Angeles Pass

Finally, if you are visiting the general SoCal Area, then The Go Los Angeles Pass is very similar to the San Diego Pass, but with a different line-up of attractions, which can be spaced out a bit more as you don’t need to use it on consecutive days.

The Pass includes, Universal Studios, Legoland, Six Flaggs Magic Mountain, Knott Berry Farm, Along with San Diego Zoo and a whole host of other great Socal Attractions, Read more about this pass here.

Go City Pass Discount Codes

The Passes really are brilliant Value and can completely transform a trip. However good they are though they can always be better by being even cheaper, and we have a range of discount codes to achieve just that! Check out the pages below for our best deals on saving even more on the Go City Products.

San Diego Promo Code Page

Los Angeles Pass Promo Code Page

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Let us know if you used any of our Discounts above, or if you found another discount that we can share with our readers? We all love getting a bargain and we like sharing this knowledge with everyone. So if you have any comment or feedback on our discount ticket page just fire away in the comments, and if you ave any questions we are happy to help

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