Best Rooms at the MGM Grand – Which Room to Book at the MGM Grand Las Vegas

If you are thinking of Staying the MGM Grand, which we think is a great choice! Then you will naturally be a bit confused about the huge number of Rooms Available! Which one to Book, Which to Avoid, which amenities are available, and which are worth the upgrade. No one wants to book a bad room and no one wants Hotel Room Buyers Remorse clouding a trip! So we take you through all of the Best Rooms at the MGM Grand Las Vegas and show you which room to book to get the best out of your Stay at this Iconic Hotel and Casino.

If you want to know more about the Hotel in general, what to see, what to do, and what dining options there are check out our full Review Here. However, if you are sold on the Hotel then this rundown of the best rooms will help you pick out the perfect hotel room for your trip, Be Warned there are some real stinkers at the MGM so you need to choose carefully. Don’t worry though we make it painfully clear which rooms to avoid at all costs, and which rooms really are worth the upgrade fee!

You will hear us mention the $20 Trick quite a bit, this is a great way to bag upgraded hotel rooms at Las Vegas Hotels for only $20. The MGM has very good success rates for this. Read all about this “$20 Trick” here, it’s really very simple a not really a trick at all!

Best Rooms at the MGM Grand

MGM Grand Room Base Prices

The following Table is the Base prices for each of the room types. The chances of paying these Prices are astronomically small! Room prices in hotels are based on a live market where prices fluctuate based on supply and demand. However, the base prices give a good idea of how the different levels of room compare to each other. As we look in-depth at the room types we give an idea of the range of prices you will actually pay, the high and low ends of the room type.

Room TypeWeekday PriceWeekend Price
West Wing King$80$120
Grand (King or 2 Queen)$120$140
Grand Strip View (King or 2 Queen)$140$155
Stay-Well Grand (King or 2 Queen)$130$150
Executive Suite$200$250
Tower Spa Suite$250$300
One-Bedroom Skyloft$500$1000+
Two-Bedroom Skyloft$750$1500+

MGM Grand Room Types

King or 2 Queen

Some of the room tyes come as a choice of King or 2 Queen. While these can be listed as different rooms, they are essentially the same room. They just have a different Bed configuration. The Kings come with a Huge King Sized bed, where eas the 2 Queens have two large Queen Beds. This is basically down to preference and sleeping arrangements, do you want one huge comfy bed or two separate beds.

Run Of The House

The Run Of The Huse option is MGM’s lucky dip choice. You are basically paying for the basic rate room and then if availability allows you may get upgraded. This is often the case, but the $20 trick could easily secure an upgrade too. In fact, a $20 tip on the Run Of The House probably has the best chance f getting you a great room.

We normally think the Run Of the House option is a reasonable Gamble in most MGM Hotels, but it’s a big risk at the MGM Grand. You could end up with a West Wing Room, and as you will read about below, that is the LAST thing you want. So we say Skip the Run Of The House option at the MGM and book the room you want, maybe using the $20 trick to get an even better choice.

West Wing King

West Wing King
West Wing King

Ok, let’s start at the bottom then we only have upwards to go. The West Wing King rooms are the cheapest and most basic option, they are what you are most likely to get if you choose Run Of The House and, to be completely honest, terrible!

If these rooms were the only option we would tell you to avoid the hotel, if they were bargain-basement rooms in an ultra-cheap motel, we would tell you to stay elsewhere. There are really dire, and possibly the worst hotel rooms we have ever come across, a bold statement considering some of the dives we have ended up in!

Let’s start with the positives, you get a chair! They are actually really well positioned right in the heart of the resort, they are quite recently modernized and come with most things you need fr a quick stay.

On the Downsides, the rooms are tiny, and really badly laid out, due to the compact design. There is virtually no window, just a small opening with no view and no natural light behind the headboard, the worst imaginable location for a window. Amenities are minimum and yeah did we mention they are small?

350sqft is small for New York Standards let alone Vegas and the lack of natural light and layout means it feels even smaller than the advertised space. The Bathroom is a pod style, meaning a small dingy sink with no dress mirror. Now I can live without a Dress Mirror, but Kate…she would not be happy!

If you are reading this as you have already booked a West Wing King and were hoping we would treasure you they are not that bad, then sorry, they really are. If you cannot get it upgraded. Make sure you try the $20 trick at check-in, and if that fails just ask outright what it will cost to get you out of these rooms!

Overall there is just NO reason to put up with such a shabby room in Vegas. These are relics of the old Vegas and should have been condemned when the MGM Marina was dropped to make way for the MGM Grand. Upgrade, avoid, stay elsewhere, just DO NOT accept the West Room King Rooms as your only option.

Even those who just use the room as a base are really do not care, still, there are better options for less money elsewhere in Vegas!

Grand (King or 2 Queen)

King Room MGM Grand
King Room

Thankfully things get better quickly, and the Grand King or 2 Queen options are far better. The Size increases to 446sqft, A window to the outside world opens up, you get a seating area, a work area, a real bathroom with a proper illuminated Dress Mirror.

The Rooms are not super luxurious, but they are far better than the West Wing. These are far more comparable to other hotels, better in many cases and rates are often not that much more than the West Wing.

Views are normally quite good as you can tell from our next room option, you might not get a Strip View. If you request a high floor you can have great views out over various parts of the City and desert. The Cross shape of the Hotel lends itself to providing a multitude of angles and often the Views from the Grand Rooms are really quite wonderful. Looking out over the pool Deck, The Airport, and stunning mountain views.

Overall the Grand Rooms provide the kind of basic level of Vegas Luxury you expect. They are nothing special but live up to your expectations. They are reasonably modern always clean and can be secured for quite a good price compared to the shabby West Wing Kings as there are literally thousands of these rooms up for grabs!

These Rooms work great as a base to try and grab a $20 upgrade to a strip View or Stay Well, even suites can be snagged. If unsuccessful, then you still have a pretty nice room with a good view.

Grand Strip View (King or 2 Queen)

Strip View Room MGM Grand

The Grand Strip View Rooms are exactly what you would expect the Same Rooms as the Grand, but with a view out over the Strip. The Strip Views are either directly out over the strip or looking north or south up the strip. The best Views are in the North Tower looking directly west. You also need to request a high floor as rooms lower down can still be called strip view without getting a very good view.

Stay Well Grand (King or 2 Queen)

Stay Well Room MGM Grand
Stay Well Air Purifier

The Stay Well level of Rooms in MGM’s Resorts adds a little touch of freshness into the hotel experience. They bring the Spa right into your room with an array of refreshing and therapeutic accouterments that really level up the stay.

These start with Air Purification and Aroma Therapy. Las Vegas Casinos are still one of the few places people can smoke indoors and as we come from somewhere where indoor smoking is thing of the past it is quite a shock when you enter a Casino. The smell really does hit home now, and it seems to permeate everywhere. The Purified and aromatized air piped into your Stay Well Room really is just the ticket to melt that away. It starts from the moment you exit the elevator as the fragrances wash over you from the hallway units.

There is also a unit in the room and the fragrances rotate as you become nose blind so there is always a wonderful aroma wafting around your room. On top of the Aromatherapy, there is mood lighting. A small touch but it really adds to the experience. There is also purified water, straight from the taps, a Stay Well Shower Infuser, Upgraded Memory Foam Mattress, and upgraded aromatherapy bathroom amenities.

It is this number of small extras that add up to one large change that really makes the rooms feel special. We were very skeptical when we first heard about the Stay Well Upgrades, as on paper it really doesn’t sound like much and is all a bit wishy-washy. We are the type of people to be very skeptical of anything marketed as “wellness”. However we really like the changes, and the overall experience really is something worth paying extra for. The stresses of the day really do melt away as you get back to your own little oasis of calm.

Honestly, these rooms are worth it just for the scent that hits you as you get out of the elevator…

MGM Grand Suites

We really like the MGM Grands room options, apart from the West Wing, they are spacious well equipped and really give you that special Vegas feeling, however, to really feel like a VIP, you need something a bit more special than everyone else.

The Suites at the MGM Grand are pretty numerous and very cheap in comparison to suites in other hotels. You can easily bag one of these for a modest upgrade fee and we have has great success using the $20 trick to get upgraded to one of the hotel’s amazing suites.

Executive Suite

Executive Suite MGM Grand

The Executive Suites are really just an oversized grand room. and that is no bad thing really but you are only really getting extra space. But you are getting a lot of extra space. The flor plan jumps to 675 sqft and you get a large living area and workspace on top of the spacious bedroom area. The Bathroom takes a bump too with marble tiling and a large sink and illuminated dress mirror.

The Large windows offer fantastic views, although securing any particular view requires some negotiating at the desk as they are not separated out for booking. This means you may get a stunning view out over the strip, or a disappointing view over the airport or backside of the city. The bad views are still nice, but they don’t have that premium Vegas Feel.

This Room is also Available as a STAY-WELL option, these are pretty limited and can be costly but give the same added luxury as the Stay Well experience in the Standard Rooms.

Tower Spa Suite

MGM Grand Tower Spa Suite Bathroom

The Towe Spa Suites are where things get really exciting. The Rooms are pretty much the same as the Executive Suites, A Large Space with a seating area, desk, huge comfy bed large windows out over the city Bar area, etc… But things get really spicy in the Bathroom!

The Large Jacuzzi Spa Bath is a wonderful touch. It adds a real level of opulence rarely found in the more modest Vegas Hotel Rooms. We first stayed in one of these Suites after a 9-hour drive through the Burning Death Valley Desert, and the feeling of sinking into a hot bubbly spa bath after that journey was pure heaven! Any days spent hiking up and down the strip can have a similar effect and knowing you have this to come back to is seriously blissful!

The Rooms suffer the same View Lottery as the Executive suites, but at least with the Spa Bath, you can forget all about it as you melt away into bliss!

This Room is also Available as a STAY-WELL option, these are pretty limited and can be costly but give the same added luxury as the Stay Well experience in the Standard Rooms. However with the Spa Bathtub and the general relaxing nature of the Spa Suites the Stay Well comes across even better, these are our favorite rooms in the Hotel, at least as far as the “reasonably” sensible pricing option go.

One-Bedroom Suite

The One Bedroom Suite offers a little more space, but it also has an enclosed bedroom which is perfect for those wanting a little personal space. Prices are similar to the Tower Spa Suite and we would take that all day long, but for some, they want a little privacy at times and the separate bedroom just feels a little more grown-up along with twin sinks in the large bathroom again allowing a little more personal space.

High End Suites

There are a few other Suites available but these start to get very expensive and are in very limited numbers.

The City View Suite is on the corners of the West Tower, offering added luxury and stunning views, with the Penthouse being the top of the pile! The Skyline Terrace Suite is very plush and fancy and the 2 Bedroom Marquee Suite has an amazing outside Terrace with stunning Strip Views.

However, these Suites are seriously pricy and they put them directly in competition with the SKYLOFTS and we are going to take the SKYLOFTS any day of the week.


When MGM First introduced the SKYLOFT Experience, it was a real revolutionary way to experience Vegas. And while it has been much copied over the years it is still an amazing way to Visit Sin City and really is the closest many of us will get to living like royalty.

The SKYLOFT Experience

Staying in a SKYLOFT is different from most hotel stays and all guests are treated as complete VIPs. This is all about personal service. And you actually get quite a bit for your money.

Butler Service

Yep, Each Skyloft comes with its own Butler! He is there to make sure you have to do nothing, get you drinks, carry Luggage, serve meals, whatever arduous tasks you have to contend with in the real world, you won’t at the Skylofts and Alfred (we assume all butles are called Alfred right?) will take care of it!

Restaurant Service

The MGM Grand has some of the finest restaurants in the world, Joël Robuchon, L’Atelier, Morimoto Las VEgas, Wolgang Puck Bar and Grill, and Craftsteak to name a few, but who has the time and effort to actually walk all the way down to the restaurants! At the SKYLOFTS they bring the meal to you!

P.S you will still have to pay for the Meal!

Car Service

Getting around Las Vegas can be a tiring affair, especially at the MGM where you are just a bit too far from everything. Stay in a SKYLOFT and all this is taken care of for you with your own personal limousine!

Personalized Concierge

Show tickets, real reservations, getting into Night CLubs, Booking a Cabana, getting around, planning a trip to Vegas is such a chore, With the personal Concierge Service, all you have to say is I Want and you Will Get, despite what your mother told you.

Personal Lobby

There are only a few SKYLOFTS and over 6,800 regular rooms so SKYLOFT VIP Guests are not going to want to mix in with all the Plebs from the rest of the Hotel. That’s why the SKYLOFTS have their own personal Lobby and Check-In area. At night the lobby transforms into a SKYLOFT only nightspot. Luxurious, Beautiful, and very exclusive, just for SKYLOFT Guests

Really the key to enjoying the LOFTS is to ASK. It can seem strange at first as we are often so self-sufficient but you really are paying for this level of service so use it! Of Course on top of the wonderful Perk, there are the rooms themselves!

One-Bedroom SKYLOFT


The Twin Level One-Bedroom Skylofts are seriously Stunning. The Two Story Floor-to-Ceiling Windows overlooks everything. Downstairs is the living area and Dining Room, where your Butler can serve toy Dinner! Upstairs is an incredibly comfy and luxurious King Bed and a Sumptios Bathroom complete with an Infinity Bath, which is basically to die for!

When Demand is high and prices surge these rooms are ridiculous, but off-peak when you can pick them up for around $500-1000 a night they are really out of this world! This sort of luxury and personalized service is available from most hotels on the strip, but not at this sort of Price Point.

Two-Bedroom SKYLOFT

Infinity Bath

Need a bit more room? Then the Two-Bedroom Lofts offer everything the One Bedroom does, but with added floor space (3000sqft) and an extra bedroom. You even get a Billiard Table. These can be even better value if you can split the room with someone. Although you will have to argue over who gets the Kind Sized Master Bedroom and who gets the 2 Queens…you could always get the Butler to push the beds together!

Three-Bedroom SKYLOFT

  • Price $??? (per night)
  • Best for – When You Don’t Need to Ask The Price!
mgm grand hotel skylofts
Living Room

The 6000sqft 3 Bedroom SKYLOFTS are where things start to get unreal. This HUGE space offers everything you could desire, towering windows, endless seating areas, plush bedrooms, and stunning Bathrooms. They are similar to the others but with over twice the floor space!

You can split the cost with up to 9 Guests but there are only 6 beds so it’s more for a thrupple, as you don’t stay in a SKYLOFT to sleep on a couch! Prices are “Call to Discuss” Meaning if you have to ask you can’t afford it!

The SKYLOFTS really are the essence of Las Vegas Indulgence, being waited on hand and foot in a stunning suite high in the sky is exactly what people imagine the Highroller life in Vegas is like, but at the MGM SKYLOFTS, this can be realized for less than you imagine!

MGM Signiture

The MGM Signature is MGM’s sister Hotel. It’s a very different experience as the towers were designed as residential condos that double as Las Vegas Hotel Rooms. While you get to use a lot of the MGM Grand Facilities you also get your own private amenities and really the Hotel should be considered as separate property.

We plan to take a separate look at the Signature very soon.

Which Room to Choose at the MGM Grand

Room Choice always comes down to budget, and as the MGM Grand is such an affordable resort it really comes down to what is worth the extra expense to YOU. You honestly might be happy with a West Wing King when prices are super low. $80 a night is really cheap and gets you a spot at one of Las Vegas’s most Iconic Hotels. But we can’t recommend them. They are just too small, dark, and dingy with almost no redeeming features.

If you are staying in an Iconic Central Las Vegas Hotel you want it to be special and there is nothing special about the West Wings, quite the opposite. So do yourself a favor and plump for the Grand Rooms as a minimum.

For just a touch more you can choose between the View and a Stay-Well Upgrade. Both are really worthwhile, and it’s a shame you have to choose.

For us though the best rooms overall are the Tower Spa Suites. They are seriously roomy, really plush and the bathroom really is to die for. With the Exec Suites all, you get it space, which is nice but it’s not whirlpool Spa Bath Nice!

Of Course, if you can afford a SKYLOFT, go for it, the experience is truly amazing, but for most, they are still a little out of their price range. They are actually really good value, but it’s still a good chunk of cash!

Have Your Say

What are your favorite Rooms at the MGM? Did you stay in a room and were particularly impressed? Maybe you felt let down? Have you tried a Stay-Well Room? What did you think? Whatever your thoughts on the MGM Grand room line-up just fire away in the comments. And any questions, the comments section is where you will get them answered.

And if you want to make us all really Jealous tells us all about your SKYLOFT Experience!

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