Best Restaurants at the MGM Grand Las Vegas – What to Eat at the MGM Grand

There are several reasons as to why we love the MGM Grand, the Iconic nature of the Resort the incredible things to do, the amazing pool deck. It’s the resort that seems to have it all and does not charge the earth for it. In fact, we like most things about the resort apart from its location and really poor bottom rung room choices. However, one thing stands out above the rest and that is the resort’s incredible dining lineup.

We take a look at what to Eat at the MGM Grand and rest assured there is a huge choice of restaurants from the lowly food court to the highest heights of Las Vegas gastronomy. We show you the Best Restaurants at the MGM Grand, along with the best casual options and where to bag some decent but also cheap eats at the Resort.

Best Restaurants at the MGM Grand

Food Wise the MGM Grand has it all, including what is arguably the best Restaurant in Las Vegas. Let us take a look. We have broken things down into sections so you can match your requirements to your mood and wallet.

Note – Restaurants do change all the time so the list may not be 100% up to date but we try and keep it as up to date as possible.

Best Fine Dining at the MGM Grand

Best Fine Dining in Las Vegas

Joël Robuchon

  • 3 Star Fine Dining French
  • $$$$$ Eye-wateringly Expensive

Joël Robuchon’s stellar namesake restaurant is without a doubt the best eatery in the Hotel. Not only that it’s streets ahead of anywhere else in the City and right up there as the best in the country, and there are only a few establishments in the world that can rival the magnificence of Joël Robuchon.

The is the ONLY restaurant to be awarded three Michelin Stars in the City and one of a handful in the States. It is a restaurant of such high Estime it is worth visiting the City for, let alone the MGM. Dining here is an experience beyond compare.

Despite the passing of the Chef Of The Century his restaurant continues to produce innovative food of the utmost highest standards. Naturally, this comes at a price, the exclusive restaurant only has 12 tables and charges a colossal $425 for the Prix Fixe tasting menu.

For this, you get a 16-course tasting menu crafted from the finest ingredients with the highest levels of skill. As you can see from the images above this is art on a plate stuff, but do not think it’s style over substance as the flavor is the forefront of every dish. This is dining beyond compare and a must for any fine-dining lovers.

Read More here

L’Atelier – Joël Robuchon

  • Fine Dining French
  • $$$$ Expensive

For those looking for a meal a little more down to earth and a little friendlier on the wallet then L’Atelier is Joël Robuchon’s informal restaurant, which is also located in the MGM Grand. This puts two of the best restaurants in the City both in the Hotels Grounds.

L’atelier is still a very high-end restaurant, but prices are far less horrendous than the flagship restaurant above. Around $188 gets you the headline Discovery Menu with slightly smaller Prix Fixe Menus at $98 and $128, so it is far more accessible than the $2000 check you would receive at Joël Robuchon. And getting reservations will be a far less daunting task!

The Food is still out of this world and crafted with as much skill and precision as the mother restaurant. Ingredient Quality and selection are just scaled back slightly to create dishes that are just slightly more pleasing to the wallet but still just as incredible in the mouth.

Most diners would find L’Atelier just as mindblowing and every bit as sensational. Highly recommended, and does not come with a side helping of Buyers Remorse.

Tom Collichno’s Craftsteak

  • Steakhouse – High-End
  • $$$$ Expensive

Craftsteak is the latest of Tom Colicchio’s revolutionary Las Vegas Steakhouses. We actually prefer Heritage Steak over at the Mirage, but it’s a really close call and both deserve their place on our Best Steakhouses in Las Vegas List.

The Star of the show here is the beef. Amazing Cuts seared to perfection and served with real style and Panache. Don’t expect fine dining portions here, these are hearty family-style dishes that leave you with that stuffed and contented feeling you only get from a good steak meal.

While The Steak is the star, don’t miss out on the Cinnamon Monkey bread drenched in Pecan Toffee Sauce, one of those desserts you can always find room for!

Hakkasan Restaurant

  • Chinese
  • $$$$ Expensive

Hakkasan is best known, especially in Vegas, for its nightclubs. However, they were a restaurant chain before they branched out into nightlife. While they serve Chinese cuisine this is Chinese quite unlike your local Chinese restaurant or takeout!

This is ultra-modern Cantonese cuisine. Precision presentation and stylings that feel more like Japanese than Chinese. However, the flavor is all china and really is sublime. The prices are steep but for Vegas Fine-dining it’s quite reasonable actually with set menus starting at $88 per person. The Dining room is really stunning, ultra-contemporary with Dark wood and bright accents.

This is the sort of place to be seen and show off, but the food matches the hype and has a relaxed and friendly service. Despite the food being cutting edge, it’s all pretty familiar and understandable, just presenting in a more modern way.

Dim Sum is the specialty and it is some of the best we have eaten, The Duck is spectacular and there are some seriously wonderful desserts. Unsurprisingly as the Restaurant is linked to the Nightclub the Cocktail menu is also top drawer with some o the best cocktails in town.

Overall it really is a great experience. A real treat and a perfect way to start your evening!

Read more about Hakkasan as a Nightspot here

Morimoto Las Vegas

  • Japanese – Contempory
  • $$$ Expensive

Chef Masaharu Morimoto of Iron Chef fame comes to Las Vegas with a no-holds-barred take on Japanese Cuisine. Morimoto shuns “rules” and cooks the way he and his guests want him to. The menu is far more western than most Japanese restaurants with Steaks and western-style Entrees featuring heavily.

These all have a Japanese flair and there is an extensive Sushi and Sashimi selection too, but even here things are less conventional than you would expect.

We tend to shy away from the western dishes, if we wanted steak we would go to Craftsteak for example. But the more authentic Japanese-style dishes are really quite unique and well worth hunting out.

Anyone looking for some fantastic fresh Suchi in Las VEgas would do well to check out the Iron-Chefs take on the Cusine here.

Best Casual Dining at the MGM Grand

The Fine Dining Line-up at the MGM is pretty out of this world but not every meal needs to be an occasion, even if your wallet does allow it. The MGM Has a great selection of less fussy eateries where you can get great food at pretty reasonable prices, at least for Vegas.


crush interior
  • American
  • $$ Moderate

Crush has really made waves in Las Vegas, with its familiar homely dishes cooked in a modern and upmarket way. Right in the heart of the Casino, the understated restaurant has a fantastic interior feeling very Northern California, which is odd as the restaurant is very much East Coast.

Crush is owned and run by Micheal Morten and his Wife. The Morten Family is a giant of the restaurant world and Micheal has found his own style and has started a fantastic franchise of restaurants in Vegas. The Lively atmosphere and relaxed style with brilliantly conceived and executed dishes mean this is a restaurant for most people. It’s a long way from the stuffy Fine-Dining style eateries and every bit as good for it!

Wolfgang Puck – Bar And Grill

  • American
  • $$ Moderate

While Wolfgang is known for his upmarket Fine Dining and Steak Houses, this is a more down-to-earth Bar And Grill offering great comfort dishes such as Steaks, Burgers, Pizza, and Pasta. It is certainly a chain-style restaurant with little of the flair Wolgang puts into his signature eateries but it’s really good casual dining and not horrendously overpriced.

International Smoke

  • BBQ
  • $$ Moderate

BBQ has become incredibly trendy across the states now and has moved away from the homely southern cooking style to a social media fad. And while we roll our eye a little at that, it does mean the end product is getting better and better, and amazing BBQ can be found almost anywhere.

International Smoke is an exciting new collaboration with Ayesha Curry and Michel Mina. Michel is one of the finest chefs in the world and Ayesha brings a youthful new energy to the scene. And to see these collaborate on a BBQ restaurant is very exciting indeed.

International Smoke is brand new and due to the Pandemic not being somewhere we have made it to yet, but we cannot wait to get there and try some world-class BBQ with a Twist.

Emerils New Orleans Fish House

  • Southern Creole
  • $$ Moderate

You will find a trend in Vegas, most resorts have a very similar line-up of restaurants. Somewhere fancy, a steakhouse, Buffet, a Mexican, etc… MGM is no Different, but what we like about Emerils Fish House is it really is quite a unique concept in Vegas.

There really is nowhere else in the dessert to get this king of Southern New Orleans style of food. Sea Food Broils, Jambalaya, Fish Stews, and Creole Fried Tuna. It is warming homely food that you just can’t really get elsewhere in the City.

Definitely worth checking out for seafood lovers looking for something a bit different.

Hecho en Vegas

  • Mexican
  • $$ Moderate

No restaurant line-up in Vegas is complete without a Mexican Restaurant. and Hecho En Vegas rates pretty highly among the competition. The Brightly colored Cantina, well resented, but slightly overpriced food and amazing Tequila Selection make this a vibrant and fun place to grab some Tacos.

It is not worth hunting out, but if you are in the area and just fancy some easy, tasty Mexican treats then it sure beats the hell out of Taco Bell!

Greek Sneek

  • Greek
  • $$ Moderate

We have to be honest that Greek Food is never really very high up on our list. So we are not the best Judges of this classy little Greek Joint. But with Jenna and Micheal Morton at the helm, we know it’s going to be a stand-out place.

Greek and Mediterranean food has a well-deserved healthy image and if days of indulging in Sin City have you craving something a little fresher and cleaner then Sneaking a little Greek in could be just the ticket.

TAP Sports Bar

tap burger
  • American
  • $$ Moderate

Big Beers, Dirty Burgers, Wings, and Sports on the TV. the Tap Sports bar is anything but classy, but that is what we love about it.

MGM Grand Buffet

  • International
  • $$ Moderate

We are still not sure if this belongs in that Casual or the Budget dining section. It’s certainly good value but at $27.99-$36.99, it’s hardly cheap. You can just about stuff enough food in to last a full day so it does work out ok value. The MGM Grand Buffet is not our favorite and doesn’t quite hit our top ten Buffets List. It’s fine but doesn’t really have any standout features.

Best Budget Dining at the MGM Grand

Sometimes you just want to grab something to eat and are not really fussed as to what that is, just something decent to fill the hole that does not cost the earth. So here are all the Budget options available at the MGM.

Food Court

food court
  • Varied
  • $ Cheap

Food Courts are always a pretty depressing place to grab some food but they work well if people don’t want the same thing. There are several brands in the Court and the change from time t time, but currently, you have:

  • Pan Asian Express
  • Bonanno’s New York Pizzeria
  • Johnny Rockets
  • Tacos N ‘Ritas
  • Nathan’s Famous Hotdogs
  • Original Chicken Tender
  • Häagen-Dazs

Expect Cheap and cheerful food at about the lowest prices in the Resort

Avenue Cafe

  • American
  • $ Cheap

A basic but fairly decent CAfe Style restaurant right in the heart of the resort. We would slip it for lunch or dinner, but the breakfast is pretty good and pretty reasonable for a Las Vegas Strip Breakfast.


  • Pizza
  • $ Cheap

A fun Pizza concept where you help yourself to the toppings, creating your own custom Pizza before getting the Pizza cooked to your liking.


  • Sandwiches
  • $ Cheap

Honestly, if you don’t know what Subway is then there is nothing we can do here to help…we could tell you about it but we won’t!


  • Coffee
  • $ Cheap

Again, it’s Starbucks, we think you know the score here. But we often find it’s a great choice when all we want is a light breakfast, or we are hitting the road and can grab something quick. It’s always handy to have a Starbucks in the resort.

Cheap Eats Nearby

Just outside the MGM Grand, next door to M&M World is a large food court with several chain options. Do not expect high quality but it’s cheap as chips and has many of your favorite fast food options.

Just across MGM Road to the north of the resort is a Denny’s which is always a cheap option for breakfast.

You will find several budget options in the New York New York Hotel including a ShakeShack. But fr the king of budget dining, you will have to trek all the way to Planet Hollywood for a Mcdonald’s, Taco Bell, and several other fast food outlets at the miracle miles shops.

Best Pool Dining at the MGM Grand

Cabana Grill

This is the only option for dining at the pool. While you can eat at your sun lounger, Daybed, or Cabana, the food all comes from here so make sure you like it as Food and Beverage Credit is included in the Cabana Rental Prices!

The Grill just offers the standard American classics you expect y the pool, Tacos, Chicken Tenders, Chicken Burgers, and Nachos. The Grill does do quite a good breakfast which is a nice relaxing way to start your day!

Find out More about the MGM Grand Pool Complex here

You can also dine inside Wet Republic but this really is a separate topic.

Best Bars at the MGM Grand

ambra various cocktails

Ambra Italian Kitchen and Bar

Fantastic Cocktails at this classy Italian themed bar

Whiskey Down

A really warm and exciting Gaming bar where you can Gamble on high-limit table games and drown your sorrows with the incredible Whiskey selection.

TAP Sports Bar

We mentioned the TAP above and while it’s a great spot for a dirty Burger, it’s also a good shout if you just want a few jars and some sport.

Losers Bar

If high-Limit Black Jack and expensive Whiskey is not your thing then the Losers Bar might be more up your street. This is MGM’s take on a country Dive bar.


This is the main bar in the Casino, like most casino bars it is average at best and very busy as it serves the entire casino.

Lobby Bar

The Lobby bar too is just your standard hotel lobby bar with nothing to really sell the place but very little to bring it down either.

Whenever we drink from these bars we tend to be drinking for Free – Free Drinks in Las Vegas

Best Night-Life at the MGM Grand

MGM Grand has some amazing Nightlife Spots, Hakkisan rates as one of the best clubs in the world, and Wet Republic is one of the best pool parties in the City. There is Level Up a high-tech sports bar with Virtual Reality Lounge and Top Golf a crazy high-tech driving range that even has its own pool.

We go into more detail about MGM Grand NightLife in our things to do at MGM Grand Article

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Let us know your favorite MGM Grand Eatery. Do you indulge in the finest things the Hotel has to offer are are you more a Buffet and Food Court type of diner? Let us know your top pick in the comments below and if you have any questions just fire away.

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