What To Do At The MGM Grand – Best Things To Do At The MGM Grand Las Vegas

The MGM Grand is a real hub of entertainment. The MGM Is One of the largest resorts on the strip and has been a hub of the entertainment industry in vegas for years. The MGM Garden Arena drew the most prestigious events and people into the Grand and the Casino built up an array of attracting and shows to keep everyone entertained.

Despite the waning of the MGM Garden arena as the premier venue in the City the MGM Grand still has a stellar array of shows, attractions, and things to do, whether you are staying in the Hotel or are just drawn here by one or more of its attraction. In this article, we take a look at exactly what to do at the MGM Grand in our guide to the Best Things to do At the MGM Grand Las Vegas.

What To Do At The MGM Grand

Best Things To Do At The MGM Grand ***

Let’s start off we a few basics

Pool Complex

The MGM Grand Pool Deck is one of the best in Vegas. It’s a fun-filled tropical-themed deck with several pools, a brilliant Lazy River, and tons of space to relax in the Sun after your hectic Vegas exertions. It really is the number one must-do attraction at the MGM but it’s just a bit obvious, right?

MGM Grand Pool Review

Most people visit their Hotels pool at some point regardless, so it does not need pointing out really, but as it’s such a fantastic deck we thought we would mention it. We have a full review of the pool deck here.

There is also Wet Republic, a separate Day Club but we discuss this in the Night-Life section below.


Again, it’s a bit of an obvious one. But the MGM does have arguably the biggest gambling space in all of Las Vegas. It’s not something you can miss and most people have a little flutter at least. Big Gamblers will love the MGM as it’s one of the better casinos out of the big Strip Casino’s but it’s still good for beginners as it has low table limits.

We all more about the casino in our MGM Grand Review.


Finally, for out obvious things to do section, is get something to eat. Well obviously, but the MGM Grand really has some of the best restaurants in the entire City, including the only 3 Michelin Star restaurants in the City. So it really is worth pointing out, Dining in the MGM really can be an attraction in itself. Take a look at our best Dining in the MGM Grand for more.

On not the less obvious and more MGM Grand specific Attractions.

MGM Garden Arena

The Center Piece of the MGM Grands entertainment line-up is the 17,000 seater MGM Garden Arena. This iconic arena has played host to some of the most iconic sporting events ever witnessed in the City. For the last 20years, it has been the main sporting arena in the City and hosted some of the richest sporting events ever seen.

MGM grand garden arena

The Arean has been the go-to location for combat sports, particularly boxing and UFC. With iconic fights such as Tyson vs Hollyfield II, Tyson Fury Vs Dientay Wilder, and many of Mayweather Jr Fights including Oscar De La Hoya, Manny Pacquiao, and Ricky Hatton. It was also home to many of UFC’s biggest fight nights.

It hosted concerts from the biggest stars in music during the 20+ years it reigned as the Premier Event Arena in Las Vegas. Aerosmith, Britney Spears, Beyonce, The BeeGees, Elton John, Justin Beiber, Ariana Grande, The Killers, Kiss, Jimmy Buffet, The Rolling Stones, Maddona… seriously we could just go on and one! If a big act came to Vegas chances are it was held at the MGM Garden!

Since 2016, however, the Arena’s influence has waned. The Bigger, Flasshier, T-Mobile Arena has taken over as the main event holder in the city and this has been further compounded by the opening of the Allegiant Stadium just down the road. Do not feel too sorry for MGM as they co-own the T-Mobile arena so only have themselves to blame!

However, the Garden still retains its iconic status and still hosts a multitude of events, maybe less illustrious than before but there is always something going on at the Garden.



Touring Music acts regularly play at the MGM Grand as above these will be at the MGM Garden Arena. There are several resident shows at the MGM Grand as well

KA By Cirque du Soilel

ka 360 stage

Cirque du Soleil’s fame and success were cemented by their residential shows in Las Vegas and over the years a number of incredibly successful shows graced the stip with their presence. O, Zumanity, Zarkana, Mystere, Love, and more have all wowed audiences across the last few decades. Some have stood the test of time some succumbed to poor audience levels. For us, one show really stands out as Cirques defining Masterpiece and that is KA.

performed in a $165millon ultra-high-tech theatre the performance tells a tale of two twins, born in feudal Asia, separated when young and undergoing a rite of passage on a journey among rival clans, the high seas, and terrifying monsters. The story is ok and adds a flow to the set pieces but really KA is all about the incredible acrobatics and the awe-inspiring set design.

The entire floor is articulated and lifts up and sways abut simulating Ships on high seas, collapsing Palaces, and towering cliff faces. It is a technological marvel upon which the most unbelievable acrobatics are undertaken. The show is scarcely believable in both scope and execution and how half the cast is not killed each night truly is beyond us.

It really does make you fully appreciate how incredible human beings can be…and how unimpressive we ourselves actually are!

KA is in pour opinion unmissbale!

David Copperfield

David Copperfield

The most commercially successful illusionist of all time has hosted his residential magic extravaganza at the MGM Grand since 1996 and has wowed audiences up to 15 times a week. A stunning example of longevity.

And still somehow the “greatest illusionist of all time” manages to feel fresh and exciting and still draws the crowds in to be amazed by some of the most spectacular acts in the industry.

Copperfield lacks the modern showmanship of the likes of Criss Angel and the comedic laughs of Penn and Teller, but his success is no accident and his style of magic is pleasing to a huge number of people. Some consider this a downfall of his, and he is referred to as the Disney of Magic. But He and Disney alike are hugely successful as their safe palatable content is just adored by millions.

Fans of Magic shows will adore Copperfields show and those unsure should give it a try as while it’s fairly wholesome and family-friendly, the feats on display still defy belief! He may be known as being very commercially successful but that stems from his ability to perform the unimaginable!

Brad Garrets Comedy Club

No Vegas show line-up is complete without a comedy club, and MGM is no exception. Brad Garret found fame in the hugely popular sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond. However, Brad was always first and foremost a standup and is also a professional Poker Player so a Vegas Comedy Club makes perfect sense.

The Club has a constantly rotating lineup of comedians from well-established acts to up-and-coming comedians including Brad Himself. See the schedule here. whoever is on you can be sure of a howling time, even on slow nights when the big names don’t turn up the line-ups are always filled with great talent.

The Jabberwockeez

There is no doubt the Jabberwockeez are a very talented group and their performance is utterly unique, high tech, and dramatic. But it’s just not really our thing and we struggle to see the appeal.

The group has been wowing audiences in Vegas since 2010 and has performed to hundreds of thousands of happy customers. The show gets very mixed reviews on sites such as Tripadvisor, which goes to show this is a show that splits opinions. It’s not for us but if you are big hip-hop fans and love street dance, it might be right up your street. We tend to think maybe the boat has sailed on this act now…


There are several static attractions at the Resort that you can visit at your leisure.

Top Golf

topgolf hitting bay

Top Golf has revolutionized the Driving Range experience turning it into a fun and exciting night out. The LAs Vegas Venue has, Like Vegas often does, taken it to a whole new level again!

The huge range is a multi-level driving range with high-tech illuminated targets that look like something out of Avatar. The balls are micro-chipped and you score points automatically as you hit the targets. Turning this experience into something more like tenpin-bowling. This transforms a dour practice session into a fun night out. Perfect for a bachelor party or just a fun family evening.

The venue does not stop at revolutionizing the game but also brings a whole nightlife bar experience to the game. You can visit Top Gold and never swing a club and still have a great night. 5 Bars, Great views of vegas, and even swimming pools up on the top deck, with swim-up bars and a pretty decent bar snack type menu.

Driving ranges are not usually very glamourous locations and are more a place to quietly perfect your swing. Top Golf attempts to change this by making the activity an event! Bars, Music, Games, even pools are have all been added to this exciting venue as you try and forget you are actually just hitting little balls about!

Honestly, we are not Golf fans but the complex really is anything but just a driving range!

Level UP

Level up is a new type of sports Bar. While all the regular trappings of a sports bar are present, Big food, big beers, and big screens, there is also a tilt towards E-Sports with a new Virtual Reality Lounge.

Zero Latency VR Gaming offers a full suite of VR experiences inside the Level Up Lounge. Choose from Zombie Survival, Singularity (Space adventure), Enginerium Puzzler, and Origins Outbreak. It is a totally new type of experience and one we think we will be seeing a lot more of…that or it will vanish into the ether…

The Hunger Games: The Exhibition

This pop-up exhibit based around the Hunger Games fRanchise includes props, games, and set recreations. This is certainly one for fans of the film and will either be of great interest to you or not, as is the case for us. This is replacing the CSI Experience which was much more interactive and fun for everyone!


Night Life options at the MGM Are limited, but then you don’t really need many options when the 2 best in class venues are part of the line-up.

Hakkasan Night Club


The Hakkasan is not messing around when it comes to a nightspot. It’s not vying for best in the City but best in the world and has made it as high as the top 3. Regularly topping the best Club in America lists the Hakkasan is a reason to come to Vegas.

With Top DJs having regular slots over the weekend openings Hakkasan is the place to be in Vegas. With the MGM Grand providing cheap rooms to crash into and recover it is the perfect hotel for those looking to hit Vegas Hard.

DJs Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix, and occasionally Calvin Harris have regular slots at the club with the less glamourous slots filled by a host of top talent. Five levels of luxury await with a world-class restaurant on floor two the perfect spot for pre-drinks and food before ascending to level 3 to get warmed up. Level 4 is the main club level with a state-of-the-art sound and light system. Surrounded by very plush and ultimately expensive boothed seating the dancefloor is actually quite small.

Currently, the Club is running only as a lounge as covid continues to wreak havoc on the nighttime industry, but it still attracts top DJs just has limited dance floor opportunities at the moment.

Hakkasan is no super club it’s a small and quite intimate affair with direct access to some of the world’s top DJs who bring the house down every weekend.

Wet Republic

Wet Republic

Wet Republic is anything but nightlife tbh, but we included it here as it is a fully-fledged night-time experience, just during the day. This is the original Las Vegas Pool Party and still one of the best.

This is the full club experience but outside, in a pool during the day. Expect everything you get at night bit under the VEgas Sunshine. These Day Clubs are perfect for those looking to keep the party going all day and night at least for those that are up to it. Alternatively, it’s a really fun way to spend the day when you plan on taking it easier that night.

Our favorite day at Wet Republic is Endless Sunday, after a weekend of partying he Endless Sunday keeps the party going that bit longer. Clubs are closed Sunday night so the Pool Party is the only way to keep on going after all the other action has dried up. You often get some really top talent playing on Sunday, basically with the same idea, before they jump onto their private jets to wherever!

Las Vegas Party Pass

The Las Vegas Party pass is awesome, $125 get’s toy into all of Hakkasan’s clubs, Day Clubs, and Pool Parties for the weekend. Hakkasan and Wet republic join Omnia, Jewel, Tao on the line-up of clubs you can visit. With the pass, you can bounce around between clubs to ensure you get in the hottest party of the night.


If you are looking for a more chill night there are several bars open all hours at the MGM check these out in our Dining Guide here

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Let us know what you get up to at the MGM Grand? What are your favorite attractions shows and nightspots? Let us know in the comments below and if you have any questions just fire away.

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