Day 10 – Disneyland, Park California – 1-Day Park Hopper

Today we visit the Happiest place on earth! Apparently. However, we needed to make the most of our time in the park as we only had time for one day. This was a manic trip and no time to spend a few days with Mickey as we would like to in order to see the park at an enjoyable leisurely pace. This was to be a Smash and Grab and cram as much in as possible. In order, to do that we needed to be there at rope drop.

As we planned to cram as much in as possible a full blow-by-blow account of the day may end up fairly boring and tedious so we will try and be more brief than usual in our account. We did an awful lot in a very short time and even right afterward our recollection is a little hazy. The 1 million photos we took may help piece things together!

Disneyland Park

Disneyland, Park California - 1-Day Park Hopper

We had bought a 1-Day park hopper ticket with Maxpass and intended to max out on rides. It was still early season, the castle was closed and Galaxies edge was due to open in the next two weeks so we figured it would be pretty quiet. California Adventure had an early opening for Disney Hotel Guests (not us) so we headed for Disneyland first.

Once inside we fired up the Disneyland App and booked our first maxpass ride on HyperSpace mountain, then headed towards New Orleans where there is a high concentration of rides. Big Thunder mountain had a 0 min queue so that was ride 1. After that, Both Pirates of the Caribbean and Indiana Jones were sub 5 min queues so they were rides 2 and 3. We then headed to Hyperspace mountain for ride 4. 10 am and we were 4 rides down!

Next, we did Nemo’s undersea Adventure followed by Matterhorn bobsleds Second Maxpass, before exploring a bit around Fantasyland and Mickeys Toon Town, where the queues for the kiddie rides were a bit long for us to bother with. We took a ride on Star-Tours next for 7 Rides and it was still only 11 am. At this point, crowds were building a little so we took our leave and headed for California Adventure.

California Adventure

Disney California Adventure

The Incredicoaster had come up on MaxPass so this was our first stop. It really is a good coaster super fun and really smooth. Our next Maxpass Monsters inc and not until 1-2 pm so we explored the Park a little, meeting Groot, Jessie, and MIKE WAZOWSKI! And grabbed some Clam Chowder in a Boudin bread bowl at Pacific Wharf. We then did Monsters Inc and the Grizzly river run (10 rides), only getting a bit wet before heading back into Disneyland. Not before picking up a Shoulder Groot!

The Max pass times were all now getting really long, as were the queues We had got a Guardians Of the Galaxy for 3-4pm but Radiator Springs Racers was proving very difficult to get. Only showing for 7-8pm much later than we wanted. But perseverance paid off and we bagged one for just after our Guardians of the Galaxy ride. We had actually yet to experience both these rides and it was a major reason for visiting so we needed to get them ticked off to complete our Disney set. One other Ride we somehow never done was the jungle river cruise! It has just never been worth the queue but today we were to rectify that.

Disneyland 2

Next on the list was the Disneyland Railroad to Critter Country, really we probably should have walked this. but fancied a nice ride on the train. But the queue was much longer than the walk and the one-stop journey a bit pointless. Oh well. Kate got her Photo with Pooh, a childhood recreation and then we went on probably the scariest ride in Disneyland…The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh… well this or “it’s a small world”. Both are terrifying.

Next was ride number 12, Splash Mountain. A classic but fantastic ride and again we were only moderately drenched. At least no the sun had come out and we dried quickly. Ride 13 was finally the Jungle river cruise, which is not very thrilling but great fun. At this point, the park was getting insanely busy. Queues were topping 1 hour for even small basic rides and Most Max Passes were gone. We decided to head back to Disneys California Adventure and wait out for our booked fast passes to go live. But as we walked past the enchanted Tiki room they were about to do the next show. So that was ride 14. If you haven’t done the Tiki room we strongly advise it. So you can experience how weird it is too!

Disney’s California Adventure 2

It had been a long hard few days and today was another killer so we were quite happy that a 4:30 pm we would be able to head back to the hotel and put out feet up for a bit. Before grabbing dinner and heading back for the fireworks. We just had Guardians and Radiator Spring Racers to go. Ride 15 and 16!

Rocket GOTG

The Guardians of The Galaxy is a bit of a letdown. The old Tower of terror is fantastic. It’s one of the few rides in the world that scares me. The whole plummeting lift thing is the stuff of nightmares and it really builds the tension and anxiety. The Guardians ride does away with all that. Despite being the Same ride, it’s just not as scary. Kate even jumped on board and there was no way in hell you would have got her on the Tower Of Terror…I tried!

Don’t get us wrong it’s a really fun ride, with a lot of thrills but it’s nowhere near as terrifying or suspenseful. If you never rode the Tower of Terror you will love this, but if you did…

Radiator Springs, however, is just a barrel of laughs. The ride through the indoor section is great fun and once you hit the outside and start the race section it is really brilliant, make sure you interact with the opposing car to make the race even more fun!

Radiator Springs Racers

Back to the Hotel

As we were leaving the park even more people were flooding in it is crazy how people just keep arriving all day making the park busier and busier. This was a 4/10 on the crowd calculators and there was barely room to walk. What it will be like when Galaxies Edge opens is anyone’s guess!

Back at the hotel, we had some time to relax, crack a beer and have a glass of wine. Heaven. We then hobbled down the street to the Cheesecake Factory for some dinner. Buffalo Blasts, Steak Tacos, Pretzel Bites, and the New

After this, we were seriously tired. We planned to head back to Disneyland and watch the fireworks. However, we were just too exhausted. The castle was under renovation so the display isn’t really the same when it’s above some scrim rather than sleeping beauty’s castle. So we retired to the Hotels sundeck where like last night we had a great view of the display. It’s not quite like being there but even with the walk being less than three-quarters of a mile it was still another hour plus on our feet and we just couldn’t face it. By now the crowds would also be and crazy levels and we just didn’t want to fight our way through.

We had managed every ride we had planned on, 16 in total, along with a whole host of other things so had enjoyed a great day and got really good value from our ticket. It had just been a bit too much. Had this been our only trip, or if the castle was finished we would have made the effort, but in our current circumstance, the reward was not worth the pain. This meant a nice early relaxing night. A bit of TV, a couple of drinks in the room, and off to sleep nice and early.

Tomorrow was another chilled day. We had very little planned other than the 160-mile drive to our last location San Diego.

We will leave you with a few more snaps of the day!

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